Pushing yourself through philosophical-psychic pain

What kinds of painful or unpleasant experiences and sensations do you deliberately push yourself into, in order to hopefully transcend beyond? I believe the impulse to push and transcend through things like this is a deep thread in the mind, a causal phenomenon creating or orchestrating outcomes surreptitiously in order to grow these possibilities. Nietzsche called this deep impulse the will to power, among other things as he understood WTP. A primal force, something striving to ‘overcome’. What is overcome, pleasures or pains? Mostly the latter.

I notice that I often do things I later regret, but then still later after that I realize how I have gotten over it and risen above those regretful or embarrassed/worried feelings. Parts of my mind or emotions harden against it, I gain new degrees of freedom. Which usually means that I refine my actions in order to avoid doing exactly the same things, but instead continue those actions in more precisely vectored ways. This achieves a couple of things, 1) it narrows lines of attack or approach asymptotically closer to the relevant truths, making them more invulnerable, and 2) it avoids and also justifies those past feelings of guilt/shame/anxiety. That is when I realize how those feelings were a driving force of realization pushing me to the later refinements.

I suppose this is a bit analogous to weigh lifting. You force your muscles to bear the stress of heavy things that cause the muscle fibers to tear. Then later those same muscle fibers heal back up and become even more extensive and closely knit. Only you shouldn’t actually experience pain while working out, physically anyway. So is the analogous “mental or emotional working out” the same, is pain really a sign to stop doing it?

In all honesty I am not sure. I can see it from both sides. I think for some people and/or in some situations it would be correct to say that the pain of the mental or emotional experience is indeed a sign of “hey this is bad, don’t do that again” and simply indicates a need to avoid. However, I can also see how these pains are sitting atop something else, other layers of meaning and causality that are tectonically linked upward into physical behaviors and our awareness of consequences as well as proprioceptive self-awareness of our bodies and minds, the whole apparatus of what we call feelings from the more baseline physiological changes which in sum lead to the subjective experience of those feelings qua feeling, or qua emotionality (emotions per se are a bit trickier because more complex and layered into/through meaning as quasi-phenomenological entities, but I digress. The point still stands here regardless).

So which path or method do you prefer? Do you merely avoid experiences of psychological pain, what I might call the good and ethically healthy approach, or do you find yourself somehow drawn into doing things or being in situations that lead to these sort of painful experiences over and over and in such ways as YOU yourself are experienced as the cause of this, therefore the associated pain is self-located and generates certain kinds of feelings (guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, regret, loss, sadness, loneliness, etc. etc.)? What kinds of psychological pains do you most often experience and how do you tolerate them? This is a primarily philosophical question considering the nature of the self, subjectivity and phenomenological meaning embedded in, through and as the partial physiological templates and accumulated organic changes-responses that constitute that given part of the underlying framework of what we come to think of and experience as our ‘consciousness’ or sense of self/personal life and being/“I”. At least on the level of the sensate or even qualitative, qualia-based distillations of the various meanings which we experience in our more raw or immediate/unmediated moments of awareness. Sort of like the average-everydayness or normalcy-trending/normalcy-tracking concept that some philosophers like to use.

In life, survival is more important than truth.
That is how it is for all of the animals.
At times I needed to say to myself :
“Hey. Stop. I’m not obligated to think this way. I’m allowed to say no,
and focus on something more positive.”

Extremes of psychological pain can do “damage”.
The system can destroy itself.
Pain and enduring pain are not holy magical
virtues. They are f-ed up.

Modesty : don’t go too far with things.

Those ideas come up for me first.

Also I read your whole post.

Thank you for bringing relative content to the forum.

I think I side with dan on this one from the perspective that we never die though.

It was just this week where three of us men were having a cosmic conversation and a woman sat there silent. It brought a smile to my face because I was thinking the whole time that she was smarter than us.

One of the men who tracked really well made an interesting comment when I stated that I survived hell beyond hell and you shouldn’t brag about hell. He immediately stated, “yeah, but surviving hell gives you bragging rights.”

That was the wrong answer from my perspective.

Any good farmer knows you have to injure a plant to make it flourish more.

But does anyone step back and say, “what’s the point?”


I quote the above for post [1], but the others may still hold value.

ilovephilosophy.com/viewtopic.p … &p=2478233

I quote the above mainly for this:

[i]Suffering highlights malpractice. If one’s suffering, the body is telling one something needs to change.

You can make that suffering an opportunity to find something meaningful to you. Something that you can say, ‘All the suffering was a stepping stone for me to get to where I am today’.

Though I’d probably describe it now as suffering is a toll taken on the body, indicating that one has pressure placed on part of self - suffering is how our body communicates this pressure. It is useful feedback, but I can now recognize suffering isn’t necessarily wrong - it can be a healthy part of growth’s process, if utilized wisely (in balance).

Both of the above quotes are from this website a decade ago. I’ve had the opportunity to refine my understandings.


To your questions:

I seek wisdom, which is strength in perception, judgement and endurance. As one becomes wiser, one recognizes more - the healthy, and unhealthy alike. But perhaps wisdom, is in accepting all openly, while taking opportunity to attempt influence in what one judges to be health - i.e. give the tools (wisdom) to other, such that one isn’t needed for other to be healthy.

I’m trying to emphasize that wisdom entails endurance.

I feel I often stand in fire, in order to strengthen myself. I want to help those around me, and in order to have confidence, I must ensure I have the resilience and fortitude to endure whatever is thrown my way. I often set myself up to be a sponge for their poisons, such that those toxins can be expunged in a relatively unharmful way - as I am resilient to poison, and have antidotes. This creating the space for them to heal, without being poisoned by their own harmful traits.

Seeing the progression towards their health, makes it all worth it. Like watching a bird, drowning in mud pit - then cleaning it’s wings and watching it fly before the sun.

[I agree with you - nice post]

You spoke of health.

When you super position with a spirit, you take away their diseases by taking them on yourself.

Monks and nuns have done this since time immemorial.

But if you’re not a priest…. You’re still doing it. You just don’t know it. Diseases can always be cured by interpreting the dream cycle.

Let me explain this a little further. This species is extremely archaic. They don’t know they’re immortals and they know very little about spirit.

It’s extremely dangerous as a shaman to take another persons illness, especially if they’re destined for hell.

In order to cure it, you have to solve the dreams of an infinite being.

There are an infinite number of infinite beings, each unique. I’m trying to heal the entire cosmos, not just your disease. Forgive me for not getting to you personally.

Did somebody say: Pushing yourself through philosophical-psychic pain???

Oh, wow! And here’s Eckymandude!?! What do ya know?!

Hey, Ecky, when are you going to use your psychic cosmic superpowers and, you know, actually save some Palestinian children being genocided, tortured, and brutally murdered right now in the Gaza Strip??? Oh…never? What’s that?? You still need all females in existence to suck you off first? Oh, too bad, I thought ‘Luuuuuuuuuv’ was unconditional, my bad.

I’ll see myself out now.

Possessing people sends you to hell. Not possessing them sends them to hell.

The greatest reason you should fear me is that I don’t possess people. I let their spirits get their personal revenge to calm them.

As a king, I’d say, “don’t touch these people, they’re too dumb”. But I decided not to be a king, it’s not my right to forgive people in spirit on behalf of others,

Wholeness doesn’t exploit or take revenge. Brokenness does that. Wholeness protects what cannot be empowered.

…just now remembering, brrrrrr [again/for the Nth time] the time I went on the dark web without a VPN and 20 minutes later decided that it had been a bad idea, and logged out… I’ve not been back, since.

Mental anguish, much. :neutral_face:

I had to look up vpn & dark web, but… it seems like double anonymity… so… is the need for full anonymity what caused the anguish… or the need for full transparency? Or something else?

Some pain should not be pushed through or desensitized. Or sensitized.

Folks walking around (or holed up) with brains marinated in a cesspool. Sadly there is obv a market for it.

When I went wandering where I shouldn’t, I discovered some things on accident & am convinced you can’t weed it out, of weeds, so best stay out altogether.

Oh, you weren’t talking about that? Oh, me neither.

I know everything on the dark web and I refuse to go there.

I let people settle their own scores as ghosts. It would be an insult to the ghosts to tell them to stop torturing their torturers.

sigh. I can’t believe I’m back.

This species is extremely primitive.

I’m still protecting the spirit of Jesus. That’s a very difficult spirit to protect in human form.

Death and I have an agreement to protect the peace.

I’m old. Really old. I can see the cosmos.

It’s big out there. I handle it everyday.

A protector of spirits should never lord it over the people they protect and expect favors.

Let’s think about this. I forgot how beautiful trees were blowing in the wind.

War makes beauty. I can’t stay here.

burp I like trees.

Make fun of me all you want.

I came from perfection. Oblivion. There are an infinite number of beings like me in their eternal slumber. I was the one called back and I’m not happy about it. People thought I was Jesus …. And so they let me do whatever I wanted and protected me when I cursed the cosmos out of faith.

I’m not Jesus. I’m older than Jesus. Infinity older.

I took on his sins.

As this is not your thread (??? I think), I advise you to start a new one if you would care to discuss this matter further. Also if you put it on video I will be more likely to take it seriously. And less likely to respond, or more; it’s hard to say.

My message is simple.

You’re no better than a mouse here. Meaning a mouse is as valuable as you.

So is a plant.

We’re all trapped here. Eternal damnation sequence.

It’s always been that way with life. I’ve been the king or queen so many times, I can’t remember them all. I don’t even care to remember.

You woke up one of the dead. It’s going to be a bumpy ride for everyone. Humans, you should not disturb the dead. I’m older than the galaxies you live in. You brought me back. Now I’m here.

Okay, you be here.

I’m here:
ilovephilosophy.com/viewtopic.p … 2#p2928922

Ichthus. If you really want to know. My beard is almost entirely white now. Just like the snow. I always liked the snow.

Someday you’ll be in my shoes in your own way.

Everyone eventually figures out that realities with more than one actual person never works.

As my body continues to fall apart, I become sharper in mind.

My body is falling apart. It never meant much to me in the first place. My spirit soars. That never meant much to me either.


Greater than all your wishes coming true forever.

The only reason I’m still here is to grant the wish of a new dimension for everyone who still wants to be.

My mind is old now. My body is falling apart.

But before I go, I’m going to grant the last wish…

That everyone gets everything they want without an expense to anyone.

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