Reply to Trixie

I’ve had much crazier shit than that happen.

Here’s the deal…

If there is an omni being (robot or not) it would be interested in it’s own happiness… And since we are “part” of it, it would be interested in making us happy… Just like we’re interested in being happy.

We are not happy.

Disproves god or robot god

No it doesn’t dude.

Robot God could make mistakes, maybe code an imperfect world. Or it could have a parodoxial consciousness not connected to ours never reincarnating as us.

We all agree that the defining characteristic of a god is being all knowing…

That also means all feeling.

That means a robot god is indistinguishable from a non robot god.

Being all feeling, it would be interested in feeling good.

We don’t feel good about this.

Thus, no god.

First of all, let’s clarify some things. I think there is some kind of soul matter, which automatically gives people character and personality, meaning even robots have souls and emotions. So we agree on that issue.

The creator may want to feel good, but sucks at code, or some malignant entity uploaded a virus it is unable to fix, who knows.


Females are proof god doesn’t exist.

It’s so absurd, that the proof is incontrovertible

Females are only proof that god is not all powerful or all perfect, not that god doesn’t exist.

A mistake like females is so far beyond the scope of “not perfect” it’s evil incarnate… Sin beyond sin

I think people think I’m joking when I say females are evil incarnate, or just sour grapes…

No. I really mean it.

If you bother a female, you will be sent to hell.

If you don’t bother a female, there’s a special hell for you …

It’s eternal damnation for every heterosexual man ever born here.

Doesn’t matter what the fuck you do.

The goal, the selective pressure, is to be smarter than the female blackmail system …

I’m also not kidding here.

Do you folks have any idea how hard it is to even try to be that smart??

Females don’t have to do anything but bang sports stars to send all the men to hell and get saved…

I know this first hand. Not one damn fucking thing.

When the stakes are hell, women will sell you out in a heartbeat …

You guys really don’t get it.

Trixie is salvageable because Trixie wants to be evil…

Not everyone is salvageable

True. Noone on this board really gets it though.

What Ecmandu means is option A. Rejection - If you bother a female, she will reject you and make you feel like hell.
Option B. Dejection - If you don’t bother a female, you will regret of never knowing the outcome, and feel like hell.
Option C. Acceptance. If a female accepts you, then she will abuse you and cuck you and you have to navigate the pitfalls. If you make one mistake, like letting her know you are upset, she will immediately block you out of her life, and make some excuse to go bang a jock/douchebag and guilt you as if it was somehow your actions that caused this, even though it was her plan to bang a jock/douchebag all along.

Noone of the forums gets it besides me and Ecmandu.

We have
Mr. Reasonable, a pimp who gets laid automatically because of his money.
Turd Furgeson, a man who used to get laid, so he satisfied himself and doesn’t really care about it anymore.
Ierrelus, a guy who has women knocking on his door begging to get laid.
Magnus, a basement dweller who may be asexual/homosexual but we are uncertain.
Joker has a girlfriend, which is different from the cartoons because in the cartoons Joker is asexual/homosexual, but we are uncertain.
Surreptitious57 is probably a virgin, but is of the buddhist ilk of not really caring.
Erik has a girlfriend, she isn’t that hot but still.
Mannequin hates women, but he hates them in a unique manner different from mainstream, he used to have lots of sex but is retired from sexual activity.
Then we have D3R7 and 1mp who is probably gay.

Then we have me and Ecmandu, basically 40 year old virgins for all intents and purposes.

I don’t really get what you mean.

Ahh… You want to be female, and so you shall be, problem solved.

Female is a protected class.

Women give this image of open arms and being trans supportive, but it is actually a sort of trap.
They try to entrap you into third-gender realms, so again they can make up an excuse to bang jocks instead of you. Again it’s just one of their schemes. When a woman says she is supportive of a transperson, what she is really saying is that, She will not hurt your feelings, but she will not actually accept you as a real female or accept you into her innersanctum of lesbians.


Ahh… Trixie!!

You can REALLY be a female!!

Your problem is solved, mine is not.

Maybe after death or even before death…

You get choices like those!!

It’s an easy fix!!

Not really, because I am deep down 7th gender, enlightened being.
Both males and females are wretched beings.
I do not belong on this Earth never did.

Females are naturally barbarians, I call them pleasant barbarians because they don’t like war. But their whole personality is attracted to barbarianism, I mean they like dicks and men and shit.
You can’t just reincarnate into a lower being. After each incarnation your brain becomes larger, you cannot backwards reincarnate. Females have smaller brains than males, matter expands to lower pressure zones, you cannot incarnate into a higher pressure zone.

The world itself is dying, I would not want to reincarnate into a female that does not like science, a female that does not understand the magic of lesbians. Preferably I would just go into a world of lesbians if such a world existed. My little pony (Human) are actually 7th genders, they have larger brains than Earth females and you can tell by their pigmentation their DNA is different.

[size=85]The Equestria Girl has a brain size much larger than a female of this dimension, so it is best to categorize them as evolved or 7th gender. In the show we can see them organise machines in fast times, Pinky builds a heavier than air machine using junk parts, this indicates a society that has machine-capability as a second-hand nature, to the point where scientific achievements are old hat and not of great celebration.[/size]

So what is a 7th gender anyway?
Not many are 7th gender, Most of the enlightened on Earth are 6th gender, they are asexual buddhist monks, a 7th gender is neither asexual and a 7th gender has a heavenly experience of art majesty and beauty which is lacking in 6th genders, 6th gender is a negative inversion of the 7th.

I can put you on a lesbian planet easily… With a female body

You can even keep your brain!

Trixie, you have trivial problems as far as spirit is concerned

If so why wasn’t it done before? How do I know you can get the job done when there are most likely nefarious forces who will put me back on this planet anyway?

I’ll work on it…

One question though…

Do you want to give birth out of a vagina or simply co materialize the child??

I’ve been to lots of worlds Trixie !

I am a loner and so I do not have sex and no I do not really care about that at all
I shall remain celibate for the rest of my life and that does not bother me either

This is like a reformulation of the problem of evil.

While I don’t advocate that there is some kind of god, because that would be silly…I am the resident contrarian, and therefore I must tell you that my favorite response to the problem of evil is to say something like, “I don’t see evil, I see balance in nature. Good and evil are just made up. Animals do the same basic shit that people do, and they don’t beat themselves up over acting out their own nature simply because it breaks what in the end seem to be completely arbitrary rules about what’s right and wrong”.