Put a face to a name...

Greetings fellow ilovephilosophy board chatters and colleagues of life on this island we call Earth, I thought it would be interesting for us to provide links to pictures of ourselves so we can put a face to a name, which is always nice to do. Don’t get me wrong, I like the anonimity associated with not knowing what everyone looks like which prevents certain people from treating us as something less than if we did not provide pictures, but I imagine most of us to be mature enough to handle it and we have gotten to know our views of each other over the last several months, so why not…

The best way to do this would be to upload your pictures to an ftp server provided freely by either geocities, namezero (did they get bought out?), or any other server out there providing free web space - and then come here and provide the URL link to your pictures. I think Polemarchus has already done this in one of the posts.

I myself hope to have mine up as soon as possible…

What’s your take?

Good idea, I meant to start a similar topic a while back actually.

Sadly I have access to neither a digital camera nor a scanner, so I don’t have many pictures of myself on the computer, so the following (even though it’s quite old and not the best photo of me ever) will have to do:


So c’mon, who else is getting their ugly mug up? :smiley:

jp how do you post a picture?


Without the underscores in the img brackets.

Hey guys!
Here’s a picture of me from a few years back. I couldn’t find a recent one that was a close up.

Doesn’t anybody else have a picture?



jp what are you drinking?

Strongbow from the look of it, which should date that picture quite accurately. :smiley:

Alright, I hope I did this correctly. I’ve got a few photos, I think I’m going to have to make them smaller though…

The picture with me holding the chocolate martini is probably the best representative of what I look like since I stopped wearing contacts.

Well anyway, that’s ME!

Adding one more face to the list… :wink:

LOL :laughing:

hahaha . . . that’s just how I pictured you Pax, bow & arrow and all! I guess the arrows are to enforce your “life of peace” ideal on everyone! Works for me.

I think I did something wrong. My pictures keep disappearing. One minute they are there, the next minute they are gone. Anyone know why? I think the server holding my pictures screwed up or something, as I have checked it and it seems to no longer exist…anyone know of a good free server? Skeptic, you said you have a server of your own didn’t you? Could I upload my pics to your server or anyone else that is going to do the backup of the site, seeing how it would kill two birds with one stone (figure of speech).

Let me know…

The problem is that the site(0catch.com) you are using doesn’t allow the linking of images. Email me your pictures and I will host them for you. I will PM you with the link address.

That goes for anyone else as well. If you have a picture, you can email it to me at Jason_Hill@attbi.com and I will PM you the link so you can post it.

Yeh, Magius. I just get three red crosses instead a picture of yourself. Can you put my email address vomitingdonkey@hotmail.com on your contacts, so I can speak to you on Msn messenger. I need to discuss something with you. It’s a good thing. :smiley: So don’t worry. And almost certainly not what you’re expecting. Shrouded in mystery!

I can’t thank you enough for helping out, both with me and my pics and with the ilovephilosophy board as well, I think it is very nice of you. Just wanted to express my hearty approbation and my lavish praise. Magius is happy.

unfortuntaley I either have a virus or some of my computer hardware is going caput, MSN messenger will not work on my comp. Nor will games like Diablo, Doom, etc. My computer freezes if I run WinAmp, or if I try to play an MP3 file (video). Just a few days ago I started to also get a warning windor that pops up and doesn’t go away. The title is mysteriously called ‘Watch’. And when I click my time in the bottom right of my task bar, my comp freezes. The problems just keep getting worse and worse. Sometimes my mouse cursor begins to skip or doesn’t compute my second click when I double click.

Anway, if you wish to contact me - there are some chat sites that I have tried with friends and they work fine. We can set a date and a time to meet and talk. I might try ICQ again, even though it too was giving me problems. Maybe we can talk over ICQ. Other than that, you know you can PM me any time. Or email me privately at limainc@hotmail.com

What’s your take?

Yes, I stole the Bow & Arrows off Cupid!

magius - are they three different people?? the last one looks nothing like the first one!!

Yes they are all me, I know it’s hard to believe. The first picture isn’t a good representative of what I really look like, because of how old it makes me look. The best representation is the one on the bottom, but add glasses - I stopped wearing contacts. I think I should have picked different pictures. Also, as happy as I look in the picture with the martini, believe me I’m not. The stress in my life at that time changed me, honestly, people were telling me that I look different. I’ll get some other pictures and tell skeptic to take those off.