Purgatory letters from

Inspired from another source : a seasonal source alluring and alluding.a satyric venture meant not to become a tedious bag.

Simple and elegantly light to fight the chaos that is so much a part, yet apart.

And …1 St premise.

Religion was organized to neutralize the meaningless chaos of herding togather

So that to alliviate the call of heaven and hell: when one outside looking in the passage, into death’s domain where unto it appears but a singular event. And so dies death as well.

Lautremont’s influence felt but hell being a lonely place, over the border needs partnership like that, as the seasons fade into each other with ever progressing rate …

The communal representation of aesthetic images show those communities and the purgatorium is linking , a conduit through which missed demeanour may pass from those minor offences : of commission and / or omission.

That fear of singular passage where your maker is met; may be en mass, and that thought may not be of much comfort.

The inlay way to avoid the stampede is to organize a religious movement not unlike crusades, that combine the fear of god with the call to arms and die in the conflict, as a salvation army through others post Luther ideologies like Christian science.

Young men marching off to war the call to conquer the celipathe, these flowers to dust eternally haunting the faint echoes through the chambers down to the present.

Link up with some , and the feeling of joining them overcomes the reflected link from one to the other as a very thin tube through which passage singularly is but an optically illusive set up a house of mirrors .

Onward Christian soldiers.