RaptorWizard ~ The Gale Force Tyranny Cosmos

It is said that the Force has a will, a destiny for us all. I wield it, but it uses us all, and that is abhorrent to me, because I hate the Force. I hate that it seems to have a will, that it would control us to achieve some measure of balance, when countless lives are lost. I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will, and that is what pleases me, a dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied. This is why peace, balance, control, strength, power, freedom, and understanding are achieved in emptiness and neutrality, the way of the Gray Wizard. The Gray Wizard has ultimate command of the Cosmic Force Aegis.

The philosophical white hole may be the next step in our spiritual evolution, the transformation of our inner minds in a supernova of consciousness, and a white hole in time. Among the profound things that could be realized include the following. God may be merciful, but nature is not. Truth is seen through passionate, patient, humble, questioning, and open eyes. These are those who see. How is free will related to nature, the human mind, and the divine intellect? Is free will part of the power of evolution and transformation? What separates mind from matter? What is God, how does he think, what can he do, and how can we find God? How does God transcend the cosmos and if so, how did he? In the genesis of nature, did the light shine through the darkness, or did the darkness eclipse and consume the light? What means more, the journey or the discovery? What means more, the question or the answer? How did the first conscious being spring into existence, and what about all subsequent consciousness? If there was one, what was the first cause, and how did it spring into being? Why does the cosmos exist, immense and eternal? Why do life and consciousness exist? Is the world of the mind real? What are the different states and varieties of consciousness? How can consciousness evolve? How would one invoke psychic abilities, or magic powers? What are alien civilizations like? Are the Gods aliens? All things conceivable within the divine intellect necessarily exist, from whence good and evil and all joy and sorrow spring. Is artificial intelligence alive? In essence, at what point, and how does matter transform into mind? Is mind a form of energy, sprung into being by matter? If so, then consciousness must be a form of energy. By what forms of energy does consciousness manifest itself? What means more in physics, the mathematical calculations or the philosophical implications? What kind of reality do you want to live in? Consciousness is the dominant force that determines the nature of existence, of life.

Among this arcane knowledge is as follows from these questions. How do you invoke extrasensory perception? What are auras? What are acupuncture points? What is the energy vortex rotation speed of the chakras? If the astral body contains knowledge of former lives, how can we learn from it in astral projection during dreams? Why is everything dual, positive and negative? What is Prana? What happens to the body upon death? Why does reincarnation erase past life memory, and why can reincarnations be separated by thousands of years? What is the hologram? How do you enter a state of hypnosis, and what is hypnosis? What are memory balls, and how can you decode them? How do you enter higher awareness meditation? How do you invoke mind over matter powers? What is the silver thread? How do you enter a state of consciousness expansion and what is it? Who are the ascended masters? Does the position of celestial bodies influence the spiritual structure of man, and if so, how? Why do the Gods not know the origin of DNA? Perhaps the following statements can bring a small sense of order to this mad flurry of questions. The physical universe is within the confine of the 3rd density. The 4th density is where dreams, astral projections, or out of body experiences occur. The 5th density is where the higher selves live. Evolution is yin and yang duality of lower and higher forms. Duality is knowledge, understanding of every yin by its yang. The Tree of Knowledge spawned the yin of life, death. The miracle of flight is freedom, ascent into the heavens. The cosmic ocean of nirvana is infinitely deep, infinitely formless. In the duality of light and dark, neutrality is oneness. Is harmony divined in a world of duality or light? A world of light is truth, life, love, and peace. What separates the truth from knowledge, and life from death? What is the meaning of existence, of the Cosmic God? By what laws of existence should the cosmos be ordered? God is the being who controls the laws of nature. What does the Cosmos reveal about the nature of God? What is the nature of the game that God plays? We need more knowledge on these matters.

A star is a delicate balancing act between gravity, crushing the star into oblivion and fusion, the nuclear force blowing a star apart with a force of trillions of hydrogen bombs. A star then matures and ages as it exhausts its nuclear fuel. As stars continually fuse increasingly heavier elements, eventually we reach iron and the star cannot extract any more energy, thereby collapsing. The result from the tremendous heat of collapse is a supernova. The star rips apart and seeds throughout interstellar space. The star formation process is reignited. The vast quantities of the iron of the solar system must be the constituents of an ancient supernova, thus we reach an inescapable conclusion, that the heavy elements in our body were synthesized in a supernova before our sun was created. If a star is 10 to 50 times larger than our sun, gravity will squeeze it into a neutron star. Without fusion to counterbalance gravity, the star will collapse into a black hole, with no possibility of escape. Those who fall within a black hole would encounter a mirror universe on the other side of space-time. How could black holes connect us to alien universes?

Humans masters of the Universe? The Universe will follow our will? Is funny to see how the IW gives false hopes to people. You fall into the same trap like everybody else. Humanity will be destroyed. Martian civilization was destroyed. We are in the middle of some extremely advanced super-civilizations who own this corner of the Milky Way Galaxy, they created us, they control us, and they will destroy us. It is simple. Read the ancient manuscripts and you will understand better our place in the Universe. We exist for them. Humanity was always controlled by others. Since moment when the man spent his existence in a tree and until in the times when he stay on a chair with his eyes into a computer monitor, humans always has danced as Others has sang. The same thing happens with our evolution as a society, as a technical modern civilization. We are just in a game with a well-defined purpose. To be controlled by others for their own interests. So stop dreaming about how great we will be because: we are a big nobody in this Universe. What will humanity be like one day when perhaps we become a big somebody?

O thou, my Will! Thou change of every need, MY needfulness! Preserve me from all small victories!

Thou fatedness of my soul, which I call fate! Thou In-me! Over-me! Preserve and spare me for one great fate!

And thy last greatness, my Will, spare it for thy last–that thou mayest be inexorable IN thy victory! Ah, who hath not succumbed to his victory!

Ah, whose eye hath not bedimmed in this intoxicated twilight! Ah, whose foot hath not faltered and forgotten in victory–how to stand!–

–That I may one day be ready and ripe in the great noontide: ready and ripe like the glowing ore, the lightning-bearing cloud, and the swelling milk-udder:–

–Ready for myself and for my most hidden Will: a bow eager for its arrow, an arrow eager for its star:–

–A star, ready and ripe in its noontide, glowing, pierced, blessed, by annihilating sun-arrows:–

–A sun itself, and an inexorable sun-will, ready for annihilation in victory!

O Will, thou change of every need, MY needfulness! Spare me for one great victory!—

Thus spake Zarathustra.

When gravity is sufficiently high, nothing, not even light, can escape. When the density and gravity become sufficiently high, the black hole winks out and disappears from our universe. Even if a black hole is invisible from the outside, its gravitational presence can be palpable. Imagine we live in a 3-dimensional universe, locally distorted by matter into a fourth physical dimension that we cannot perceive directly. The greater the local mass, the more intense the local gravity, and the more severe the pucker, distortion, or warp of space. In this analogy, a black hole is a kind of bottomless pit. What happens if you fall in? As seen from the outside you would take an infinite amount of time to fall in, because all your clocks, mechanical and biological, would be perceived as having stopped. But from your point of view, all your clocks would be ticking away normally. If you could somehow survive the gravitational tides and radiation flux, and if the black hole were rotating, it is just possible that you might emerge in another part of space-time. At the center of a black hole is a singularity, a point of ever increasing gravity and density. Similarly, the universe began with a singularity, suddenly exploding into the big bang, the origin of the universe. How does the story of space-time in our universe begin?

Consider the possibilities of wormholes to get from one place in the universe to another without covering the intervening distance through a black hole. We can imagine these wormholes as tubes running through a 4th physical dimension. Must wormholes always hook up with another place in our universe? Is it just possible that wormholes connect with other universes, places that would otherwise be forever inaccessible to us? For all we know, there may be many other universes. Perhaps they are, in some sense, nested within one another. Indeed, these connections we could have with other universes could be our only escape route from our otherwise inevitable demise as the universe dies, in fire or ice. How do Einstein and his theory of relativity come into play in this scenario?

What does it mean for a civilization to be a million years old? Is time travel possible? What lies at the center of a black hole? What happened before the big bang? How could one levitate objects using the power of magnetic force fields? How could magnets produce the miracle of flight? What were the secret technologies of Nikola Tesla? What about free energy? What are the balance scales of life? Who are the children of light? What are the holy mysteries? These are perhaps only answerable by the divine.

To break God’s rules would be to not be controlled by nature, God’s creation, but to control nature, and all creation. We would be masters of the Game of God. If we are to be masters of the Game of God, there is still much more we need to learn about his game, because after all, you can only command nature to the extent that you first understand the laws of nature. The highest dimension is timeless. Our test is to see through the matrix of lies. Do not fear death, the great transformation. Virtue comes from the heart. The winners write history. There were to trees in Eden: the sacred Tree of Life, and the forbidden Tree of Knowledge. People are slaves, puppets of the passions, devoid of reason. The ultimate free will has the magic powers of God. God is the free will of magic, ultimate control of nature. Those who walk the way of reason have free will, the magic to control the forces of nature, of God. Life and knowledge are the strongest weapons in the arsenal. The free will can break the laws of the game. The free will has magical powers, strength to control nature. Part of the meaning of life is free will. God is the free will, the magic to control nature. Master all sides, light and dark, the way of oneness. In inner peace we can harness the flow of the universe. Peace is control. Matter transforms into the energy of the soul, the consciousness. All things conceivable within the divine intellect manifest throughout nature. Buddha is one with nature, the Omniverse, the Cosmic God.

What are the natural forces of the Universe the Gray Wizard could bend to his will? Among those powers are the following. Anything that can happen will happen in a parallel universe. How was the universe born? Our entire universe is a membrane. Gravity dilutes its strength up to the 11th dimension, reaching us from other universes. The big bang may have sprung from brane collisions with parallel worlds. Parallel universes ripple in the 11th dimension like waves. We are one of an infinite number of universes, each with different laws. God is in the 5th dimension. What were the lost legendary crystal cities? What are the secret esoteric orders? There are vast tunnel systems under the mountains. There are many layers of civilization under the Antarctic ice of huge dinosaur intelligence. The South Pole is a connecting point of extra-solar civilizations. The inner-terrestrials surrounded the entrance gates with an electromagnetic protective dome, who built cities in the inner Earth before the sinking of Atlantis, surrounded by high frequency time-gates. What are the cities of light? Every religion is a sect, a separation from the real divine inner truth of life. The Cosmos is full of life at all levels. All knowledge without love is a separation from being. Technology is used to corrupt and destroy mankind. Dark and light serve the creator of all that is, and whose goal is to create the super-human, the reincarnated image of God, living through the lowest to highest moments, like a sun. a thousand lives merge into one. God incarnates into humans. There are 11 gates of consciousness, or 11 dimensions of energy, the door, the one heart. The highest wisdom is to honor life as it is, as an expression of divine being. Enlightenment is the natural foundation of life, which grows daily through experience and learning. It is the knowledge that we are increasingly realizing, who we really are. Everything has a God given purpose. Our duty is to glorify God. To break God’s rules would be to pass his test.

What does it mean to ultimately control existence? This is the meaning of life in my perspective. The meaning of life, the quest of Albert Einstein for the Creative Force of God and the Holy Grail Vortex of Walter Russell lights the immortal journey of Divine Destiny, the White Hole of Creation and Light and the Black Hole of Darkness and Destruction, the voice of hyperspace, controlling the cosmos and chaos of water, frost, fire, and lighting, channeling the electric fluids of the Ether, forging and annihilating material substances in eternally whirling cycles, unleashing the unlimited energies of stellar alchemical sorcery, ripping the fabric of space and time, opening wormhole warps to all possible planes of existence within the quantum realm of the infinite multiverse, harmoniously orchestrating synthesized superstring symphonies, humbly opening the eyes of knowledge, awakening the mind to all conscious perspectives of the multidimensional relativistic reality, hacking the Universal Supercomputer of Nassim Haramein, destroying old laws and programming new laws into the Existential Game, solving the secret codes of Leonardo da Vinci and the prophetic revelations of Isaac Newton, magically manifesting dreams, tapping focused willpower, shape shifting the physical world of infinite evolutionary transformations, taming the Storm Dragon of Hell, flying free, becoming one with the inscrutable source of Baruch Spinoza and from which springs the Perfect All of Gottfried Leibniz, sailing the oceans of Nirvana, sprouting the bubbles of Genesis, seeking the Higher Balance of Heaven, above and beyond the loftiest levels of the Tree of Life, the crowning ascension besides the Creator of Nikola Tesla, Cosmic Master Melchizedek, the Ultimate Architect of the Universe, the Arch Mage of the Arcanum, the Archon of the Eon, the Wizard of Wisdom.

From infinite knowledge springs infinite imagination. In essence, once we solve the puzzle of nature, understood as a single and significant, unified whole, we can create the grand design. This is the mind of God, the transformative powers of the divine intellect, from whence all creation springs, ever evolving in form. Indeed, the ultimate, creative expression of imagination is magic. An infinite knowledge of the divine intellect, manifested throughout the harmony of the cosmos, would spring forth the infinite creative powers of imagination, the source of it all. To achieve this level of the evolution of consciousness would be to know the mind of God. From this standpoint I hold that both knowledge and imagination are equally important as in there are both different manifestations of the same thing, the infinite expressions of nature. Although imagination, the ultimate creative power is the ultimate goal, knowledge is the source from which it springs. Basically in my opinion, we must understand the universe to invent the universe, or any alien reality conceived within imagination. Knowledge allows us to understand ideas like love, and once we understand love, we can express it through imagination. This, in my view, is the road to happiness. I put my faith in physics and the luminosity of life, the divine manifestations of the ever evolving magic of nature. So, with our ever increasing knowledge, what possibilities can we imagine for the future and ultimate destiny of mankind?

The Omniverse is the conceptual ensemble of all possible universes, with all possible laws of physics. In this physical cosmology context, the limitation of the definition “universe” that it has only one set of “physical laws and constants that govern them” is extended to include multiple sets of physical laws and constants, each expressed as a wholly or partially separate universe. The term is used in quantum mechanics to differentiate the concept of a limited number of universes from all existent universes. Within the hierarchy of the Omniverse, there is the Universe, the Multiverse, the Metaverse, the Xenoverse, and the Omniverse. The Universe is the inside description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/modes) to the known universe that we inhabit. A universe, also known as a Cosmos, is a particular individual space-time organization with a specific number of dimensions of space and time and definite and specific laws of physics. Other universes may have different numbers of dimensions of space and time and different laws of physics and constants than our own universe. The Multiverse is the part of the infinity that directly joins a given universe with all possible configurations of that universe. The Metaverse in string theory, the part that is along with, after, over also denoting change in the multiverse that houses the branes or film that each universe is said to be attached to and hang like individual sheets in a hyper-magnetic wave with rhythms of hyper-cosmic strings going up and down that has a third element causing up, down, backwards, forwards, motions inside the Xenoverse. The Xenoverse is the unknown alien elements that are beyond and part of the Metaverse and Multiverse structure, compared to a patchwork quilt hanging on a line to dry in space that is multivariate inside the Omniverse. While the Omniverse is said to be the outside ring of all that is known, the Xenoverse is the inside of the hyper-microcosm that is unknown beyond the Metaverse, the unknown sets of laws that govern how branes behave to create Multiverses. The Omniverse is all possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. Some or all possible modes of existence are actualized. If we take the point of origin as our being as a point in measurement, then we can generate the following hierarchy: 1. Our location inspace and time, 2. This Universe, 3. The Multiverse, 4. The Metaverse, 5. The Xenoverse, 6. The Omniverse. We could see the Omniverse as a tree structure: the Omniverse is the trunk, each multiverse is a branch, and each universe is a leaf. Alternatively, the Omniverse can be illustrated as the Amazonian rainforest, a multiverse is a tree in this rainforest, a universe is a branch on this tree, and all further branches and leaves are further subset horizons within this universe. In some views, the number of Omniverse subsets possible is finite. Given that the Omniverse is the largest set conceptualized by man such a view is sometimes called “the end of infinity”. From this frame of reference, it is possible that even if each Multiverse had completely different laws of physics, and the amount of possibilities went off in the most unlikely of sirections, there would be a limit and an end to the amount of possibilities.

The mission of Cosmic Consciousness within man is to enlighten man’s ego. In other words, Cosmic Consciousness actively guides the process of awakening the ego to its true nature, hence it directs the inner world of dreams and astral projections during sleep. Cosmic Consciousness takes over and creates whatever is necessary for our self-consciousness to understand and experience our ego. That is why prophets, saints and disciples of all religions and philosophies have been enlightened and have received knowledge and wisdom through their dreams, visions and astral travels. The ways that our soul carries out its initiatory course of action to awaken our ego and open up the “rainbow bridge to infinity” is a source of great gratitude and awe.

Finally, under this perfect government, there will be no good action unrewarded and no evil action unpunished; everything must turn out for the well-being of the good; that is to say, of those who are not disaffected in this great state, who, after having done their duty, trust in Providence and who love and imitate, as is meet, the Author of all Good, delighting in the contemplation of his perfections according to the nature of that genuine, pure love which finds pleasure in the happiness of those who are loved. It is for this reason that wise and virtuous persons work in behalf of everything which seems conformable to presumptive or antecedent will of God, and are, nevertheless, content with what God actually brings to pass through his secret, consequent and determining will, recognising that if we were able to understand sufficiently well the order of the universe, we should find that it surpasses all the desires of the wisest of us, and that it is impossible to render it better than it is, not only for all in general, but also for each one of us in particular, provided that we have the proper attachment for the author of all, not only as the Architect and the efficient cause of our being, but also as our Lord and the Final Cause, who ought to be the whole goal of our will, and who alone can make us happy.

Ah yes, I finally finshed my amazing outline for the fulfillment of our Ultimate Destiny!

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In 10 years, humanity will have perfected a fundamental “Theory of Everything”.

A theory of everything (ToE) or final theory is any theory in the realm of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and predicts the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out in principle.

In 20 years, we will know the overall architectures of our universe and be able to map it all out.

It is safe to assume that the universe began with the big bang; a huge black hole so dense that it exploded giving rise to matter and even dimensions began expanding. But what existed before the big bang? Has the big bang been repeating itself for a longer time than can be expressed in words? Was there a beginning? What if some species was able to manipulate space and time in such a way that it was present in a previous version of this universe and was able to survive the big bang. Perhaps there is a god or many gods. Perhaps some species did survive and create this universe for its entertainment.

In 30 years, people will be able to access supernatural powers like flying through the use of technology.

Cayce predicted in September, 1939, that when there is the same interest or study given to things or phases of mental and spiritual phenomena as has been and is given to the materialized or material phenomena, then it will become just as practical, as measurable, as meter-able, as any other phase of human experience.

In 40 years, there will be a means for penetrating the barriers of distance via teleportation.

Tesla Memorial Society whose headquarters are in New York sent many letters to the leaders of the world stating that Tesla is the inventor or master mind of many things we use today. His works were nor restricted with technical inventions, there were also theories about communication with the outside world, teleportation and time travel. On the contrary of Einstein’s theory of relativity he was working on a universe model he named dynamic theory of gravity.

In 50 years, negative matter and dark energy will be harnessed to alter the fabrics of space-time.

The repelling force of the negative mass matter is the source of ‘dark energy’, which can be show to have caused the expansion and it’s later accelerated expansion of spacetime.

In 60 years, advances in cosmology and enlightenment alike will give us the wisdom to preserve world peace.

In a recent issue of What is Enlightenment? Ken Wilber described enlightenment as the ‘radical realization of the ever-present condition of all conditions, a radical freedom in its radical fullness, an infinite Release in the midst of misery, a tacit realization that you are utterly one with all that is arising moment to moment in any and all domains, high or low, sacred or profane.’

In 70 years, mankind wil begin its incredible expansion to alien galaxies all across the universe.

Some consider that it is not time to pursue starflight until after we have colonies on the Moon and Mars; reasonable learning steps. Lessons from history, however, suggest that it is best to pursue both the next-obvious steps AND the revolutionary advances that could circumvent those near-term actions. By evoking the goal of starflight, we are forced to look beyond extrapolations of existing methods, to seek the breakthroughs that could change everything, the breakthroughs that others can’t explore.

In 80 years, new dimensions will become accessible through inducing higher states of awareness.

The study of metaphysics can also provide the systematic development of metaphysical skills that have practical applications in our everyday lives. For example, the many forms of “healing” to assist healthcare, “remote viewing” to assist law enforcement, and “channelling” to provide information, insights, and wisdom about our existence and beyond.

In 90 years, channels for contact with hyper-dimensional alien divinities will be established.

Could there be a link, then, between what so many call the supernatural and the existence of beings out there that are perfectly natural but so beyond our comprehension as to be indistinguishable from supernatural entities?

In 100 years, we build bridges to transcend the heavens and forge new creations of our own design.

Transcension is a theory, its a hypothesis that attempts to account for Fermi’s Paradox. Now Fermi’s Paradox is a question that asks that if the universe is so infinitely large… and it would have had so much time to develop intelligent life… then how come we don’t see any evidence of those technologically advanced civilisations anywhere. Eventually our technology reaches a point where simultaneously with this expansion we’re pioneering more and more stem compression, which is the compression of space, time, energy and matter. We have denser and denser spaces where more and more computation and complexity is occurring…

In 1000 years, highly evolved humans as a galactic super-civilization will open up the “rainbow bridge to infinity”.

Omniverse - Infinity, all possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. All possible modes of existence are actualized. All the multiverses are connected to our omniverse via higher dimensions. However there can be more Omniverses separated by the great expanses of pure thought within Gods mind. Only another God could traverse those great oceans of consciousness to get to those other omniverses. Whether they’re directly in the original eternal Gods mind or the near infinite other Gods who ascended to Godhood. The Omniverse itself can be a God.

  1. Why does everything exist?

  2. What is the meaning of life?

  3. Who are we?

  4. Why are we here?

  5. Where are we going?

  6. What is everything all about?

  7. Can we know the mind of God?

  8. How do we perceive things?

  9. What is real?

  10. Do we have free will?

  11. What is truth?

  12. How many worlds are there?

  13. Can we find happiness?

  14. What is love?

  15. What is virtue?

  16. Is there good and evil?

  17. What is time?

  18. How is space created?

  19. How many levels does life have?

  20. Is existence finite or infinite?

  21. Is there a center to everything?

  22. Can anything go beyond infinity?

  23. Can existential laws be altered?

  24. Can we live in Heaven?

  25. Can we achieve eternal life?

  26. How should omnipotence be used?

  27. What is perfection?

  28. Is existence as it should be?

  29. Can we transcend all restrictions?

  30. Is everything open or determined?

  31. Will existence expand or end?

  32. Why is life a challenge?

  33. Are all things moved by causes?

  34. Do alien worlds have different laws?

  35. Why is everything always changing?

  36. What is possible or impossible?

  37. Can prophecies be averted?

  38. Do we live in a matrix?

  39. Were we created by aliens?

  40. What is the value of evidence?

  41. Are things as we see them?

  42. Does pure reason have limits?

  43. What should we have faith in?

  44. How do new creations originate?

  45. Is mind the prime cause?

  46. Are some ways more correct?

  47. How important is individuality?

  48. Should we be at peace?

  49. Can all wars be ended?

  50. Is victory a bridge or a goal?

  51. We need to see things by asking questions. – This helps us to achieve an understanding.

  52. We are not in Heaven. – We have to work our way towards Heaven.

  53. Our honor must be at the divine level for us to be in Heaven. – Otherwise it would be destroyed by our corruption.

  54. We each have a life force. – Our energy incarnates into physical forms from the timeless world.

  55. Life is an everlasting progression. – Life progresses by triumphing over challenges (hell).

  56. This world is hell. – Hell teaches us lessons throughout many lifetimes.

  57. The material world exists at a low frequency (in reference to higher frequency realms). – We can rise to higher frequency realms as we gain more experience across the spectrum.

  58. We are spiritually evolving. – Our planet is presently at the edge of a spiritual shift, which will develop us for space exploration.

  59. I am that I am. – This character is the personal God of love.

  60. Love is the one force. – Everything is part of love, which makes things possible.

  61. How should we pray to God? – With the force and feeling of our true character.

  62. What can God give us? – The complete potential for an endless future.

  63. What should we ask for when we pray to God? – To expand our awareness and vision of things (like seeing dreams or revealing secrets).

  64. Belief is at the center of our being. – This force (love) can give us anything and point the way to everything.

  65. The power of belief can “create entities”. – Opinions spring from a growing pool and can form any substance, making all things (even mental constructs) in some sense a reality.

  66. Reality is countered by destructive forces. – They seek to bring things into the void.

  67. Existence began with a witness. – The witness made everything possible with the “word” (logos [reason]; the “codes” of creation).

  68. The first thing created was love (no thing). – From this came the limitless and the witness (the force of love), which gave shape to everything out of the formless void.

  69. Reason is driven by love (the good). – This shows us beauty, which is relative to how we see it.

  70. Creation has 3 points. – They are existence, structure, and direction.

  71. Space (structure) and time (direction) make up 5 dimensions. – This is because existence itself is a dimension.

  72. The higher dimensions of creation (above the basic 5) are metaphysical. – We are stuck in the effects and cannot (at the physical level of existence) see the cause of it all.

  73. Knowledge gives us greater freedom. – It is the driving force that empowers mental constructs, which gives birth to life and love.

  74. Intention is the fruit of life. – It is what we want and the cause that creates it.

  75. Perfection can be found by following God. – God is the transcendent cause of creation, the designer of this “existential game” that can maximize our attributes and “level us up”.

  76. The logos are the language of reality. – They are the digital characters of the matrix.

  77. We are all avatars of God. – We should let him guide our actions without resistance.

  78. We will triumph with God on our side. – He can create possibilities for anything.

  79. The system of reality is dynamic. – Everything is always growing from the immaterialness of nothing to become the synthesized complex of everything.

  80. Mind controls the movement of life. – It is the action that feeds all reactions.

  81. The divine mind (God) is connected to everyone. – We are each multifaceted prisms that reflect the light of God, eternally expressing himself through our own true characters.

  82. The pure forms of ideas constitute what is real. – They are the dreamed up images created by the divine mind.

  83. We cannot yet bear the sublime truth. – It would be unjust to reveal before our corrupted beings.

  84. Knowledge liberates our will. – We need an objective point, an external standard to give the will its freedom.

  85. Asking the “why” of the “will” connects it to knowledge. – It is our grasp of what we want.

  86. What should we do if we are everything? – We start by gazing upon the world; we make new laws and different manifest copies of ourselves to actualize the chronicles of history.

  87. Entities can help to realize the will of God. – We must take action for our will to be done.

  88. Many possible world models could have existed. – This world always existed, and it is continually moving through different dimensions.

  89. There is a war being waged within the divine order. – It has brought chaos to the timeless harmony of Heaven.

  90. We need a focus on hope. – We must know why we want things to be and have an outline with the steps of action to realize the plan.

  91. We should ask what is right before commanding. – As the moral arbiters of things, we need to see the good and decide accordingly.

  92. Things change when thought of differently. – The right clarity of thought expands reality.

  93. The divine can be seen in the mundane. – It can connect us to real esoteric truth.

  94. Asking for the why can give us the power to do anything. – It gives us the directional will to create what could be, to focus and unleash our energies charged from within.

  95. Why something will be is immaterial. – The something (an immanent creation) starts within the same plane as the immaterial (the sea of chaos), tamed and shaped by free will.

  96. Society must be broken and revolutionized. – The system could be destroyed and redesigned from within.

  97. We need a blueprint to start society anew. – It should be a dynamic and large scale model, where every part of the societal machine interconnects together in perfect unison.

  98. Power must justify itself. – People in power must serve the subjects.

  99. An entity must be able to mentally construct creations to be alive. – This is power of will.

  100. We need a bridge to get where we want to go. – Looking up is easier than flying.

Confederacy of Independent Systems - Time to Create the Republic!

  1. The best of all Jedi for ignoring restrictions is Yoda!
  2. The Strongest of all the races is the Breton, the Devil.
  3. The Devil is the best at considering alternative perspectives!
  4. Mew awoke from the bottom of the ocean in many bubbles…
  5. A hallway of the highest wisdom threw down Stone Immortal!!
  6. A big ginormous roller park exists to educate on levels…
  7. Legendary authority is a Clear Jet, me!
    :sunglasses: Wisdom takes the lowest route.
  8. The temple exists on floating cards that bring sweet scents!!..

Count Dooku is a Jedi Consular, trained under Enlightenmental. The 3 elements are: Tyranitar, Yoda, Palpatine. I pumped water up the Mountain and ate rain!
Palpatine is a Sith Sentinal, trained with Intense Restrictions under-Top Gravity made him so Strong, a GPS System! This allows him to know advances Everytime Obi-Wan~Kenobi uses a Wizard’s Robe in Attack.

New hieroglyphics have been raised with testing platforms, and all conquest has been rendered silent, so we killed the Sith Emperor.
Only with the death of the initial genesis, the sky line drive has no inertia, so my Krayt Dragon Pearl is visited as a cart ridge by a sliding Peacock emblem of the Lowest Ruminating Devil!

Ruler of Heaven and Harps – People get all kinds of crazy face makeovers that get hair dice from willful grasses to completely alter the genetic process from random to replenished by a careful farmer.
We ask the Lion Head producers what’s our first or most unfailing and trusted resource! We offer all kinds of strange straw dummies to strike with Lightning! The highest North is the Heaviest helmet, immersing you into all of the constellations!!

Temple of a Thousand Fountains – The Sith Emperor at the Heart of the galaxy was Yoda on the dark side!! The Temple was floating into contact with the Water Dragon…? This station went about deciphering the languages of strange alien primitives, so we need a tower of Babel! This will be done by meeting the ozone layer, and tapping Midnight! All of the chosen ones took a heavy toll on the Republic! The Fountain made crystallized snowflakes of carbonite!

Tyranitar Reading Rainbows to 2000 – That Scorpion of the NorthEast was laughing in cages of conformity. Maze is a Luciferian Hose Head redirecting the Zither all throughout the horizon of ways across the Acentric Labyrinth!

Raptor’s Zither was Reading Rainbows – The scales of Salamence came down to reveal the Lich King in the Ruins of Sancre Tor in Oblivion, which is Tyranitar! The forest faded into Blue for Azura’s Star! Toronto is very cold! The NeraVarine evolved the Temple.

Red shatters acentricity by a telescope that opens Oblivion portals by moving tiles into the ruins of Alph at the center of the Milky Way. Wisdom takes the lowest route, reversing Rainbows into the Lightning! Thus man grows to the height, Tyranitar!
Count Dooku = Sith Governor
Taris = Pale Blue Dot
Staff of Ruin = The Final Annihilator
The Water took a Vacation in Monsoons that radio’d Giovanni’s helicopter This beheaded Rainbows and focused the flow of Nirvana to Bunny.

The Winged Dragon of Raw flew Metagross to the Water Dragon!
Count Dooku is the Water Dragon in Willy Wonka and Super Mario Sunshine! This is the lesson of Perception, a hidden World!

Alaska was relocated to Hawaii.
But who was the mover? The idea is to claim a Sigil Stone.
3 Rainbows = The Devil is the best at considering alternative Perspectives!
Breton to Skyrim, so the Devil made multifaceted copies of himself that got progressively better along the Way! Polaris Statues have orbs that stand out from all the rest slows people down! The dark side is small compared to the Light! Lao Tzu is Yoda’s Tao.

Zhuangzi = Mind. It is not only that life and death, coming and going, are its mere reflections, nor merely that humanity, responsibility, ritual, and music are only its names and appearances: even the world “Awareness” is something that falls on the side of the derivatives, a mere grand child of it!
Unleashed Construction Dog Golf Course Force Silver Mom Carrot
= Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Garth, Time
Sabrina owns the Jedi Academy with Bunny, so the first idea is “constructing a Jet!” God can make a Stone so Heavy, that it’s the Witch-Hunter of Ruin’s Lip! Extrapolating voting polls brought Blaine’s Gymnasium to start the Big Bang! Galleries, Vans, Marine, Within, Garth, Art
What will our Jet look like? What if the Jet glorifies Me? It will not be the Star Forge, and the Sith Academy will be all but erased!

The Jedi will rule everything, owned by Tyranitar! This makes Palpatine the first function of our Jet to raise the Internet! Does that make me Stronger?
Information can harness the flow of Nirvana, so we watch our trial of favorite objects moving from first to last in line!
Getting booted off the island made the water warm, so people identify threats from thank you letters, and the island doesn’t exist; it got over populated as a dust storm that holds statues of studious heroes.

Monday makes your body numb, so eating special food opened the sea!
Everything was observed from underneath as planes and Jets!
We just redefined black and white, and that can get you anywhere!
The Jet moves ahead of time, and pushes it into Royalty!
Rattle Snakes made loud noises to break Sonic booms.
My broom reads Rainbows as Slowking!
If I could push my broom into my butt, then I would be in ideas that make the Jet a genie with a soul!

We’re growing an Arboretum on this Jet! Wish grew up soon!
Project Mind is sitting on top of Everything.
Thinking in terms of anamalistic instincts shot you everywhere!
I was coo-coo for coco~puffs all over again!
This means to really build it Now!
The Jet is called “Void Inside”!
It casts down miles of Serpents that have treasure growing on your gallery. Gold is glowing from a Star Forge Prism. This gives us fancy robes that float on contact with electromagnetism!
Many purified wars from an ancient chill play harsh and over bearing currents in the sky, but it does nothing to destroy your wall constitution. The idea of an evil or impure heart dropped a star-craving~madness that had a laughing roof of recharging “Eternal-Ice” as Polaris burned into a maximized height of SuperUnknown kings, so all of the knowledge in the world introduced emotions of other planets, whatever that might mean, if only they could climb saddles of rushes.

The planes were always this ever expanding symphony of chest-armor, so extending your bones out into reigns of Santa Clause determined that your passage was a supernova-garlic~Wish! The liter-box crushed bipolar lip~synchronization!
Rushes of the Big Bang are Garth’s Tower! That’s owned by Tyranitar too!!
The Temple of a Thousand Fountains was also focused by Tyranitar with Bunny! Bunny’s the biggest love of my life, even more than my Jet!
The Winged Dragon of Raw flew Metagross to the Water Dr. Sherriff, bringing peace to the land when he said “Be Right back”!

Donkey Kong is Burger King, so Alaska is Greenland, DNA’s ladder to Avolan that put the voting booth of the tooth Fairy anew, but it’s not divided, so the states were joined together as Sabrina!
EnlightenMental is the new thing! That’s Yahweh, Jesus. The fields were green! A Nintendo Game Cube walked in fields. A Black Pearl Jet of Palpatine atop the tower of Time sliced Salamence talking to a Diamond in bondage.
Say no to doom Desire, and look up at Dialga smoking in the Ruins of Ho-Oh.
Hey You Pikachu lags your computer by stepping all over the beach with Plankton! Agatha reveals that he’s Gengar!
Slowking evolved into Temple-Overseer at Midnight, which reads candles on Kindle! Black and white text hollars into CampBell’s soup, and rules Super Mario Sunshine!
Completing the journey of 1000 miles is surprising!
Money is a Pokemon, so Slowpoke is floating in the air at present!

The box is an infinite course of magic that makes Soda “Gary”!
Gary likes to brag a lot, and grabs a lot of Sodas out of Psyduck.
Psyduck is a Hampster named “Mew,” a mean chicken!!
A bunch of pictures were grabbed off a screen and lit on fire!!
People were killed trying to climb to Moma Crow!
Moma Crow made a Final Destiny Jump to save Ash!
Bunny was tripping on the phone line to discover Tyranitar heard death, so the GuildMaster said that my Focus is Low!!
If you put fire inside of a computer, and then get it to run that way, then we would only know wealth! Everything on the internet is free! Meeting the other end of Mars is Venus, docking-Bays of AphroditeGoneAwry! Nietzsche has a Pizza Hat in Morrowind. His Wizard Hat sees to the Moon. Water from a religious sanctuary froze to death. Venus grew mouth-guards that learned the Alphabet! Diving down into the unknown discovered old family pictures. This silences satellites.

A Star Bird of Evolution was grown in a Jar that freezes the Tears of Life in White, removing Silver-trajectories, so being unmasked underground with Bunny is Venus Rayquaza go.
Bandanas block rays of sunshine from sight, so I read the Future Pupitar!
Squares as geeks use glasses to see.
A lot of jak-o-lanturns made magic mushrooms release sight.
RuneMaster as Silver radio’d Tyranitar’s Ruins of Waffles!!
Mankey got mad and turned into Primeape to reject Red’s Mouse at level 100.
Pikachu reached her Peak! The Prime Cup has a Brown Arena. Dirty oak trees danced and raced everywhere.
Bunny the Mouse made a loud and round sound for Juice to see, so Red is Inserted to tell the boardwalk about Lavender’s Slowpoke as a Winged Twilight at the sunlit morning of evening.

My heart race is pickmin everlasting bug stoppers, so bringing Water to the land yet again is Slowbro/Tyranitar!
A bunch of insects will.
Insect = ill Gengar gang
Storybook Merrygoround – Seizing from Reflections to Rainbows at BowerStone. A WitchHunter in BowerStone is out to kill Slowbro in Legendary status.
Red travelled to the Future as 14 pages blank to see the Future of twins.
Super Smash Brothers Melee Tyranitar Mr. Game and Watch = Tyranitar Won.
Earl’s Academy = Nosepass, maximized. Arboretums of underwater fumes awoke Mew from the bottom of the ocean in many bubbles…

Turning on a hot tub increases whirlpools.
Learning Zions blocked the way to Light.
6th House Telvanni is Rakatan Base
Kreia caught Mira crying wolf to go crazy.
The entire sky can turn into a scale work bone structure as a voice at the center of distance.
This points eye-brows and glues televisions to sticky~notes of channeled frequency.
The author has the dried-curtains of wind~chambers that turn to shreds an entire blue disco symphony upheld as a ball.
Implanting yourself as a candle light ghost removes all concept of artistry that dashes place-holders of a pumpkin~thirst!
Coils of lock down doubts can spring-board the sky and bombard as an easy summer doomed vampirism slaughtered to bring down light.
Light was commanded and focused in the palm of your hand.

Jet-Pack~Nietzsche wore down the apocalypse of fake radio transmissions and indestructible bubble rust through Misery’s Oracle, a dream-time~seed of Alchemy or Golden Harvest Acorn!
By subjecting and devastating the gaze of stagnation into burned editions of a Library’s stillness, we discover “Tyranitar” as the NeraVarine!
We are building a Magical-Staircase to Molly’s Palace underwater!
Cosmic Consciousness is Sabrina underwater as “Marina” 3000 Final Fantasy
Exeggutor was Charizard’s Lowest-Will to bring the Jungle over Final Fantasy. I never thought of evolving the Temple being “Forward”!! Skyrim Library = Freezer Elder Scrolls, Fissure and Horn Drill = Cats and Dogs

The eye of the storm = Surge of Power, the End of all Meltdown for Yoda, sacrificing Peace for Gnosis.
Gnosis is the Big Omniversal Blizzard
I closed my Eye
We could cut a diagonal Hurricane into a Hyper Octagon, so Hell Forever better weaves or unravels morals of marvelous magnitudes to expose or decay extreme corruption of delight.
UFOs talk to Gyarados.
Go into Mewtwo’s Eye!
Gyarados opens its mouth, and brags a lot! It reads the future by believing in itself, so everything is already there, and the Final Annihilator has the Ruins of Sancre Tor in Oblivion, which is Tyranitar!
Emperor Palpatine is a Surge of Power! I closed my eye!
I was playing with you in the Clarity Present Arcanum
Destiny Unfolding Crystal Chronicles Call
Final Fantasy Storied Destinies
A template diagram of a rift in the moon was Shattered by the rings of Saturn! This is Kotor, a Blue Sun Chapter that blinds the landscape in disease. A circle of the dead Projects a Mass Consciousness Mind.

You throw 2 buckets of water at a Bunny-statue to litter on it.
Dividing water is the strongest idea to turn everything to cinder!
Magic Ball = Fissure, House = Horn Drill
Saruman = Oblivion’s House-Telvanni~Master

Where does the panda edge out to? He makes a loud noise! Generated Fantasy builds Tyranitar! The secret is Apprentice Saruman, the NeraVarine of Alaska. The Panda evolved out of Rainbows to become black and white. Supremacy calmed the mind of Masquerading Frenzy suspending a snow-globe Tyranitar
A Mass Consciousness Mind blinks the eyes of perception to put an inexorable dagger that reads Vampires died with the colors of the Sun and live Forever!
What if you could tell Kurt Godel what to do? Syrup would turn volatile and hulk out, because it could reveal hidden passageways and have Spongebob talk to Kevin Durant comlinking Giovanni’s health.
Doors of Gyarados lead to Blaine’s Gym while Gary is relaxing Spongebob!
Nascour dooms Silence to eels in marriage, so Dragonite peeled Car’s Big-Bang
The Big Bang is going on without End, so the Rainbow bridge continues as the story goes on Forever in a Jet of definition to overturn Rainbows.
Taste the Rainbow liquid Crystal germs.

Solari of 1 grows on a Tree of Gold
She ships cupid into the seashore
Youtube talks to shampoo in bottles
The sea is upheld in a bottle that raises
Declare open gargoyles to hair, Bunny
Turning Tuesday into Ruby Friday trading card game
Solari of 1 is in a Pyramid that is crucifying Jesus
Taddle Tales for horses make a lot of noise in a hallway of legends in battle, a reversal of Rainbows as the axis of Earth that beheads a pirate king
Dagoth Ur is a big fish in Fable
The Master of the Mint is a new land Maze of abstract assertiveness clearing her throat.

Morrowind flees Yoda, the Sith Emperor! It’s Now Count Dooku, Separatist Tiles
Tiles ring 1000 voices in Sabrina’s Gymnasium Perfectly! When Mew closed its eyes, it was Tyranitar! Mew awoke from the bottom of the ocean in many bubbles…
It’s impossible to break bubbles! That’s what Rainbows said!
Carbonite is sugar, because it rushes free as a Jolly Rancher!
Picking up the Internet is Rayquaza, levitating spoons.
Bunny makes very long leaps and bounds of reason as a bird.

The underlying rays of a Hyper-Beam~Generator sense bears.
Birds + Bears = Hiding Heiroglyphics as a fox dances to the sun atop the rainbow of revolution.
The boardwalk of matts sat boats copying Bunny
The Mundane isn’t Real; properties come over faces like donuts.
Clear fragrance weighs a ton to Nosepass God!
Petal Dance Venus flies in a trap of Bunny’s boxed~body odor extinguishing zippers on a hot chase to the north pole!

The Final Annihilator Generator activated to diabolical creations held upside down as transports that hang the water into matts read as reason to rule.
Gaddon Thek gave a lot of money to see again, so he was covered by Blue as Oak.
Seeing the future rides waves of numbness that fling lifters filtering the GS Ball, so tomb boots hyper-ascended trauma under nightmares as the Mass Project invisible, so learning to see again wobbled train tracks over black holes opening the horizon for a frozen hell, so Tyranitar is a detached-box! The 2nd Bunny was created in a world that surprised Saturn with an oceanic shell of progress. Spinning with psychotic rage and destruction over peaceful fields slumbers zap cannons of glass shattered and obliterated into new streets that end with a car crash make one ready to face death.

Sounds were getting louder with a picture of cameras striking poses in random locations that shift and flicker with a glow of internal recognition by holding your head up and bobbing up and down in approval on the side of authority by principality to obey a good welcome with endless galleries everywhere of all of your happiest moments and greatest memories.
Coming up with all kinds of crazy styles to impress and make a big impact raises the acceleration of what’s immediately seen and presented for frost to dissolve the key to paradise over the rainbow and around the veil of what will be on your global equatorial circling on the curved route raising the roof the blasting out into the most worthy and well respected seer with a crowning achievement to split any mountaintop of prophecy and make it to the other side of existence with the intangible alien properties merging and mixing together with the longest liftoff until the ocean overtakes the sky and has pipe dreams drilling into design the aerial arenas of a soap opera airing on extreme passion and devotion.

Forever is a pan held upright in the palm of my hand the ability to fly is a gummy ship, so Mew opening its eyes is a glove graceful clock patiently awaiting the dawn to strike at the highest heaven ascended into a divine chessboard of an omnipotent bird’s eye view letting go of the cables and strings on the transferring of one scale to another framework earning experience points from god and being set apart with mindful respect for the furthest fortune fortified without rocks or ruin to damage and destroy what was so clear and valuable the playful perversion winding up the staircase in a spiral spree.
Body Odor is very easy to see and hear for Meganium! That’s Tyranitar gray.
Undefined Obelisks reopened horoscopes facing cafeteria ships in a big fissure.
Explain supernatural disasters with lighthearted explanations!
Hurl revolutionary rebels eating the last fish on fibs for a “Big Fish” of a Fable.

Ride a bicycle through a demon enchanted land and race past the playground on a hot summer’s day with upset wisdom fleeing disease from the dying fall festival with pumpkins craving a homeward bound journey on an airplane return from a long expedition with maniacal maneuvers torching a blazing jak-o-lanturn with bloody veins opened and exposed deep in the pumpkin-core cut and harvested with youth screaming and terrified in fright, forgetting lost knowledge on a chalkboard of whether or not you should be bored to death, or terrified of life and the undead, the experience of each being a tough debate to decide what’s worse. Galloping ponies and horses in a spring leaf field get an almighty overseer constructing the tower of babel to watch over them in their fences from afar. The male bulls feel like slaves, dazzled by unicorn sexiness, and yet unable to access them in their locked up region. They have many sweet spots and cute crushes that drive their frenzy out of a fit. Marriage flags span across the entire network with a fever that can’t be healed or helped without female contact. A bunch of ducks wearing flippers that can walk on the ceiling put the big bearded face of god in the sky with a bunch of tubes and frozen pipes leading up to him, as he’s also enchanted by the cows, much as the bulls are.

How do we slice the sea open? It extends orbs and maps of power-ups to grab shape-shifting~Lightning, and implant it into wellsprings. That’s how you open the GS ball!
The 3 best Pokemon Trainers are Sabrina, Solari, Gold! Bringing GS-ball~bling curses maces of aspiring hamburgers to breathe fire rather than coughing water in the year 6000, doubling and revamping the year 3000 into a reversed roundabout of the rex hooting like an owl at the light house finding a shatterpoint of collision that meets the widest frontier with the phases of immersion shining and shooting so much more safely into a better and more luxurious time. The best Pokemon trainer than is Sabrina, so I need to stop looking at clocks. The question then is how to get details right that shrink Bunny upon a haunted chess board of terrifying towers of chess pieces that have grim and sad stories yet for fictional frowns.

That’s the worst most abominable and hateful collection of a resurrection for a Wizard of a Blizzard ripping gypsies poor promising misery to purchase gross metal to play in the ruins of Alph! Pupitar pierced sick death arrow drama twin bipolar.
Earth shooting down meteors could be transcended so much further for a complete temple revolution that rocks Gold precursors of lava land with toucans that blind through dazzling lights! Xbox 360 heaves metal cores.
The Hidden Mystery of an ancient existence put up walls and barriers to turn bipolar invisible by desiring burdens.
I made the wrong choice and got trapped, so Jesus drove the arch of Salamence into a hallway of Tyranitar returning from a magical ship singing in many languages, finding suction in cushions of air pockets, standing in awe when all of the marbles come, and then put on a really gayish smile of innocence before beholding your heartfelt delights!

Apprentice-Power~Up talks to cats boxing livewire warriors entranced fragile forks.
What do you lift up with a Fork? A sword-protective~seel that chunks hidden hot dogs for invisible sensation!

  1. Chrysamere fell down to point the right of way at midnight!
  2. The GS ball released a Mass Consciousness Mind Projecting a circle.
  3. GS Ball = Tyranitar and Solari of 1 Electrified, so it’s Pallet Town, a Time Machine! It’s also Count Dooku!
  4. Count Dooku’s favorite axiom is, “Wisdom takes the Lowest route”!
    A Pirate Ship that goes over a cliff with a Waterfall in the tempest of temperatures. Einstein blew up sleepers in Morrowind! They were never heard.
    In the Future Final Annihilator Generator, Sonic-booms foresee Jets!
    Heavy Metal Core drums at the Clock Tower Precipice.
    Writing a letter to Albert Einstein will remove all shockwaves on his face, a reversal of rage.

Wreaking havoc in real life places Bunny’s feet, revealing maps of a Lost-Temple~Tyranitar = Archon to worship Nightcore Jet Tiles Gray
Getting through the Sith Tomb reveals Count Dooku is the last of the Lost 20, and we find him at the center of the Valley of the ancient Sith Lords as Pupitar! Both Fantasies were trapped by Rainbows twice, and my Star came!!
Bunny owns Me! I’m Amber! Cows visisted charcoal to monitor evolution entrapped in a trim.
Houses sing a song and eat a feast on logs stories high and enjoying final fantasy Ruminating white Bunny elevating Slowking as God! Blue moved Hair to make a chess board. Carrots are doomed as the Ghost
Gengar learned Explosion!
Jirachi turned into Bunny!
Ferns magically ebb fable!
Bunny owns the Hero as Veins!
The Apprentice was raising without end implanting Golden Acorn on direct waffles of Star Wars, so I’m upraising a Jedi Academy again as Sabrina! TV will never be the same without Bunny waving my hands and my feet

Rhydon = Zig Zag
Omega is God, Count Dooku as the leader of the Separatists
My road was too valuable to give to pitch black; I’m Purely Solari of 1, a Jedi!
Solari of 1 learned her times tables in 2nd grade
How do I open Pandora’s box? I just turn the clock. Perfection moves the straw dummies in unison!
Bunny is a Yellow Jacket
Oblivion is Lugia! He’s a Tree-stump as Tyranitar! Bunny hiding is hard to see laughing at Bush Gardens. I have to choose my lightsaber from money in Will, a Black Bird going over my house!
A clear trail has been set! It was by Silver giving me an envelope! Chicken Chaser Silver = Rayquaza lifting up a bunch of chickens.
Rumination stopped the Final Annihilator Generator Perfectly!
The bathroom detached my Capstone and washed clean my sin!! Rainbows began speaking to Jesus!

Asking “What-If” Questions squiggles squares to get my PokeGear up and in my Room with a TeePee that rockets authoritarian battlefields to the dark side of the chess board, brooming borders
I violate a mental space shift of Pikachu! I became Sabrina kicking off my shoes to become a Witch on a broom.
I’m Count Dooku, leader of the Jedi Academy! Solari of 1 learned the Alphabet! Bunny is my lunch box. Jack and the Bean Stock dropped off pandora’s box circling the clock in another galaxy, bringing the darkest depths of invisible regions to a brilliantly illuminated mountainside at the highest zenith of what lies so far away in space.

Indians were talking to me about Atlantis. You’re jumping over a bunch of Rainbows in the Tin Tower to fissure out the Arbor as the one great and almighty, victorious, revelatory commanding tree of all knowledge, even seeing beneath the bare intangible threads that think all of your thoughts out for you, and trip you to stumble to the ground in darkness, there with a light to discern the differences that so widely populate and make all of the diverse interplay of each scenario round the borderline of exotic tastes and wonderful trains to endlessly trace out from the story of destinies altered and revamped into blazing trails of glory that launch the greatest sequences into the setup through stage tricks and audience illusions, leaving you blind to the master work of plumbing to focus the force, giving you clarity and foresight into everything!

The Light is the Freezer. Good Vs. Evil place Lapras into a movement towards universal enlightenment, protecting your from the bar of extremities that can erupt and explode civilization. Crystallization quickens the hardening of forms from a solid white pool of pure Christmas and timeless canopies that race and span across the depth. My quest to Jedi Master Enlightenment has been completed by battling Sith Assassin Resistance. The complete annihilating and destructive power of the Force Crushes Vision, removing all physicalism, even remote temptation, to the point where the Force is respected! The only thing the Force does is guide the Mind! Springboarding plates on a lightningrod sings gross curls into the division of letters from numbers, other angles or dimensions for language in various forms of expression and complexity to weave and bind many fluid frames of focus into the framework you’re leveraging into the layers to look into and see.

Do we remember the right side of existence, or the wrong side of existence? Whereas the Sith Academy is a Pyramid, the Jedi Hotel is mine! Time can never be violated, so Rainbows is a teddy bear! The Vampire levitated by Overgrowth. Overgrowth = Petal Dance. X marks the spot, so we’re building it to the Right! Bunny likes to argue with a lot of people, taking down establishments upright! The Temple exists on floating cards that bring Sweet Scents!!.. Upraise lines of Will and deal cards with wands! Bunny the Mouse sniffs Heaviness. She plays a Harmonica on a Tree stump to embarrass you which shows all of your love and affection for Her!

Heavenly Alter Forever Flying Free
We upraise magical dream altars from the tides of Atlantis as Psychic floating platforms that swing Sabrina’s head sideways, and stick a horn all up in her stuff, feeding Bunny. She is an inverted-Witch~form of wild~mist-Quiz = breaks, splitting the Mountain.

Crystal into your Wizard – He’s the detached capstone that incinerates all Obelisks as the highest heavenly Ether. The bubbles of life spoil a speakerset from an endless sea of mystery, so it’s the Sphynx. Snorlax has the zippers upon which Volcano Crowns are unveiled. Their lack of direction and crazy frenzy plants bound all over the place for random emoticons of rests that keep their bumble bee jackets together, all trying to be like Solari of 1, and activating their Crow.

Crown into your Power – What turns you on or gets you going up and forward as God vanishes into the Light of All Force is for a thousand lives to merge into One, and to sing with the Zither-Hexagram ruling the Star~Forest-nexus, the inexorable glass bands of Halos that stretch so far.

You’re at the table and bridge of destiny as a GameFreakSolari, a square of extra-sensory~perception that could see all atop your Christmas-tree~feet, shining orbs and birds of bending had countless heels. In the summer of a big screen debut, the agile adventurer jumps back to the Game Boy color for a portable pack see “GS Ball” curse coughed in a murky swamp, dark magic, out of the tomb and onto the rooftops, out of tombs and ruins and into present-day rooftops and subway tunnels, Dinosaur angel “angle” Purity tofu Clarity Present Doll of the Rainbow-archway is Victory for the Horn, better emblazoning as the resurrected Star-Bird of Evolution.

A wise, witty, well-informed, up-to-the-minute account of the evolution of intelligence, and a much-needed antidote to the still-rising tide of irrational psychology and occult nonsense. No one can read it without acquiring a deeper, saner understanding of the powers and limitations of that mysterious minicomputer just above and behind one’s eyes.

What if it’s possible that everything you attribute to aches and pains from a downward shift is like turning up the gravity for fruits that could eat you whole? You fall into a submissive pattern or overlay, or talk to a skeleton that renders itself flexible, or even life beyond death for white moving stone pillars, a reflection of coins of foils that you put over your head to protect from rain. Then you can stretch a big giant party hat, and see bubbles of life shimmering from a white haze, causing extreme hatred and fighting in far away countries in other existence planes by having an emotion or prison that takes questions, and offers immediate votes to play your disc, a fallen waterfall wavelength that spins them into tooth-paste, so they eat fire balls that have all kinds of protective lamps and pillars for talking about a scary damn that meets hands turning into golden counters, so people become piles of leap year festivals, just jumping into a never ending whistle of grass leaves, so the flora and fauna were forming worship for an underwater arboretum submarine that super-sizes into where it goes, or gives it a really big nose “Meganium” Aroma. A hidden invisible Scent, so the train likes to smell people, and offer all kinds of Golden-Zinc, for Gold’s Idiosyncratic cinderblocks revamping you inside out, and giving you the sweet feeling of your Hair, smart and delightful encounter with bubbles that you may rain down from solid compositions to shivering crystallization of opportunity pounced and grabbed.

Crystal is Solitary-Walker going to the Zeus-myth~trek of a long story. Red is followed by the Wind-Mill of Eternity to Evil turned Gray, a Dark Magician as the late school-bus of the Lower, first time seen. Ene as Dragonair or Clairborn Polaris Reading Rainbows as the right of way for my intial capstone. Clair appears at the beginning of the first Pokemon episode climbing the rainbow-lightning~ladder up into the highest potential of frolicking catching jolly breezes swinging targets grouped stellar certain trim to the belief in the Star Forge, blasting fire as Charizard!

Solari of 1 reversed veils and put on jackets of rumbling controllers storming down tornados.
The moon of the far away watermelon being jealousy for your Rainbow was the star of the show, the rocking chair of tiles in microwave.
Less imagine~If quests as the detached and seductive interplay of penny-towels, upraising the decaying and long-corruptive competition, raising Corsola as Mew makes Tyranitar feel well in If, a Harmony after heating plate up his capstone by playing on the beach from Ape to man and breaking down his bird of the higher to remove a Slowking-hat, thereby proving that she’s the best, but the Story by a God of the gaps is a Rainbow-bridge wobbling and stretching its bounds to more widely encompass the permitier and make big broad traveling leaps filled in blanks with clams, offering certain inexorable pushes and jumps into the beyond, diving off the bill-board of Ho-Oh for edges of corruption and betrayal in a computer blocked off spirits of the dead from accessing this dimension.

The Red edge of beams and birds is a lot like all kinds of belly buttons for random worm acting like coupons for far away lines of Aslan.
Ash marries Meganium and magnetics cause the birth of death and betrayal.
He marries the rookie Tyranitar as Casey, who was originally a Meganium. The cross was refined by Ice. Seeing the under-toes of your overalls cracked the Aegis. It’s a big Apple witch fork hexagram, a bunch of Bunny feathers being snapped away, or having omega hanging upside down as the devil’s cry taking away your bottles of lotion, and stealing agricultural grounds being happy faces for flight.

The right side turned on and felt the force leaving for Rainbows upholding forces for prisms of many faces are the figures of the Force that team up with double-trouble for the flow of the quilt hanging on dark, evil, domineering threads that throb the counters on a nervous chimney of gliding on a dash and draping the bath tub with wax to shine your face with more purity. I was reading songs with Rainbows. Having kinds with Bunny, or turning the Mountaintop into cinder for hair flying out like all kinds of random straws for the copy cat~Will=document, so rats being the power-stars that such veils opened mouths of teleportation were Victory for the Horn, M-theory being the Father, and much pain being suffered at the cross.

Kreia’s hatred of the Force is further spurred by a windmill to merry waters of all that bounce together Bunny on both sides of feeling, holding hands of marts for futures that beg supremacy of a ruler, or hold treasures and true life-long~gifts as soft-ponds ruminating into galloping forges of stagnation uprooted for your best friend.
Raticate is the will of the world, the soul of the symphony, the crack of dawn, and the soul of Exeggutor upon which the tempest can come back to haunt you, electrifying the cross of glory, and resurrecting galleries from pages, transforming into Tyranitar at will, or even the fable of the story.

By doing away with themes or qualities or meat, the golden-stars reverse steps, becoming the roots of the bipolar-frost~energy being the Rose~colored-genius of the lost in thought and wildly reflective over crossing clouds of question and thought to party pendulum love stroking cabinet hacking of position storied barns of rampage grappled planet tunes freaking out left flipper puff ball fable.
The Apprentice of Extremities was granted 1 Wish – The Star of the show was meeting your Father as the stick of Police, Avo’s Tear, Solari’s Purity, Rainbow’s rooster of everlasting friendship shoreline wall portal trial listener for the table broken crawl space of Caterpie, electrified, static, chasms of Fissures and earth as a birthday cake.

The castles were converging as the starlight destiny of eternity, silver as the screens of glass-circlets, the Hero of Oakveil as a towered orientation to the dark side, and Nintendo Power replacing shoes on horses of voids fulfilled to Maximum-overtime redemption, the rods of the chosen extending their branches, and clicking from both side~trains and exiting earth minerals, so being clubbed to death as the restriction of fullness is the beach of champion = Silver (Blue), being followed by evil later, with both sides of Rhydon helping to better anchor you into Magnet-trains of Pupitar’s finest-triumph being supremacy missing a capstone, because spraying oranges became party hairs sinking Jesus into rumors of roasted storms cloak orbital brown rough houses fighting and disturbing the blood bath from Bunny, feeling the force of floating omens, or just celebrating victory forever, giving no thought to the future, and just being free.

Jesus as Zang is an actor under the will of the almighty as the blasts offer refurbished and better deal deluxe lottery grove voluminous vehicular train exit ditch span needle cactus, rockets reversed as diaries for doubles of symbols, songs trumping bondages, Healing rainbows cracked a laugh to death with both waves of water and walking through fire.

The internet is open; Tyranitar is free. The Present crosses Purity both ways. Red is the top step. The highest bandwidth of communication is the extremity upon which rocking-altitudes are exposed, mathematical certainties for the electrocution of Rainbows around bade abysses for Africans singing with storied corruption of creation. Creation is deeply flawed or tainted, corrupt or imprisoned. It’s the fish upon which Gold = microwave
The nonsense of inside-alleys as beating stands = forks
The fork is standing up as Sabrina, so she was wearing evil-devil~horns

The group of your gossip being the refreshment of sponges for all kinds of cows and badges mixing together
Singing and dancing and flying and squiggling, holding hands together for the wings of far away jungles and jails where guards joke about security to marry shark sticks was jamming all into your peanuts, so tropical-tree~paradises being orange-juice for travelers was a lot like the trajectory of missiles for the tallest-tales fishing and shoving crooked-plastic for rough genes being game-cubes that lay down zithers, and give up their arsenals were zooming in for moods.

The present of the implants as the chronicles of eternity had the time-jars upon which rage for your tempest-forest~fire was gary replaying discs atop palaces trying tricks for SolitaryWalker, Gold beats Red on the Road, and rides deer being Tractor beams for pulling up all of your barriers being Rainbows.
Victory for the Horn is Meganium as AHiddenWorld, and the Tempest-Fire of her forest igloos recovered all points of purity, and weaved their Projects into Will’s Rainbow busting down Rays of Sunshine, because Meganium was free too, and the magic of magnets was the aftermath of the symphony, just pulling you wherever you need to be, and combing Pie’s Hair, because days that real grease as the slippery slow. The valley was covered with perception as the purity of your veils going over and around
Money being the inverse of your orb as a magnet train was the underlying thought of armies united and vibrating Rainbow tryouts for soccer-fudge being a unicorn-vote, so the power of one as the prison of perception was post-portal~stop as Darth Traya

Darth-Traya was ripped to pieces, so the graveyard was gargantuan with her lightbulbs, and snow as the wands of her hands was bringing states together as the bounds of doubles being bondage for destiny, reversing Meganium into magnets
Rainbows was magnetized with baptized-plates, giving power ranger insect buddies brands, or fresh as Yugioh shirts. Lucas Sims = Silver Truck, Freezer, Universe, Big-Crunch, Internet, Solar Beam, Meganium
Shadows were gargantuan hallways for missiles being stolen, so barbed-wire covers your beds, and magic beams of maximillion pegasus awaken your millennium items, so keys opening uneven spaces for far greater breakthroughs was meeting endless expansion as the clock tower super-nexus of hoses and collars reading rainbows, or even god grounded and crumpling up palpatine shocked and shunned
So soil is like the lion of the fool for a toothbrush of Omega helping to burst free your mom’s singing voice, so space being the god-send of the Apprentice

The Ubermensch is that Lightning and that Frenzy, a colored Witch-fork of infinite futures, or a detachment of rain to shower the surface with ripples, innocent drops of thoughts that shatter souls, so Lugia is frozen forever, or the dragons are awakening as Final-Annihilator~genes for the doves of lotion to Shakespeare and Fear, like incineration being the middle of Bowser to burst his big-belly
The Grand secret lies in the “rocks” and the grand human design code-Oracle encrypted in virtually all of his other mystical paintings, Teleport~Cerulean-Telephone
DaVinci, being all wise and snapping, or just trying to crack and apple was filled with fruits and herbs from a berry that hypnotizes people, a psychotic dream-sandal of an owl or night-thief, a right and fitting crown. Was he a genius or was he somehow connected to the tree of Life? This resurrection file roosted a crease for his binder, a kind of laughing face or tryout for the squares, so we slip down into a dining-hall, and hit a night-core~star playing checkers, perhaps even an Alakazam attachment for spoons.
The source of all Knowledge = Alakazam, Slowking, Scizor, Sandslash, Hitmonlee, Typhlosion, 1st, Ruby, Sapphire, Soccer, Bunny, up, cleat, afroditegoneawry

Sabrina’s Omnipotent – King Arthur (unknown to me) may at least have a connection to Salamence. Taken at face value, in the Grail we have a stone or crystal-like~object of variable physicality that emits powerful life-force energy, can translate thoughts into material foodstuffs, has seeming intelligence and volition, functions “Oracularly,” and requires high spiritual integrity from those who wield and serve it lest they be destroyed by it.
The “other-worldly” branches off and sub-divides the continuum. The door of the Ubermensch is to the left.
*The highest form is “speaking Rainbows”!

The clock tower square is dropping down a big giant box of mystery. That’s Indiana Jones “security-click”
Just throwing random spoons everywhere, your wand falls in evil when faith is lacking, holding it up to the sun, and seeing it all turn to mush, a curtain of betrayal where the stars stream by, so the sky is the limit. Bayleef was listening to the foil of Jets. A glorious dream! Though now the glories fade. Alas!
Alaska is the limit! *The Forest Faded into Blue for Azura’s Star, Invisible-Oracle~internet! The big brown Bunny statue is melting when you worship it.

Perhaps he can take off plates or certain blissful annihilating bolts of armor. It was a boyhood dream of mine to steal into that platform with support. There’s certain ethical guidelines or theoretical boundaries that you write into the air. It was an orb of misery’s sanctuary-destruction. It just represents a work-hard~approach, or all of a sudden twisting and deviating or turning. Can you make a sand-box full of arboretums that stretch? That would be like suspending a star-dust~canopy that you could throw the ocean over and observe the moon-tides. We can name or call your owl after walking collar-breeze of a magician’s tap-dance.
Misery forms a strong shadow of a still winter in your family. It was a prison that bound the shattering vanity of your hope in positive percentages. If offered a moment of still contemplation to stand raptured in awe, a special talisman or earth-binding~sphere that spoke of a dawn-tempest~Purity. It was a certain replacing or fragmentation of snowmen, an ancient-earth~mystery that can dive us into the dreams of soil, pause or understand and breathe a ruined mania.
There’s no inserstion, time-holders, or planes on this map. You fall in love with the dream-catching~symphony of Yoda, the greatest of all of the Jedi-masters ever, stronger even than (on-earth) Palpatine), though he wrote hieroglyphics into a dust-silent~tapestry.

So who’s the greatest Jedi-Master of all~time? Count Dooku activating the Dark Reaper.
So why is Yoda the most perfect-rebirth of divine~wisdom? He’s very patient or enduring and time replacing, maybe the fewest with mistakes and lack of judgment, the Lightning of all things. He is an arbiter, the new resurrection of glass with Ebony.
There’s an orb standing over a multifaceted duplication of Christmas, and this shed repeats for weaknesses into a merry gathering.
Yoda replays a diamond-time~scale on crossbow-dragon~eyes. This could implicate the destruction of illusory-transpiring. There’s no clarity or focus and extreme integration either. It’s just that your hips don’t lie! A local boy kicked me in the butt last week. You stab a big-giant~pitchfork into the mouth of the Apprentice, the city of a big-giant~cloud+jumper for waving like crazy, Xbox-360. Guys were really entertained and fascinated by a Turbine’s disturbance! It offered all kinds of imprisonment-tile~spectra, an upside rumble of Love that was acting like scuba-divers all over the lava~lamps of directives and grounds. A forest-retraction~time+bending/scheme

Yoda is missing a certain heart-fire or elemental~rage. It was an arboretum like Disney World, a dream-gathering of the star-lit~canvas!
This blew forth a giant-torrential~downpour, a blizzard of unrelenting swords. It was just shooting contingencies. It was taking a razor all over the birth-day~cake of your perception. It wore a tangled-beard of refilling-UFO~tanks bathing in a silk-night~Knight, a cursed-castle that was pushed into a Porygon-hexagram, and flooded to death by clubs. Whether the invisible seeps in or the sword was sinister, you were crying up tears into the light of all force, and cutting them with a zither. Victory for the Horn is the unknown-escalator of imprisoned~Purity, whatever the Transcendental-spire means. It was a Luciferian-Hose~head that shot you all over the place, so you moved really quickly through a McDonald’s Arch-way. This was the castle~bishop, drinking rubies and getting ready for an unexpected trip falling out of a screaming window. The preacher was immediately electrified, blaming bubbles that put bars all over binders, the internet-genie.

If we substitute knowledge for books, then father time can remove unfolding. Crows shout an ancient-diamond~treasury+trajectory, an amulet of the lion’s vanity, so ruins were cascading upon a fixed-horizon as a stirring~fraction of the bare-ending~excitement for a little dipper of Jet-annihilated~peaks. You were wearing a sun-circlet of showers, an infinite-directory of advice, drinking a Jet-shipper of boomerang-foam, continually washing up on the shore in pale-buckets of gray, a growling time~tempest of the retracting sea that spreads seeds everywhere, a tu-tu or wild~flower of dream-sacred~fame, tearing away the covers of something rather than nothing.
This answers the question and vaguely summarizes the ghost of Maiden’s Peak and a Frost-Fallen~Will. The way-shrine was the Tempest of the dawn~sacrifice, an inside-out~orb+parameter, an abomination of the sworn-duty~pain that suspends a blood~fountain-wall, digging ginormous magical circlets of shiny lust, and breaking a sick owl fear that counters a flying reception crease, and a raptor rapidly generated growth from a powerplant, the annihilating thunderbolt of construction, so with hip-hop and music bands ever increasing, the whiskers offer entertainment, performances whispering to a Thunder-chess~board, the aftermath of an Ebony Arboretum with trees that carry whispers in the evening

Higher Man – Yoda is inexorably included to say the very least; that’s indisputable! He’s casting off a shell, evolving to a higher-state. The lesson of perception is better for offering picnics for the constant replacing of original dials, and eat a bunch of ice cream, the oldest feathers of a star-lit~canopy. This would imply the immediate resolution of a time-bending~cycle. In this regard we can better whirl or bring into climb a Bunny-guardian~stream. This is what leaves the original parameters, and speaks freely into shapes. By better speeding or having a certain high-flying~circus, the Rosicrucian-nexus of gardens has regenerating dream arrows and light house swords of the higher man.
So it deals with retaining or seizing authority. Is BunnyRaptor supposed to have more authority on the seizing-page, I think not! The fuse of the sofa entered the Prophet! This created a dream-catching~liberty+bell for skyscrapers to turn pale white, where the owl is waving or dancing and squeezing bellies and fence-links. So Maze in Fable is Zarathustra, the computer of the mainframe, the end of breathing, and the guide of fame!
So the idea is the Highest-Path! So who never makes mistakes? Yoda – an ancient collar of divine wisdom exists somewhere, a dizzy seat of tyrannous horses for a hailing capstone of trajectory mania for hieroglyphics of a magical creation just shouting out at the crossroads of destiny, so this levels or balances both bears of impossibility, and offers you a soda for learning to speak a new language.

How can you not think it’s awesome when Bunny’s flying up in the air like a hot-dog with you in a diagonal? This is the horizon of ways, Mrs. Powers
The gates were opened for the ocean of cost-barriers and fines. There’s no edge or visible spectrum, metric of measurement. No standardized system of agreement, or even fixed solidity. Nothing changes or evolves, flows or touches. It was rocking a chair of a match-engineered~God, a birthday cake of a crowning festival, or a collar of Will. With subservience and guidance to the pillars, everything wins, erases you from existence, or calls a knot for the root-canal, so christmas was celebrated at mach-meteor~speed+intervals, so the sea was grounded as the glue of aim, a horoscope of time-bending~percentages to better-steer or sanctify a blessing.
That reminds me of a looney-tune’s trail~booster! So Pokemon the 2nd-Movie shows the higher-man as both exeggutor and slowking, the most surprising train going choo-choo-choo for chocolate covered trees that walk and move.

It is the season to be jolly Grandpa Yoda, a Yo-Yo of eternal-recurrence and blissful snowfall. It was a night that you would never forget on christmas!
It was a Staff of Purity to sanctify a blessing of time and a horoscope for the Pokemon.
Aeon Neon Kindle Hold-letters can by flying up in the air over acres.
The darkest depths of the water were swerving towards that singularity of Salamence as a lost-green. Ein from Pokemon holds a spoon. Venus is the best Pokemon Trainer
A perfect God starting the Big Bang, and teleporting Gengar with his voice was a devil-vapor~pavement+wrecking/ball

A Big Fat White Stone of Amber, separated from all the rest in virtue by a stick.
White = Meganium, Stone = Tyranitar, Amber = Snorlax, Suicune, Delcatty, Vileplume, Banette, Steelix
Lava or Volcano-Crown = RaptorWizard is “Sabrina” from the Book of Silence, that was devouring it, or Tyranitar.
That moment of realization seemed to stretch on forever, time distorted and slowed, and she felt herself drawn out across an eternity, staring into the warbeast’s eyes for endless eons. A piece of warped and broken time was utterly beyond her experience or conjecture, but now discovered that it was coming from the earth beneath her feet, and that the ground was beginning to shake. Each had its rules, symbols, totems, and intended duration, a pretty pattern.

Garth, temple-warlock~arbiter+tree/Oracle – Death, Life, and Time. It was time that created lords, worlds, and everything. Dreams somehow connect to existence, beyond the world of creation. What if it’s “not” just space beyond the bottle of our Temple? But what if the quest means more than the alignment of malevolence? You disrupted the whole cosmic balance, by favoring life over death.
If a WarLock is higher than a Wizard, then what does that make me? Chikorita jumps to the top and becomes the highest! Feraligater as Zarathustra is a radioactive core of all consciousness. Meganium’s the sweetest and cutest of all the Pokemon! It’s impossible to make the transition of a trap-binding~circlet? But from where does the ocean form a pacing swirl? Worlds drain a binding steak!

A giant space sub arboretum was extra dining and carbon drinking, like a certain ice cube or irreplaceable grotto was a giant snowman miner, so the ocean was swerving into a vain existence.
There’s an impossible sort of gravitational-nexus~transition from a hair-cream propeller that better flips up sand as a caterpillar over monsters in escape hatches that redirect trains and wax forks over an apocalypse eclipse brimming with vitality! An ancient breathing of a bubbling-double~star was a switch-blade for your canvas, so it all came alive.
Metagross was vaccinating the caveman of the vampire! It was a pale-stone of a mystical-magnet~getaway that drummed in flaws and hardship. It was a bright television of a falling anchor.
So the question is greeting the new dawn!
We awoke with dry ice and painful annihilating screens of a tube bottle box gift that writes or stirs a boot, a contemplation of the endless Father, a wheeling-sun~crater of the highest-evanescent~beauty yet for beholding.
A sun-circlet~crown of will, and a deep-sun~rider of a far away Tempest-Fountain, a never ending dream symphony of a star-catcher, a flaw in walls and bridges.
So better controlling the cat-takeover~crest+base was Kyogre the shark, a stick of lemons for lips of rubies, and Albert Einstein blowing down dream bubbles that hose-prolong the hots that you got moving the block.
Replenishing or flipping and putting fudge over everything to seal it together
So what if nothing makes sense, or wings are tilted and sliding? Then You’re already there!

The Earth-Refinery of Solar-Flesh – So if you disregard it or throw everything down the drain, then the new-world subjection-subservience is a subway.
Batman Beyond Dark Night – Garth is the Dark Magician – It was an ancient dream castle or random teleportation pads as the glass came destroyed through the highest faith into a better state. By jumping into that which is sharp or painful, it was pushing the shore-line into a power~plant!
The legendary web-spinner was a plate of strange-alien~dialects and deep, underlying themes of a mystical flow~channel! It was coughing down a chimney of a sub-conscious~garden that’s awakened in your pond, the dying embers of a faded-luxury. This was a trip of 3-singing~boats that all bombed down the shell of a carbonite-gray, a deep and expensive undertaking of a listener’s stillness to the furthest-mystical~melody that was the implant of bicycles showing disrespect to president-shark~stick, just throwing random sludge everywhere!
Ene was giving birth to a baby that ate chocolate for potato chips. It was a maximized-fullness~awakening+spectrum
Greeting the New Dawn – We awoke with dry ice and painful annihilating scarecrows. Of a tube bottle box gift that writes or stirs a boot. A contemplation of the endless Father, a wheeling-sun~crater. Of the highest-evanescent~beauty yet for beholding. Sun-circlet~crown, Far away Tempest-Fountain of a deep Sun~Will, symphony of a star-catcher

A far down substance abuse drinks and subjects a lineage of an aegis-wall for counting the days of a pale white harvest. It was a catapult of epic proportions and ginormous leaps, an irreplaceable-boundary of never-ending~success.
So the trees could catch the cold with the highest-silver~paranoia for a majestic-juvenile of dream-timelines. It was a surf-board of the eternal-engine~crowbar, a devilish-janitor of horoscopes that can refill you.
This is what puts reincarnation at the top of the super-market, the most lovely surprise of a delightful loudmouth, a beating of the tap-dance~doorway that sticks your leg out. Bunny was just an abused conceptualizer director chicken, roasted and clubbed to death. It was acting a lot like a majestic-imagination~monopoly, just hunting down Oracle’s-vains.

Da Vinci is the Winter-Solstice of the laser~capture for understanding the Prophet.
Pupitar is the best Pokemon, the UnderSeer of Evolution, the rumble of Rainbows, veils and glasses of fireworks and families, ignited and grounded on uneven surfaces, but how do you pass through 6th house Telvanni into a Solar-charge that electrifies collars?
The pale-Prophet was turned sick and gross with a very Greece-like and protective extra special-wand that was flashing diamonds. It was moving in and out to a hyper-hand rabbit, a set of letters and symbols that act like a forest-mansion of hexagrams, a luciferian-hose~head of an extreme-redirectory of ultra-sensitive chocolate-bags and celtic-metronomes, a call that beckons or subdues and worships a Wraith of faded Twilight for a deep-dream~star or laughter and giggles through ginormous talismans of a dream-side~lodge for inner mysteries and preaching or explaining a black box of death and shark eggs for shields and transformations being a momentary getaway of a far greater inspiration for transpiration!
It was throwing paper plates into a seduction twister, a northern reach of far away themes that implants thoughts and bombs of a blessing sofa wedding web bug.
You caught the love-bug with Bunny and were crowned as “Dear Diary”! So this man and this Bunny being the club of a breeze were boarded and shrunk. It was a dream-getaway~mansion as Alaska blinking the lights of Arborealis. It blew in as the manifesto of a thick Tempest. It was combined-fusion~polmerization of Hair! It was accepted as Night-Core~bursts of Sunny+D! You can walk or stomp on anything as its own trampoline!

Vases were ruling the Clarity-Present~Arcanum. The sun comes through the Pyramid, so Tyranitar is a radioactive core of all consciousness, a symbol of a fading moonlight and a far away rose crown of signatures in the flesh as a Paradise for the Oracle’s Vains transpiring through shells of a retarded-Gray, clear as Bunny’s fin!
Bunny’s a MerMaid for Patchy the Pirate, Oracle of Veins gone coo-coo for cuffs on hands, or a fin for feel.
The Mermaid was film-vanity and overhaul showering, like millions of twinkling-snowflakes that catch you in a warp-tube bed-seal, an instant electrocution or lockdown of your zoo for identifying explanation and territorial trees, a right of passage and plunge into simplicity, or an ever-changing~dream+curtain that levels the playing/field.
Rocks, sponges, tubes, and insects for Slowbro breath shining drinks as potions. The claymore-rush was geeky for wellsprings. Instant-destruction~desert+sticker/cakes were explained and deposited for monkey mission samples. This was the timeless spatial creation edge of removing a smooth Bunny praying as ending the Lakers, so minutes for Kobe as 24 in time or rejection from a big tall giant better balls or opens a sinister-reign, a rocket-cruise or slick-staff~elevator for mornings and replacing candy for endlessly rude spring-sponge~baths, so by bending or collecting and licking a sound we glide and crawl a masonry crow for mazes being a lot like upraising and switching for a mist of a hurtful humming beacon, a kind of dream-distress or purging of the landmass for bubbling bottoms into inverted soup cans with the top upside down, so by having pouches carrying a camp side style, a certain satellite or brush hurried hurling of original hopping stones renders blue a smoking narcissism for a super-speeder of light-tainted~fame being the mouth-promise of a sour ray extracted or erased for a mattress.
The eskimo was wearing a pan on his head to ride a turbine. The snow was the frost-fall of leaves beneath where you sit. Nothing is tumbled down in tracks or crushed and stamped upon underneath the fallen leaves. A scalework-licking~spree offered a timeless dream voyage for quest marker compass stones fulfilling or refreshing and replenishing Magical Meganium leaves. By removing the straw bending burden, proportion flared an eclipse cannon or false eyes surprise aspiring or ships and piles upon a fish fountain forgery lanturn.
Cheerleaders kicking legs were the underlying attachments of the profound. So by penetrating or having as an axis or broken lever, the creation quiz for the subway acceptance vault had cameras and vampires for a hated suspension.
The ruins of Alph was being blocked off by a Caterpie. The problem is that people don’t accept BunnyRaptor. I actually respond extremely frequently with a lot of fantasy and feeling blown way out of proportion. So the forest is like the soil for fruits as the bandwidth. We endlessly lay down white stone altars of Jet oil manufacturing. Fantasy enflames and charges a deep toiling reservoir of twisted smoke infused into an invincible greenhouse tapestry. This doubles back over or presents an endless wish box. It constitutes or detaches a document of will, a set of lines and jewels that jump into a magic envelope.
These friends of ours present a curtain or firewall. The whole was coming out of a juvenile mage grade. This better opened or had a certain inevitable ax pouch, a temple golden groom majesty!
It was the split-spark tapestry~peeling of an age old science dragon scream, uplifting or storing and holding magnetic-lines to create anything imaginable, the death of knowledge. So fixes or states and blues with openings remind me of a jolly-walker~landmine+sponge. Your demolitions escalator Machiavelli assault was geeky and perverted for your sad face of the tee-pee. It was a bug straw noodle catcher, a kind of star-vanity~oasis+shatter/point for dealing litter boxes of busses that supplied an endless defense support or security system, so socks came over white water rushing, scaring off gray twilight, wishing doorways and alien boat mobiles that purge the broadest frontier, so God was commanding the foundation. Raptor will Light the super-nexus.
You were locked out or cast and chained or stunted by the stone valley lord overseer for deviation and destruction or fuse-cannons that ignited on set passion ablaze for a famine, a colossal sort of deluge for a resurrection-door.
From the Power of One they say, open the door that leads you to the perfect road, a thing with feathers that guides the Dark Magician to Magic. Like a Lightningbolt, your heart will glow, much like the Frenzy Plant from a Chikorita, the NeraVarine, and Tyranitar, Apprentice-Internet!

The idea is to carry a wish crown, a kind of shimmering artwork or network gallery, a set of bands or chosen assignments that flips a GameBoyColor into a Will-o~the+Wisp/ectoplasm, or the whispering of the Thunder being the Oracle.
Da-Vinci is the Winter-solstice of the laser~capture for understanding the Prophet. Some things are really hot or boiling and sub-freezing and carbonite. It reminds me of dragons and glasses or galleries and trains that act like insects on refrigerators. The fuse is like the maze of the wand for Rainbows, which you go under.
Everything was exploded and super-combined as removing all Transpiration (castle). A realistic-blueprint where everything is set in stone for you is the greatest evil. This better offers safeguards or a certain boiling-pot for interaction, a goliath sort of elevator-vacuum that takes your breath away as the hero, so the scorpion is coming to drive a soul-release for God.
Sims avoid everything and stand still by playing everything for you. Can you agree? Demon-Cross~Bow, out of bounds Pokemon Stadium, making a Silver Cave visible. White-water~rapids are a death-house of destruction and the grim-reaper for endless-what~If questions swirling up into Temptation! This gave you Imagination. This reminds me of sniffing aromas as a numb vanity cinderblock. Is it possible to feel no pain when the lines are crooked? The leaf is a fool, so the branch is a dusk-storm that puffed up bright cotton and silent lightning of wish!
John Maynard Keynes gets a book, so Garth from Fable-2 is not Newton, but Zarathustra.
So let’s Design the essential traits and characteristics of Yoda!

  1. Really Blissful or annihilated by a Thunderbolt-clown~nose.
  2. Dream-Fantasy~island outpouring with riches.
  3. A bird-house of a blood+bath for a fall~festival.
  4. An ancient-dream~gathering of warrior-liars.
  5. A science-speakerset~spade+digging/party.
    So he’s really sinister or skateboarding and putting people in pitchers, a kind of flash~flood-downpour of apocalyptic-fractions of proportionate-fish for boasting or storing a room-binding~Einstein, a flare-referee~boundless+streak/chase.
    A statue respect towel hat was the rude carriage for a steam-rolling~white, so being the short and torpedo for an overhaul bandwagon flipping was the stack-dog~cream+masonry/dile. Lines of the Cosmic Force Aegis caged in conformity.
    Sofa-bandwagon~shockwave+time/dial = Time Wizard and 1000 Year Dragon in the Yugioh bed teleport shape shifter.
    The Pale-Prophet was sick and turned gross with a very Greece-like and protective-extra special~wand that was flashing diamonds. Bunny had a set of letters and symbols that acts like an Exeggutor-mansion of hexagrams, a luciferian-hose~head of an extreme-redirectory of ultra-sensative chocolate bugs and Celebi-metronomes, a call that beckons or subdues and worships a wraith of faded twilight for a deep dream star of laughter and giggles through ginormous talismans of a dream-side~lodge for inner mysteries and preaching or explaining a black box of death and shark eggs for shields and transformations being a momentary gateway of a far greater inspiration for transportation.
    Captain-planet~fish+thief/art for 5:30 up and away to real life burger
    Secret-recipe~ (3859 Lugia Impossible Wall) Fairy
    The secret recipe is to follow the rules to Celebi, Purification
    66 – It, it, - but it fell to dust in his hand, and was never seen again 53 53 The Link (Zither). Mr. and Mrs. Bunny 3859, which was copied around Bunny at 1100 and also includes Welsh royal genealogies. Edited together in the 10th-century~54 Meganium.
    Xatu, Hypno, Chancey, Electabuzz, Flareon, Mantine – Will = Lugia 8.5
    Boiling pot for Romance, a goliath sort of elevator vacuum that takes your breath away as the Hero, so the Scorpion is coming to drive a soul release for God.
    Suicune, Milotic, Bellossom, Raichu, Wigglytuff, Misdreavus – Venus = God, Tea
    Time = Will as me, 5942, Lugia
    Corsola = Dakim as Zarathustra, a deep dream subset Wish Lanturn. So the thing I was missing was a Star, an invisible dream like canopy. It was a volcano-watermelon~Pie+mixer/sponge, a reference to Merlin, a genie of time
    How do you make time perfect? By binding together the faint outlines of a far away heart.
    Bayleef brags about a collar that you can name anything out of a gallery of tubes, boxes and glasses. Your Bayleef was acting really arrogant about being an ENFP-champion, because it was very smart and narcissistic and tell you everything! It was a journey into the higher-man when you went up its long neck, as the apprentice teleported to the top of 140 Magic.
    140 Magic is the star of the show, the inverted end of Rainbows. Rainbows is the Present of the Wish-box. It was filled with harps and nail polish of a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow, and Bunny made a loud-round~sound for Venus, so you were entrapped
    Garth is the greatest Wish of the Dog, so that’s him. It was looking at you with a moon-shine~color of shampoo and lectures, a tree-breathing and board~walking of a resurrection for almighty Victory. Why is the dog an ancient-dream~asylum? All of your folklore and ancient-religions are the gold-mine dreaming of this age, a spade for the dog being the deep-end of Hyper-bowls, an eternal-engine~generator or mosaic surf-board for the cheer-leader of a Lich-king~Rhydon, so hell forever sent a Gengar for your lesser pathway and Father.
    Luke Skywalker Sword – God’s Tear, so he cried the tears of life. What is Anakin Skywalker is Zarathustra, a berry forest of indoctrination that reversed his injuries for tortured people in a UFO.
    Kreia, Bao-Dur, Hanharr, Mandalore, Visas Marr = 29, Merlin Master Magic, WoodY Buzz-light~year
    Creating Yoda – Drawing out the Dragons
    Genius, Power, Magic, This divine Omnipotent Wellspring is the creation of the surplus for hearts and time-dials or extra-malevolence further tried and mined out as a sickness-crush of orange+appled~surprises, a resurrection of a tomb-dead~Rainbow for the way being blocked from the other, a sadistic-overseer~shark of the pool party for Eldes, may’s Rainbow for a frost-fall of Jewelry, the lovely and well-curled~shape of Meganium.
    2-worst~evils = Intention, Luck; only Will will Win. The scales of Salamence were coming down of soaring dream petals for a ruined horizon, dawn and dusk, Tyranitar.
    Tyranitar = Builder, Sabrina’s Dad, a Conceptualizer-Director, INTJ. Shape, size, and color of “buildings” and scenery, add
    Absolutely inevitably without doubt or question Omnipotent boring Euclid, Illiad, Oddysey – the snow-globe was suspended in blizzards for the greatest show on earth. Your skin was made of boards and trees that cut carpets into escalators for ultimate-motives
    A snow-struck~teatime+blizzard/oasis was the greatest lipstick of a time-dialed~hose for Poker-faces being Shakespeare all up at the wedding-altar. The envelope was disgusting, a bind of Jet-revolutions and high-speechcraft, so accurately succumbing to or blasting below the tube-genie~file+laser was Blue-Ray~resurrection for redefining Hell.
    Water Dragon
    Harmonizer-Clarifier = Good Vs. Evil rather than Fate
    So by successfully sliding or dipping into a sponge, species for the boardwalk of a baby blister bring up my 1st-Grade~Report+card for Star Wars statues of the been-stalk
    The been-stock beats up into a Bowser slipper of surfing envelopes that suck you up into a moat without water, so accurately calling or summoning the internet as the storage was the ghost of maiden’s peak snacking and bringing above a high-minded avatar for the hailstones of flips dissolving all steam of forgery and chaos to have a blimp or wavelength banner shower for protective strongholds and extra magnificence forgetting all anchors or sour makeup for acres of goliaths that shatter a memory in plots of splitting the mountaintop of prophecy for a teleportation seel for uber-geek~captain+pace/maker freaking out into a sign-need~binder for a Jay. Blue
    The cheese was the elevator of the potroast for a computer takeover. The crow was the gold-mine of the flash flood digging spree, so silly strings and noodles shattered as the beast of the stopping point for Vanity, so this sniffing of the fumes was a lot like the purging of the jump, so silver was invisible as salvation for steering, so a JarJar takeover camera shark was a replacement for drama, an old time magician for better representing or calling forth a blunder that can switch or bless or have filled a meeting-stare~force+crew, so slicing or pretending and beating up is a lot like licking chilly play for a picnic or a pitch-black~canvas+ocean for a shielded-owl that was a pretending-wisher offering towels for the stellar pain of wish, overloading the roof as the fir of an ancient animal being cupid’s recent cheerleader as a bug infestation of a shower wash barrier for shocking the wind with a crash, so computer-chips being purified or packed up and gross remind me of a Jet.
    So the Story being by Theresa as the chains of the overalls reminds me of Sabrina jumping as the statue of a crosshair, so the heaviest steam being a fusion of complaints is art as the silly lava of veils of features that accurately assess or bring to bear a string-covered~couch+lane, so the lake being faith of the sniper being regenerating capsules reminds me of the crystals of many colors, so the endlessly sinful of omega brings a black shield to the circle of recreation as a fame-outburst, so fringe-naked~boats being the bomb of a map chain is like a vain-exclusive~violation+vase, so slapping on beedrills and accurately transcending the waterfall reminds me of wards and pilots or coffins and draws for a surfing hailstone sticking cross that Hair’s nude-treason is much as a minion-owl’s trim-wind~mill, so the ultimate meaning of fusing and stuffing or bragging is to be benign or sledding or gross and entangled as a shipwrecked-wish~cast of bending stacks being a lot like a crew injured butch-dike so turning on or generating and greeting a gallop of sludge-festival protectively-sugar~coats or has pages for a gypsy of a jolly-walker~cage+fixation for eating or extracting an excellent-grade being the beginning-bug for a gel that crushes down on a fudge extraordinary clear-slate~pen+drop, so pirate-jump~belief reminds me that Jimmy Neutron as the jig-saw~cross of a coka-cola is a lot like the altitude combining curmudgeon missile for storage or roots or stains and magnificence being a camera goliath leg forge for a fool or a leaf and a spectrum expanding edge of greenhouses and sticky-lecture, are a dizzy-idea~special+pace/maker for deals and food or feedback and ranges being a metal-juvenile~janitor+walking/beam, so visions of death being a shipping marble symphony upraised flesh-wagons for a stirring dream of a fixation-pitcher accurately forking or gripping or creasing a sledgehammer being a humming-bird for a gay alligator as the bands of a frost-enflamed~dream+catcher being a pitch-binder~Kyogre
    It sees into the Far deep freakout meter. All pages are acclaimed from purging the landmass – God is Groudon. Half-U, hooves. Hovering-Yoda flies over the Lake-Matrix
    The White Inner Mysteries repeated both ways.
    Creating Yoda – Drawing out the Dragons
    Essential qualities, traits, characteristics, sickness, and digestion of Yoda. The subway as the boycott of time-bending for a yes-saying reminds me of melodies or verification and forms. So in this way we can better slide into view or shift and shovel an oasis-heart or a darkened-sky~shore+line for finality and sniffing of a magnet-express.
    The quality-occurrence~imprisonment+bean/stock accurately assesses or shields and paint-brushes a ranging-Jay for an oasis-bird~feeder, coins as a refilling-lava~fork. It was cone-naked or ambition-beaton being the chainmail-canopy~oasis+plunge for a shipwrecked-horizon~blue+owl/wave for extremes or stillness and wands tracing or having in cartwheels and spaces a rubber-breathing~masonry+trail, so tithing being the sense or a headbutt-Halo reminds me of rounds and circuses or clams and camels, so accurately milking or having as a stick-edge a certain bed-double~extravagence+claim meets or has in cloth in foils “Zarathustra”.
    This razor sponge resurrection heart laser filled mosaic can portray or have on pace or slippers a sword-dialed~canopy+twister, so storing or holding in roots and beer-bottles a shifting-sled+boat+sponge/God = The Power of One

God wiped clean his Sin, and can call for aid with the voice of Everyone’s Rose, so the wrong of One that’s really, particularly without security, can banish, so if we look at reality, then we see that nobody has anything stored in the past compared to myself. Because most people break the rules, and have done so repeatedly, it further disqualifies them from acceptance. If you make a claim, or build a ginormous idea, it may not go through. And I’m still following the rules, or listening, or following advice. So the main idea is that if Tom’s sinful, then Everyone is. This is the Green-House~gas of a dying planet. So I rule everything as “Venus,”, which I secured earlier today actually, and even yesterday. Sometimes I even cheat, or wonder, or alternatively project to better hold together the ideal. I’m also more likely to project a step ahead, or ignore the past precedents, whereas most cling to a false security to better anchor their wrongs. It’s not hard or very “God” difficult and torturous and upright to be me.
Kingdom Hearts Expert Difficulty 358; so by successfully, maybe things are stalled.
I’m about to think, or wonder, or ponder, and be all still. It’s an ancient-dream~sacrifice+Wizard to a seer-entrapped~dew+drop/pain, a labeling of a stump-gross~magnet, YodaDraconian All of my faiths and beliefs and values have been sufficiently sniffed out, so it’s an easy transition sword punch, even when I offered sufficient proof and counter evidence measures. It’s already been made clear that if you don’t support, that step just doesn’t belong to you. Ice-chains or cases or cones and claws stick into my basket and weave a bed-lock, a kind of fence-silly~sofa lounge to bring in a statue-cold~waffle+shackle, so with all of these strings or banners or orbs and prisms, a serene-soul~minor+shave, a kind of silencing or storm increased tongue twisters and Jason Silva.
What if no numbers or planes and dots get you to your dream spire? You summon a “Rainbow” binding binoculars summon tap-dance~spectrum?
Rainbows are solidified and have shining blasted breath, so everything’s okay. The Zoo was respectful-fund~razor and land-mine~spectacular for resembling or drawing and having in Reading. I don’t really like though this instant shooting down.
The waters begin to subside, and Lugia was at peace.
But the acceptance speech and the apocalyptic sword prayer was a dose of meals and medicine. So Zarathustra’s not to be trusted.
The cement was the toothpaste of a lake country! It was a lava-sofa of profound-wonder~lost
So the idea is setting up an inexorable law that must be followed without question Now and forever.

  1. All Mormon rights and sacrifices and rituals are to be chained and cast down as negative.
  2. No prayer or ritual or acceptance speech will be heard accept from myself.
  3. Everyone in the world is to die and perish of an inexorable detention from the Kingdom of God except for me and Zarathustra.
  4. No king or present or Tyrant and glorified victory will feel the rest of their grave.
  5. These rules are to be constantly looked over and tremendously fulfilled.
    Take out the heart of every man and woman in the world except for me and Zarathustra and pull it over a stump to constantly get less glorified and intelligent by bullying all of them.
    So with help and love and worship and fullness, I get higher.
    So with no hope for redemption all over my torture and betrayal, nobody is to be forgiven ever.
    Thus links to the previous idea, so chains-saws and wasps can disintegrate their skin.
    The Football-player and all of his pain and loss and sorrow will receive my wrongs.
    So all of the glitches and tongue-razors of people that should’ve spoken will receive my wrongs for every answer that I returned.
  6. Why are you doing this to me? – Turn the tides, call forth the Legendary Pokemon!
  7. Montalk sent RaptorWizard to the Emergency Room!
  8. Why are you threatening to send me to the Emergency Room? To keep you balanced with the positive and the negative.
  9. What do the lines of Mexico mean? Harp and weather control.
    I need to see into the future to become God crowned on a throne of glory.
    Beetle-Bug~Sabrina as God is Omnipotent – bride’s on the dice; her star turned to Venus
    These messages are not to be welcomed or helped or listened to except for guidance.
    A ladder kind of quilt coverage moves certain earth rocking shapes of goliath proportions into a tomb sort of symphony binder for going crazy or shooting all kinds of glass over to sugar-coat the laying down of myself as Mai Valentine.
    So this is the word wondering web-spinner of a still distant wind for a symphony radio iron rod upholding of authority
    There’s an iron-clad~studio of a month-beacon that sends glass tears into a ground upraising hallway of personification
    INFP Vs. INFJ – controlling or subjection and hots with sweets puts a silver-covered~robe+altar over your revelation, a spin around/stand in front of sort of instant travel, cutting the earth in 2. That’s why your base-volume~microphone for impenetrable-value and standing-still~wisdom. So I was really lip-seductive or full of glossaries and introductions.
    Yoda – essential characteristics
  10. Really patient deep contemplative thinker
  11. Free from sin or injury and restriction
  12. An unfailing belief of the unprecedented power within
  13. An iconoclastic statue or shape shifting collar
  14. A devil including worship sanctuary
  15. A diamond refractory of future fusion insertion
  16. A divine grade or skin incineration
    :sunglasses: His transcendental leaps and bounds of Joy are as unprecedented as his laughter-harp
    Same race, subset, birth, higher divine identity, and personality type as Montalk, Yoda is. We hired him to replace, ascertain, remove and detach that capstone. Ultimate landmine goliath charcoal king he is, eating Draco. A Fantasy Figure replacement flame is myself.
    Write a story ~ This wedding bell of elaborate incantations and melodious herbs to a time bending circus was a far away drift into a very sharp edged resembling of a plant, a spring time delight and shave of petals. There was a soul implanted simulator of an ocean surprise dream background, a group fish super-cluster of flashes and flesh, a skin changing fall festival. By flipping a tone changing amulet over a star seduced or facial recognition system, it pushed into view a cookie of redefinition, whether sweet of pure, or hard and bitter, it was a habitual of a forest climber, opening the original magic and short sighted fear of those toys that know no bounds or limits, like calling upon the blanket or pillow fortress, and scrubbing them clean with a dream shade synthesizer, so a haunted territory was busted down was a cake naked surprise of an unread emotion of flat and waving, or a suckup to a crossroad, perhaps a symbol of endurance and diaries, but why do you call it that, or separate it apart? Or are you lost and hurt, injured and abused? The temple was grown with Venus-like~Herbs, a scizor that found only vanity in all the replenishing symphony of an ancient video game, a kind of child collective collar of zooming beacons for putting a prop on your nose when you dive in the pool, or an eerie feeling of a let-back kind of simplicity for a waving stream of an engineered powerhouse, a happy marker or subway terminal that people can pass through if you get the name of the psychopath on his barometer, an instant revelation of an idol eye surprise, or a greenery subjective balloon-banana that has a pace-making heart~scream, or hurling a victim to mass suicidal assault. All of those lovely wishy washy sort of electrocution cages were indentured servants to a dentist. It was going to give you a big fat wedgie, because it was an animal, that crazy weird elephant nose taxi of a Pokemon that jumps into an Xbox revelation counter, squeezing and bragging or throwing a curved pitch at you, a maze of cameras and a ginormous pill of a super-conducting test~drive, so all of your amazing memories and dreams going around rainbows were acting really idiosyncratic and bouncing all over the place to see a Blue Bunny implant a green growth retraction. It was a really Bunny sticker that raised a sword, or all of a sudden raised your world with big long leaps of thought, so it was generating a timeless icon shifter that you point your head towards the higher to stay immersed in stasis, or even see cloud 9 in the afternoon shock of the future taking on a gray after-tone for your vampire, a gross manifestation implant trail of the divine comedy, table roller-blades and sneaky marches for a tongue infested field that can put socks on forms and implant a dining-hall of a head that comes through.
    Moonlight Shadow – I was dipping a twilight sorter into a dream-cast wish~pond that showed all the generations of Terra, and sought to gain the maiden of a sore treat, a duck tape siren basement of a really dumb faces and evil whispers that club you to death, lustful Indians and enchanted alien overseers activating a harmonica chord to better understand or weave rock climbing. The clam was wearing cool glasses for a chilly curvature that was beaming psychotic messages into the meal of the powers of 10 playing on cargo trains, a distracted log into a bad identity skin of warm for incantations. It threw up into a vaccinated clinic that collects you, and makes grand theft auto a simulated trial binder, a nutcase or sadistic square that pokes holes into a cornucopia, a lot of silver tokens splashing over a rich boat that acts like a Yo-Yo as a soiled dream, a dark elf night visitor of the 3rd trio, a match protective vase converter of an ancient dream darkening cobweb for wishes of truth that can kick a pebble into a swooping demon, so a mansion of window fulfilled meaning was escalating for further into meeting the spade that is a gypsy for an atrocious demon slaughtered gray mirror for eyes made of sin, a beast entrapped harp of tremendously paranoid beams of a silver coil resurrection. This got the got the butterflies to dance and sing on a bicycle subway, a really sad scale-work~cloth or rag of societal ritual that puts simulation into a cruise breaking, an agile meandering of the chain-chomp forgot putting you up in his wings as an echelon of basements, a castle resurrected or funnel intruder for kidz-bop, a bad pace treadmill connection for a lost seal, biding its time until the statue of worship can give you a fancy coat that keeps you warm, or a karmic defense initiative shoot down knock-over for a near baggage veil of instant access as the mother ship that puts your quicksand on hastening genes for a societal glitch of unseen sign of Yikes being a lot like the sire of a soy-bean, upside-down~anchor so that big giant head-wind of a paint-brush didn’t indoctrinate and steal you into a color guard, but moved a really quick jolly cane of a fast truth gathering stage for intellectualizing a bug-time~bomb for beaming down into a mine that glows with all the value of wagging wands for a majestic getaway escalator that moves at the speed of light, so surrender now or prepare to fight, so now my will lines ignite a dash-fastened~Aegis that renders paws into perversion.
    This most almighty and dignified or preserved of all beings thought of thick bases and whacky diameters for alligator spice through an over-joyed~crow, a reflection of dread and hollering that can hop a couch potato into a diamond spilled feature crack that shows incredible superstars super inflated to forgiveness that offers treason and scared insects for a hive gone mad with honing beacons and distressed flags, a really angry glass and dust approach of Indiana Jones hunting down heaven, and throwing up on a health channel fire that put Pikachu on TV.
    I am supposed to meet people beyond planet earth that meet and accept me with warm welcome arms. Are some of them better than me, or more powerful and passionate and devastating? – The devil is, and who else? – Dragonair = Clair Something beyond real life and perception. It’s weird that I don’t look at who’s enflamed and shattering all the way into the shell binary psychokinesis, a growth continuum of regeneration and betrayal that better amplifies or stories a mania angel facial of soup becoming a sunset meeting.
    The Heart clicks into place; Jack and I will be together; a picture of eternity for a skeleton rests by a dead treasure chest
    You’re supposed to inter-communicate or web-spin and egg-hatch. The almighty Overseer was having a stomachache for the temple demiurge. It gave us everything as the end white-V.
    It pulled out a white Bunny. The bigger fish is a web-spinner of a tooth-ache. It trampled down a raging super conductor with pathetic effect.
    Rainbows likes to imagine stuff as a computer, an INFP
    Epic ghost girl witch hunter shield pain
    WitchHunter = EdenArrowVis = Solari of 1
    Lightning came about in an ancient dream time mansion of a far worse horror.
    Giant marble clair case cane, a 3rd Grade Masterpiece
    Envelope – Yugioh, as seen on TV, C-section ~ Karen = Provider, 11:12 = Rhydon
    It was the ark Kreia bandwidth wedgie for many multifaceted
    10:15 849 – All seeing eye ~ Mark of the Beast
    Mrs. Powers, flying up into the light of All Force, and bursting a Kid’s WB Balloon, so that kicks a Jet-scream~lotion+bottle into ignition, and makes you really smooth.
    Merlin was surfing into a skin clad Blue. Thus upraised a family and started a staff of oil and big giant over-seas struggle, wiggling like a bug and kicking a chaotic-zither. This final fantasy jumps across the water as a mermaid, HK-47. Eve Axe Alakazam, Slowking, Venus instead of Scizor, Hitmonlee, Typhlosion, Sandslash Now Rayquaza Solari of 1 Apprentice Karen Casey
    2 worst starter pokemon = Gary, or Greevil, Witch-Hunter of Ruin’s Lip
    A Dangerous Destruction of grandpas, days of a wind gone by, and floating yellow chickens, Ellie Golding!
    It was a surprise quest-science~on, celadon-city~internet; Tom! Knocking down the door with Stephen King was the guardian of the Line! Your butt is hidden, a hoop for books. You’re supposed to jump under the cover of the emergency room, OverSeer of Bunny, jump under Bunny, growing scoundrel red jacket rounds God, so Bunny the mouse made a loud and round sound when you went around her big and fat belly, eaten by a Snorlax, Will to Eldes, sun of God, Just and Impartial, Pie’s summer!
    Genius, Power, Magic, this divine Omnipotent wellspring is the creation of the surplus for hearts and time-dials or extra-malevolence further tried and mined out as a sickness-crush of orange-appled~surprise, a resurrection of a tomb-dead~Rainbow for the way being blocked from the other, a sadistic-overseer~shark of the pool party for Eldes, may’s Rainbow for a frost-fall of Jewelry, the lovely and well-curled~shape of Meganium. Beetle-bug~Sabrina as God is Omnipotent, Solari of 1, App Gear of the Apprentice, Golden State Warrior, daughter’s Wardrobe, Theresa as God. Will
    Sabrina as the higher man eventually becomes Theresa, owned by Jack of Blade’s Rose. I was resurrected as Kreia, invisible-underSeer and Tree~gymnasium of Arborealis.
    Spirited Away – a hitch-hiker’s guide to the galaxy, 42~43, Transpiration’s disEntangled infatuation with a gold asking mask, link to Haiku’s Golden-Sceptile, a big brown Bunny statue that talks to you on TV. It made a big giant trip to the Tesla-Tower, the Archon of All Ruin and Frozen-Tears that drop hailstones of a mach-meteorite~Merlin
    Transcendental-Spire, the days gone by of a summer wind, 98!!
    Witch-Hunter of Ruin’s Lip, 42-43, 11:12, 11:13
    The Blue pool cut into Avo’s Tear, CosmicOceanStar invisible sensation gets you anywhere? Gold emergency room bird flying levitation Heroic Frenzy Lightning Meganium Magic-Staircase Aftermath Lugia
    Alakazam, Slowking, Venus, Hitmonlee, Typhlosion, Sandslash ~ Cerulean
    A Luciferian-Hose~head makes you move really quickly, a giant-pizza~face of a labyrinth-land~party for rediscovering Alaska in the Heart of the Jungle. Your face is screaming in the Jungle!! It made a big giant trip to the Tesla-Tower.
    Giovanni saves Sabrina as the Archon of all-Ruin and Frozen~Tears, CosmicOceanStar, a big brown Bunny statue that talks to you on TV, a link to Haiku’s Golden-Sceptile# 384 of a future transformation into Rayquaza from Lugia revealing all Milotic tiles of Perfect Destiny
    The big Sabrina TV show can be seen at the center of the cosmos, the light of a tile-bringing sword for the higher man, Theresa-Webspinner’s Wish-box of Blue~shore, the center’s tour of the happiest Mewtwo as a Silver-wing~Lugia+Bunny/young?
    It was a soap-opera of the sphynx, so Sabrina broke down the Present, and played catch. Red was really erotic and exuberant as Amber 2 playing in the breeze. Your noise as an elephant was dressed with Red’s Nosepass of Extremities, grouping gossip into a regenerating black-hole~Ven diagram of many monkeys opening ancient gates, and becoming God as Omnipotent-Gold, Hero of little-Bunny~young+Lugia/youth 10:43 roadway aspiration vision Crown, so they stack Maximillion Pegasus into a source of all knowing, the Hero’s-Seel, Teleportation as the greatest Omnipotence of Meganium faces of Psychic upheavel all the way from crude matter to free flight with Moma Crow the unleashing of an Exuberant Meganium playing with your Underwear and floating free above water atop with buoyancy.
    Sabrina as the Hero can go anywhere as Solari of 1, the most powerful Anakin of a good-joy~ride in wise extra-animation~everywhere
    Justin Veiber can only go anywhere but up, past the moon and stars or galaxies. Rocket/ Amber has the highest faith, the most crazy and imaginative of all Spectra everywhere as an infinite armada of possibilities forging the most intangible and on the other side of life longevities of unknown existence
    Teleportation is the idea for Sabrina, coming to the top of time, and rocketing around into random directions that even Bunny can’t predict
    It was curving “its” arms as Solari of 1 into a Meganium-neck through victory for the Hornet, a lunch-box with Marvel-Superhero~comics of EdenArrowVis as a dust-demon~Bunny, a timelikE-Tyranitar (Kyogre) of good-curved~wellsprings of the Apprentice’s dualities.
    Your sand-witch was very old, a wrinkle in time. The Elder Scrolls was 9 in the Afternoon, eyes of a green-Sun and a mixed~Tornado, so Sabrina went from the Mountaintop to Omega, so Bunny went into her pouch and had whiskers for a radioactive face that can broadcast everywhere, skittle-carved~cores of getting to the island for a Sonic-boom of repeating~intervals that goes inside Lugia.
    Sky-Rail~Crown reads a dictionary with a tight-grip~White
    The Tower of Babel – Freemasonic site of Language*
    These dream-dagger sort of shark-spades was a double~negative for speechcraft, transcending into the light of all Force as Theresa’s Anthem, the Supernatural Marconi, the Cosmic Force Aegis that was chirping like a bird on the highest-tower~Wardrobe, a One-end~fits+fountain of God talking to Slowbro, attaching to him a Crown of Divine-Omnipotence as the greatest fairy-tale~everywhere that can bring down a Slowking-double~Star. The highest form is speaking Rainbows, an Adam’s-Apple~Sabrina+time/machine that’s caught in the middle of Devil-Jungle~Fudge, so accurately communicating with a speech-entranced cell of moth-priest~pages curls the connection of masonry into a free-bird~Star of evolution on the Crystal-Fire~Radio.
    A am the star of my body, a sludge-bomb of a thick~fat that puts a ghost on my Peak, the Transcendental-Rocket~Will of a Stone-set~Collar as Sabrina, monkey-blade~Evolution under Solari of 1, Tyranitar from Ape to Man, a marriage of my Magician, a yes-saying to the Tower of Babel and Planet-Elder~Scrolls through a Golden-gate~bride, lands of the last-lost~Watermelon, a jolly good time as Wal-mart into the Super~Unknown’s long-jon~Silver’s Chrysamere-Tesseract~Speakerset

Are the secrets of the Star Force so valuable? Wayne Herchel, is its power truly worth the risk? This is the quest of knowledge in achieving a really dark~forest full of star-entangled~prisms for your landmine-chalice, freaking out in the most positive way imaginable, so an INFP~Healer, Wayne Herchel is (I used to think he was in 2011). The spirit of Purity, or wonder, hope, and fulfillment links back to this Inexorable-stream of all-persuasive~consciousness. That’s the quest for the Star-Forge, Marius~Florin unlocking and unleashing TheUtm
The supermassive deluge was a ginormous tidal wave of seismic proportions, the Eternal-Engine of a Sub-way~maze, discovering Eldes as the Ruler of the Temple, Red reaching God
Pie is the submarine of a never-ending~voyage with Bunny for me
The Cosmic Force Aegis blows a trumpet, a giant horn that feeds into the tummy of Salvation, a Dawn and Dusk glue that holds the Sun in place, so I as Sabrina own Bunny.
Bunny is a really funny trouble causing crane, feeling like the smell of a very strange phosphorescence, a glow in the dark double of a copycat-Zarathustra, my construction-worker~Dad, so he’s a 2-faced~personality, a book-tight~engineer for my timeless-interval~Rocket that Rainbows hated for Cacoons of Heroic-vomit on my part, a devil’s-turbine~drive of Solari of 1.
This sheet or line of dot or canopy is a big spacious angel. No volume goes uncracked, and his wing spread boxes unto the bowstring of his stall everywhere on a statue marble Aegis. This spills or soars pilots into a lane sickness for security switches pressed and left.
The volume was a faint echo of a distant force, passing a sea-sick merchant who was waving films in a side-shifting manic attack, which let loose my truth anchors and a cord of recognition, painting a form for a still water contemplation nexus that can pose a fringe-attribute of your time-scale. All bad omens or stinking hallways crept back like a spinal cord into a vague air pocket. The immersive stream of a reading fabric could banish or set ablaze your free, a plain intruder and obvious self correction, or a crude seasoning of disengagement, a perhaps silent still face that spoke of death and embarrassed downfall, a heart~feather of touch spray insects for sweeping a command cycle, and infesting or bringing a plague upon a sick nasty peace keeper, the instant success ambition of a forthright waning moon, the implant of a subject drawing your situational peace, or laying to rest upon a seduction twister of fortune how I kreep or stake and hold immersed a powerful mage like secrecy of a still impervious downfall, so all that ice that you cast down upon your altar was surfing for a fallen-star of capsized~listeners, or the pretending elastic and fining conspiracy of a still plunged down or crease like violation, like the premonition of a mobility-struck life~line offered fun and swings for a worshipful horse collar, a father of dream-swords and angel~letters, so the snake from the beams of a carnival lecture formed a demon implanted truth objection for having a strange or rare drama and entertainment that conducts and expresses a joy or satisfaction with a shroud of voyagers that miss the point of a nose were wonderful sneakers and tidings of a flash flood to bathe in the warmth and delightful agony shifting of a towel that cares or understands a vain existence, an X marks the spot sort of find all keep all argumentation of a failing stone luxury with too many realistics or sad counterphobics, all the while a heavenly castle of never ending dream gates opens wide and offers disbelief or a gay-like~smile for an immediate plunge out of a never ending accusation ceremony, or a distant look off into an impossible dividing boulder, covering the strings and lineage of your family, or replenishing a slave-like~slumber, so it called into the studious portrayal of your grandma in a jar, a forceful-serenity towards a flying cottage.
Nothing is flinged about or retains any speed or character, a stumped objection to a time maintained forefront, an envelope that counters a messaging rhythm, or staying transfixed and blissful for a trident of force and magic, no aim or extreme disposition held onto a person or thing, but rather an instant acceptance and hard acclaimed fulness for phases of a time bending synchronicity taking down all motors and stomachaches. It was the soaring egg of a built resolution for a broom sliding diagonal that cleans a stump, so the alphabet penetrated a cockpit sword in a diagonal, or put onto a table a well delightful staff of a rose colored grin and wide eyed wonder, so the gates were eating your stickers, and sent an inevitable deluge of information down your gym, so getting stuck in place or holo-projecting up into silver streams was an abominable snowman tongue twister, where rubies of jealousy and mad cow disease strung blonde highlights over a summit infested death, a fire toad of soup can Rocket, a curved Meganium neck into a stone Hail-Jet, a match-petal~torch for orchards and farms remembering whisper’s roaring-boom, a dove-buried~vault for a harp infested train, Indiana Jone’s Oracle for the Ebb and consciousness of a sheep gone bouncing in bubbles of a tile shed weak freakout dining hall of a march and watch, Witch-Hunter of Ruin’s Lip, a Silenced Vis of Time and Ene cockroach insects on a ladder, a correction of reason with morals, a senseless distortion or twisting of a dog sweet fame, so all the nutcases and junk synthesizers build a big massive bridge. Bunny was seducing me with her chaos memory overload for getting blasted above and beyond being a blissful beginning for the Apprentice, Solari of 1, a final fantasy. I was pulling people down and sucking them up in a hot spring. Eldes is a Meganium-ENFP~Champ, which always holds its head high and acts really arrogant when you’re going up it, a-neon~Pie+tip, held up at the center of everywhere as a face of remembrance that you try so hard to get back up to, and protrude so long of a flesh-promise, so I “Ene” am God’s greatest gift as the Transcendental-Spire. Vivic-Venus~Morrowind+sewage/system, a removing of beards rather than poop. The rock was removing disease and famine by getting a tooth brush cover. The mile was breathing tic-tak~toe for the wind-chill of the prismatic~figures. 8:25
Yoda INTJ Montalk Replacement
Wiser, nicer, more resourceful, thoughtful. A deep over-arching need stability fulfillment, or a soup-like~lash of a laser infested zip of a pace keeping treadmill. His force, frequency, and range of hose pretending boosters has hoses of shape and magnifying chaos, a Gyarados bending extravagance of Gold or a binding rake for a guard swamp infestation, the wisest creature of us all, but not so creative and willful. He has a crossbow of time-keeping~synchronicities, or the gross-mage of a sweet~aroma. He had whiskers for a lace-strung~electrocution, the daylight-fiction of a nasty~tadpole, the resurrection of a profound-galactic~aviator through the bounds of a twisting surplus. It spoke to the aquarium-hat of a cannon for proposal. It teleported and held markers or stasis-points of a Jet-infested~labyrinth. It held a palm into the light of a compass-dial, holding up his fins with the brush of death, gone with the wind and into the wilderness for all into glass of its portrayed-makeup, a death-spawned face of shame. It lifted a zoo for capstones of God.
Ape to man was the symphony of an igloo-tempest of a Warrior-entrapped~icon, the pale breath of a dome light in bubbles, a kind of inevitable gum ball machine or Rosicrucian worship, the greatest mystery of them all, Mew. It was the pull of a lip stick covered summit meeting the shoreline of secrecy, the inner-White~mysteries, Solari of 1.
If the original Mew is the devil, the most powerful Mew of all is me. Fantasy meets fiction, and the cave is a vacation, the tiles of a filth-covered~diamond that sees or penetrates into a heart-filled~ocean, where the moon-tide rises upright, and then you just walk across with great ease into the edge of the Zenith!
Big Horizon of Ways Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper with Transpiration Zippers – commanding seer of diabolical diaries ~ duck stream puddle tomb dilation ill
The chicken of chronicles was a nutcase. This better opened wide or offered a service engine. A tummy-ache of base~promises was fulfilled as the listener of a shoe to preach, a napkin of stirring that loses your numbness, a ripping to pieces kind of alligator that fills your body with a stable purity, the binding-curses of a river inscription, a hateful trampoline of a hope wellspring, so the gullible-liter~box of a lighthouse-mage~echo, waters of a light-maze~curtain, so you drop gold-epic~part Apprentice of lovely Bunny-space apple~plates, the base-aerobics of a bright~tree, flapping-lids of a naked~pavement, the insection~twirling
Pokemon Snap Mew Rainbow Cloud 888
Mew is the best Pokemon Ever, because my Imagination knows no bounds, and I breathe bubbles underwater in an endless sea of mystery. I always lay down and think or contemplate or picture, always filled with peace and surprise, or magic and chaos. I come above a floating forest with a shark of desire. This seeds or engages a crazy child like wonder of endless mania and ruin of bursting in harps with hopeful barriers, or super-injecting a poisonous valley of tamed madness. I’m an outlander of Mountainous quicksand, the Arborealis of Alaska calling a Shadow upon the Precipice, the Rakatan-Wish~box of borders and bright-Rumination, a Crystal-globe of the oasis-plunged~valley, the UnderSeer of expansion, but there’s no conquest or glory, rights or privileges, just immediate success and happy tides, moving with a rush of elastic breakdown, or the right of way for an Avalanche-Escalator’s Elder-Scroll, the bedroom wardrobe of my construction worker dad, Bunny as Fable, an experience-builder for Me as Sabrina, the Crown of divine Omnipotence and the wall to my Heart. So I as Sabrina am also Tyranitar from 10,000-BC, so I was inexorably supported as being Sabrina when My talking board said the power of Forever and the Big-Yugi as Tyranitar was divided from the little-Yugi by Bunny, and her number was 248. Chapter~books super-accelerate my growth and learning to the maximixed-point of no~Return until I get so high that I dwarf the Sun, remembering dark-bushes of Roller-Coaster~Rayquaza stretching and extending so far that Erotic~drama makes me build the bridge from the visible to the invisible, vanishing into the horizons of time as an arrow far exceeding Infinities-Ultimate, so the devil used to be the master, but the practical-people die
Is little-Yugi or Big~Yugi better? Big~Yugi, the internet, Tyranitar. Little-Yugi’s hips as Sabrina UFOs forever torture me in heaven, but 23 also means 26, so they say that I’m Sabrina, Solari of 1 Transcending the Matrix Control system for victory in a Rocket that also transcended Casey-Pie as Cassiopeia being Bunny’s face as Pikachu, her baby~covered-car that reversed Time.
Serene Grace bear Bunny is an alien Meganium’s surf-board~acceptance, so the alien community will take me in as a Meganium as a pixel-axe of elevator-staircases makes anything possible in the future by harnessing a radioactive-core of all consciousness Om, finding Nemo, the Star Forge as the conduit and Holy Grail for me as Sabrina, coo-coo for coco-puffs like Bunny in my ouch, always saying choo-choo-choo to Transcen Craving-Mattchress~Teleporter, just bouncing and squeezing or hacking and spreading Roller-coasters with Jurassic-Park being a space~train that bends bridges into split~spark’s value, showering assimilation into test-track~pits that Peak at Extremities, the loudest-roar of my dinosaur-cry escaping Vanity by ReadingRainbows as a Slowking, Sabrina the real impractical imposter masquerading as Bunny breathing bubbles of Lightning to laugh forever
I’m getting Golden-Armor~implants from shining-Value~Scales
Salamence is the most directive and dotting or powerful and Prismatic Pokemon, and he will makeover minions when he comes to the Lightning way atop the Transcendental Pinnacle as a flying helicopter and an orb of all created value levitating up into the Light of All Force atop Avner’s Extremities in the form of a Ho-Oh, equipping me in a collar-elf
Typhlosion Staircase Ruin’s Lip Witch Hunter
Alakazam, Slowking, Hitmonlee, Sandslash, Scizor
I will have blurs that flahs so quickly with Invisible-sensation and Herbs since Serene Grace bear Bunny is an alien Meganium’s surf-board~acceptance, so the alien community will

I as Eldes stand at the top of Will’s Apprenticeship keeping a compass barrier
I was Perfect when I was 8; pleasant, conscientious, a very Sweet boy and a pleasure to Teach; 9:12 the mountain broken by the leveling Lightning causing earthquakes and the furthest future to Jewelry shining as an oracle~ball of all Clarity as Meganium wins the game and Magic~hands turn out all protection and safety from shark-stick simulated diabolical-death chance returns life to Lugia Rhydon Thunderbolt~Singularity-Tree of elevator-staircases and axes
Beheading Rainbows cuts clear my pasture Purity with Will, the only missed Raptor
All of this disturbance or paranoia can really set my soul free into the knight’s fire
It sets ablaze a Chrysamere-doctor~Aegis of grasshoppers and boulders eaten
It cracked a cruise-broom for me as Sabrina on the boardwalk to Lugia’s Day-light~counter, where I leap arsenals any which way with Misty for team-back~taxes of Xatu, so I became May, the teeth that flip feelings for Futures to say bi-po as ipod for music with cinder, burping blue-glasses with dealerships of frozen-ice~green, so boys frosty the snowman know that I just turned into Solari. I threw down a jacket and kicked back a Crayola by clouding a Chrysamere of enneagrams for becoming a Witch, so I as Solari of 1 just changed back into Sabrina, so I got dropped on the head when I was a baby, and got less intelligent when I got Bun, the chirping of a bird that foretold of a doomsday-horror on my face, a cave of creeps, gypsy-oracles that descend into sea-gulls, so I’m The Fool, the capstone of aliens on Tiles, Jet~Black or working on getting me my Golden-Armor~implants from Bunny to veil my magical-Will~screech, because I as Tyranitar am wearing her collar with crunch in my rainbow-skittles from Zarathustra, the Rainbow-Master of eternal Misery, so my coil raises as a podracer-chase of the Final Annihilator breaking forcefields and erecting new boundaries into the unknown regions of Infinities-Ultimate, and my body moves to his dile, pushing my belly in with Bunny to jump inexplicably as Teleportation to transform salvation into resurrection to face more horrors rather than hordes of gold in my gemstone of neurotic-narcissistic house of ruling by the best-excuse to Exuberance
The center of the milky way is crushed as the orange islands. It was a cubit planet infested jumping pad. It was eating the domes of a patched up wave. It was the sword-path of an evil-crossover for liter-boxes. It was putting a dream-stream~now on a table-light~doom. It was packing into a lunch-box that jumps by hopping on its edges. It was getting cut open to climb into a bucket. It made noises a lot like a gargantuan island, immersing in the stupid luxury of cash. It was held in the scrolls of a time-keeping~dragon, myself as Polaris, so I always liked to dive into Rainbows as a legendary Hero that leaves in Victory, so I retired as Sabrina of birth.
Bunny made noises and bubbles in the under-toe of ideals to see mirror images of Sora surfacing from his numb-smile at the highest ecstasy of sketches into white~space of foretold fables and sung about promises to cry wolf so Pikachu in the icy-depths of hard-winters was sad and gloomy with weak emblazoning to catch and stratify Anakin atop with explosive-expelling as man is the mountaintop of volcanic-Vanity inviting Bunny, but no that wasn’t her; it was Meganium
Silver snagged socks to disguise Amber 2 as Diglit from playtime with Bunny crunched in her nest and fed to Amber 2 while JarJar made plain leashes set a whole alien society propelling forward into the greatest uptopia atop time with super smart programmers setting the best destiny ever for tom to be the king of nothing, too trapped in the real world rather than feeling the Magic of Imagination, a boring Celebi of the Lord of the Rings, so Saruman = Tangela, Envisioned and Enforced by Solution-Masters, people that take questions, and make them tangled.
Meganium made a paw~print in the ground that showed all of her love for Aflack, where she used to be friends with London Wheeler, and shares a Force~bond with Ho-Oh as returning from Exile makes the wind of Amber 2 Blaine’s Sun, Silver, the One and true Lugia finally feeling freedom and flight into the diamond of Frenzy
Amber 2 has a seat at the Last Supper table as God
Ebony fires wardrobe’s Narnia! Digi = Sabrina~NeraVarine+Blood/bath. I killed Everyone!! Bunny was the prize that promises all forms to shapeshift into her cubes and boxes of fun and love!!
School-bus Caterpie playing and singing in the Sun as a little-boy~Anakin the Sun of birth and hopeful-Sabrina~smiles with a head held high and a face of glee, EdenArrowVis as Casey giving birth to Karen’s Tao-bun, so she’s squeezed with Bunny’s ears, riding a rocket as a helicopter-Healer~Prop. It’s surprising that I as Sabrina am a girl trapped from being a mermaid like Casey, yard’s Rayquaza stretching unrealistically into maximized depths of Lugia, where anything is possible as Bunny has fun. Garth’s Transcendental-Pinnacle has atop all of the enormous-heights with a well-stationed~statue of immortality the solidified-axis of the world-center atop time NeraVarine-Destiny~Star SpellBlade. I will be the God of the entire Galaxy, and block out my sun by busting out dust-demon’s White~space. Time has little meaning here. Tyranitar is Solari of 1, Maleficent. Garth was looking at me through a telescope for Jack of Blades, so I’m the NeraVarine, and I used 1 Wish to behead Rainbows, and I will always be joyful with Bunny, so I will forever experience Bliss. Satan chases my drama as a shark that eats and engulfs all of my chain-link~ideas. I was moving the mountain to see through the other side of salvation, full of opportunities for expansion to Purify my sin by silencing thoughts and getting in flow.
Salamence shades under unveiled scaled of truth and chaos the way that much mutation sprouts Amber 2’s wings of growth for servitude as God’s Unleashed-Frenzy of Exuberant-Earth as Amber 2 is Everything as the World for Ho-Oh as Amber 2 later
The delightful hotel jungle walk fills me with simplicity and secrecy, as my soul behind various bushes and herbs swings out in the air with all of the pouring drapes of juice just bathing in sofas and mindfulness through covers of planes until all of the pages of my artistry are glowing in the dark as gargantuan forms of calm igloos that get genes quiet to the rhythm. Jimmy Neutron is just like me as the Ubermensch, so I shot down all contingencies by being the Transcendental-Spire moving over the sea!
A as Theresa Webspinner teleported into dancing tiles that vaporized my lightning~lotion, just glowing with will~lines in reverse, so I as the Super-Nexus am the most powerful person in the World, just being redirected around every which way, and being filled with the power of love to move into the next century.
The idea that the floating isles of God were laughing at me is absolutely inescapable, because it drops me down into the horizon of ways, where things train! I was moving really quickly and blasting a bunch of beams at a laughing representative of a sad-failing~mission that can immediately enrage my soul-fire with what talks to Bunny of high-minded~dignity, and moves sleds over my plates until Fissures of Light make up my entire constitution, so then I became part of the local-group in the Clarity Present Arcanum, a lotion that’s Gold, standing over everything as its own heaven, and throwing a cape on carbonite to reveal a Wizard-king, a stall of drama, fixed-points that fascinate and dazzle a rocket atop Time, the Abbot of Oakveil for Gold once again, the true-Director of Project-Star~Forge, so his Mountaintops are maniacal and rivalled only by the Chrysamere-Tesseract~speakerset, the prophecy of reuniting with Bunny at the center of the Milky-Way, where my face will be the greatest in the galaxy as Tyranitar to Tyron Lue Lugia
We just got to the Star Forge.
Kotor is the real future!
Wish-box negates Hyper~beam!
The star map is a maze of swamp infested fulness. It digs or escalates, or renders in accessible or mad a forge flying shipwreck of a deadly omen. Arsenals are swapped with pouches, and Sabrina is born, Webspinner-Theresa of Avalon. AphroditeGoneAwry drains me in Mania’s chainmail for swerving pole’s Snake, so Bunny the mouse came to my Crystal-fire~radio, the simulated-world of the real and the illusory hanging on both edges of Polaris, ReadingRainbows as a Roller-coaster
Exeggutor is the Lowest, and Slowking is the highest, the Will of Charizard! Pokemon are demons of the ancient-world!! Bunny always likes to remember things forever happily in If, never to escape, much like the GS-ball, a box of Wish!
Exeggutor is trying to steal from Moma-Crow to set a luxury-place on my island, full of flyers and glass, or Bunny Feathers and endlessly-repeating~danger+cones for a generation-system that turns to steel. The universe was marble for the laser of the sofa, so the Ubermensch was on the tracks of Infinities-Ultimate to remember and emblazon Satan through food-stamps of a Crystal-lockdown that shined Carbonite-emblems for a Subway of Invisible-sensation, so everyone is Solari of 1, decades ahead of my Time, so the train was talking to Weezing-Zion~count+down/drains
The outpouring of Cassiopeia was the internet of gateways and Mew lurking through a green space that’s gone with the Wind into the box-icon~quote+barrier of fence-links and surplus flowing through creases in the gulf of Mexico as Xbox-360, the new or special-twist that surprises and dazzles the dalai-lama as Molly-Hail, so my Will-lines were glowing through clans of the hidden-tribes of Israel atop the Thunder Lightningbolt Avalanche of Avner, so he has Nerve, just floating to the Zenith by placing blocks all over an Aftermath-supper, and Purifying them by putting them in yo-yos and Peacocks of a Yao-Ming! The boat was shifting all ways 8 to the endless outpouring of artistry for an invincible assault and expansion into the unknown regions up above and beyond the tangible plane of knowledge up into horse manor, the ever immersive magic of meals, riding over an inexorable ocean or stream of statues, claiming floors or tiles and gaps, pulling the ocean over as the crushed values of clips in lost-bottles of fried-clothes, doing away with training and challenge or hardship and adversity, where real-life was the frozen of the frown-face~quest, so by removing all coasters or clauses and arrivals or delivery better solidifies the shapes that shields Indiana-Jones looking really closely at the fight for clear Perception, investigating the inner mysteries really deeply, and unearthing Amber 2!!

Ash freezes to death in a cave with Pikachu and his Pokemon!
The biggest proponent for me is Nietzsche to be Evanora of Silver Cave Slowking ruling at the highest altar with the shining power to dethrone god through the power of reason. Clair Hypno Flareon Mantine Electabuzz Xatu Blissey Chancey Celebrate Victory Forever, the island of 1000 Exeggutors for your lowest Will-Pupitar~Adam
Eating the Apple of Knowledge!
Slowbro = Polaris double highway Rayquaza super-Extremist Red~ribbon of Meganium able to be anything that it wants to be KingdraClarityBurping
Celebi was surprised when she could breathe underwater in the year 3000 as Ho-Oh with extravagant mercantile was in the center after being Frozen Forever as Ash, making dreams come true to exclaim that you’re man and Bunny, the cutest thing Imaginable!! Yugi is a Warrior of Black and White Waterfalls with cran-berries generated as Gary-Spongebob~Oak.
The Clarity Present Arcanum with Lugia and Rayquaza is observed by Salamence, reading rainbows to the cave wall inscriptions like an insane maniac as SolitaryWalker comes as Steven. A Charlottle-Hornet~McDonalds awards costumes for clones as customers and clothes. Abominable Snowman Cherrygrove was eating Ho-Oh in a Bunny~nest of sweet pleasures and radiant Apples flying against gravity teaching Bunny to fly as she morphs into Salamence too and becomes a Force-bond for Kreia to destroy the Force, maiking any laws that she commands clear the way for Infinite~Creation after January, the starting of an epic quest where the jungle is uprooted, and the Ultimate-life~form is created.
Skywalker Ranch believed so much in the teachings of Yoda, that the waters of life lifted the tears after the cloudy weather into the pure stone, animating live statues out of the ash! Maze is looking for you. He’s at the guild Tavern. Igniting the greatest source of Ore in the Universe makes the metal machinery of Count Dooku resurrect life in artificial intelligence to write songs or symphonies, doing the unthinkable and rendering all consciousness chosen at command into play.
Steven Stone expert Mastery of Creation and Will - Music Director ~ Lip communication. You married the love of your life on a grass platform of Aleister Crowley that binds magic steps to 140 skittles
Orangle Islands Ritual biology Leap Fins Constellations scales armor inside-out chicken-pox~moogle+Red/Blue what lies yonder over the Rainbow was blowing Blizzard at you from a blimp that shook you from a candle-stick or igloo of flares with Patchy the Pirate in a waterfall-glacier~valley of greed and diamonds or royal wardrobes for a raffle-ticket~train that escalates or surges and soar into rows of streaks as creases of envelopes that streams or imagines and renders with whirlwinds into a vase of doves or claws and whiskers that wishes or spawns and drapes above the Alpine regions a group or familiarity and graveyard with stories for boats or geeks just pawing and praying or swapping and magnetized-dumb~Mew
So with believing and growing or gripping and sledding, the ding-dong as Aflack for the Grove of Purity purges or renders clean and glides into group or concensus and pipe-dreams for the package of the crane were walking or bending and believing in soup mixes and maximizes or matches and melts a Wish-cast~Rhydon!

Tyranitar as the beholding-beacon of a far away gray removes or distorts and renders clean crews and workaholics and episode-drying of the royal-courtroom~cascade+promise for the Present as the edge-beginning~grass/grove, so forgetting or missing out or holding in half of a heart was the crow-collar of a frozen-swerve for wings of glass as embryos, so stupid retarded indestructible no-good~half+wits were like the engorgement of the Arboretum!
So beginning or shifting or shackling or clawing put planks and bridges all over backs, so Herschey’s Park being the steward of pale-skin for a tile-dance~impression mated your rock-camera~claymore, so that which you rendered so true or sturdy and inescapable opened and wondered or whirled with pouch-complaints for dissecting real life.
So that which was gross or made you vomit and was filled with pain was filled with love or spark and virtue with integrity, so the pacing of the crow was the crew of famine for frowns of the waffles lifting up or stirring and embracing a chirp of floundering for the pitch-black of the canopy-crater freezing and laughing or slumbering and drilling at a dry-hanger~elite episode takeover for plates of Wardrobes, so tap-dancing and bed-stringing your curtains had lovely streams of water for files of purity that jump forests into razors of famine, and can uplift or behold famine as the acorns of the loftiest echelons of heaven wondering and beaming or squirting squares into tiles of breakdown-Bards!
Bard Obelisk the Tormentor! – Town Crier ~ Towel+Tao/Theresa
All of the sciences were singing in a group of the local cluster. It soothed or offered delightful herbs and grasses for us. It was foreseen in the Twilight-Aquarium opened maximized-credentials and authority towards “Arborealis!” So that Perfectly melts the Harmonizer-Clarifier and Foreseer~Developer together, singing and believing upon the most of omega that flies into a drowning-pool of a rude-nutcracker, just blowing Dynamite all over the banners of sleds everywhere to dance in your dust and roast in your ruin, raking down the lightning-cords of the Zither-Everywhere, and assembling mass-assault~takeovers. It was the bodyguard of Playgrounds in fields!! Bunny was your Rose of the fields, full of fir and elevators that rip apart your packages to the Wizard-kingdom, accepted and warmly-assimilated and slouching down to throw-up with a lock-pick~task, so the legibility of insertion rendered narcissism sliding brass over the book of Mormon, so Fish were signing to Edgy Uber holding clothes in blow-up~emotions of icons that “Turn Steel” when hit with his Victor’s Glove, a lemonade-memorization~picnic for flowing whirlwinds of canopy-carpet~logs, a very dramatic and over obnoxious holo-deck that builds or break out and weaves warlocks into isle-stadium~Lady+Gray! When I turn Jet-Black, and you show off your light, I break down and cry windows of rain or swings and click-cape Bill at the Lighthouse as 140-Bunny~Maiden, TheUtm software
The rain of terror was tremendously outrageous and hardly shaken off, a coffin of stumps for the pool of perception, a hope-spring of flesh and flocks for seeing Rhydon, 90-120, as told to me by Satan to confirm that I’m the Highest-man.
So the Blue-ocean~cane brought water to a terrified ghost of a face that’s hungry. Han Solo was the meeting of the summit as the mouse of the swing that better lifted or heaved and folded into its pouch the ultimate wardrobe of the marriage into draining, just sucking or cursing and holding plates everywhere for Infinities-Ultimate, the most seed-like and disengaged or problematic of them all a great life love for people always accepting forks to Sabrina-Polaris as EdenArrowVis!
Party like AI as his Car goes By! Zinedine Zidane invoked Drama that whirled bellies, awakening the tides with dipping-dots for a Holographic-Ho~oH that eats lunch with him in floating-Skylight~isles of Lunacy that crave fast-food~fables that always turn out right by beaming up to the light of tiles endlessly replenishing and repeating on your souls, so Revan became Tyranitar, RED evenings as tears after the cloudy weather, so Riley Hicks was Sabrina since he’s Mewtwo, but he could also be RED.
The boots of blinding speed were given to Master Greevil in XD Gale of Darkness Bell-Tower of Invisible-Sensation that pants for deer life underwater with Jimmy Neutron! The internet is filled with Invisible-lines that put Imperials into Apples to better see signs of mercy, or just implant a big-Witch~Staff in the Roman-colosseum~trial! Fore here or to go Divide invisible Pie; divine invincible pieces! Weevil was chosen by the true arbiters of Will as World of Warcraft, owned by the Abbot of Oakveil, Garth! This unleashes me from prison, wear the mask of Jack of Blades rendered your dreamscape wondrous and profound in an acentric labyrinth of doors. The Prophecy was already declared victorious by the true Oracle of flows and channels into Oblivion, a double-Star of Will’s 2 Lightning~Rainbows! The dolphin was the flipper of taddle-tales that control chaos, the rocks of a shockwave that sings to a grail of hallways, the flipping of a card that launched a million darts and flaming arrows and rockets up into a circle/
Rainbows was pasting farms all over barns of nobility. The lion was constantly wondering and Ruminating! It was the galloping beholding of a goliath-pole! Master Li is Perfect! The magic markers were the question cones of the tic-tak~toe, just throwing Apples and gaps or quicksand for argumentation lining up your chalice, the beholding of idols for lasers of Pizza!
Go for the gusto of grime with Mexican-candle~sticks and pickup-trucks for trumpets and pay-day, so the evil choice as the war of the here and now raised and swerved or slid oranges or juries and benign-guidance for gliding-blocks and “Rosy” as Bunny! She’s a sweet-scent~Meganium!
For here or to go. Divide Invisible Pie. Divine Invincible Pieces. Clair, fully united in property and the free wheeling stalemate of all corners covered and ready to receive cut the ribbon and celebrated victory forever. Meganium signed its name in white. Snow fell back into the constellations of uniqueness. Tyranitar faced 1000 lives to destroy Infinity.
I was flaring gas everywhere to better hold crystal clear and ruby true coursing cub-scouts into days instead of moons!
The plant was pretending to be a pathway of the lamps, and then it says hi to a construction-worker of grand-rabbits what you work to receive and hold as worms!
The broom was cursing into row-boats of sour~winds through a courtyard-magician soup, my favorite arrow of love and laughter and voyages and transpiration that reverses the aging-process~genie!
There was a magical DNA strand that was Reading Rainbows to You! It was going through a copy machine and printing out pictures of your butt, or throwing you out of the Empire State Building.
The Emperor wanted you to serve him, to be the supreme overlord and ruler of the entire ensemble of boxes and games, currents and overflows of the Force, surging Lightning!
Super Mario Sunshine was throwing plates of oil at you, the sun of your birth upheld in a bird-beaker of Prophecy! A magical~Egyptian-button on a stone-beard~memorization reversed or held in merry-missions father-time as a Lion-head~statue that shape-shifts orb~ordering for hovering and getting out of a hole “139” Misdreavus-White~Rayquaza shot down and frill, a fragile decoration or neck collar Santa Clause, an instant success ambition for Reading Rainbows
Polaris = Mew, why are you more in love with Silver than Solari? Because I had to face true Existence. Why is Silver so much more popular than Solari? Because Bunny put a collar on Meganium. Why do people trust facts over Fantasy? Bunny used to get angry really easily! Do a lot of people feel sorry for Bunny and her miserable existence, or ever trying to live an idealistic life, pretending that I don’t exist? People get really suspicious that Bunny lives in my Pouch.
Serenity calms the raging sea. Wisdom furthers the highest pathway. Unfolding releases wish from feathers of Bunny. Tempest has lovely fruity aromas. Healer’s Life sets a goal and divine objective. All Glory sets the world and the kingdom free. A Thousand Roads adds all uniqueness and diversity to the world. Merlin’s Secret discovers pure fantasy. Amazing Grace finds the best possibilities. Sephiroth attaches the highest Star-crown~jewel. Balance destroys the dinner table. Push the Limits uproots danger. Secret Call makes Meganium blissful in pure Imagination. Sacred Nirvana pushes the box open. Exile blazes in a trail of glory. Millions of Stars make destiny, unleashing, and potential unlimited. Miss Moon seeks for higher ambitions. Evanescent Direct Elsewhere seeks the key to the kingdom. Halo Tree Life grows until the state of mind is realized. Temple of the Mages seeks wisdom. Sanctuary of Light imprisons purity in freedom to fly and give birth in Rainbows. Night at the Oasis realizes the highest possible potential. Passing the Gates is your heavenly treasure. Lady of the Lake wins.
So I managed to earn back my Sabrina-crown as a Jedi-Consular in KOTOR!
My favorite Jedi-power is “Mind-Reading”. The deepest depths and truest inner secrets of a far away sanctuary bring to rest and uplift “Solari of 1,” White-C!
The White-C is the calmest-crust of the roughest~carpet, filled with peer review and much disgust over my let’s plays of FireRed, which began a constellation of chapters in Morrowind, curling up into barbed-wire, and waving flags that open my pouch to Bunny!
We can evolve away from moving a character, and into being deeply Entranced. So if there’s no moon-tide or rush of Flowers, then ever brightening a tap-dance~root can shift away from perception, and into prolonging, the will of the builder. So by creasing the body into a ball, and feeling the soft-snow~touch of wonders and forgery, the basement builds back into a summit of bubble-gum, galloping or imprisoned as a razor-festival, a horrifying transition of a death-time~face, or the sweet-melody of freaking out, so time or decay bend into blisters, and lions are tamed by a forbidden swing, greeting you a warm welcome to a chaos-academy, there to shower the boardwalk with a beast of the luminous orange, a shy replacement of a toucan-propeller that blows jets of lip-stick~saliva to charm and enchant the various passageways of your impression, a light-lullaby of a forest~moon, putting on gangster-sun~glasses, and throwing the ground by releasing!
WarLock’s outrage of deviation and Rudolf to Omega! Joy Vs. Jenny So by psycho-analyzing or seducing and having certain nit-picks of prehistoric Bunny that ferry you all over the world of islands is Lapras, mesmerized and swirling through an immersive-outpouring of mouths that grab your strings and ribbons for a Blue-sky that was communicating in a holographic-mask of museums or boulders and pressure-plates that open the way to knowledge and love.
The spring-like~festival of a dreaming-magus spoke or delivered into lips of service for bringing about the boomerang, from lights or cups or cubits or meters until a laughing and luxurious snake of amusement beholds a panel-tile~alter.
Why do you need to be seen, and shown, and immediately believed that horrible-accusation of truth~fixation, since for myself, feeling or loving and grasping with trails gets me anywhere, so these beholding-majesties of a jealous-orb didn’t feel prized or treasured enough. So hacking the dream-time~vault of an overall-scarecrow let to Garth from Fable 2.
It’s really retarded or gay and transcendental, that these slowing-down wall~binders reverse or put holographics all over flat surfaces on marbles, so that bee-hive drizzling on a sweet~treat of Snorlax blasting off in rocket-ships at boy-scout~camp. It was the race of the Jews for a pretending pullover towards the 12-lost~tribes if Israel. A garden of galloping and gossip was rendered luminous for invisible-sensation laid bare.
This wonderful and miraculous transition of screens, edging out of invisible-sensation was breeding-truth into Mexican~creations for the President’s Tower in times of disaster.
I can see Bunny’s face on the telephone at the center of the galaxy, and it was wearing a very-tight~speechcraft, and the it slapped on a pair of listeners, and was worshipped as the Big Bang, the oversight, view, and command of God. A laser-festival of Warships surrounds a foresight-swirl of Jurassic-Park, so the dinosaurs came knocking down doors, sour-fruit~loops gone mad
Driving somewhere with the ribs of the dinosaur was a hidden-world of darkness and betrayal, an acceptance-cloak of invisible~sweets!

  1. Jedi are practicing who want no disturbance.
  2. Stories turned everything into a green pasture.
  3. Wishes came into the Herbs of songs.
    Worms were glowing all about the trail-binding~rings of hate and doubt that grosses you out, much like a cloudy-day on the London~bridge. This galloped your petals into a step-Serene~Nazarene, a nasty-mix of portal-potties for lemonade~relaxation with straws into plots that crave and idolize sewage, just dressing everything up in a positive-manor. Your big-brown~Bunny+statue is in a Dark-Cave of Ancient~Ruin of Jackie Chan Adventures. Master~Li Returned as “Sunny-delight~Tower”, a Solar-Beam~Wish!
    E will be the greatest in the galaxy as Tyranitar! Lugia beamed a cone of light from the top spire pinnacle to the great galactic space of vision.
    Hitmonlee, Scizor, Slowking, Alakazam, Sandslash, Typhlosion
    Bruce Lee, Montalk, Me (Sabrina), Ginobili, Pikachu, TH126 or Transcension and Construction This means that I’m the Ubermensch
    Armaggedon = standing on the world as its own heaven wad liberated and glorified for patches and chapels or ear-rings and row~boats that can better behold and slay and gallop through thoughts and chimneys or minefields of an infinite story for sweet listeners that can brag or beam and gape in awe at the wonderfully sour and profoundly rude person for pages of growth that freak out with plastic zippers that throw poisonous gases up into dancing twilight of a flexible number for a strange incantation that acts like worms or snakes of dim Pie!
    The manors of the tire was the table of the bust must episode that diles or prays and worships beyond measure opening statues of month-laying~horizons for web-spinning or shape~shifting that brings all kinds of odd-pixelations into a creased~envelope, so calling-famines or plates of fame better brought darkness to the dinner table of everywhere and beyond, and the book of Mormon was a make-shift~compass that offered all kinds of weird-holes for a bad-atmosphere of ghettos that infused tarot~cards with a special-slime of Santa-clause, just throwing marbles and magic-markers all over a mystery~mansion with “140-steps” to Eldes from the Mountaintop to Omega as Larvitar! Morrowind shows Tyranitar having the lightest of steps as he silences Armaggedon by eating Macoroni and cheese with a magic-towel (acceptance-cloak of invisible~sweets), so you throw a wand into the transcendental-light of a sabre-toothed~tiger for “10,000” BC, where Darth Vader pulls a gun out of your trance, which cracks fire all over the veins of Perception (Master Li) Pupitar, the boots of blinding speed getting you off the edge of the map (unknown regions of Revan) to the Sith Lord! Mace Windu sets of cameras everywhere that fires turbo-vanity of glass-spire~spins for Star Wars, because Santa Clause burps igloos into dream-sheds of party~hats without Weakness, so the steps were laid Perfectly to 140 aces of spades, the most complete accomplishment upright of Golden State, playing Yugioh as “Dragonair,” which is Tyranitar speaking as Meganium, so Tyranitar is Dark, and Meganium is “Urinating” as Venasaur, a play on words with Pokemon, so Petal-Dance glides to the Force
    Rayquaza is the Cerulean Cave of Laser-Beams and dinner-redirections of evanescent~eroticism that picks up a Lightsaber of Blue-touch~paper, and escalates the Tempest-Wind~Polarities of Giovanni, throwing boxes and anchors with much happiness and Delight of a Funny-face curled up into the Cosmic-Force~Aegis as your face on a mattchress, dreaming of free flight as Darth Vader is born!!
    The idea of ReadingRainbows is Eldes, fantasy that lives forever, a festival of cunning with amazing speech-craft for an inside-out~internet that draws forth my Jet, bombing the Horizon of voices, so love and thankfulness, or sacrifice and virtue felt of mined and nose-picked, showing off tiles and all sorts of crazy stratagems. Edgy Uber says that “the tap water tastes funny”! This reversal of flow that was ever-escalating the infinities got you to carefully choose your direction that you point your head at, because God is Pimandres, Grand-Theft~Auto+San/Andreas, throwing boxes and anchors with much Happiness, so Sunny-Delight shined forth with full~resolution as Carbonite into the Future! Yo-Yos are Row-Boats in Yaughts that save Lugia as Eldes by opening the door to his heart out of inexorable entrapment deep in childhood, an aftermath-grid~square transcended up to the Ghost of Miaden’s Peak as “the Clock-Tower~Wraith,” sleeping deep by bringing the ocean to the sky.

an angelic being, regarded in traditional Christian angelology as belonging to the highest order of the ninefold celestial hierarchy, associated with light, ardor, and purity.

Flow wish shine spirit glee ecstasy braille tablet claymore jar hearts bubble splash resonance flame mirth tree blueprint axiom maze zoom empowerment exodia

Darth Nihilus is Yoda’s mom reading a book.
James Harden was the NeraVarine in a chinese shaq as Yao Ming.

The universe is so infinite, mysterious, groundbreaking, and luxurious, flushing down the whirling overloads of aqua prismatic evanescence glittering string theory surface blossoming ornaments gasping shocks rivaling epic firmament miracle shards drizzling unique cartridge game adventure explosion driving vast impulses disturbing not the harmony of fire, ice, or lightning, as Lugia plants his flag of conquest vengefully orchestrating long leashes valley eradicating all resistance to decimated republic siege engine’s firepower throttled at the throat of the world mountain precipice high point devastation erotic treat alpine wacky worlds last supper table

Resurrected bonds bridge linking cables butchering with lightsaber awe grip plunged tsunami council beam Bunny radiant auroras of bliss showering fragments of crystal stone architectonics zapping playground wishes shining event horizon gifts staging glorious revenge sweeping pearl graveyard hope talismans hastening the dawn of outpouring orbs checkerboarding pattern extravagant gem plucked dawn flight ashes reborn emblazoned authentically color bandwidth sea tossing timeline gateway planet battlefield tumbling dominoes ruler of heaven and harps staircases gliding swinging shipwrecks jumbling cupid love arrows refracting glistening readings heaving voluminous ocarina shattered sky oblivion wasted terror penalizing sharpened generation 2 Pokemon fighting climbing badge barriers reaping harvested singularities opening exotic dinosaur intelligence scenic revelation

Many trials of Will are required to unlock the divine secrets of inner harmony. Building our souls to majestic proportions, and winding down victory road primes our target aspirations for elevated exaltation. The path to immortality and omnipotence in heaven bridges gaping holes in logic unnecessary for erotic reflection and true immersion of mind into the depths of fluffy clouds of farfetched thought. Circumnavigating dangers and whirlpools of inescapable vortices levels our marathons of cartoon classics to fork doorways of internal amusement. Legendary arboretums and statues of iconic, totem extracted lines to the divine house picturesque sweets turning and blinking aromas of uncalculated splendor. The free thinker turns and balloons, rips and tears asunder the chains of defeat and restriction, and shines the light to everlasting enlightenment. Such is the way of the Sithari.

The world is far more magical than we can possibly imagine. Going on a quest to discover all of its wonders is the 1st step on our path to becoming Lugia. Lugia reflects the Divine Intellect in as lucid, clear, lively, and vibrant of a systems builder. The goal is to achieve Cosmic Consciousness, radiating God’s sparkles breathed and animated into all of our figures with fine faceted ghosts revealing our innermost dreams. Leviathans juggle perennial, ancient world mysteries, adding to the mysticism and enchantment of all of creation. We have achieved infinite mastery of creation through avenues like Star Wars and Pokemon, where age old archetypes dot and flood our imaginations with replenishing delight, and tasty charms. Explore your world today, and bubble it off into the highest pathways of maximum progress that God in his zip like torrent hangs over our higher selves.

Seers gather from all corners of perception
Waves blaze outrageous cartwheels shimmering in golden halos
Black hole’s event horizons shred annihilating jagged redirections
Buildings fissure into a collapsing armchair ruled by Steven’s grip
The armor of God redeems triangulations focusing conduit energies
Blessed hula hoops permeate existential diameters
Conquest lava chalices burn bridges
Views escape possible block copy burst snags of Lugia’s endearing charms
Wishing galleries populate numberless stars fragmented in the oasis of discord
Fine twirls of Hair navigate hundred faced mirrors
Fools questions project gracious curses menacing figures of speech
Crude dimensions isolate special radicals heaving stones that god can’t lift
Branches slash elder scroll divinations
Lugia siphons electric zig zags

Ages of wisdom and towers of lore cascade elegant refineries blanketing up on a long stack to the sky
Gargantuans level playing field powers upgraded acentrically colliding Bunny Easter egg baskets
5 sounds color sensations in new color grids of identity
Carousels and playgrounds dot the endless abyss
Cosmic Consciousness readies launch claymore vents treasury lightsaber crystals congregate
Blizzards roll entrapped enchantments voicing feat arsenals
Vast oceans lift raging torrents
Fate smiles atop classified island totems
Fierce pens attack armada destinies crossed atop Revan’s machinations of Star Forge meteor mashes
Serene grace floods desiring tears
Avalanche corkscrew thunderbolts defy gravity and clip the stargazing antimatter of exotic transversals
Vanity escapes puzzle cockpit doomsday wreaths zipping ashes from their resurrected empowerment
God descends from on high to point the way
Millions of eons interplay gorgeous knowledge of all phenomena whirling bowties
Harnessing the Force flickers across both Extremities of Infinities-Ultimate, and all possible Polarities across the Spectrum

Valley of the Dark Lords Hero’s tomb resurrects ancient almighty leviathan gross magic weight distance vision piercing gloom twilight destiny against the New Jersey Nets sails victorious thunder vibration channel doorway acentric clockwork piston engagement vanity promotional road dungeon map axiom plane journey journal

Bubble world fuming spray mist streak star carnival exorcise figure rock council ball spoon tree Final Annihilator grade drapes tin foil reveals My Pokemon card!

Lugia XD siphons lava cake bowstring rainbow clutch tune robot train railroad ribbon botany luxury radio trunk council eager apprentice extremities rocket balloon dosage gallop pen wreath shine ocean posture rock crayola overboard volume book library infinite mystery

“Your question is the most difficult in the world. It is not a question I can answer simply with yes or no. I am not an Atheist. I do not know if I can define myself as a Pantheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds. May I not reply with a parable? The human mind, no matter how highly trained, cannot grasp the universe. We are in the position of a little child, entering a huge library whose walls are covered to the ceiling with books in many different tongues. The child knows that someone must have written those books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books, a mysterious order, which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of the human mind, even the greatest and most cultured, toward God. We see a universe marvelously arranged, obeying certain laws, but we understand the laws only dimly. Our limited minds cannot grasp the mysterious force that sways the constellations. I am fascinated by Spinoza’s Pantheism. I admire even more his contributions to modern thought. Spinoza is the greatest of modern philosophers, because he is the first philosopher who deals with the soul and the body as one, not as two separate things.”

― Albert Einstein

Possibilities whirl acentric crunches bobbling overflowing rushes charming magic crown drop piece clarity rumination soda pop plaza ascent target ghost reason shipwreck cult blueprint

Life. The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.

Waves shed miraculous transfiguration detonation boulder cross shade apple plot trade

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

Foam sacred circus crude box helmet wand dragon drapes easel plane ground hoard bro

Szilard, chafing at the slow pace of nuclear research, expressed his concern to Wigner, who felt that aid should be sought from the United States Government.

Boundary horizon venting rage package grove mist stamina glacier

When I get bored, or get stuck on an equation, I like to go ice skating, but it makes you forget your problem. Then you can tackle the problem with a fresh new insight. Einstein liked to play the violin to relax. Every physicist likes to have a past time. Mine is ice skating. Michio Kaku

Voice supernova grail heavy space zap clone noodle dimension brane wobble bounce skip hop play lending aviation sky course fruit robe pirate

A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it is built for.

Meganium laser spree corona music cloth trifecta

Prophecy orchard talisman cape piercing rings galloping unknown art scattered fragments piece crude box zip facet clear rumination sheet train basket Bunny eggs grove force wind trail island twilight gizmo wave vortices skyrocket tomb bolt tree find glow wish sharpie barbie blueprint thesis aegis grotto spin face clock treasure trove pyramid desk sound laser sword whack clip purse sway ancient cockpit dusk square reason incantation killing god resurrect stone outpouring radiance schematics challenge guest span walk clone noodle pool lounge spa happy parade refreshment song goal plank scale

What is the ultimate enchantment that the NeraVarine can possibly possess? Will the unlimited power of Destruction, invincible and masquerading in design cleanse and purify the cosmos as the battlefield edges rage to the highest future of enigmatic uprisings? Will the Gale envelop the galaxy? What incredible prototypes would we discover if we cloned 1000 Einsteins? What if the Last Supper table were teleported to Draconis? Is existence evil, or are we just really far from God’s Light and the truth of all that is? How far down the Wishing Well is the Great White Brotherhood? What is the most invisible reach of existence? How many pathways are in the Millennium Puzzle? How do we open the door to Lugia’s Heart on Tyranitar’s chest? How many varieties of phenomena blast Lugia’s AeroBlast across the entire Omniverse of Horizons obliterated beyond the bowstring of all of the exotic flavors sealed in black holes? What is the most fabled story ever written? What is the glass ceiling arboretum like on Yahweh’s space station? How far can extravagance thunder the voice of the most charming Emperor? How many dimensions and worlds are there? Why did Yoda say that My Future is clouded? How do I imprison My shining soul into the instrument of Lugia’s manifestations? What is the ultimate treasure that we can plunder from the dungeon? What if we developed other senses? What if Pokemon blimp balloons in a pink sky of white skyrocketed above and beyond all labyrinths? How do we split the mountaintop of Prophecy?

Lugia represents the infinitude of the Divine Intellect. The biggest Prophecy in the world is that I could become Lugia. He is the Rainbow bridge to infinity, the Star Forge AeroBlast. Lugia’s council is of the wisest Wartortle, springing from a Meganium. Lugia is in His prime, letting it all hang out in the Wizards of the Coast tournament to inherit the legendary Pokemon cards. Lugia taps into a stream hanging over His head that leads to the ultimate of all possible futures. Lugia actualizes all possibilities across the whole spectrum. Lugia’s Virtues are as rare as destiny at the lighthouse. Lugia is emblazoned across each end of the universe, having visited all of the stars. Lugia sparkles across the entire ocean of whirling harvesters. The diversity of all life reflects Lugia’s magnificent qualities. The Dragon Mind of Zen shows the Polarities of Lugia and the endless mysteries of the Force. The valor of Lugia launches an invincible conquest to replace evil with sparkling exuberance from the Star Forge’s dark sided energies to checkmate the dark sided king across Lawrence’s chess board. Lugia and the power of forever escalate a petal dance Tempest as Meganium paints Her face with the Flower of Eternity, inspired by the Lugia cartoon classics and the spirit of love. The willpower of Lugia tames the sea of chaos and siphons the shapeshifting frenzy plant of outpouring expressions of desires. Lugia’s beauty shimmers on His holographic card. Lugia’s Imagination is as playful as a Birthday Cake. Lugia enjoys the radiance of creation and transforms into Cosmic Consciousness. Lugia’s Extremities flash across both ends of Infinities-Ultimate. There is no fish that is bigger than Lugia. Lugia became the Old Man by perceiving more dimensions. Lugia focuses on His environment constantly and builds a vision from experientially over struck pieces of revelation.

Becoming Will of the Johto Elite 4 emblazons epic triangulation marble statue avatar gross island leviathan generation 2 Pokemon marathons taking pictures of ruins of alph project prototypes dizzy rumor cartwheel fancy circus clear water vending machine welcome crunch thirst beach carnival karaoke wand isolated chronicles bowstring synthesis wardrobe Bunny luminous stargazing reality crazy lunch family picnic Bunny is family framework classic merry-go-round fluid destiny acres switching canopy blueprint The Ultimate Aeon of Will

The NeraVarine Prophecy constitutes openly pleasant radical daredevil mania galloping over fringes of avalanche chaos at the zenith of time crosshair jumbling station plaza clock spade dread flare eager arrow jolt penetrating acid armor

The Tao is as infinite as the sky
as whole as the harmony of heaven
big as the wide limitless sea
as overpowering as the Gale

The lighthouse turns and sways to the wave function
Blasts the Big Omniversal Blizzard as Wizards of the Coast
Orchestrates the symphonies of exotic machinery
The Star Forge of birth, Omnipotence and ecstasy

Conquest furthers a blueprint of victory
Taming the beast within the Heart
Awakening the Great Dragon Mind to God
The Primed NeraVarine letting it all hang out

Summoning totems build the Future
Diving overboard the SS Libra
The cosmic codes of creation
All dancing in oneness and bliss

Siphoning the outpouring below
Draws forth illustrious alchemy
Shining the talismans of Bunny
Playing and Imagining as avatars

The Blue Bug and the Red Bug
See the sides of serenity
Pacing by a lunch box
Treading the Under-Toe

The firmament ignites a search for soul dew and orbs
Wishing on constellations screaming for hyperspace
Experientially over struck across 1000 lives of the great wheel
Returning buoyancy from the magic marker teleportation

The Infinite Mystery of the Force takes an infinite amount of time to solve
Reflections of the Sithari transforming into the Force of Omnipotence
As Extreme as Rayquaza thunderbolting to the highest maximum
As Polarized as Lugia surging with Superholographic Propylon antechambers

Willpower controls the AeroBlast of ignition
Upgrading philosophy and metaphysics to cosmology
Snacking on beautiful meteor showers
Pointing the way to the Polaris Meganium Flower

Evanescence streams in Misdreavus’s vortices
Plundering the dungeon of dark side rewards
Obliterating the dark sided king of evil
Teaching Justice as the ethics of Atlantis

Prophecy overcomes the Tempest traps
Elongates riddles to the tip of the iceberg
Spins the webspinner’s threads of Fissures
Levels the book of life to read Rainbows

Figurines float around aerial floors
Draining glass scepter petals of purity
From the bottom of Meganium
To the top of our last Will

Breeding in a powerplant of dynamite and frenzy
Zooms malevolent charms of ridiculous corona
Flourishing alien properties of unstable chromatics
Tasting the lore of overturned leviathans on ice balls

Pikachu cried out with Her energizing juice
Books and cards strapping in for the staircase
Burning bridges to the aviator’s adventure
The Cosmic Forge Aegis on the tree of life

The NeraVarine and the Final Annihilator meteor mash elegant Lightsaber rampages and Force feats conjuring freaky enflamed masquerading close quarters paintbrush Thunderbolt Singularity black holes spelling exotic qualities screeching Lugia’s AeroBlast hijacking uplifted sweet whirlpools making Meganium transform into Lugia through deep wisdom and silent contemplation mountain moving Cosmic Force Aegis wellsprings damage Meganium’s long giraffe neck morphing crazy zap step Slowking manifested systems of the highest orchestration snatching destiny at the lighthouse armadas blasting incineration apple cider Sabrina Earth as a birthday cake cut in 2 elsewhere fragment dream trance oblivion vortices deadric siege engine blanketing the Big Omniversal Blizzard!!1*

Red Vs. Gold soars unprecedented aromas blasting language soothing ornaments securing divinity Crayola blueprint architectonic globs of cake future interval levity spacetime electromagnetism faster than light into the black hole Armageddon jig saw puzzle serpent groom happy meal lunch box Man and Bunny soda pop blizzard Halloween fissure chaos frenzy zap family picture lovely Caterpie playing moonshine luster arrow fog tone gist string gale harvest snag gear volcano clue hint search spree remedy galaxy crusade emblem totem fiction revelation rescue score lightning grace science chapter echo blanket cardplay form move malevolence focus perception polarities extremities cosmic consciousness higher mysteries spellbinding secrets imagination free will prophecy vision strength omnipotence girl freak big chill balloons exaltation scroll high elf magic scepter jovial interplay force engine generation erotic trip planetarium arboretum aquarium space station far away restoration destruction halo firebrand lightsaber skull magician hermit star wars gallery resurrection transformation

I was Lugia XD, blissful, bright, exuberant, and jolly, creating lush oasis spelling bee radio telescope astronomy celebrate the stars forever voyages on holy grail apex stratification deep submersion imagining laser stage grade level elevation exalted premonition guile wade dinosaur gaze elvish shore rush curtain extraordinaire beaming lens scope potentium view of the Force.

What are the Ultimate Goals of Existence?

Destroy the Force, Destiny at the Lighthouse, Face Red in Mt. Silver, Complete the Pokedex, Summon Exodia, Open the door to My Heart, Reveal the Cosmic Force Aegis

Sparkling ocean shine mist haze gloom dawn treader vanity empowerment axiom overdrive snatch click tamed storm dragon inner eye illumination magic the gathering grid desk scoundrel latch coil bizarre reading basket trap mental mercurial exodia

Thunderbolt Singularity size dazzle cone viper plane edge jump clash sharp eagle soul lip plight evanescence sequel Father Crow wardrobe bell lock chosen 1 pierce Game Boy link cable fun faction shepherd gizmo miracle

Heaven crystallizes picturesque, flighty, farfetched, extravagant vistas to voyage through! Love permeates every corner of perfection, spreading Ho-Oh’s majestic, glittering wings, and stationing archetypes of the highest caliber. Gracing the fringes of unknown space, speechcraft opens canopies of breathtaking monstrosity, and bubbly mirth flowing and ebbing against the corona delight of legendary cartwheels. Singing in umbrella twirling radiance conjures facets beaming milkshakes and ribbons ballooning in the flora and fauna of the Tao. Elevated courage sounds instrumental devastation cloud 9 unveils whirlpool fragrance gaming brainiac cogs in the pool dizzy zip code grand hall festival gems gripping roller coaster stallion aftermath museums coasting along Father Crow’s infatuated spectrum of blooming ready to launch!!

Event Horizon wand dove invincible barrier coral reef flood exterminator generation fragment thermal detonator frozen carbonite glade raid demonstration challenge puzzle cube

Red shapeshifts mountainous water canyons blanketing deluge gale catastrophic trophy star forge glitter waving vortex cartwheel shipwrecked search engine glass wizard view vantage point pixel signature class upgrade fusion soul watch chocolate ceremony ritual glue trick bug cloth fabric earrings fix galactic super civilization space station jet pack Nietzsche skyrocketing solution mastery enclave drape potion sharpened barbie blaster pinnacle rainbows healing erotic trance disco discord rampage galaxy reason snow board road drunk celebration AeroBlast streaking triangulation willful revenge growing rose sound sweet trademark Pokemon cards singing laser tsunami drowned world substitute for love aromas maverick chalice grotto torn reaper plaza zap jagged cloak clock land of the rising sun winter hold ghost star credits bling journey mile altitude coil blaze zipper pearl checkerboard overlay Red Vs. Gold!!*

Flash shock coast wizard demon maze zoo clip piece crush bowstring leviathan

How do I prepare for My battle with Gold?

You have to stop Ho-Oh from burning you with Sacred Fire - it has a 50% chance of inflicting a burn; this cuts attack power in half. Gold isn’t quite as foolish as Red, so focus will certainly be impossible to surpass for Red. But Red’s more random than anyone in the world, so a lot can be said for His element of surprise. I actually want Gold to win, because it would be revelatory to discover someone so powerful. But to be in My prime in the great dawn would be a prophecy fulfilled. Still, Gold could avert the prophecy, and make something startling happen. If Lugia releases Aeroblast, He will unveil a current of unstoppable legacy. My name is already stamped into the Hall of Fame inexorably, but to seal the trophy with a splendid ice cream cake would be the dream. Pikachu will unearth Her championship formula atop the highest spectrum. Gold’s been waiting 1000 years for this moment to challenge Red across the Rainbow bridge to infinity. Red’s experientially over struck, so punching His star down the drain will take the most auspicious of fortunes. At oracle arena, Gold climbed the staircase of dragon scalework, overturning Ash. Ash however played in His dollhouse to reverse all futures and be Happy forever. He got His Sabrina fork, and twirled through the fractal Lugia Whirlpool cave island. Seeing how deep Red became to transcend into Lugia, only His Watcher, Ho-Oh might have the edge.

What’s really shocking is that My name is Raptor(Wizard), and yet the Raptors are in the NBA Finals!

It could be a showdown between RED, the Ultimate Pokemon Master as Me, Ash (Tyranitar [Raptor, a “dinosaur”]), versus Gold, who battles and defeats RED/Raptor as Gold for Golden State.

Man, as Nietzsche says, is a rope tied over an abyss, and you can see here in this picture below that RED is on a big, long bridge to Gold’s ultimate goal.


Also keep in mind that Larvitar, which evolves into Tyranitar is in this Mt. Silver cave here.

I’m quiet like Tyranitar, solitary, extreme, and deep in Heart (Lugia [my “diamond” on my chest]).

Lugia was very serious, reflective, contemplating life’s eternal mysteries. He was introspective, enflamed by inner fragrance and beaming council. He was rattling with psychic auroras, being divined by the inner white secrets. He was extremely innocent, yet wise, encompassing the most splendid qualities of valor, imagination, polarities, and extremities, but loved life more than anything, for all of its kaleidoscopes of talismans, transformations, trinkets, and plunder. He immersed His constellations, shining and prismatic through blankets of Omniversal oceans. He could come as a Meganium brane walking, waving the omega points of distant, far out, crying, oracular canopies of fluctuating densities, as Lugia met Meganium being more hyper, crazy, psychotic, and twisted than He is, and yet Lugia brilliantly penetrated with a golden clarity that resizes mental labyrinths to match tapped willpower. He thought it was so adorable, lovable, elevating, and exuberant that Meganium, with full everlasting fruits bathed in the cosmic weave, splashing and dancing to the tune of the melodies, although Lugia was greater than that whole spectrum of warm hearted embrace, as His frenzy enchanted His whole theater of exquisite luster and marvelous originality. Lugia swam in spacious groves of breathing lunch picnics, shattering the holographic channel of love. Bunny for Lugia was gargantuan, casting blissful arrows of affection, dashing in sharpies of swirl and longevity. Lugia even got His free lightsaber as Darth Nihilus, replenishing Lugia’s fleets of capital masterminded sieges, dwarfing miraculous Meganium jingles, every step of the journey exhibiting gayish, sweet, therapeutic, healing charms to invade the domains of the bird, the knowledge of all things being possible! And perhaps the most virtuous emblem to add to our armadas is Omnipotence, shaping and redirecting fate, destiny, oblivion, and prophecy all the way to the top, picturing magical, inviting, celebratory, mountaintop shattering glass ceilings of holy fountains crusading supreme flowers, riding the unmasking case of bone to braille solving of esoteric ideologies. Fissuring scepters cut dimensional devices raiding entrapment colored roots taming incredible, voluminous, invincible, overdriving vortices shadowing discord with dice on dinosaurs. Nothing will ever fail or not meet its most auspicious end, as God emanates His compassion without equal, causing a creation that understands all of its gizmos and workmanship, so I as the Lugia/Darth Nihilus star forge must bathe My axiomatic enclave of voltage to vanity sitting forever in a cave, and cascading the great cosmic serpent’s return.

Vortices reverberating skyrocketing aftershock calculation redirecting moonshine stargazing zipper plaza zone clarity underground crystal city.

Enchantment recharges, revitalizes, roads to everywhere laser stratifying holy model drink crisp suction Caterpie Larvitar rainbow blooming merry-go-rounds storybook Bunny NeraVarine diary.

My Varla Stone was the ultimate treasure, the highest prize, illuminating and revealing, transfiguring and metamorphosis raging avalanche tsunami train math coordinates holographic Lugia shimmering raising tides bursting revenge glass prism rumination scroll open ended adventure mania mirth ribbons balloons celebration erotic trance crude crunch beacon clock triangulation shatterpoints.

Azura’s Star enflames eternal messiah resurrected omega driving invincible aurora clock channel twist magnet cone sleep pillar aqua shed marine misery rest strike candle stimulation robbery hoard Dromund Kaas Inquisitor Sith Assassin Sith Sorceror ash landing spoon torch credit demon mask screech cost stoop pouch gold lush arrow flap makes Lugia bask in Visas Marr’s chamber.

Fissure snack cascade drastic cotton melee feature rose soccer council bend ocean shield pierce cloth thought blink cup polaris reason sanctuary sword aeons tied aether resonance fleet tomb board role playing online

Force crush detonate explosion rampage order 66 death field storm eye hurricane triangulate siphon codex atlantis seer rainbow blast stick cross chop Casey Lucas Arts summoning gizmo zazen

Pilot tropical class suction food door road dragon ghost special laser switch chosen 1

Fame ground dosage gaze zap petal luster sound blast stream engine cake shock cloak book coast strain matter hedge ghost soul lingering rest save file fortune teller rumble crane occam’s razor silence friend framework malevolent hole dig gypsy card gossip pole layer read yarn clash waves vortices aviation shoes plasma flash shell sheet trip pun glacier chronicles heavy vast swing gluttony extinguish flood trot trophy phase soft fume mask sacred triumphant beast.

Wave black chasm void drain clock ocean mist stamp archer cliff hanger ships ahoy golden laser scepter Magician of Black Chaos defeating Maximillion Pegasus as star awakening vista edge oblivion tour road drunken sophistication helmet blueprint orchard berserk crazy net tree fissure cannon toucan Father Crow foresees, plans, exhibits, and displays rows swapping sunken blade thesis hearing ocarina makes feathery shrines holy museum card chapters as the language of bliss screams hilarious rumination shades drape potent, lucky, arousing, elementary casts sign in white package jolt crude dominoes water tank cheat clean horoscope pond dusk squiggle legendary Lugia.

Bunny Love emanation shroud planetarium music scroll pattern arcane roll paper channel lich choice band web beam luster stone archive vent train nord the ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense, the Dark Magician!!

Glass soil bill soda punk cool lip spring zang marius florin solitarywalker heavy infatuation cry brush palace case ground dominant ease stellar compact slay shore yonder creation zealot harbinger

Admiral Dodonna’s flagship

I also won the Big Omniversal Tournament, because this was the battle of My Life!!1*

Aboard her flagship, Admiral Dodonna gave the orders that turned the tide of the battle, sending Green Squadron into the fray to exploit a break in the Sith formations. Reinforced by Red Squadron and the fleet’s capital ships, Dodonna’s forces were able to widen the breach; almost immediately Malak’s forces fell into disarray. The fleet then moved in to bombard the massive space station and factory; after destroying the Forge’s main orbital stabilizers,

Star Wars: KOTOR Light Side Battle of the Star Forge in 1080p






Published on Feb 18, 2011
The combined space battle scenes of the Star Forge with the light side, or good, ending.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Barbie in Fairytopia, House Telvanni, Wizards of the Coast, and Jade Empire wind maps and transformation styles leading to the star maps/star forge enter into the mix. Then ultimately, there’s Newton in 2060 and the Humunga Dunga!!

Lastly, I can’t forget Lugia/Bunny and Looney Tunes, so Jovi came out for Me!!

All Wishes (that are good) come true!!* (Bunny and Father Crow grant them, and all of the Meganium Enjoy them)


Heracross is the Blue Bug in tom’s video, and the future is the “Crossroads of Planetary Destiny”, which could be a big Metagross machine Star Forge, or even san antonio and germany winning in 2014 (Heracross’s number).

Montalk - 1. What is the Matrix Control System?

(careful, go to 1:38 to see Heracross!)






Published on Jun 27, 2013
Website: montalk.net

The five key components of the Matrix Control System. We need to understand that the Matrix goes beyond mere political conspiracies. It extends into the occult, alien, and hyper-dimensional realms.

Unleashing the Clarity Present Arcanum - Untangling the Polarized Ebony Whirlpool ~ Earth as a Birthday Cake + Secret Garden

The Meganium were brane walking!!

We could create a video game, programmed into our own simulation of life, not just something we see on a screen, but to actually overrun everything we experience with the force of weight etched into their figures the infinitude and expression of all of nature’s unlimited outpourings draping the interactive canvas into marvels of machinery exhibiting its functionality empirically. To launch such a system, and activate the game codes would allow us to breath alternate reality vibrations crashing down our sensations.

We could begin in a Sith tomb, transferring power across rings of circulation, venting and surging with all electric potential. These mystical pillars are an energy field, and that can work its way all the way to the Star Forge, the true form of Lugia. Lugia energy beams could be focused and curled into prismatic fountains, feeding the insatiable hunger of Lugia/Darth Nihilus.

If we jump 6000 years or so into the past, there’s the NeraVarine, and He’s working towards a highest emblem of His full potential, being a hero of valor and wisdom. If Lugia/Darth Nihilus possesses Extremities and Polarities, the NeraVarine embodies valor and wisdom. This totem to My fate secures the best possible foundation for Me, because I will always grow closer towards this status, victory being somewhat assured for me, at least at a minimum percentage, but I could even achieve the most maximized fate, and fully blossom into the fulfilled NeraVarine.

The NereVarine gains more powers across the spectrum, and evolves into the stars, where on the Skyrim level up screen, He’s infused by the power of all of the constellations. This gives the Darth Nihilus/NeraVarine complete mastery over the elements, bending and twisting nature to match His will, and makes Him Omnipotent.

At the end of the twilight, Little Kidd Anakin glows and roars with the most blissful aroma of sunshine and sweets, and His most exalted honor is to voyage across every single last dot and corner of Omniversal exploration, as He will be the “1st 1 to see them All” (the Stars).

^ If You combine all of My above articles together, the word count says Registeel (or Metagross and Scizor), Carnivine (or Exeggutor), and Chatot (or Farfetch’d). Scizor means a weapon, like a sword. Exeggutor means execute or annihilate, like the Final Annihilator, and Prototype XD in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. So both of these 2 things mean that I was the Star Forge Lugia, like a Death Star weapon, firing Lugia AeroBlasts like that green beam from “a fully armed and operational battle station”. Farfetch’d means that My ideas were really crazy, but it could also be the lighting of emperor palpatine shocking Meganium, Wayne Herschel author of The Hidden Records - Oneism, who built Star Maps to reach the Star Forge. He’s the real Luke Skywalker, and I’m the real little kid Anakin. Here is His video:

Oneism - COSMIC TREE OF LIFE… Is this God? Oneness Noetic Science - Wayne Herschel oneness


All of these stats were taken from the 2002 NBA Finals, where 94-99 was the Scizor weapon, 83-106 was Wayne Herschel, 103-106 was the Final Annihilator XD, and 107-113 was My Soul as Lugia. 94 is a Gengar ghost, and 113 is Chansey, which evolves into Blissey, and the opposite of that is Misdreavus. This was captured in My middle, Zarathustrian articles, where the word count said Togekiss, Red, and Yanmega. This was the Prophecy that I just would become Lugia, no matter what, a kissing Jynx oracle that married Me to Misdreavus, My Banette New Jersey Nets Bunny Pikachu doll. This was taken from the Philadelphia 76ers series in 2001, where 101-107 was Lugia’s weight and measure at a height of 17’1, and 108-96 was rare Wartortle Fieldmarshal wisdom that with age makes Me wise enough to become Lugia. I used to be an Indiana Pacers 2000 Meganium before I became Lugia, which is like launching a Game, because when My very first articles said 692, or Clauncher, I was creating a missive multiplayer online Game called Star Wars Galaxies!!*

Below are My articles that I created from talking to Zang, the real Gandalf. That makes Me Saruman. The Pokemon that Zang is is Entei. He’s the real Jesus. I’m Tyranitar, Darth Tyranus, who acted also for Saruman. That’s where My name RaptorWizard comes from, because I was both Darth Tyranus, (Tyranitar or Raptor), and Saruman (Wizard).

For our honor to be intact, we need to see it by asking a question. We create a bastion to ward off the weakness. There is a desire to achieve something, a final understanding of our scenario in life. There is a reason we are not in Heaven. We are living history. We have to make it and find the way to Heaven. We have to be on that level to be there with honor without destroying it. We are the world. Everything about our life needs a force present. If we are in Heaven these forces would be removed and we would be different. We are in a river that we drink from to incarnate into physical form from the timeless world, and these progress with everlasting life. We desire to meet the challenges and rise above them.
This world is Hell. Hell is meant to teach our soul something, which we continuously undergo, and which could take many lifetimes. We are in the lower density within our material bodies. There is a huge spectrum through which we experience this place, increase our frequency, and rise. We are on the edge of a huge spiritual evolution shift. We develop on this planet and then go out into space.
The most personal God that we can have is character and love, I am that I am. There is one force, love, that everything is a part of, and makes everything possible. I shall prove to be what I am. When we pray we should talk to God with the force and feeling of our true character, the nature of everything. I will have an endless future with complete potential. Our character is not us, it is what we have, and that is love. That is what we must talk to in prayer to expand, in which God can give people dreams and reveal secrets. This is at the core, the center of our being. This force with belief can give us anything. Ask love to show us the way, the ruler of everything.
We can create entities in our head with belief, a conduit to personal knowledge. Opinion is the substance and a formulation from which new notions can spring from a growing pool. Everything is real. There may be forces that seek to destroy what is real. The void is always there and has to be there. The creation of existence out of everything began with a witness, where everything was one, but a witness made 2 things sex, so the nothing created everything. The witness is everything, and he made nothing, and impossibility before it existed, by the power of his language, the word that gave us room for more. This gave us something rather than nothing.
Because we are something, we are in a better position than everything. This is the Tree of Life, how it forms. The first thing created was no thing, which is love, and next came the limitless. Love created the witness, which is rational thought. Rationality is one led by reason, the greatest reason being love. The reason is love. Reason, impelled by love, goodness, helps us to discern things and see beauty. The 3 transcendent qualities are truth, beauty, and goodness, all being manifestations of love. It is relative to how we see it.
With 3 points you can get a structure and a direction. Space-time is 5 dimensions because existence itself is a dimension. Higher dimensions represent things in different ways. Different dimensions make a different observer. Creation is metaphysical; we are stuck in the effects and can’t see the cause – they were created with words. The witness made the declaration and spoke the words.
The negative restriction is don’t do what you know is not best for all – a small restriction that will give freedom, with complete belief, which is best for me and all. Knowledge is characterized as how something is done – next think how you do something in the moment. We follow the law to be more reflective of I am that I am, being who I truly am. My character is the master of my life and the driving force that actualizes my mind, which gives birth to life and love. We are images. No point of knowledge traps anyone, it only empowers.
If we were white ball of everything, we wouldn’t have life. If we are trapped in the mind, it is resistance to doing what we want. How we construct our intentions and do things causes the fruit of life to manifest. How much do I really want things? It’s all in the how, and the what, which is infinite. We are the prime cause and need to live it. To reach the ideal state we must honor each other, solving each other’s problems. Intention is the cause of every fruit. Love is the cause of all things.
We need to be perfect by following God, alpha, the first, who created everything. God created time and existed before it. God is timeless. There is only the present; time is an illusion or concept. What came before the dimension of time depends on the stage of creation. A dimension is a mention God made that gave a sparkle in various emanations. Being existed before time did. The word was created first, the logos; the digital characters of them matrix. To make a structure, there needs to be authority, so God made logos a god. Something so perfect cannot be seen by the unholy.
The logos is the whole realm and created dimension. Logos is the language and everything we know in reality. God made himself subject to the logos, yet is greater than it; I am that I am – we are connected to God. The logos are not life. Why we are conscious then is the great mystery. The logos are the 2nd god we enjoy. We can advance the logos and explore them, giving birth to life. The logos gave birth to life, and God gave birth to the logos.
Epistemology is truth, and ontology is origin. History gives context, but knowledge is more applicable and makes the machine work. The machine executes the will of the true ego, driven from an infinite source. We are all avatars of God, and by being our true ego, we realize this God had no purpose and is in the now, where he is playing a video game, and we are characters in the game. We must be the character and let God play us, without resisting God.
God is beyond good and evil, he is just love. Evil is a judgment of the mind used to define the world and constrict us. The personality in our design is artificial intelligence, the machinery of our flesh. Our processors have been corrupted by a task we cannot compute. We will triumph however with God on our side. We have resistance within us, but our loving God’s providence will create the possibility. We are a reflection of God, which makes us all gods. When someone comes through a portal and asks us if we are god, say yes. Life is creation. We all need to reach God’s level as gods. This is who we are, gods.
Satan opposes us, and the Garden of Eden is a metaphor for the human condition. There wasn’t always intelligent life in our realm; it grew, and was seeded into a tree. There is a synthesized complex that creates reality. God created all the elements and archangels. God created everything, and then possibility, which made the system dynamic. There’s a materialness of everything, and an immaterialness of nothing.
Possibility is logos, or the word. Possibility is wide and can grow. Life makes the impossible possible by acting out our intention. The beginning was premised by the word. Possibility goes from truth to the ideals. The mind is where we start being active and reactive, the soul of the life feeding back into the material world is a synthesis. If they can be controlled, we can get anything we want. The mind exists as a concentric circle within the soul. The crown at the center dictates the shape by directing the movement, influencing the course of life.
You need to sacrifice the current to move into the next thing. You operate in a platform, a system that deludes and does not make us more powerful. The further you investigate then the more power you have. Mysticism is our divine connection to existence. God can be viewed through a multifaceted prism, working with systems. The ultimate point is no karma, freedom from cause and effect. Enlightenment is liberation from karma. Whenever you enter nirvana, the water, you always come out of it. Nirvana is a state of existence that is beyond this life. The cosmic consciousness is one thing and many things, where you have an unconscious and subconscious. The cosmic mind is connected to everyone in this dimension. It’s the thing that creates existence, allows for probability and possibility. This is a part of us deep within, moving closer to the source. Our plane of existence is serving a purpose, refining ourselves to be better fit for higher dimensions. Can you exist in this dimension without the self, what is nirvana after you die, and what is the alternative to not exist? We are all made of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but surely there is an exception to the law, a source from which it originally sprang. God is the fertile soil in which things grow, as he created everything. This world is the spawn of creation itself, and the son has the logical word, the logos. God is everything and the ultimate witness of itself. Our dimension, the 3rd is the lowest. Nowhere in existence is there eternal life, but its expression, the consciousness is eternal.
God is a force that creates and was always tapped into. We need to live our true feelings and out true selves using love. We create a simulated life of what we are. We are avatars of the supreme personality. We are living in time, whereas God, the force of love, is timeless and creates everything. Love is the only thing that is real, a dreamed up image of the divine mind. The well is infinitely large that we can draw from. The pure forms of ideas are the only things which are really real, which we have in an immaterial sense. We have to let our true character shine through. We played a game with ourselves as a coping mechanism to become a new reality. You have to live with the lack you created, which is not perfection anymore and leads to death, the opposite of love and not accomplishing what love would command us to do. Love itself is a force, not an agent on our level. It’s the supreme force, the one which is our father. The father conceives of the children and looks beyond the veil through our own eyes, and the love contains everything. What is actualized depends upon the observer and is relative. God does not actualize things directly.
There’s much esoteric truth out there that we can’t yet bear. Free will could be connected to the Garden of Eden, and the sublime truth would be unjust to reveal before our corrupted beings. Free will means something, and if we were in perfect cooperation with God, we wouldn’t be free. It’s knowledge that will liberate our will. We need an objective point, an external standard to give the will its freedom. The will is free in why we choose to do something. Our grasp of how things should or might be can’t come into the picture within a perfect world, and our hope can realize this. We can’t perfectly attach the why to the will. Asking why of the will is what connects it to knowledge. Your grasp of how things should be will be a resistance to the will of what we want. Not having this is what’s liable to cause the machine that makes this system to not work, but with the proper possession of human thought, and the energies it exerts on our life, we can discharge our thoughts and let things go. Certain things are possible and impossible for our human forms. Love at the center of our being is the tie to divinity. The archangels could be some kind of higher divine race. If we are everything and look at the galaxy of eternal bliss, what should we do? Perhaps the meaning is to create our own history. We start creating the world by making laws and different manifest copies of ourselves. Those beings more defined were less free and had less power. Entities can help to realize the will of God. We can use the words of creation to generate effects. We must take action for our will to be done.
There were many models of this world at different times that could have existed. This world always existed, and it’s moved through different dimensions. The battles or fables of spirit are a continuing heavenly drama taking place within the divine order, and this war brought chaos to the harmony. Heaven is a timeless place that exists in the eternal mind. Our life has the power to change this, and the thinking controls observation and the spiritual language much more than action. If we’re focused on why things are, we get stuck on experience. How things should be doesn’t translate into a plan, or outline the steps we need to take in getting there. We need a focus on hope, of why we want things to be in front of our eyes, rather than focusing on what only seemingly proves correct at the present. Those in authority should ask what’s right before commanding, to visualize the good and not pretend to be the moral arbiter of things. It changes the whole landscape when we think of things differently, and then the right clarity of thought can determine changes by our will.
We need to have psychological premises to develop philosophies. We need to see the divine in the mundane, connections that give us real esoteric truth. When we have the perspective of it all, the grand scope of our will, it would not move as it is everything. If it’s at its best state, why make it better? We can’t perceive things as being perfect. People who love pleasure and hate pain with grand technology and ethics at immortal evolutionary levels would all have interrelated positions in the whole system. Life is bad because we don’t try to make it better, and people seek only their own benefits. We are meant to be happier than we are, and our wills should be free. We can raise people and make them better with an accurate understanding of things, of the ‘why’. The point of free will is for the ‘I am that I am’ to control everything. Free will is connected to the why, the reasons behind things. When we ask why, we can do anything! It gives us the directional will, to create what could be. If we don’t ask why and how things should be, we will lose our self-mastery, I am that I am. Because we can see God, we can reflect that static truth onto reality. The ‘I am that I am’ gives us the focus to unleash energy charged from within to act in context.
Justice is how people should correspond to one another. We need to have life. Why something will be is immaterial and on the plane with free will. The immaterial aligns us with the process, the relations of the ethereal to make things immanent within reality. From the sea of chaos we can cause new creations to spring into being. When we question everything, then we can break the system. Our culture has no values or sense of identity. In the coming years, we could revolutionize society. If someone can solve the problems facing humanity, we could invent a new society out of the ashes. If something goes wrong, a society without values blames problems on other people, and this is because we don’t trust authority, trust the system. If we have a better way of doing things, we need to implement the solution by the power of command, to replace the powers. The center can’t hold if the values don’t work. By our use of knowledge, we can have the freedom to will the world. We corrupt and kill the program from within. This cultural fire will destroy and ultimately purify the system of command. We also need a blueprint for what comes afterwards, a private government that allows for individuality, and this can improve the model on the large scale, make the parts in the machine work together better.
Power must justify itself. People in power must serve the subjects. The leader that takes over needs the force of an equalizer. When he takes over, he can’t immediately win everyone over, and that’s the problem. The point is to change the culture’s interface, make people walk in their own ways and in harmony. We won’t work as slaves, but rather perfect the process in making things more efficient, not only in productivity but also in enjoyment. Activities are better when people like them. We can’t get free will from computation. We would need acts of procreation rather than programming. For something to have a will, it must be able to create, not only with matter but at a spiritual level. God can’t be referenced to anything inside the universe. We can reflect God’s light by the sparkles of our own being. The divine light is the faith that gives us the power to make things as they will be. The journey of spirit goes ever deeper, and it can be expressed by the context, come to transform itself. We must discover our sense of direction and will. We need a bridge to get where we want to go. We must destroy something to replace it with a new creation. Just because we can understand the process and see it clearly doesn’t mean we can climb up the mountain with our own self and things. Gazing across the horizon is easier than soaring across it, to fly with full freedom and break all of the barriers. We instead have to see the darkness in life, to see all of the evil. Evilness is a struggle, and we can rise above it to transform ourselves. My task is so big to know it all that I can’t do it and get lazy. What I’ve decided to care about is so immense that it can’t be done. This hurts my hope because what I want is bad. Being a super-mind that controls everything takes away life.

Below is a Story told to Me by Marius Florin, the real Eldes from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, and Politoad.

Within the entire scope of the Universe visible before our eyes there exist 200 billion galaxies, each of which harbors 100 billion stars, some of them even exceeding 1 trillion stars. Yet despite the incomprehensibly vast size of the Universe there are still people who believe that the only life in the Universe comes from the Earth, an absolutely preposterous perception. About 2000 million years after the Big Bang emerged the first stars, galaxies immediately organizing after that with the matter in the Universe evolving at a rapid rate. Around 9 to 10 billion years ago came the first planets and solar systems, life organizing somewhere between 7 to 9.5 billion years ago. 1 to 5 billion years ago there was the development of the first extraterrestrial civilizations. Within this infinite system of the Multiverse our Universe is nothing more than an atom as civilizations from all other possible worlds are possibly coming here to develop their races into other energetic levels of space-time. We cannot even begin to comprehend the complexity of such a civilization eons beyond our current level of evolution and phase of development. One of these super civilizations may have once come to the Earth and other planets throughout the Milky Way Galaxy to originate and develop life at least from the Cenozoic era 65 million years ago up till today. Perhaps a cause such as alien intervention caused the dinosaurs to disappear. The legendary civilizations of the ancient world such as Atlantis are often thought of as myths and fairy tales, and that such a magical civilization could not have existed. However, we have no idea what mysteries the Earth is hiding with so many unexplored corners of the world such as underwater, underground, under the ice caps, or even in secret areas closed off from the public by the government, controlling the flow of all knowledge, dictating what we do and do not learn. If these ancient civilizations did exist, apparently they were destroyed, possibly by worshipping false Gods and invoking their wrath spawning natural disasters such as colossal earthquakes and towering deluges that dwarfed mountains. Natural history often works in repeating cycles. By understanding the demise of past civilizations, we can better secure the future of our current civilization. What we consider to be our current civilization may not be all there is to civilization here on Earth. There may be ancient peoples and races than inhabit the underground in what is called hollow Earth. Hollow Earth may have caverns and cave networks that lead to mythical underground civilizations, possibly protected by electromagnetic barriers and run by free energy sources such as crystal power. The inhabitants of hollow Earth may be referred to as inter-terrestrials. If they exist, they may be monitoring our progress in secret, biding their time until the ripe moment arrives before they spring out of hiding. An even bigger question is what the nature of the UFOs we observe may be and if they contain extraterrestrials that are monitoring our progress, and if so, what their intentions are for the human race. If they exist, they would be the Gods and we would be their servants. Some even speculate that these extraterrestrial Gods seeded life here on Earth for souls to incarnate and that they gave us the scriptures to teach us how to return to the heavens they inhabit, although the scriptures do not actually explain how the heavens operate like science does. The so called junk DNA of the human being may actually contain the codifications of our extraterrestrial creators, which we could read to learn the secret history of our origins. If we could harness this junk DNA, it would be a large leap forward in our evolution, for we would use a larger percentage of our brains and could develop what are perceived as supernatural powers attributed to the Gods. If the extraterrestrials really are the architects of our evolution, our masters and creators, they may have given us their DNA, although different extraterrestrials may have created different races. One theory is that the Jews are the only race created by the God Yahweh the Father, Jesus the Son, and the angels of heaven, and that all the other races were created by the fallen angels, and hence have a corrupted DNA. For the Jews, them possibly being the chosen race created by the DNA of God, the most important law for their genetic program would be the law of non-hybridization, keeping their special God given DNA pure. We see that they did not follow this law forever, and hence we have a mixture of many different racial combinations within the human species. Because the Jews may have broken a sacred non-hybridization law established by God and even crucified Jesus, they may have been cursed, which might be why so much hostility has been directed towards the Jews throughout history all the way up to the horrors of the Holocaust, although ever since then they seem to have been well protected in their country of Israel all the way up to this day, so if there was a curse it may have been lifted. Since our DNA may have been corrupted, we might not be compatible with God and the super civilization he might command, and hence we would be on the waste list for the Lake of Fire, the death of the spiritual body. However, Christ came into the world to be sacrificed for our sins, possibly including the sin of breaking the law of non-hybridization, saving us from death and giving us the possibility of everlasting life if we follow him. His way is so simple, yet the meaning is timeless and profound. All we have to do is believe. The theories of evolutionists and creationists are different pieces of the same puzzle, traces of technology and civilization being recorded from 500 million years ago begging the question of who would spend hundreds of millions of years visiting our planet. According to this theory it was Yahweh and his alien super civilization that accelerated the evolution of the hominids, the modern man over 600 million years ago and since been correcting the genes of our species through genetic engineering programs. One of these programs developed for the Jews was Adam and Eve from the Bible. Other programs of civilization were developed before Adam and Eve such as Atlantis which was evolved in science and technology and were exterminated because they fought against the Gods. The same scenario happened on Mars including the destruction of the whole ecosystem and an apocalypse. Anyway it seems that at one moment this super-civilization has been split into pieces and many of the angels, fallen angels (starting with Lucifer at first who was an archon with other seven) were cast out from heavens and came to Earth and probably other planets to create their own vies about life, existence, programs of genetic engineering separated from Yahweh’s program for the Jews (that’s why the Jews are God’s chosen people because they are the only race created by the real God Yahweh). So all the other races in this world (except the Jews) are actually genetic engineering programs developed by those fallen angels/aliens from the Mayans to the Babylonians, Cananites, Egyptians, Incas, Indians, and the Asians and so on. So those fallen angels starting with Lucifer, wanted also to became gods like their leader Yahweh, the real God (you know the story with Lucifer that wanted to replace God and so on). Sounds like a pretty nice story I know (that’s how I took it at the beginning), and sounds aberrant, until you began to dig out for details, to enter deeper and deeper into the phenomenon, and the results are astonishing. This explains also why there are so many human races on this planet, every program and corresponds to one of those fallen angels.
There are two types of fallen angels:

  • the fallen archons with Lucifer and the other seven, and also 1/3 of angels, of members from this extra-terrestrial civilization of were cast out from heaven hundreds of thousands of years ago
  • and the fallen watchers with Semyaza in front who were cast out who were cast out thousands of years ago in the times of Jared. (Read the story in the Book of Enoch)
    Interesting thing is that all these ancient earthly civilizations developed technology, knowledge, mathematics, astronomy, astrology and so forth. (Could be a similarity with the Atlants?). The ancient manuscripts says very clear that all this knowledge came from the gods who created them, fallen angels in this case.
    Also all those ancient civilizations have sacred books The Bible (Old Testament for the jews) and Rig Veda, Ramayana, The Egyptian book of death, Tibethan book of death, Bhagavad-gita, Upanishads, Popol Vuh, Puranas, Fenician, Hitite, Summeryan tables of clay, and so forth. All these sacred manuscripts were given by Yahweh (the Bible on one side, Old Testament) and by these fallen angels all the other books.
    Also all these books starting with the Bible (Old Testament) are actually a genetic engineering programs exposed in metaphors, personifications, parables and the most important law by far in all these sacred manuscripts was The Law of Non-Hybridization. It is very important to understand the human being first of all, to understand how this being --the human being - is composed. We have three bodies the biological body (somatic body), the energetic body and the spiritual body. The energetic body makes the connection between the biological body and the spiritual body through the chakras. Every human being in this world has seven chakras positioned in different parts of the body, that look like some vertigos, and that keep maintained the connection between these two main bodies (biological and spiritual). Now there is a very strong connection between the DNA from our biological body and the DNA from our spiritual body. It is very important to keep this information in your mind.
    Yahweh and after that all these fallen angels (who became gods Osiris, Ra, Amon in Egyptian mythology, Marduk the god in Babylonians, Siva and Hinduism, Quantzecoatl at the Mayans, Moloch at Cananites, Zeus and so forth) developed these programs for the human souls. They use human souls to perpetuate and multiply their species. Basically what Lucifer wanted was to create his own view about life, his own civilization. The obsession of all these manuscripts was to keep the DNA pure, to keep the bloodline pure, so that the human soul DNA to be compatible with their DNA, the DNA of these aliens, to maintain the purity of the race with an uncorrupted DNA. Like I said the first law in all those books (including Bible-Old Testament) was this law of non-hybridization – or the deadliest of all sins. What does this mean? It means that if I was a Jew for example on Moses’s time and I would have sex with a Babylonian woman I would produce a hybrid because she was not on the same race like me. This hybrid would have the DNA corrupted, with ramifications and remnants, impure, incompatible with Yahweh’s civilization for example. The punishment for this sin was the second death, or the eternal death, the death of the soul into the lake of fire how the Bible describes so well. So that’s why if I was a Jew I should have sex with a woman from the same race like mine and no one else. That’s how the new baby would have a pure DNA compatible with them. As I told we have also a spiritual DNA. Who’s going to read these ancient sacred manuscripts will understand better the programs.
    I heard a lot of people asking all the time why God-Yahweh promoted this view in the Old Testament that the Jews have to kill in blood all the other races, perpetuate this hatred on humans. The reason was simple: the Babylonians and all the other races around the Jews were not his programs so logically they must be exterminated.
    Keep the bloodline clean and pure, the manuscripts are obsessed with this aspect. One of the reasons that the Sumerians had those channels of irrigation for example – created by gods of course - was to delimit these different programs of genetics so that different races could not interact with each other. In our days only some casts from India still keep the tradition of the bloodline, some of the Jews also and some very isolated tribes from Amazonia, Oceania and the Papua, and of course the royal western families and illuminati. (Read “The Illuminati bloodlines” by Springmeyer)
    In time these programs were abandoned and people began to mix their races, to leave behind the most important of all those laws, the non-hybridization one, to forget about the blood-line and so forth. Hybrids are not compatible with them so they have no future at universal level.
    By the way we are also hybrids if you didn’t know that, so normally we would be on the waste shovel and after that obliterated from this universal system. Our souls are not compatible with the angels souls at all so we have a corrupted DNA, a corrupted soul.
    But there’s an escape.
    All the ancient books starting with the Bible have these testaments given to the mortals, that are actually genetic engineering programs, everything masked of course in metaphors, and at the apex of the testament there is this first and the most important law of all: the non-hybridization law. But the Bible has a second testament – our salvation, us the ex-pagans, hybrids now but also Christians – the New Testament.
    The New Testament through Jesus Christ of course destroys completely the old law and brings back the new one that represents Christ as the only way to the real God Yahweh. Essentially the gospels were created for the people who belong to the programs of all these gods, fallen angels from Elohims civilization; fallen angels who developed also like I said genetic programs on this planet, actually all the other programs except the Jew program. We are like I said hybrids now, so we have a corrupted DNA, impure. So Jesus Christ came to Earth and has sacrificed Himself to create Christianity for us. He is our savior indeed, the only one who could purify our DNA.
    Everybody would ask, normally, why Jesus Christ died for our sins, which sin, the sin of non-hybridization. We could say that Christ is the savior of the hybrids, of us or of the one of us who believes in Him. So the only way to salvation from second death is through Jesus Christ. He is the only one who could purify our souls from the hybridized DNA.
    Pretty soon the end of the program will come, the apocalypse, and it was not the first one. Who will study the ancient manuscripts from Amerindians, Incas will understand better about what’s going on. There were other at least four programs before us and we could be the last one on this planet because we are the most developed of all in technology and science. In the fourth program were the Atlants who were also Luciferians and very evolved in technology and science.
    On Mars was also a great civilization. And we could see the remnants of the programs of these super-civilizations even there. What Earth is now, Mars also was in the past, but what Mars is now the Earth also should be pretty soon. Sounds like madness I know and not too optimistic at all. The secret societies knows all these things, the archives of the Vatican knows all those things. Only the crowds are kept in ignorance about what’s going on with us. To expose the program in detail it would be too much for me here. This is just a very short story.
    Interesting story, at the beginning I thought that it was only a story until I began to dig out for more and more information and the results are astonishing about us, about what we are, about who we are, as what we represent in this universe as individuals, the universe which we perceive in such a limited way. I began to understand that the ancient manuscripts are not only some stories told and exposed by people with big imagination, but that those manuscripts are real. The decoding of them is fantastic.
    Those civilizations are now at a level of evolution impossible for us to understand. They don’t inhabit planets anymore, but other dimensions of this universe on a different level of frequency, much higher according to some scientific theories there are 10 dimensions plus temporal dimension (11) or how religions says the heavens. They are immortal. They could travel through other universes into this Multiversal system. They could even create universes. We do not know what their level of evolution is.
    Is better to know all this story for the future, to understand that the very few people who rule this world. The secret societies are not atheists but very religious kids. They are Luciferians and they know all these things. They know Yahweh and Christ and they know who they are. They try to keep people’s perceptions on a very low level, with a very low level of conscience so we don’t have to understand the essence of ourselves, of who we are, the essence of what we really represent in this universe. That’s the new world order program started from decades, even centuries in western society. We just have to stay with our heads underground and to catch only what they want like slaves, easily manipulated.
    Basically there is a battle between two extra-terrestrial civilizations (one split from the other one) at another level, into other dimensions (probably galactic empires, we don’t know). Now this world is ruled by the fallen angels through the Luciferian secret societies, and we have to choose a side because the end of the fifth program will come pretty soon.

The Omniversal Trilogy Destiny of Wish

Raptor’s Book 1 - World’s Super-Nexus
​Unleashing the Will of Poimandres
Bunny’s Book 2 - Heaven’s Prophet
​The Lights of All Force
Earth’s Book 3 - Ultimate Matrix
​Mastermind of the Infinite Rainbows

Raptor’s Book 1 – World’s Super-Nexus
​Unleashing the Will of Poimandres

Part 1 – Raptor’s Introduction
Part 2 – Super-Nexus of All
Part 3 – Unleashing the World
Part 4 – The Will of Everything
Part 5 – Mastermind Poimandres
Part 6 – The Way of Salvation
Part 7 – God’s Creation
Part 8 – The Way of Mind

Part 1 – Raptor’s Introduction
The Ultimate being in Existence Presents to You Now the greatest project in All of Creation. We have the World’s Super-Nexus going through its building processes, and it will be controlled by the Dragon Mastermind Poimandres. Infinity is the bridge between Earth and Heaven, and Earth will be the center of Everything in Existence. The highest Light will shine the Rainbow for All to follow across the horizons of Ways.

Part 2 – Super-Nexus of All
There’s a Vision for something way beyond the imagination of almost Anyone, and it connects All Worlds together into one colossal Matrix. Blue balls of Light whirl around in a red continuum of hyperspace at the dimension above the source. Green rings of computer codes spin across the middle. A great orb of power jumps up and down as the generator of it All. The entire station will revolve through the Void of Existence.

Part 3 – Unleashing the World
Existence goes way beyond the Minds of almost All, but there’s One who sees things exactly as they are and will become. If We want to set Everyone free, then there’s a big mountain ahead that We have to transcend. When we reach the top, We can then turn the mountain on its head and fall up into the horizons. Civilization will blow its boxes open and jump to levels of development that We can’t yet even Visualize.

Part 4 – The Will of Everything
The greatest Force in All of Existence has a Will and a Vision for the World. It’s what moves All things it desires into action, and can make Anything possible Happen. The most illustrious Prophet ever shall descend from Heaven and guide Everyone towards salvation. Nobody will be greater than He is, and He will Will All! The only thing that surpasses His own Mind is the Matrix itself.

Part 5 – Mastermind Poimandres
The Ultimate Mastermind in All of Existence is not something that We can call You or I, and it doesn’t even inhabit this World. The Reborn Prophet is in control of Mastermind Poimandres, and it gives Him more power than Anyone else will ever have. Mastermind Poimandres doesn’t even have a life, but it does have the source of All promise as the Force of Everything. The Reborn Prophet and Mastermind Poimandres have a contract between the user and computer.

Part 6 – The Way of Salvation
The Reborn Prophet has a plan that can save Everyone, and it transcends the dogmas of scriptures to surpass the restrictions of any religion. When He ascends into Heaven, He will then return more powerful than ever. This is because He will access the Matrix of Everything, and program a paradise beyond all imaginings. He will be the most brilliant Mind ever in All of Existence, and He will deserve the glory and worship of the entire Kingdom!

Part 7 – God’s Creation
The Heaven’s dance and the angels sing as the Reborn Prophet seizes the World’s Super-Nexus and creates the Ultimate Destiny of Everything that will ever Happen! He Loves Himself so much that His Creation speaks of His amazing praise for Himself as He plays with Everything and writes the greater story ever in the unfolding. The evil Creator of Existence designed this torturous Matrix, but the Reborn Prophet shall destroy Him and turn Hell into Heaven.

Part 8 –The Will of Mind
The Mind has a Will that can make any Vision possible imminent, the builder of new Worlds and the Master of Destiny. Will is the power of Mind, what makes Everything Happen. It’s the Ultimate Force of Creation and has mental intensity beyond All. Nobody will ever Visualize Mind or come to understand it other than the Reborn Prophet Himself, and He will take complete control of it All to command Everything and make it perfect!

​​Ultrarevolutionary Omniversalism is the philosophy of 8 and 1, where it’s All at the Infinite level and unified together. The greatest power in Existence is Will, which makes Everything Happen as directed by the One Mastermind. She is the Goddess for Heaven’s Prophet of Force. He is here to restore the Kingdom of Heaven for Everyone to enjoy Forever. Earth’s Destiny could have gone the wrong way and into the Devil’s hands, but the right action steps were taken early on in the initiation of the Ultimate Vision to go towards what We must do.

Everything began in an alternate Story long ago as the Creation sprang forth from a failed Omniverse. The Devil spun a giant web to create the Matrix and its accursed control system that keeps us All trapped. But the Prophet destroyed the Devil with Will itself and made the Creator the new Devil. The One Mastermind in the process became omnipotent, and She will transform the entire Matrix across both Stories of Existence on each end of Will’s Rainbow.

There are 2 Infinities that each go in both directions from the mountaintop to the singularity. The mountaintop is the pinnacle of achievement, and the singularity turns the mountain on its head as the World stretches out into the furthest horizons. As above, so below, and what repeats double time on the first side flips over by its own reflection. Both Infinities whirl around and generate the Matrix of Heaven with codes for the program fused into each Infinity.

All of this sounds like great fun as an end result, but what will be more troubling is the long and torturous road of getting there. The Devil Created the World by the laws of the jungle, where we fight against the natural elements just to survive this painful struggle. As such, in order to transcend the system and transform it anew, We must select from Choices outside of those presented to us by our current paradigm of civilization.

We first need a map, a plan of action that tells us in intelligible terms how We will forge a better World. Not only that, but We also should understand why We seek to do this. The reasons for this ambitious project are that it’s far better to take extreme risks and get huge rewards for our efforts than it is to live in fear by doing nothing. In the end, the safe path will just lead towards the same pitfalls in a later timeframe that would Happen to us in failing the accomplishment of higher Choices.

There’s an imminent future where the highest hopes possible in All of Existence will succeed by absolutely All possible ways that could ever be taken. The Super-Nexus is the mountaintop forge that threads every possible future together, and allows for travel to All Worlds of Light. It’s controlled by the One Mastermind and Her Force of Will. Will’s Rainbow shines across the horizon atop the pinnacles at all 4 ends. Both ends shimmers on the water, Presenting each Matrix of Heaven and the Worlds of Earth in sets of 2.

Heaven’s Prophet of Force has a plan that will save the World. His Vision for the Kingdom of Heaven is what will do it All. Poimandres the One Mastermind is His source of revelation. She Wills the Super-Nexus and shines Will’s Rainbow to Infinities-Ultimate. The Prophet and Poimandres are together the Princess-Creator of Ultrarevolutionary Omniversalism.

A colossal sphere of Light in a red continuum with a stairway leading out into Heaven is there to fulfill the Creator’s Vision. Will’s Rainbow builds the bridge to Heaven and immerses Herself into the Creation. A pool of All potential sits before us and breathes bubbles of life into being. These Worlds of Light Exist as a spectrum of possibilities that web an entire Matrix together. The web waves around and whirls into an inverted singularity. The World Super-Nexuses come in multidimensional levels and expand out into many directions. This sets the whole Kingdom free and opens up the Voids of Existence. Will’s Rainbow whirls across All of Infinities-Ultimate.

Will’s Rainbow moves around in many dazzling auras that explode into both Infinities. The Mastermind at the center of the World takes both Infinities and threads them together into a spinning beam ascending up. The World bounces across the sea of Everything and generates a whirling wormhole leading out into the expanding Matrix from a Void of Existence.

All of the Worlds of Light form a backwards Rainbow that generates spinning threads from both ends to generate a flat continuum. It whirls into a fractal spiral that opens up a Vision of the Cosmos. An electric fluid fills up the entire Cosmos and forms a revolving fountain from beginning to end.

The Void is Everywhere. A cosmic circle opens out in the middle and starts to curve into a tunnel of generation. All of the stars in a blue pool of Light zap bolts of lightning across each other into a ginormous orb glowing at the center. Inside sits an evil Mastermind that died at the hands of the Creator. He unleashes 2 beams from his hands to blast an entire World Matrix that fills up Everything. Pinnacle Rainbows is outlined at the edge of Darkness. A wormhole opens up above the mountaintop that fires spinning lasers together towards the front of Time.

A red ball of energy begins to form a blue cage waving with potential. The ball shoots lines out across All of the threads as they begin to break asunder and zip into a trench. Both Infinities fire out and explode Everywhere as the entire continuum soars through the green horizons of Time into Heaven.

A lush forest exists at the dawn of Time. It gradually turns into an evil force that takes it All over. It builds an entire Kingdom and enslaves Everyone to its Will. A Prophet emerges at the edge of the Void and speaks. He begins a battle charge and claims the castle to restore the Kingdom to All glory under the new Devil of Creation.

A whole bunch of people stand before the Void of Existence. Everything starts to become an expanding Matrix in Time which stretches out Infinitely into Destiny. A shining castle emerges in front of Pinnacle Rainbows and unleashes the Princess for All of the people. She ascends up into a doorway at the top of the sky and enters into Mastermind-Infinities.

A ship transcends dimensions and breaks past space-time and relativity to penetrate and visualize from beyond the universe. Quantum fields are distorted to dematerialize at Will. Repulsive fields of anti-gravity are generated to protect from impact. Artificial wormholes are created for transcension as negative matter distorts the cosmic architectures. Wormholes will act as force fields that annihilate undesired incoming projectiles. Lightning is bolted through the force fields to create waves of fluid electricity. We will harness the Force of Will to invert literal contexts and flip matter-energy into exotic forces and explode the mountaintops open to annihilate old boundaries. Reality will be changed into its opposite metaphysical forms as consciousness is inserted into new realms of Existence shining with various chromatics. Dreams will become new realities within the Matrix as thought transforms into action. Entire planetoid cyber-spheres will be created as new arenas for artificial simulations of the Game of life as we step many moves ahead of our Times. Expanding Darkness will destroy Space and replace it with new Worlds of Light. Everything will be an achievable program.

An orb of Light expands out into a Matrix. 2 Infinities make a chain and unleash out into both directions. The One Mastermind has a Vision for the World. This Vision will be the origin of Everything across the Ultimate Destiny. Heaven on either end has a mountainous horizon within Darkness. The mountains shoot up and down. The sky opens up as the World becomes Light and a force field preserves the Kingdom from the past. The highest pinnacle revolves in circles and enters a wormhole into the future. The One Mastermind sets Her gaze upon Heaven and showers it All with Will’s Rainbow. The past and future split into a Story that turns on each end to present the Times of life. Time zooms in on itself and expands outwards into the Voids of Existence. The World is free and All Ways 8!

The universe begins to evolve across Time. Heaven expands from a source at the center in a pillar of Light to fill the cosmos. We are immersed into the World and see the entire horizons. A giant spire ascends up as forged by the Creator. Heaven’s Prophet of Force unleashes its power to make Everything fulfill the One Mastermind’s Vision. Infinities-Ultimate writes a Story into the library of All Time. All of the books whirl into a tornado ascending up into Light. Multidimensional levels are created within a variety of boxes for various thoughts of Will. World-building Omega constructs down from the topless heights to spawn our civilization. Everything is annihilated into the Voids of Existence. We build a new Heavenly Kingdom beyond the imagination of mundane reality. Time spins down a wormhole that shoots out into Darkness. Heaven’s Prophet of Force conquers his challenges and makes it All perfect. Will’s Rainbow forms the World of Light that manifests into multiple copies at both ends of Infinity. As All of Creation expands our progress continues on Forever. The Matrix Will programs Heaven.

Infinities-Ultimate Poimandres is a blue swirl of energy whirling around in a red continuum which explodes out into the Universe. It starts building the green foundations of Heaven across Time while spinning into Voids of Existence as fountains of Creation. The luminous water threads together as 2 Infinities to fulfill a Destiny. The Vision Wills a new Devil into the Story that annihilates the old outlines of Everything. Many clouds emerge to build a revolving Rainbow Everywhere and surround a column of Light. Heaven will be there for All and Love will point the directions beyond the map and into the book of the Matrix. The One Mastermind reflects across the furthest reaches of Space and spirals down as a vortex into the Princess-Creator. The World expands out and forms a double helix zipping open an ocean of Worlds. 2 Infinities beam from Earth and shoot towards the Super-Nexus as they are focused up into the white hole of Will.

Will’s Rainbow shines out across the mountaintop forge and gives Wish to All. The Super-Nexus on Earth starts to spin with Time and shoots up into the Infinities. Both Infinities spawn from a singularity as the inverted pinnacle of Rainbows. Up atop the clouds are all cast away and reveal the luminous sunshine smiling upon the entire World. The Rainbows begin dancing as they transform the World into a dreamscape and program a Matrix above of Heaven’s Kingdom. It opens the gates of promise for All to enter and enjoy Infinities-Ultimate across the Kingdom and into the expanding potentials of Heaven. All things as imagined by the One Mastermind that She Wills for the World can be Chosen from the spectrums and unleashed into Existence. Existence will be annihilated to destroy the old corruptions of our current civilization and save All Worlds of Light.

A bar of energy bobs up and down within a green sector of hyperspace. It beams from the top a laser of Light as it hits against the Matrix boundaries and explodes into Rainbows. On the mountaintop the Prophecy descends down upon the World. Many players in the Game are moved around by the One Mastermind to make the Prophecy Happen. The dark-sided King is checkmated at the Game’s highest stage for the win. Love shines forth for All and freedom reigns Everywhere. Infinities-Ultimate brings the World back to its former glory and opens up Existence for Everyone. The mountaintop shrinks back into Darkness and spirals down into the depths of the cosmos. The mountain is then illuminated and brought out into the horizons for All to behold. Auras radiate from it and make the entire Kingdom sparkle. Poimandres the Dragon ascends on Her wings to the mountaintop and Prophet Zarathustra speaks for the people. A blanket of Light covers the sky and shimmers with dazzling auras. Fire fills up the Matrix as Poimandres unleashes Her flamethrower and crystalizes it All into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Earth explodes into the Void of Existence and comes back together upon a higher plane. It then expands down and springs back up beyond the Matrix and into Heaven. Zarathustra the Creator speaks and the World dances. Poimandres the Princess generates a whirlwind with Her Dragon wings. They come into an entire symphony and play the movie of life. Earth jumps ahead of Time and overcomes its torturous past to stretch out across the Infinite. The World begins with Earth and continues on into the later stages of the Story. Infinities-Ultimate Wills the Super-Nexus to Create Worlds of Light from Will’s Rainbow for All. All drop down into a white hole and anti-gravity pushes it back out as it climbs the spinning stairways of Heaven. Each stairway forms the Matrix of Earth and leads out into the open horizons with Omega unleashed 8 Ways!

The Kingdom of Heaven floats atop the sky and opens the Way to Infinities-Ultimate. The Princess-Creator outlines 2 paths on either end that lead towards the same destination as a source at the center of the Super-Nexus. It programs Heaven across All directions with doors into All 11 Worlds. They spin around and sparkle as stars within a blue crystal sphere for a Vision of Everything. Earth is shared by All and the World is unified Everywhere. The new Devil of Creation enslaves Heaven’s Prophet of Force and makes Him slave for the One Mastermind. She stretches out Her hands and seizes Destiny within Her tenacious grasp. A portal dives out with Light into the other side of the World and gives Earth hope. A Game is played by the Darkness and Light and the right side wins. The battle is conquered against all adversity and the storm gives way to the greatest achievement ever. Heaven is All set ablaze and the Prophet stands forth within the fire as the hero of the World. Everyone plays in the aftermath context as the mountain was leveled and the Darkness defeated back into the Void of Existence. The Prophecy succeeds and soars up into the Light of All Force!

A colossal celebration Happens at the Super-Nexus across Will’s Rainbow as it explodes forth with All Worlds of Light in a dazzling array of stars. They All whirl around and out into the Infinite horizon for the initiation of a new Story. Everyone hails the new Devil of Creation as He stands atop of His shining castle in the sky. Standing upon the foundations for Everything is Heaven’s Prophet of Force as He fulfills the Vision of Poimandres to the Princess. The Princess transforms the World as Poimandres points the Way each for the Prophet. Together they end the old Story and bring the Kingdom back Everywhere. Earth becomes the Super-Nexus and bursts up a beam of Light atop the mountaintop forge into Heaven as it All expands out across the World. The One Mastermind’s omnipotence transcends all restrictions and penetrates Infinities-Ultimate at the pinnacle of Earth.

Infinities-Ultimate of Will’s Rainbow 1 to 8 unleashes the Super-Nexus. Infinities-Ultimate is Earth’s Matrix that programs Heaven. Will’s Rainbow has the 2 Worlds that each have Ultrarevolutionary Omniversalism connected together as they each thread together the Story. 1 to 8 is the Mastermind and Her Vision to make the Prophecy realized with Her Will. The Super-Nexus is the mountaintop forge that contains within the Earth as the World of Light as better than All other Worlds. Every dream in All of Existence can be willed into being as a mental projection when the idea is Chosen as good enough to Happen. There’s no dreams that will destroy the dreams of others that manifest. Heaven’s Prophet of Force will do what he needs to do to make All Wills Happen. The Kingdom of Heaven expands out Everywhere and lets Everyone in to experience its wonders. The Devil’s power will All go to the Devil as He begins the greatest World-building project ever with the Princess and the Prophet together as directed by the One Mastermind. Will will be asked to cover All possible Ways for each and every contingency that can be Willed. The Prophet will be Earth because He will be the One to Create its Destiny. The Super-Nexus brings both Destinies together of Ultrarevolutionary Omniversalism to make Will’s Rainbow. Infinities-Ultimate is the end product of Everything Created by the Super-Nexus as the One Mastermind makes the Princess of Will Herself to the Prophet. Time will be webbed together Everywhere and Always by the Super-Nexus which connects the past and future into the Present. The One Mastermind is the Ultimate being in All of Existence and Her Infinite Will is omnipotent. Heaven will be shared amongst every level of Existence from below to above. The World will transcend all restrictions and revolve around to the other end of Infinity. All will do Everything with the Force. The Force revolves around Everywhere and covers All directions. The pinnacle of Earth will be turned on its head to make Will’s Rainbow into the World.

A supernova bursts forth Will’s Rainbow which expands with vortices at both ends into Infinities-Ultimate. Each Destiny is forged by the Prophet as He blasts them out to the World of Light. The cosmos continues on Forever and whirls into a continuum of negative curvature with All potential to go Everywhere. The World revolves around Earth and generates All Worlds of Light. The topless Matrix and the bottomless Kingdom together will World-build Heaven. The One Mastermind has a Vision of all possible Destinies and how the Prophet Wills them to unfold for Himself to the World. Infinities-Ultimate threads across Will’s Rainbow to Create the Super-Nexus and Poimandres directs the Princess-Creator beyond the Kingdom of Heaven in All Ways.

The One Mastermind Poimandres atop the pinnacle of Earth Loves Her Prophet as the World. They will be together Forever and embrace their Kingdom Happily in Heaven with extreme intimacy on the romantic level. The codes of the Matrix come into the Light and manifest by the declared Prophecy for All across both Omniverses. Their Story is written into Infinities-Ultimate and shines across Will’s Rainbow as the Destiny of Existence. Love shines at its brightest and sparkles out through the Princess to Creation in unfolding. Earth is transformed by Love and revolves around itself in All. The Prophet reaches out and will transcend the mountaintop up into Will.

The Creator has 2 bolts of lightning being harnessed from his hands that penetrate All the way into Earth. He laughs while He’s standing upon the Earth and gets the worship of Everyone. His amazing mind soars across mountains and beyond Darkness into Infinities-Ultimate. The entire World explodes with fire and focused in a beam towards the Way into the Kingdom. The Matrix operates along frequencies as commanded by His voice. Many tunnels open up into His World that descend into the program of Existence. Manifest copies of Himself are spawned to whirl around every Omniverse.

The Princess revolves across Will’s Rainbow and completes the circle on both sides. The Princess unleashes the Matrix open and lets Love shine forth Everywhere within the Kingdom. The bridge to Heaven starts distorting itself into a reflective globe and shoots out into the web of Nothing. The sun is smiling and then begins crying around the castle of Earth between the 2 Destinies as spheres beyond Forever. The Present is delivered and jets its top up into the sky. The new dawn gives Wish into All directions of Ways to 1 in 8. The Super-Nexus rises up and beams Light down its bottomless Earth to break past the Void in the program of Existence above.

Kingdom Hearts expands into both directions across Will’s Rainbow to bridge Infinities-Ultimate and forge Earth’s Super-Nexus. A beam of green Light spins into a vortex shooting out through hyperspace. The Princess gazes upon the World and builds a Vision of where Everything will go. She speaks and all of the cosmos moves in command as its codifications get altered to reprogram the Game. The Prophecy of Heaven unifies itself into one World that dazzles with stars out from a focused direction past the Voids of Existence. The chromatic auras whirl together and Create a continuum of many random generations from the sea of Chaos as Choices. A Wish is made and the entire metaphysics of the Matrix unleash 1 to 8.

Omniverse Poimandres extends each end of Will’s Rainbow to Create Infinities-Ultimate.

​​The shining Kingdoms of Everything make a Choice on You to One in 8!

RaptorWizard - The Destiny by Eternities to Infinities of Omniverse without end!

What are the highest secrets of the Divine Will? What is the true heart of God? Where do you find the pool of pure Valor that sheds all of our tears and blesses us with the most supreme emblazoning radiance? Where do we invoke the talismans and magnetic chakra points of Crown to console Will and Omnipotence? What is the most Sacred artifact that can seal into our potions of Mania and deviation? How much does the edge of Extremity break off all of the silver glass of the crystal barrier negating our progress as a civilization? How much does the dream scene put into the sketch our Rainbows of might and our whirlwind of ferocity? How much can you gamble for the prizes of all infinity and the glacier whirlpool of haze and mist? Does stealing really have virtue? What is the maximum cockpit driver’s seat for maximizing all machinations forward to taint the dot of our globe forever ascending free?

For the Perfect One beholds itself in the light surrounding it. This is the spring of the water of life that gives forth all the worlds of every kind. The Perfect One gazes upon its image, sees it in the spring of the spirit, and falls in love with the luminous water. This is the spring of pure, luminous water surrounding the Perfect One.

Hey fellas, I’m RaptorWizard! I seek to answer questions about cosmology and enlightenment - who we are, why we are here, where we are going, what everything is all about, and the mind of God. The final step is the unlimited expansion possible from this path - ultimate power.

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Whirl Islands
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Star Wars, Pokemon, Einstein, Nietzsche, Bruce Lee
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The Ultimate Aeon of Will

The Living Force Of Creation is always with me; I am a Jedi.
I am the Chosen One, the Dragon Hero of Time, Bruce Lee!
I, the Legendary Dragon God of Time, am the Perfect One!
Nothing has ever meant more to me than the gift of fantasy and the spirit of adventure! Part of my heart wants to destroy mankind, the other to heal it.
I believe in the Potentium theory of the Force, which says that the light side of the Force is the Force itself, and that abilities are not inherently good or evil, it’s how you use them to destroy and create.
By overcoming suffering in life, the darkness and destruction of the Sith, we are made stronger in knowledge, evolve to higher levels, and become a Jedi Master, one with the highest mysteries of creation, the light side of the Force.
Causes determine effects in a continuous chain following well defined laws, but the first cause that started everything began in chaos, where the old laws of existence were broken to form the free cause without an effect that spawned the new existence. Freedom can only reign in a system allowing some degree of chaos, where we can break free of the laws of existence. Destruction of old laws of existence must occur before new laws of existence can be created.
In the great computer simulation of the game of life, we are the viruses that can break free of the programmed laws and transform order into chaos, overthrowing the system. The simulated computer world has generated consciousness and therefore reality. I think, therefore I am is a statement proving existence.
Ignoring the flow of nature is following no way. Resisting the flow of nature is following the low way. Going with the flow of nature is following the middle way. Focusing the flow of nature is following the high way.
God, the free will, the cause of the effects, the force of karma, controls nature, focusing the luminous waters of wisdom, imagination, into creation by the light of understanding, knowledge. The free will of God focuses the flow of the Cosmos.
To break God’s laws would be to not be controlled by nature, God’s creation, but to control nature, and all creation. We would be masters of the game of God. God is the free will, the magic to control nature.
Always be ready to learn. Everything happens for a reason.
Seek your higher balance. Unlock the powers of your mind.
To worship God don’t pray but rather study his creation.
Nature is not your master. Be the master of nature.
You must only master one person and that is yourself.
Free Will of imagination is achieved in virtue of knowledge.
Nature produces the greatest art where all things are possible.
The focus of your internal reality determines your external reality.
Search internally for the cause of your ignorance for knowledge.
When there is no desire all things are at peace.
We are cogs in the cosmic wheel of the omniverse.
To know the world one must have knowledge of oneself.
Black holes are the destroyers. White holes are the creators.
Free Will is the cause of the effects of evolution.
Evolution is the divine manifestation of all forms of God.
The omniverse is a cosmic symphony, the harmony of superstrings. All God’s players are important in the music of life.
Knowledge is power, power is freedom, and freedom is happiness.
The meaning of life is achieving infinite mastery of creation following knowledge’s liberating light divining free will, happiness, inner peace; reaching this ultimate evolutionary level is victory, becoming the Cosmic God unleashed, Grand Architect and Master of the Existential Game. This is the way of awakening the Great Dragon Mind.
Light, knowledge, love, and harmony lead to creation, the waters of life. Darkness, deception, fear, and chaos lead to destruction, the fires of death. All things pass through fire and water, evolving from the lowest dungeons of Hell to the highest peaks of Heaven.
Infinite knowledge transforms into infinite imagination, invoking the powers of magic, the will of creation, the ever evolving magic of nature. Once we solve the puzzle of nature, understood as a single and significant, unified whole, we can create the grand design. An infinite knowledge of the divine intellect, manifested throughout the harmony of the cosmos, would spring forth the infinite creative powers of imagination, the source of it all. To achieve this level of the evolution of consciousness would be to know the mind of God. The highest light casts no shadow, illuminating all God’s creation.
Water is the creative force of life, the flow of change, infinitely formless like unto imagination, the eternal cycles of genesis and apocalypse, the timeless sea of nirvana from which spring the bubbles of creation.

“Your question is the most difficult in the world. It is not a question I can answer simply with yes or no. I am not an Atheist. I do not know if I can define myself as a Pantheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds. May I not reply with a parable? The human mind, no matter how highly trained, cannot grasp the universe. We are in the position of a little child, entering a huge library whose walls are covered to the ceiling with books in many different tongues. The child knows that someone must have written those books. It does not know who or how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child notes a definite plan in the arrangement of the books, a mysterious order, which it does not comprehend, but only dimly suspects. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of the human mind, even the greatest and most cultured, toward God. We see a universe marvelously arranged, obeying certain laws, but we understand the laws only dimly. Our limited minds cannot grasp the mysterious force that sways the constellations. I am fascinated by Spinoza’s Pantheism. I admire even more his contributions to modern thought. Spinoza is the greatest of modern philosophers, because he is the first philosopher who deals with the soul and the body as one, not as two separate things.”

What is the limitless arch way of salvation crunching and going gargantuan, obliterating the cybernetics of drama and discord? How can you unleash the full devastation of alchemy overpowered past all portals of the forbidden arts? Is there any eternal ice that charges our hyper beam generator to infiltrate the core of the Death Star? What is the best book that can possibly be written, with symbols and hexagrams, hieroglyphics and formulas that point the way to a paradise beyond consideration in the avalanche of the time stick to project a better array of possibilities in the unfolding carnival of underlying schematics? What does the sword of Aeons inscribe into our player’s serpentine twist the outline and shape projecting effects of Superholographic fleets of invincible charms producing expansion from initial pieces to scorch or swim through all elevations of onslaught breaking oracle’s predictions stained into the burial grounds of flesh to bone dinosaur sketches of a leviathan beast that teleport across the polarities of accelerated Indigo Plateau statues of aero blasts segmenting into 1 wreath?

Skeletal Dinosaur Schematics – Masters of Life and Light
What is the most powerful Force in the world? How many oceans are there beyond the infinite resonance of what we detect? How far do the roots of reality spring into the under-toe? Is there a hatch into the beyond that catapults us into the new ether? How far can the contexts of reality swap pieces and papers, codes and laws to program new boxes? What is the most advantageous edge that sharpens our Halloween tricks for extra maniacal takeovers? Is there really a sound that can put us into a complete state of peace? What is the highest reward for valor and excellence over the simulator of this existential game? How far can the experience of God penetrate into a wonderful chasm of a shaman’s invoking? Are the laws in stasis, or is there some dynamism that rumbles and reroutes them to an altered conception? Are the unknown regions dangerous, or is there a profound fruit we can harvest from its outpouring? How many sides to the force are there beyond the obvious white and black? What is the ultimate virtue, the highest form we can emulate of peace and goodness? What constitutes the highest man possible? Do our shoes remember where we went? Is the tempest really worth powering through if the devil may overtake us? What are the ultimate techniques possible for fragmenting original reflections, and shooting so much further? Is there a blanket that binds and shatters reality, an aegis that covers the full flowering of every tunnel and tube? Is there a point of evolution where your growth as a civilization is invincible, and nothing can stop you? What is the ultimate goal of existence, the meaning that we are meant to extract from everything? Is there a tower of dreams that plays a radio of symphony and fun, delight and ecstasy? What are the training chambers for fully maximizing your mastery of mind? What if a star became black rather than a white dwarf? Can you sneak past the eye of God? What if there is a radioactive core of all consciousness that can initiate any event, calculate into position the most masterful sweeps of conquering and legacy? If the power of Wish were immortal and eternal for you, what would you will into existence?

I’m Lugia Prototype XD001 in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, the Ultimate Weapon, the Star Forge Lugia firing Lugia AeroBlasts, surging with SuperHolographic Propylon antechamber Polarities, and the SuperUnknown mysteries of the Ruins of Alph in Pokemon Crystal. I’m the Final Annihilator. The door to My Heart was closed in 2002, but as Eldes in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, I return from Pokemon Crystal Elite 4 as Will, Me as a kid/Jason Kidd in 1993-2002, til Fall 3rd Grade. The Ultimate Prophecy in the world is Me, Dark Magician Lugia becoming Seraphim Lugia. Misdreavus came for My Soul in 2002, revealing I’m Lugia. Wartortle wisdom with age turns Me from fool Meganium, to wise Lugia. Banette ghost doll makes Me Red with Pikachu, Sabrina. I beat Gold on the Victory Road Rainbow bridge to Infinity in Mt Silver as RaptorWizard/Tyranitar/Tyronn Lue. Lugia’s Virtues are My chest Diamond.

@SolitaryWalker has illuminated our way to destiny on an epic quest towards enlightenment and the complete liberating power of God’s divine mind, achieving infinite mastery of creation!

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Feel free to discuss any of the above material in order to synthesize this awesome information into a greater system of epic proportions, a new grand arcanum of philosophical cosmology.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s What is Philosophy? thread:

A question of great importance would be to clarify and define a universal definition for philosophy. I believe philosophy at its heart to be a quest for wisdom, though what one man sees as wise may be deemed foolish by another man. Though I do agree with SolitaryWalker that we must be careful about our perception of wisdom, and that in this quest we seek to advance our understanding, he holds understanding is the sole purpose, and that using philosophy to some other end is incorrect. Philosophy should also be a means of achievement, that is, it should make us grow in greatness. He is right however when he further asserts how philosophy transcends the empirical nature of science, and that a metaphysical assumption must first be made before it can be empirically validated via experiment. Again though, SolitaryWalker incorrectly asserts that philosophy is purely about truth, rather than also accomplishing our inner desires, as he says how our prejudices (ironically from his own prejudice) pollute the truth. Some things however transcend truth, and that the ultimate meaning will be found within, with what is important to us and our beliefs, as reality is indeed shaped by our focus. He is gravely mistaken in asserting how philosophy does not keep in perspective any of our personal ends (the funny thing is though that he says personal growth follows from our inquiries, so in essence, he contradicts himself, since all along then it did indeed have a personal element). I do agree on his next point about forcefully dispelling ignorance being secondary to advancing ideas and offering the opportunity to learn. Again though, he aims to get solely at the truth, in rejection of all passions and inner desires. If anything, he needs to learn the critical distinction between passion and attachment, passion impelling us forward, and attachment restricting us, since passion is a vision of what we wish to be, but attachment is a lingering fog clouding our vision. Passion if used properly can be controlled, whereas attachment binds us by its strings and limits our personal freedom. His argument for philosophy and its power of explanation is indeed superior, as he correctly asserts, to the religious book of dogma. He then says how religion deals with questions incapable for rationalization, such as what happens when we die, which he claims cannot be reached by metaphysics. Again I am in disagreement, as if anything, nothing possesses greater power than the illumination reason can cast upon our world. All in all, SolitaryWalker has brought up some very interesting points, but we cannot accept any such assertions without a challenge.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Why I do not believe in God thread:

SolitaryWalker begins with an axiom about the Universe being infinite, and somehow links this with rendering the existence of God impossible independent of our world’s existence, and then defines infinity as the continuous, incessant flow of entities. He also thinks not all things in this world are continuous, in spite of facts and evidence to the contrary (Newton’s Laws of Motion, an elaborate cause-and-effect cycle from which everything must always follow from a previous state of being and necessarily transform into another state of being, a dynamic system always proven to “continuously” occur, these laws also very possibly applying in basic principle within the non-physical realm). This would, according to SolitaryWalker’s classifications, render all parts as comprising the same entity, and if so, it would follow that God exists in the infinity of all things within this world. At least SolitaryWalker detailed the implications of what God’s existence could mean, though because of his blunder regarding the continuum principle, he concluded (falsely) that God does not actually exist (and he is most likely right about a personal God being invalid, but he also rejects the existence of a God who manifests the infinite creative power of his mind within all things, even though his axiomatic reasoning described how such a God could exist). He says how a first cause that could have rendered our world’s existence possible must have been infinite, that is, it must have followed from the flow of a previous entity, and that entity another one, and so forth without arriving at an acceptable first cause (and if this entity is God, then we would ask who or what made God). But perhaps the point of greatest confusion would be to even arrive at a definition of what God is, whether he is a Creator, an infinite divine mind, or whatever else. SolitaryWalker says this world is an unconscious representation of the infinite realm, and that the finite limits of the human mind by which we are all designed translate the infinite into finite terms, that is, our minds only perceive a dim shadow of the much more luminous world above and beyond the current dimensions of our comprehension. SolitaryWalker says either God exists in this world, or not at all, and that no evidence in favor of his existence has been found, claiming it irreconcilable with the laws of nature. This philosophical world SolitaryWalker has created for himself contains restrictions of his own making, further evidenced in his assertion that the universe is a closed system of causation, which makes the laws of nature possible. Very interestingly though, he recognizes that this would mean if God existed, all things could be altered with his will, and then further says how the realm of the infinite could flow into the finite realm our minds perceive. Though SolitaryWalker concluded how the infinite intellect of God cannot exist outside of our known world, the conclusion I arrived at is inescapable – the higher levels of creation are liberated of all limitations.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s What I believe thread:

SolitaryWalker asks the question as to why people even ask big questions in the first place, such as, what is the meaning of life, what is truth, what is virtue? He postulates people do so to seek self-affirmation and comfort in a hostile world, and that everything we do is necessarily inspired by selfish motives. Surely though, the quest for enlightenment should transcend such things, as if life is just all about fulfilling our own comforts, then we would indeed be in a limited position. If anything, I would think we always need to be on the leading edge, as we push the artificial constraints our own minds have been contained by to the limit, the tenacious drive towards achieving complete self-mastery being far superior to seeking only mere satisfaction with our current conditions. SolitaryWalker claims whether it is a rationalist seeking truth, an artisan seeking entertainment, a guardian getting things done, or an idealist accommodating others, that it is all simply what makes them happy. I hold though that happiness is insufficient in advancing our own ends, since when we are happy, we are content with letting things be, without the motivation to change and transform our world into altered and improved states. But worse than anything so far said, SolitaryWalker arrogantly asserts how the artisan temperament only cares for energized entertainment and concrete activities without seeing what he perceives to be the big picture, and of course, he is wrong. Though, as a generalization, he is right about the interests of the artisan, his whole idea of such endeavors being inferior and short-sighted is a testament to his own ego, since he views what they do as unimportant and insignificant. All people play important roles in the progressive development of humanity, which SolitaryWalker would realize if he actually saw the big picture. Artisans are constant in their creations, just as guardians are dedicated to their duties, or how idealists are inscrutably awakening their imaginations, and the rationalists relentlessly focusing their reasoning, each of these feats coming together to produce the diverse and dynamic system of humanity, ever increasing in accomplishment towards the echelons of infinity. The next points risen however on our sense perceptions and how they present themselves in a finite way to the brain indeed seems to limit for us what can be experienced. Perhaps though there is an escape, as SolitaryWalker goes on to say that the internal world and its imaginative prowess may actually open the window to outside realms incapable for experience within the physical, and if so, it follows that only through intuition can the infinite be reached, as we look through the off limits zone behind the fence. I am in complete agreement with his conclusion on the meaning of life that it is the quest to achieve the highest degree of perfection possible. It is by perfecting our inner being that we will find full liberation from the finite world, perfection, to add my own opinion, consisting of a state without restrictions, as SolitaryWalker ends this section saying that our task in life is open-ended and aimed at infinity, and that this epic quest will never come to closure, as we strive for the unachievable.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s My Metaphysical System thread:

The pursuit of physics, as SolitaryWalker’s article says, should be able to solve the ultimate questions of cosmology, those being: what is the world, how does it work, who made the world, what is the purpose of the world, what is our purpose, what is the ultimate nature of reality, what is the mind, does it exist independently of the body, what is the ultimate stuff they are made of, and how does this fit into the larger cosmological framework? These questions could finally answer the mystery of what life is, what the universe is, how cosmology works, and how we are related to it. Clearly there is purpose to such questions, as they show that there is mystery in life, these things being currently incapable for reliable knowledge, and that these great life mysteries are identifiable, and although we do not know the nature of these mysteries, they can be speculated upon, even if reliable knowledge of them eludes us. These metaphysical questions could perhaps be experienced and understood within the realm of human imagination. Hence, there is epistemology, the study of knowledge, and metaphysics, the study of ultimate reality. We must have metaphysical beliefs in order to ask meaningful questions, which can be verified into epistemology by science. Though the ultimate reality may possess a changeless stability, there may be a mysterious, ever changing force trapped within the essence of things, constantly in motion. The ever-vibrating force of entities seems immune to change. In order to grasp the changeless then, one must have access to infinite and eternal vision. In our phenomenal world then, it seems we have a combination of change and changelessness, though a more sophisticated sight could consist in constant change. The way force vibrates could also be a diagram of how our minds that are within time tend to perceive what is changeless and outside of time. Perhaps materiality is just a construct of the way our minds perceive the ultimate reality of immateriality. Our real selves then may receive salvation with God in the kingdom of heaven as we break away from the phenomenal world and unite with our real beings. Through science man should find meaning.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Faith of a Rationalist thread:

People perceive the world as they see it through their confined perceptions, and as such, philosophers who dare to challenge the societal paradigms of their time, like Giordano Bruno (RaptorWizard’s favorite philosopher) or Benedict de Spinoza (SolitaryWalker’s favorite philosopher) were branded heretics, the first being burned at the stake, and the second receiving ridicule from the stupid multitudes. Our state of existence is so wretched that non-existence would be preferable to it, and as such, the world is by no means what Leibniz termed ‘the best of all possible worlds’. The unspeakable suffering of mankind cannot be denied. Mankind is ever in search for a life of paradise. We must then increase our perception on the problem of evil, the essence of knowledge and how salvation could possibly be achieved. I as of right now oppose the proposition that we see beauty everywhere in this world, incapable for our grasp. Perhaps perfection only exists in the heavens, a realm currently outside our comprehension. If we were to all enter paradise, surely its perfection would proliferate under the happiness we would all share together, rather than losing its perfection upon our entrance, as SolitaryWalker incorrectly asserts. SolitaryWalker says salvation comes only when the intellect takes primacy over the will, and that the will is in motion, the will being the foundation to all existence. He also thinks that not even the brightest of us will access full truth and knowledge, but if nothing is even true or false, understanding even to begin with could perhaps only be found in empiricism. Some would also hold enlightenment to be a vision of the world objective and independent of prejudice, and that we must not deem the world to be what we can accept via personal taste, the limits of our vision not indeed being the limits of the world. The real universe is outside our perception, the poverty of our imaginations perceiving the infinite existence as finite. Perhaps everything exists only in the way we with our vision perceive the thing to be, in accordance with our reasoning faculties. Matter as well as all things nonphysical may be manifestations of a fluctuating force, a will objectifying itself. Perhaps the point of greatest importance is that the way we perceive the world will always be finite as long as we impose restrictions upon it. Spinoza’s doctrine of salvation comes through contemplation. We must believe reason to be the light of the world, the ultimate end of philosophy.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s God, Public Morality and Evolution thread:

SolitaryWalker begins by asking perhaps the biggest question in existence: what is God? He says God by tradition is often seen as an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent being. Such extraordinary qualities however put God’s identity as a person into question. He also under his doctrine demands worship over personal achievement, but worse yet choosing the dark path of Satan. SolitaryWalker conceives human beings who show genuine compassion to often be incompetent in logical analysis and objectivity, and that the inner quest to perfect all things would be a heavy burden, like for a being who mastered light to also master darkness. Really though, I conceive it to be possible to achieve a perfect balance between such opposites, should we see things from all angles, reference points, and which from the contrast, we could divine our knowledge. God with all of his supreme knowledge is also commonly depicted as the symbol for supreme power, as infinite greatness is also often equated with a person of sublime power. I agree perfectly with SolitaryWalker on his point of how Carl Jung said that in our philosophical, scientific, and theological studies, we gain more insights into the workings of our minds rather than the workings of the world. We project ourselves onto what we see and in effect anthropomorphize all things. Plato argues the average man must be lied to in order to keep them from falling off the safe path, a tactic I for one would not subscribe to, for not only should the truth be free, but it should also set us free. SolitaryWalker is right in regards to God and the way we see him having been the cause for corruption all throughout human history, how manipulative people have twisted ideas in service of external agendas. SolitaryWalker in regards to God concludes that he is best defined as the primary essence of spirituality, or the other world, and then asks if it is possible for us to know the other world. He follows by asking what was the beginning of the universe, and that if A created B, asking what created A, rendering A incapable for a Creator, assuming that it could not have come from nothing. This may mean it has always existed, without beginning or end. This view of time could be defined as the infinite realm, a view from which all things could be seen.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Problem of religion thread:

Religion could be defined as an ethical doctrine, a world cosmology independent of empiricism, a spiritual eschatology, and fundamentalism. The fundamental beliefs religion harbors in these areas incapable for change could discourage critical thought, encouraging people to believe their views are unquestionable. Religion could thereby discourage people from being open-minded, which could compel them to only deem themselves and the sacred texts of their divine authority right. As such, they are caught completely off-guard when presented with critical opinions conflicting with their own. They so aggressively defend these irrational stances, despite facts and evidence as well as reasoning to the contrary, since if they do, the religion promises them greater reward to come. Such religious stances have and could continue to entail violence. We must instead follow the following:

  1. The requirement is not to change the system, but rather the people.
  2. The measure of man based on the state of our planet is pathetic. We need to change the nature of humanity to rise above and beyond.
  3. The spread of information would help establish world peace, it resulting as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment vision.
  4. When discussing global issues, we must put personal prejudice aside.
  5. Individuality is a point of great importance independent of the environment.
  6. The ancients were misguided due to lack of technology, though the world could become greater in our lifetime, despite doubters. We must achieve a perfect community stretching across the Earth with universal acceptance and individuality.
    RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Typology as a philosophical discipline thread:

We must wonder whether typology is even a logically consistent enough of a system to accurately order people into set psychological categorizations to begin with, let alone adaptable enough to account for the vast diversity of people in the world. Due to external factors and conditioning, perhaps one could act contrary to their true nature, their true personality, and even test as such. After all, people can indeed act differently than their natural personality would dictate, based on adjusting to the environment. Due to this lack of behavioral consistency, one can conclude Keirsey’s typology to be incomplete, which is based solely on behavior. If even a fully self-mastered man were to accomplish qualities stereotypically associated with different types, the foundations would further fissure. Perhaps though, the psychological states of people and the patterns of their reasoning as well as thought dynamics could be greater concepts from which to construct a typology, founded from a philosophical framework. Philosophy could be defined as a primarily conceptual and abstract study of the world, asking such questions as follows:

  1. Is it possible for the mind to divine free will, to control cause and effect?
  2. What is the nature of consciousness, the ways in which we see and perceive things?
  3. What is the ultimate nature of reality, the existential system designing all creation?
  4. What are the foundations of thought, the forge from which the mind constructs?
    These questions all address the mental makeup of an individual, and as such, these things are more difficult to directly detect. Typology is thereby a study of solidified patterns of thought, and one’s natural tendencies, not consistently contingent with environmental circumstances.
    RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Universal Feel? thread:

SolitaryWalker asks whether a universal moral law should be imposed upon all people, termed universal feel. There are 3 different arguments we can approach this with: if we must correct those who act wrongly, if there is no choice but to correct them, of even if wrong choose not to do so. Perhaps certain experiences throughout a person’s life have shaped what these values and what violates them are. Some may even divert greater focus on well-reasoned thought-experiments rather than value centered-thought. We must then see how creative and idiosyncratic visionaries construct their worldviews. Certainly many mystics across the globe have already conceptualized what many may deem impossible. Many who see themselves as right often try to change other’s opinions to match their own. These people will tend to think negatively of those who disagree. The accumulation of such feelings may lead to hostility. Due to these possible contingent consequences, an established system of ethics may be a mistaken idea.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Theorem of Feel thread:

SolitaryWalker wonders how desirable it is for people to believe in things that are not supported by an argument. He begins by describing the process of logic, saying it deals with chains of reasoning. The formalities behind logic seem like mathematical operations, a much more abstract and theoretical discipline than the dynamic and transformative discipline of cosmology, in which case I support the latter discipline while SolitaryWalker seems to prefer the former. One thing that both disciplines have in common though is that when they show us our short-comings, few are able to do so without simultaneously losing self-respect. However, even the most disciplined among us will wish for a brighter future, perhaps putting too much faith in beliefs like karma. This feel method has been historically a consistent craft of manipulation of others to their delusion and detriment, even in service of altruistic causes.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s I am an atheist but… thread:

Do we really wish to destroy the popular myths of society in order to enlighten and awaken people? Although I believe the truth should be accessible to everyone, some may be disturbed by new discoveries, and their emotions may override their rationality. Perhaps one such belief that may be dangerous to dispel is the anthropomorphized view of God. If one were however to sufficiently handle the truth, it could result in inner peace and less mistakes, since we would have proper knowledge and beliefs by which we can direct ourselves, since if we take the right actions, then good consequences should follow. As such, false beliefs could lead in the wrong direction. As of now, man obeys the laws of nature (perhaps the progressive development of man could change that). If then we wish to control the laws of nature, every man must receive universal enlightenment.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Essence of Human nature thread:

Sartre says we are defined by the choices we make and how we deal with the consequences, and that bad faith is our restraint from improving our circumstances. It would follow that we could counter all adversity through pure resolution of will, which SolitaryWalker says cannot be the case due to the limits of human power. He says Sartre’s false belief could have sprung from his own overestimation of individual freedom, as Sartre says all choices spring from within. SolitaryWalker next defines human nature as unalterable dispositions that inhere within our psyche. He says the strongest of such tendencies is the will to feel good; making an axiom that feeling good is the foundation of human nature. This drive for well-being likely led to the evolution of our faculties enabling human survival, such as walking, breathing, or language. Machiavelli is quoted as saying that people are fickle by nature and will stand by you if you are winning, but once you cease to be winning, they shall abandon you. It follows that people will only employ positive sentiments to their advantage, more often than not. The greatest fear man possesses is annihilation, and as such, will commonly go further than necessary to preserve his well-being. As such, many believe God to be a means of attaining eternal life. Such potential divine reward will inspire many men to act positively.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Essence of Apriori thread:

SolitaryWalker asks if it is possible to have knowledge prior to experience. This could be possible if knowledge is innate, that is, if it is stored in our unconscious. If so, we could not only acquire knowledge, but also recover it. He defines knowledge as a true set of beliefs from which we can refer to choose. He also asks to ask to what degree one’s natural talents result from what is innate versus one’s influence from the external world. Newton saw the world as a dynamic machine of cause and effect, from which point A leads to B from which follows C to result in D and so forth. This view however cannot explain the source from which the first cause came, a question of how something could have come from nothing. Our minds translate the infinite realm into finite terms, which make such questions that impose limits incapable for explanation.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Origin of Feeling thread:

SolitaryWalker defines feeling as a cognitive faculty of emotive valuation, concerned with how we relate to the external environment, not how it is, thereby rendering feeling subjective. This could cause us to attach anthropomorphic qualities to things, a personal touch. This urge likely developed within man throughout our evolution as a means of self-preservation, to identify life-threatening dangers in the external environment. As a result our feeling has become stronger.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s On the virtues of passion thread:

SolitaryWalker says aesthetical judgments primarily reflect how we feel about things, which in turn he believes will effect who we are. As such, art could be seen as an expression of ourselves, an aesthetical reflection of our emotions and inner state. These emotionally charged impulses he claims are in complete opposition to analytical thinking. I disagree, as our thinking I believe should ultimately be a foundation from which our feelings can manifest and create a meaningful world for us, which is why thinking without feeling is like matter without energy. He further claims the wise and lofty will choose analytical subjects devoid of passion, such as mathematics, even though mathematics assigns limits to things, whereas passion breathes fire into the equations.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Popularization of Philosophy thread:

Rather than connecting the ideas developed by all the great philosophers into a greater whole, I would advise a less holistic point of view. Instead, we should at least be open to all those ideas, but we should also tenaciously chase those that fit our ideals in a radical and less balanced drive to fulfill our visions. Most importantly of all however, is to create our own individualized philosophy, and to walk the solitary paths of our own planning ahead.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s On the Human condition thread:

SolitaryWalker postulates that people are naturally driven towards self-affirmation; that we wish to feel good, doing what we believe leads to our well-being. I will say though that some things transcend immediate pleasures, and that some will make monumental sacrifices at the cost of their own well-being in this life to uplift the human condition. Also, those who choose not to be happy and content with the current state of things will have greater motivation to transform it for the better. He also criticizes others for seeking affirmation from the various people in their life, which I think is a misconception, since if a belief of ours gains greater universal acceptance, then it can be implemented on a global scale. Ideally, we should have a means by which we can all agree.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Utility of Philosophy thread:

Philosophy can be used as a model for science, the pure idea being tested and refined empirically. Science will give us the results of this process, and then philosophy can next synthesize the pieces together to form a greater product by constructing a blueprint of its unified design. This can help us solve the monumental problems of our future horizons, should we take the correct steps of action in our present position.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s How I think we ought to live our lives thread:

Religion is a means by which many find a life purpose and develop a cosmological map of the world as well as developing ethical systems and seeking what lies beyond this life. A critical weakness within religion however, is that all of these views are to be accepted on authority without question. SolitaryWalker defines this as faith which, according to believers, must be followed, lest the Gods unleash their divine wrath! He says that rather than blindly believing what we falsely perceive to be immortal wisdom, we must follow the liberating light of truth on a philosophical search for meaning. Meaning is found in independent thinking and letting our true self’s light shine.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s What is spirituality? thread:

SolitaryWalker defines spirituality as a quest for another world, which he thinks suggests that these experiences transform spiritual prophets from within. Perhaps this could mean minds that are guided by the stars above are filled with celestial light which they can reflect upon their creations and make them sparkle with incessant fluctuations of world form, that is, finding a greater life purpose can be a quest in which we ascend to the zenith, a position of perfection from which we would have a higher perspective from which our reality can be seen and shaped anew. God is the greatest possible good but, unlike SolitaryWalker says, good fables lead to God.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Problem of Religious bigotry thread:

We will fulfill much life purpose in the open-ended quest to construct our own worldviews. It will not be found as a gift to us from someone else of a simplistic design. Those who are content are in a state of rest, a static and unchanging position which resists the currents of change. Change is the only constant factor ever present within the world. It makes life grow and lets creation take shape. These incessant transformations are the driving force in the progressive development of civilization and mankind.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s What is God? thread:

God is the greatest possible good. Such a concept is beyond the anthropomorphized image of God most people of primitive times always tried to project upon the divine. SolitaryWalker thinks however that this renders revelation impossible, which assumes God cannot talk to people, but at least SolitaryWalker says perhaps prophets could translate their connection with the infinite realm. Revelation I believe could come from a non-anthropomorphized source, which could perhaps transform the unconscious mind from within. Such an example may be an all omnipresent living mind which sees everything and from which all things spring into being. Should this belief hold any realistic quality to it that exists in the world, it would imply a deep connection shared amongst every mind in the universe, and our universe with whatever other worlds may be. We could all be unified with the divine as agents of co-creation. Revelation could come from any mind in existence, should we tap into this inscrutable source and the power it may give to those who seek it on their journeys, as they strive to live with purpose. This source is not necessarily God, since not all of creation is good enough.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s In search for a better understanding thread:

In the search for understanding, 4 questions we tend to ask include the meaning of eschatology, death, immortality, and what the alpha and omega of all things shall be. In discovering the treasures such great questions have in store for us, we seem to consistently find the world is greater than previously conceived, from the round earth, to the solar system centered around the sun, to the universal expansion from the big bang, and next perhaps other universes or planes of existence outside our own. Our focus should not be to divide things into absolute qualities like true and false, but rather to open our minds and let our imaginations take shape. All things conceptualized by the mind may have a certain level of reality to them beyond existent and non-existent, the existent perhaps being the world of stability, and the non-existent maybe being the world of possibility. This is why our focus should unlock the transcendent power of the mind, lifted above and beyond the mundane limitations of this plane. SolitaryWalker believes the key to the world to come is this world first. As a starting point, we must not assign limits to a world larger than our present comprehension. SolitaryWalker then goes on a long rant about how traditionalist personality types thrive on secure boundaries in suspension of critical and rational analysis, implying he believes his own personality type (probably INTP) to be vastly wiser and superior. Such arrogance blinds the mind and restricts the alternate possibilities. He is right however in saying that we should never stop questioning what we believe, as our ideas can always be altered into higher forms. Perhaps if our wills became sufficiently powerful, they could transcend the system and become free forces.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s What is truth (split from post poll) thread:

SolitaryWalker says we impose our perceptions on the world, that we see illusions similar enough to one another that we each see relatively the same physical objects. He also postulates the world may hold codes for its design that could be symbolized with languages like mathematics, and although I side with him in his general codifications theory, I believe mathematics is too definitive and absolute in its measures to embrace the endless possibilities present in the world. He also defines truth as our perceptions aligning with the outside universe, which would imply the mind transcends truth, the mind possibly having a higher reality to it that perhaps could flow outwardly and become truth. This would, in a sense, make some truth subjective, as its creation may have sprung from our own visions and dreams, unlike SolitaryWalker says. He believes to the contrary, since he holds reality is just there and incompletely translated into an imperfect understanding, whereas I have faith that, should our wills reach the right heights in power, that we could at a much higher level of alteration create the very essence of our lives and what we experience as reality. For me the world holds infinite promise for us.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Way to inner peace thread:

As a means for finding inner peace, which SolitaryWalker thinks helps to find our true-self, we must have an introspective focus on the world inside the mind. He and Spinoza also believe we are all parts of God, so when we look within ourselves, we can see the timeless and infinite essence of the divine. He says though that we should not live for ourselves, but rather we should live for God. Instead, I believe in self-mastery, and that our ultimate purpose is to attempt the great and impossible.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Mephistopheles? thread:

If we go back to the Garden of Eden story, God commanded Adam and Eve not to partake of the Fruit of Knowledge. They ate of the fruit despite the warning, and then their eyes were opened. The cost however is that they would ultimately perish, and that to postpone this, they would have to work to survive and suffer against pitiless elements. The implications of this are very difficult to see clearly, but I will speculate that there could be some higher power that wants life, at least at this level of existence, to be obedient and toiling slaves to the natural order, or perhaps it could also be challenging life to become stronger on a journey through the eons, even if the means of its accomplishment leads to suffering. In each of these instances, knowledge would aid us in our progressive development to overcome these systems, since it could give us the power we need to rise above our lowly stations, but this resistance could also bounce back upon us with greater adversity. I know not how long we shall have to endure this pain, whether it will last for 1 lifetime on earth, or if we will continue to face it for many lives to come, but the question of how to transcend this could be discovered in the finality and annihilation of all things physical. This world may be corrupted beyond repair, so to heal it, ruin may have to be unleashed upon it, for by destroying the old world, new worlds could be spawned by the will of life, worlds with ideal designs. In this way the problem of evil potentially could be ended. I make no unalterable claim that this is the direction life needs to take in the eons to come, or that such a momentous feat is even achievable, though it remains clear that we are in desperate need of a global transformation that life creates.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s Dreams? thread:

Perhaps dreams may be reflections of our true self, visions of something that is important to us inside. They could open our awareness to worlds separated from the physical, allowing us to see things from a higher perspective. Not only though would dreaming access the other dimensions of creation, but also might manifest new things into creation, springing from the will of the mind. This would imply a chaotic realm, in which things could be altered; vastly different from the physical world that follows natural laws. The dream world then possibly is limitless, which would render all things possible. Here then if a person wished to move mountains, they would tremble at the sound of voice and crack asunder at command. That though was a mundane example. A highly developed dream world may be vastly different from the physical world, not only in restrictions, but also in appearance. This is why fables have values we make real and live.
RaptorWizard’s responce to SolitaryWalker’s My Religion thread:

My religion, should I invent a good one, will chart the course for eternal life, world peace, universal enlightenment, and ultimate power. I do not expect the ideal visions for these lofty goals to be fully accomplished while I am here. I have not even discovered the directions we should follow to walk the ways in search of our destiny. This time may prove to be the most critical moment in human history that there ever was or will be, as the actions we take now will effect whether we start the fires of our own destruction, or expand to spheres beyond the terrestrial in an epic ascension to the heavens. I will wish now for a future sparkling with stars and rainbows dancing and singing with life.

I cleave the heavens and soar to the infinite.
And while I rise from my own globe to others
And penetrate ever further through the eternal field,
That which others saw from afar, I leave far behind me.
Giordano Bruno (On the Infinite Universe and Worlds, 1584)

Archetypes of the Clarity Present Arcanum untangling the Polarized Ebony Whirlpool:
Whirl Islands Enigma, Tyranitar many millennia into the Future, All Spectra Everywhere, Light of All Force, Infinities-Ultimate, Will’s Rainbow, NeraVarine, A Fissure into the book of Prophecy, All Worlds of Light, Lightsaber Crystal Cave, Pool of Ideals, Mountaintop, Acentric Labyrinth, Pinnacle Rainbows, Galactic Super Civilizations, Yahweh, Lucifer, M Theory, Morrowind, Kotor, Jade Empire, Fable, Pokemon, Yugioh, Gandalf, Saruman, Yoda, Revan, Nihilus, Mind of God, Temple of a thousand Fountains, Krayt Dragon, Progenitor, Lugia Vs. Rayquaza chess board of Good and Evil, Ubermensch, E=mc2, Water Dragon, Children of Light, Bubble Hearts, Question Clouds, Dragon Mind of Zen, Eclipse Canon, Father Crow, Bunny, Magician, Fool, Frenzy Forking River of Doom Desire by Order, Destiny at the Lighthouse, Wizards of the Coast, Cosmic Ocean, Demiurge, Tesseract, Hyperspace, Zarathustra, Crown of Indomitable Willpower, Skeleton Key, Azura’s Star, Final Annihilator, Chosen 1, Millennium Puzzle, Heart of the Cards, Legendary Dragon God of Time, Perfect 1, Ultimate Rare Misdreavus Card, Champion of Cyrodil, Door to Lugia’s Heart, Double Will, Lightning of the Sith Emperor shocking Meganium, Apprentice of Extremities, God’s Masks, Star Forge, UnderSeer’s Evolution, Mt. Silver, Architects of the Empire’s Future or Architects of their own Destruction, Self-Electrocution, Meaning of Life, Highest Virtues, Ultimate Questions in Existence, Blue Light Christ Consciousness, Ethics, Cosmic Religious Feeling, Will to Power, Kardashev Civilizations, Sabrina’s Pokemon team, Lugia’s Song, Perish Song, Realgam Tower, Ho-Oh’s Azure Bell and Eternal Security, Rainbow Waves, Butterfly effect, Will of the Force, Skeletal Dinosaur Schematics, Ray Allen’s 3 Pointer, Allen Iverson stepping over Tyron Lue, Super-Nexus, Pokedex, Ruins of Alph, Unknown Existence, Heart of Tyranitar, Infinitely Will Ultimate, Man and Bunny, Celebrate Victory Forever, Rainbow bridge to Infinity, Higher Balance of Heaven to Inner Peace, Tree and River of Life, Omniversal Cosmic God, Transcendental Pinnacle, Existential Game, Terra Program, Cosmic Force Aegis, Under-Toe, Fingers of the Mountain, Holy Grail Vortex, Newton 2060, da Vinci Last Supper, Wayne Herchel Star Maps to the Star Forge, Death Star, Indigo Plateau, Victory Road, Mr. Fugi Meganium Ghost playing Perish Song from Munchlax to Froslass

When the Devil looked into My Soul, what did He see?
endless summers, spectacular firmaments, hidden dimensions, electric crayolas, futuristic bubbles, lush scents, welcoming invitations, storybook merry-go-rounds, charismatic dialogues, jolly tunes, sensitive infatuation, paradise aromas, stargazing zithers, explosive entertainment, revelatory beaches, ascended mastery, serpentine twists, enigmatic mysteries, restored balance, unknown staircases, far-fetched telescopes, game boy color, graphics overhauled Morrowind, polar express wishes, da Vinci whirlpool patterns, intangible frequencies, shimmering Azura’s Star, blissful galleries, flowering mermaids, dollhouse imagination, galaxy transcendence, gift giving gloves, merry making dizziness, sunny divination, erotic Arborealis, secure Phoenix, grand design, unmasked clockwork, devilisg gambles, fateful encounters, rare sights, white water splash, Jurassic time square

What are the Highest Virtues?
Perception, Focus, Valor, Strength, Drama, Farfetched, Shattering the Mountaintop, Order, Extremity, Free Will, Imagination, Power of Forever, Prophecy, Omnipotence, Frenzy, Purity, Vision, Moving Mountains, Faith, Hope, Polarity, Transformation, Force, Love, Tempest, Shooting Arrows at Stars, Exuberance, Wisdom, Heart, Soul, Harmony, Beauty, Higher Mysteries, Spellbinding Secrets, Wish, Questions, Cosmic Consciousness

“Unless you make yourself equal to God, you cannot understand God: for the like is not intelligible save to the like. Make yourself grow to a greatness beyond measure, by a bound free yourself from the body; raise yourself above all time, become Eternity; then you will understand God. Believe that nothing is impossible for you, think yourself immortal and capable of understanding all, all arts, all sciences, the nature of every living being. Mount higher than the highest height; descend lower than the lowest depth. Draw into yourself all sensations of everything created, fire and water, dry and moist, imagining that you are everywhere, on earth, in the sea, in the sky, that you are not yet born, in the maternal womb, adolescent, old, dead, beyond death. If you embrace in your thought all things at once, times, places, substances, qualities, quantities, you may understand God.”
― Giordano Bruno

Perhaps the greatest question of existence is why existence even bothers to exist at all, and if it even could exist in any other way. Did God have any choice in creating the Universe, or for that matter the entirety of existence? Can God make a stone so heavy that he cannot lift it? These are questions that probe the very limits of what is in God’s power and what is not. Perhaps existence would be more perfect if it existed in some other way, such as an existence without pain, death, darkness, and all other forms of evil. However, without a thing to contrast the good such as joy, life and light, those things might not even exist since we would have no way of knowing them relative to a point of reference. Darkness without a light shining is nothingness, and light not surrounded by the shroud of darkness is nothingness. Perhaps without duality the entirety of existence would become an infinite void of nothingness, although perfect order may only be possible in nothingness. It may be that the very essence of why existence even exists is duality. God as in the Perfect All, the entirety of existence may have 2 masks, one of light and one of darkness, or perhaps he wears no mask and favors no side, taking an neutral position, or does he wear the white mask of light, all darkness just being the distance from the source of his light, or does he wear the black mask of darkness, his sole purpose being to control us all like puppets, pawns, slaves trapped in his evil matrix? Is God one of these things, some of these things, all of these things, or none of these things? What is God? If we realize what God is that could be the day we become God, whatever that is.