Researching an intentional community

The research towards forming an intentional community of all women has begun. There’s much to discover, oodles of details to cover from every angle. I was wondering how my own website would evolve, now I know.


  1. From pics, the first thing I noticed about the buildings on the original women only lands is that they were not structurally sound or energy efficient

  2. location, location, location: temperate climate(mild winters) Many all inclusive (men/women/trans) eco-villages, no women’s villages that cater to all women rather than primarily to lesbians/CIS folks.

  3. Values: tactful honesty (this is certainly a humdinger for me to work on), manners, discovering one’s purpose, accruing skills, identifying and upholding boundaries, self-defense,

  4. Self-sufficient incomes rather than collective


  1. Zoning of land stateside(500 + acres) hardlined or changeable (county/city zoning requirements/permits).
    . A. 250 acres farmland
    . B. 250 acres timber
    . C. fresh water access (river, stream, creek)
    . D. Existing structure(s) (home, garage, barn, etc.)

  2. $800-$1200 per acre

Had a nice conversation about this dream of mine with my baby Sister over lunch earlier this week. If only my writing skills were better, I’d already have a mission statement and an outlined explanation of what I aim to do.

Maybe Magnus is right that I’m too easily distracted by the next project that I never finish the last. I have too many interests.

This dream will remain an open endeavor to be added to from time to time.

Southeastern Kentucky, Southeast South Carolina, Northeastern Georgia…sites perhaps. Nicely wooded, small mountains, moderate year round temperatures, ample rainfalls, decent costs of living.

Can I join or will I be discriminated against because I have a penis?

You could visit but not live there. Your penis is definitely the issue. :evilfun: :laughing:

What if they are a woman with a penis?

Only people with XX chromosomes can live there.

Seems transphobic.

It’s XX chromosome friendly. Trans folk may visit but not live there.

Still discriminatory, reminds me of Jim Crow.

Yes, we will be discriminatory…XX only residents.

In that case, I’m making an intentional community of my own.

Only certain IQs, above 105, allowed.

lol That made me laugh.
That would probably leave me out.

Have you ever had it tested?

I once had an MRI of my brain done.
They couldn’t find it, try as they might.
I don’t know where it went.
I think that it just absconded with the wind.

Can you find it for me, Trixie? 8-[


Who’s gonna open jars and stuff when you ladies can’t do it?

Revisiting this project after having watched The Island with Bear Grylls Men vs. Women.

My penis will probably be discriminated against also, not sure how this community would work.