Question about my account

In reading about the migration, I discovered that my e-mail is
from another account… I need to update my e-mail address…
How does one go about doing that? and then, I can change my password…

the one apparently follows the other…

thank you…


Three clicks:

UCP/Profile/Edit Account Settings

thank you so much… I spent hours trying to figure it out… I am old…
and technologically challenged…


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you for the assist, Ichthus.

Peter, thank you for updating things, and I assume you also noted that your username would have an underscore instead of a space.

Let me know if you have any issues with or questions about the new software. I find it intuitive, but intuition is theory-laden.

of course…


I liked that the first time I read it. Still do.

Carleas,Peter, MagsJ, Ishthus77

Got again today, finally same problem, and that is my reception of probable options in an intuitively constructed new forum, is the following:

MagsJ,: cannot return to messages where and when received , so I find in meta a convenient reply forum, hoping it may generally be conduit to understanding. I am here in the Philippines, mostly for taking a break, and partly to reassemble a near broken family, (mine) .

Carleas: thanks for your reply, and my present way to enter successfully is :slight_smile:

Ishthus: still unable to comment on the Shakespeare sonnet, and the similarity to my comment. Hope to intuit the forum, but it was in the writing one, and at this time in can not get to it. And the suck poppet idea tore me apart, but again there are only half a dozen of them, most of it not self inscribed.

Peter: I am nearly in the category as you in my technological embarrassment, so q’d in to preverbal ideas ,

I am glad was able to get that in, hoping for change

Thank you

Meno, delete that password out of your last reply & instead email a new one (if you must??) to

And if you use it for any of your other online accounts, you need a new one.

One per account, lol… but anyway.

Meno, I’ve sent you a password reset email, please change your password and don’t post it publicly going forward. I’d hate for your account to be compromised.

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Try, thank you

Carleas , I don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but where was that email and password sent to?

I have had little progress with it, but has had so far luck in signing in. There is a chance that it is near an artistically/autistically constrained effect, sorrily of chronic nature. That’s a reasonable assumption which may effectively bar ‘mystical participation’ from regaining a foothold in the experience of politics in the coming future of wrong choices made in the NWO,

Hope against hope for the right choice, however , neither side remembers diminishing returns , regardless of configured the ramifications of the golden middle ground, too far in metaphores hidden axiomatically.

Thank You sincerely Carleas, not forgetting that nowedays it is hard to sustain control without appearing as a dictator,

You should be able to see the email your account is under here at this link:

PM me please if you can confirm that you have access to the email specified there.

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