Relentless Rantings...

In one aspect we find ourselves as single sided simbient beings capable of merely reflecting on what to have for lunch and yet on the other side of things we can subdue our counciousness into the boundryless realm of eternity with the simple notion that we as humans are ultimatly a husk for some parasidic energy that duplicates onto itself every moment of our existance to be later carried onward in the time of our passing to the great unkown that we can only theorize about for the better or worse part of lacking sufficient evidence that there is a fact that soul within us or that when our flesh fails there is an afterlife for it to traverse.

Now some claim and live out…if you can call it living…a notion that each action we take upon ourselves and upon others has some sort of cosmic effect that alternates the afterlifes journey. This forging on ones inner being is done around the world with utlimate passion and fortitude and yet without what is commonly refered to as physical evidence that is tangible for all of us as a race of men women and children to reflect and agree upon.

How many of you can remember your last life as vividly as you can your current life?
Dont all raise your hands at once now…

There are a large number of people who are more…sensitve, aware, spiritualy enlightened, karmaicly aligned, religiously devoulged, ensnared in the belief of something greater then ones self or something beyond the dimension of space, time, and understanding that have complete faith in all things.

Then there are those with a little bit more common sense…who do indeed see the possibilities of alternate facts and have the open mindedness to acknowledge the probabilities beyond realty…but who would dig deeper and deeper still discovering ignorance where it stands even in the grasps of certain truth…calling out to the definitions of the mind to reveal even more then the signified definitions of common sense.

What does common sense tell us then…withholding the religious mumbo jumbo…
do we live for eternity?
or do we live for the moment before us?

but im not saying to grab a gun and beer and have at it with your anooying neighbors…
I just wonder why more people cant agree upon some sort of “middle way”
but that isnt very politicily or economicly appealing eh?

Johnny Legion,
I don’t mean to interrupt your conversation with yourself, but most people do have a middle way in one aspect or another. I can’t say that I can answer your question of whether we live for the moment or not, but if I deviate from your question slightly, I can say that there are times in each person life where we live for the moment, and there are times where we live for the near or far future doing things as means to an end in the future, but there are also times when we live for the near or far distant past. So as you can see, people do live in the middle way.

About your eternity question, for me, I don’t believe in the term. It’s a conceptual creation like a goblin, troll, or unicorn.

I agree that people don’t look deep enough into things, personally, your definition of common sense makes it very uncommon in my experience of people.

Although I can’t remember my last life, I can’t say for certain that I didn’t have one, and I don’t think that you as a common sense person could either. In the same way that I don’t know if there is a God, but that doesn’t mean there is or isn’t one. But I still believe there is a higher power - whether that is one of many alien beings out there that we will one day encounter, or if it is a higher consciousness, or if it is God himself, is unknown to me for now and I am not afraid to say “I don’t know” which is my answer to whether we have an afterlife, whether there is a God, and whether there are aliens.

Your three posts seem to be driving at a point, your general opinion on a matter, if I am correct I propose that you just come out and say it, for I predict that it will lead to a much more interesting and productive discussion.

What’s your take?

You pretty much sumed it up :smiley:

My initial point if there even was one on this particular drunken rant was simply me wondering why… and making an attempt to determine why… the belief in faith is such a common acceptance among people around the world. How are people satisfied with their chosen religious format?
This is my god, these are his teachings, I must live my life on this specific path or I shall be doomed for eternity.

I know that there are many who question their faith when it becomes…inconvient to their lifestyle.
But how can someone waste their minds limitless potential by defining the highest point in ascension.

This is it…this is as far as I can go.

Then again…

I live in new york city…and what i see the most out of all things is the never ending “change” …fads, styles, fashion, techno-gear, even eating habbits change faster then anyone can contemplate.

People change their entire composition from the slightest event…in which completely motivates their entire conciousness to practicly become reborn.
Of course old habbits die hard…and the old ways of thinking tend to reappear when you least expect them to…but all and all…with so much chaotic change…how can one even consider the ability to grasp a basic udnerstanding of the way people truely are.

So far from my kindred thinkers ive rediscovered the passion for the “middle way” and the opposite that follows the good…the lies wraped up in the truth…the perspective in which has so many sides that seeing it as a sphere would still be limiting the possibilites…how…intresting.

Johnny stated:

I don’t mean to be too critical here, but I think only one of your feet is on the right path in context of the above quote. As far as I agree with the above I find you contradicting yourself by something you said in a previous post about you not wanting to know what others think and what experience is like for them. You are limiting yourself to a very high degree. You are dependant on others Johnny, and others are dependant on you. Don’t waste your minds limitless potential to understand others and their lives, for it is the best way of learning. Whatever you have accomplished with your mind till this very day, I guarantee, will quadruple within two years time if you only learn to be curious and wonder sincerely about other people. If you only WANT to know about others, all things will come.

What’s your take?

I wouldnt be here searching philiosohpical forums if I didnt want social interaction and the input of others…im afraid that im very contradicting…as if I argue with myself…wheter thats a gift or a curse I have yet to realize…it keeps me entertained…and keeps my brain churning…and as logn as i dont start talking in third person…I think im alright.

If you admit that you contradict yourself, then I suggest trying to imagine what it must be like for me or any other person talking to someone who continually contradicts themselves. It is quite frustrating, uneventful, obtuse, and leads nowhere fast. I’m only suggesting that you try to think through your views instead of plopping everything in posts as it enters your head, I expect that if you do think twice, or even three times, that you will come to different and more insightful conclusions that will inspire not just you, but all those that you share them with. If it bothers you to think about something for so long or to think it over and over so many times, it may help to remember what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once said: “Genius is the infinite capacity for taking pains.”

What’s your take?

We all contradict …im just more open about it…

the topic was named properly “Relentless Rantings” topics that change and twist, evolve and even conflict…always looking for the other side…nothing anyone says…in my opinion anyhow holds any true relevence unless it reflects or ignites something within…if your fustrated…then good…something stirrs within you.

I personally find holding back my penhand to be the greatest pain of all…so forgive one so zaney as I.