Reality, deeper than Reality...

Reality, deeper than Reality…



So if 40,000 numbers create a second of sound, how many numbers are needed to create all possible sounds that nature can generate ? the collision of items of nature, of chunks of Matter, the interaction between chunks of matter can create maybe a billion different sounds, maybe a trillion (so maybe the first 15 numbers of the sound wave (or 15 numbers of the sound wave signal separated by some minimum time span), of the waveform are enough to encompass all possible natural sounds, but anyways), but we can simply assign a larger number just to be sure: so all possible naturally occuring sounds created in the universe in any time point of the past, present or future by any means may be maybe 10^100 (that means a number having 100 zeros, a pretty big number) but if the code composed of 100 numbers represents a signature of something reality can produce, matter can produce, it is still a very small number of combinations compared to one second of sound made up of 40,000 numbers: so that means the random combination of maybe 15 numbers of the sound wave contains many (if not the majority of the combinations, for sure) sounds that do not and cannot occur naturally in nature by any means: but the fact that we can simply assign the combination and play it back means we created a new sound that nature could never have created! And this also explains why when really trying to create a wav file of music through random numbers or any combination of numbers, very seldom do we hear anything of interest to us: that is natural, we evolved in such a way that only the signature sounds that nature can really produce have become significant to us, we have neural networks that have evolved expectations of sounds, combinations that represent a signature of something, etc. while all those other combinations of numbers represent nothing intelligible to us, (let alone harmony, etc.).

BUt the fact that we can invent new sounds, hence new signals and waveforms, means we can invent new perceptions of reality if we modify the perceiving neural networks to create meaning for them, etc. It means we can extend reality mathematically, we can extend Matter and Reality and Perceptions and Possible Experiences mathematically, as in Mathematically Enhanced Music. But just as we can extend the sense of sound, we can do the same for other senses and actually create new senses and so forth through modified brains and so forth. So the real elementary particles of reality are the numbers, the sequence of numbers represented by the waveforms of music and sound not atoms or elementary particles, and we can also invert the system and make the sense of touch be decoded through the sense of sound creating new touch perceptions, and the sense of sight decoded through the sense of sound by decoding sight as a signal like sound and music creating new images that reality could never have created and so forth, we actually create reality deeper than reality, we actually use the real and true elementary particles of existence and Reality and Matter which is the signal, the Information Relationship, the sequence of numbers converted from digital to analog that create reality, a super reality as a superset of the small subset of reality that natural evolution created for us, but we use this little - poor reality as a launching pad to explore deeper realities made up of a much larger space of combinations of possibilities, etc.

Matter and Touch and Sight is overrated compared to sound, sound can give us much more insights into the functioning of brains and Artificial Reality, and we can convert sound into touch and sight and also the other way around as images and touch are also signals, waveforms and as computers teach, all items are simply digital files, delimited entities of numbers, and so forth, the sky is the limit!

This could be a clarification on the concept of Information Relationship: as actually what I am getting at is really signals, waveforms, waveforms decoded by an observer, etc. And in fact the sequence of numbers corresponding to the waveforms is much more fundamental to reality than Matter itself, or Elementary Particles or Atoms in as much that the signals, the waveforms create the Information, the event, the perception and hence the reality in a much depper meaning and form than atoms or matter: and in fact particles, as in physics, elementary particles are overrated compared to the true fundament of all reality which is Signals, Events, Information, Waveforms perceived and decoded by a Processor - Observer, etc.


Another system can be by the designing of a spectrogram, drawing, designing a graph of a spectrum of an imaginary piece of music, and inventing how the graph changes in time and converting it to a piece of sound - music.

You could draw an entire landscape of all the valleys and mountains corresponding to the intensities of the frequencies and harmonics and how they change in time and then convert it back to sound, another form of image to sound generator, another way to actually draw music, to paint it by using the fourier series, the fourier transform of sound, by creating an imaginary fourier series, an imaginary series of sine and cosine values with intensities and how they vary in time and creating a spectrogram, a spectrograph, a sonogram of the sound and inverting it directly back to sound again, through software and machines, whatever…

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