Request for a rank/title change

Dorian usurper

Think you and Pezer would be more honest to go with the title of “Crypto-Nazis” given your whole attack on Hitler sounds very, very similar to Hitlers own rants against his military state, saying he wanted more Art instead of costly brigades.

I could take Pezer’s attacks on Nazis by quote, slip in into a Hitler quote, and nobody would ever notice.

I hate Nazis, but at least I know who they are. I don’t go around deluding people. Hitler was a druggie, art loving nietzschean who didn’t even like his own military. He despised Christianity, killed more Christians than Jews. He was a drug addict as well, enjoying his debates of Nietzsche vs Kant.

You be better off just being honest, your far more a sickening Nazi than those fools over at KTS ever could be. For them, it usvall just a dick mindfuck game, but in your case, you really do aim at the real thing.

I recommend reading “Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics”
by Frederic Spotts, it exists in audio book format as well. Pezer’s recent rants against Hitler sounds almost identical to Hitler’s own rants, both have nearly identical aims.

So… What are guts like me, who hate Nazis legitimately, despise Nietzscheans, supposed to do when misfits like you launch a scam like this? Your clearly still very much in the sphere of thinking that Hitler promoted for his joke of a artistic elite, who were supposed to rule his joke empire.

Read that ducking book, one of the best researched I’ve ever come across on Hitlers actual philosophical statements. I swear, it’s like Pezer is the reincarnation of Hitler.

You two are closer to the ideology of Hitler than anyone I know. I hate you for it. Your no different. Read or listen to the book if you don’t believe it Pezer, your the spitting ideological image of Hitler.

Turd, you lying.

I can’t hear you with that dick in your mouth, you sound all muffled.

Your mom.

Your ass.

Change made.

You other two have bottomed out the level of discourse on ILP.