Remove the 'scales' ... as a root philosophy

Are there ‘scales’ … not in a literal sense … that cloud our vision … both the visual sense delivered via the eyes as well as the intellectual sense delivered via the “mind’s eye”?

The quintessential question for philosophers … since the genesis of the notion labelled ‘philosophy’ … is expressed in the question Bigous poses:



The sheer volume of posts and reads in his OP support this claim. Though the OP has degenerated into a “discredit the messenger” mission. I admire Bigous’s stamina … tenacity … insistence.

Plato’s book the Republic attempts to answer Bigous’s question.

Reminds me of Confucius … who spent his entire adult life attempting to answer Bigous’s question. While Confucius had deep respect for the ‘unseen’ and the ‘unknown’ … he was relentless and unswerving in his focus and effort. Perhaps explaining why he was such a failure during his lifetime … and such a success post morte. Today his thoughts continue to be scrutinized worldwide … in search of pearls of wisdom.

What value has “higher wisdom” if it does not help answer the question … “How ought one live in the here and now?”

Philosophy has made significant contributions to science and religion in answering this question.

Science has debunked and as a result virtually eliminated the destructive energies of superstition. OTH science has equipped humanity with tools capable of destroying itself … rendering the question moot.

Religions have attempted to provide answers … with some success. OTH these same religions have spawned inhuman … grotesque … damage to humanity.

For example … today’s celebration … Easter … with Pagan underpinnings … is an attempt to eliminate the fear of death. To date this attempt has failed miserably. Does this mean there is no life after death … absolutely not … simply confirms that religion has failed to definitively answer this question.

Begs the question:



Me thinks … not!

Let me guess … “removal of the scales” requires that humans get knowledge of everything - God’s knowledge. Anything short of that is just not good enough. :open_mouth:

You’re setting yourself up (and everyone) for disappointment and failure.

One thing to strive for is “improvement”. Be better today than you were yesterday.

Since Iambig can’t figure out what “improvement” means, he is also condemning himself to failure.