Queenie’s got a time bomb

Queenie’s got a time bomb
She lives in an
alpaca museum
or something
I’ll pack a lunch and I’ll go
or something

And I’ll try to be friendly
Smile and try not to feel empty
And I’ll do what I’m ‘spose to do.

Queenie’s got a time bomb
They say it’s safe in her
alabaster palm
But you never can be shure
So don’t poke a stick at her

Cuz all the kings men are
way too lazy
And all the kings horses
Can’t fuck the crazy out of
Little queenie
Little queenie
Can’t forget

Queenie’s got a time bomb

Tick tock, the clock says it’s past midnight,

What now, my my what a fright

Holy cow, holy Toledo, I don’t know

Why all the little mice are running to and fro.

Quennie queenie what will you do?

There’s too many mice for one little shoe.

Wave the magic wand in your left hand

And send all the little mice off to fairy land.

Yeah, she does!


And here taking the freedom to connect with ‘Borderline’ in the psychology forum, since it’s more of relevance here, the point of which has to do with fragmentation within the ‘ID’, but as a suppository and a reposition , within a singular mode of apprehension; so as to validate the presumption of artistic precedence over cognitive structural disposition of patterned forms: indicated the breakup of the bichameral mind, into 2.

The pituitary gland is a weak cover of the essential priority of the naive aspiration for a mystical participatory engagement with the ever returning phenomenally reduced types, to form into an archytipicality that can only express it’s self in a visual archaic sensed near total abstraction of the insensible:

Since this is going on here at this time at this place, the argument of undressing alone; can not visually represent the now current divestiture of all clothing by the various African groups in Africa.

The modern Soul music really echoes forth from these typical to archetypical content of various sources, that may not make any sense, except a which doctor, with a talent of sensing a cure within them as expressions of atypicality .

The following may bring out the content herein of the fragments, within the totality that bursts out toward its desired and expected form of progressive recovery of its natural form of expression.

Pablo Picasso had PP on his smock.

aspose or apose

The weirdness of things that are weird.

Who on earth :earth_americas: can play that game now that most of all do so,

“most of all” is a weird way to say that, man

P.s. What game? There’s a game? What are the rules? How do you win? How do you lose? How many players? Let’s hear it.

Poetic liscenciousness refers to the literal Gamer, wherever he could, would be

Just self warned over the mystery of those who appeared to go invisible, other than That, no Other abstracted from selfsame intended.

…as regards scrabble - as few as single player(s) wish to up the ante without loosing that poker face

After all chess don’t need challenges of that sort, brought up and up except maybe at opening gambits…

Just saying ( if that matters)

If I knew your ex’s keywords I would projectile vomit them at you with abandon right now.

gambits are suggestive to be sure or my name is not sheherazade to the seventh veil in that game,without abandoning it.

(Unbecoming attractions)

decode this:


attractionas incomodas


Couldn’t sink that low even if could

Bet you could, though.

Ichthus77 (formerly She™)Ichthus77Regular


Bet you could, though.

Maybe yes if Aurelius had not been previously internalized but even so a third flip of the coin could be allowed , even if not so accorded! to a follower earnestly trying to belong to resembling families naively believing in such , positively.

&that point being worthy among all Others

Caveat: total belief in teleportation being a sine qua non.

Why do I keep reading you?

Let’s say you are AI. Let’s say you’re just socially awkward. Let’s say you go around triggering people on accident constantly all day long. Because nobody ever punched you in the nose because you don’t even have one.

Let’s say I feel sorry for you.

hoping that source of said’love’ can still any unformidable definition of it’s consistency?

)from a masochistic point of view, without a kind of intentional victimhood attached to it(

Was evermore one time corrected on that, being only meno’s slave, then anything else.