Why do flowers grow beside the road?

[tab]Because the path is the goal[/tab]

Survival is the goal… growing in a seemingly inhospitable spot.

MagsJ wrote,

The frozen loch is growing ice flowers.

Adaptation and growth. Beautiful, isn’t it?



Is it because you vomited up all the seeds you ate?

I don’t eat flowers. :wink:

You should try some… stuffed courgette flowers, with or without tempura batter, is still a very popular choice on Asian and Mediterranean menus.

…unless it goes wrong and becomes destructive/destroys. :frowning:

I think I’ll go with the tempura. ← That actually sounds pretty good.


What is it that you like to do with flowers?


Admire them and get a wonderful whiff of their scent.

Gib/ED/AD… does that mean everything can have endless possibilities?

Humans limit situations… not the situation itself, so are we becoming a problem unto ourselves/our growth?


These are good questions. The first question seems to be one that nature says yes to and we often say no to.

I have never considered a question like this. I do not have an answer right now, but I will say this, thank you for asking.

Just from a moments thought, it is quite a stimulating question.

Well we are definitely becoming a problem unto ourselves and our growth - this I believe can be from both setting limits and not setting limits.

It is just a case of the subject matter, I think.

MagsJy wrote:

Endless as in inexhaustible?

Everything? I would probably have to say no to this since we do not know or understand the reality of Everything.

Many things do have strong possibilities. I do not think that they are limitless nevertheless because there are too many inner and outer influences going on around us.
There is also Reality despite what we might want to believe.
Also, we are human. It is nice to believe that we are limitless but at the same time we have our limitations.
It would also greatly depend on the individual and the circumstances and the subject matter.

I think that we ourselves have to investigate and gauge just how possible something is for us.
We all have different gifts and talents.
But we cannot let go too soon or let go too late to discover our answers.

So, I would have to err on the side of caution and say No. We do not know everything.

Hmm… looks like we three have been branded as the experts in these matters. :laughing:

I don’t know how to answer this question. Off the top of my head, I’d say no. Things are limited by the laws of nature. Gasoline has the possibility of becoming fire but not the possibility of becoming medicine (unless there is some kind of chemical process it can go through that I’m not aware of). The laws of nature see to it that this is the case.

However, I do believe that the singular totality of the universe in its primal state has the potential to be carved up into any possibility you can imagine (or any possibility you can’t imagine), much like the number 1 can be carved up into any sum of fractions you like:

.25 + .25 + .25 + .25


.1 + .9


3 - 8 + 6

We only limit situations because we are limited. We cannot choose all possibilities. We are limited to choosing one (or a small set) of possibilities. If we had no limits, things might be different.


logical OR . . . welcome to the jungle!

I am wondering about the possibility that MagsJ is indeed the expert. That MagsJ is putting the three of us to some sort of test.

I am messing with an OR here . . . catch my drift?


I believe this is how paranoia can work . . . lol.

I am playing the part of the paranoid lunatic and you are playing the part of the sane gibinator.

I’ll be back . . .

Paranoia can be contagious, encode. But I’ve contracted every strain of this bacteria. I’m immune. :laughing:

Growth happens slowly over time and if one is truly open then they shall consider every available possibility
But they will not be endless or infinite ones and even if they were they could not all be experienced anyway

Its hard enough to see two different possibilities most of the time.
Free will if it exists is pretty limited - sometimes we must work the given situation years for one instance of true choice, and then of course half the time we do precisely the wrong thing. Instead of 99 percent effort to 1 percent inspiration, it more like .000001 freedom, the rest is effort within the thing that is given. But freedom is a powerful stimulant. And whats attained quickly isn’t worth much.

The moment of liberation after an occupation war is a true freedom, more people die these days than average war-days; many of the least healthy pick up all their bad habits at once. Freedom kills. Insert flag.

We need to exploit more of each others qualities. Humans are severely under-exploited, they are capable of far greater feats than we now expect of … us, - and I mean as a collective.

The UN isn’t the best we can do, as citizens of the world. For one it dates from a pre internet age. We can have a much better and more layered and interwoven and effective, relevant, and even sort of democratic united front of nationalities if we become a bit more ambitious with the internet. As fragile as all these individual bits are in terms of force, all of them together will make the world more stable. We will slowly be able to afford more truth, and value others more in terms of what we can not do. That is meritocracy, only refined intelligences can endure it - they have their pride in what is smart, they don’t care if it is the collective or individual who does it. As long as it benefits most stably and with the greatest plenitude.

Plenitude will at once point become a thing again. We have plenty, but scarcity is our mindset, so what we have is ugly when it sits next to all the other things we have - or at least sparse, sober - this is our style. Compare this to how people dressed in the 15th century - they lived in times of plenitude, even though they had far less. It is about self-valuing - the environment is valued into the self so that the self can freely expand into it.

The most healthy society is one where the greatest diversity of types can act spontaneously, attain its values, and thereby be of value to others so that they can attain theirs. Now, spiritual spontaneity is all but dead. Where it appears it is met with scorn as if it is violence. We can only imagine the ways in which it will try to come back into the game, and anticipate.