Rap is Dead. Change my mind.

Dr. Dre’s new album
I cant even listen to 30 seconds of this without feeling my brain being raped.

NWA and 2Pac were great. So was the Wu Tang Clan and DMX. I still think they were great. But apparently not that great. Not as great as to spawn more greatness.


Do you not listen to new names/diversify your listening range of the genre to new sounds?

At least one new artist, has got one good gem… if only at the very most.

I’m sure there’s one good track in Dr Dre’s new album that’s audible to you? Surely…

Ive tried and listened to hundreds of rappers the past decades. But I find that, upon reflection, they all suck.

Even Future, whom I artistically appreciate a lot, is so utterly nihilistic and primitive in his message that it depresses in the end.

Travis Scott the hottest rapper of the moment is good and yet, also completely nihilistic and primitive.

Still it gets worse when you listen to white rappers. Eminem, that is just soul-death reified.

I only like Masks Off… the rest of his offerings are indeed pretty dire, for sure.

…again, only one or two of his tracks are good… the rest, quite dire.

Not bad… infact, very good imo: youtu.be/MEg-oqI9qmw

The song I think is most impressive lyrically is March Madness. He has some honesty in that, too. But on the whole it’s, yeah, dire. Good choice of word.

I just heard that song first yesterday, no, the day before, in the car. I was rolling down a small country road and actually slowed down to listen to the track. I have to admit, it’s good.

This sounds utterly obnoxious (not catchy at all)… So, of course, it has 94 million views… Literally sounds like every mass manufactured rap song with that same metallic insect sound repeating incessantly in soul crushing fashion.

Some decent rap songs:



Haha! dire… it’s been my go-to choice of word for almost a decade…

Not really heard March Madness much around these parts… it’s decent tho, yea :smiley:

There’s definitely a few good tracks out there… just gotta hear out for them on some random video-sharing platform somewhere out there. Modern feels, modern dos… modern woes? :neutral_face:

Check this shit out, some rather radical cal white rap my cousin just sent me wondering what I feel at this,


And then this, a review of Drake, in general, and some album of his -
I agree with the dude on all accounts, Drake is where things started getting really bad for hiphop.

okayplayer.com/news/drake-n … ghost.html


I think that those two, are very niche.

i think you’re right that rap may actually be dead i think people are listening to more country music now. listen to this motherfucker right here. whether it’s possible for you to be a fan of the genre or not you gotta give this dude his props.


this is a dude doing a cover of a song by a dude from alabama. the dude in this video got in trouble for saying the n word on camera, even though he was just drunk and calling his friend that. i don’t even think he had the “er” like it ended with an “a” which is totally different. but now people are like ok yeah he’s alright so it’s not that bad. new-ish music that sounds like old music. not bad.


Perpetual these songs sound like the Fresh Prince on prozac. Not impressed.

One of the few great rap songs from after 2000


Has everything rap should have. Rare. The video is awesome too.

Mhm. Me and my rocking chair agree.

pffft… you’re either too hard to please or too easy to please…those songs are pretty mint… as far as rap goes…

Admittedly better than the first but that’s not saying much… Still can’t get into it… At least you like 2pac and Immortal Technique … we have that in common…

I first of all dont enjoy those summertime barbecue vibes. I like my rap hard.

As far as rap being dead, lets take a moment:


THIS is rap,





There is a tremendous amount of rap in my native language, most of it these days is the soulcrushing moron purse-snatcher trap faggot slime but there used to be some hard songs, like this one.


This is excellent by the way. Never knew Coolio was a real artist.


Define “mind”.

It’s like, a thing some of us have. We do stuff with it… that, well never you mind.

here’s 2 classics that are not as well known as they should be



start this one at about 4:29 for a badass little known tupac verse where he references the time he sued the cops.


and this one at about :53 for what may be one of the most underrated verses from all eyez on me


here’s a real throwback from my youth