Response to Parodites: Europe, USA, power, beauty

It seems to me that the ideals you have expressed, for which you would destroy trillions of universes, are more present in Europe than they are in the US.

The US is so young still, that it has not yet acquired beauty and truth, not like France, nothing close to it — yet, it has acquired and embodied more raw power than any other state has acquired.

It hasn’t ripened in any significant way.

But no previous state, except arguably, Rome, has been quite as vigorous in the pure physical sense. Military, scope of terrain, “Lebensraum”. What Germany tried to imitate.

Europe is very far from being as lost as you describe it – some of her capital cities are polluted by tourism and by other people of extreme spiritual poverty, but each nation except perhaps Sweden still stands firm and has a good share of individuals.

You said that only America has produced individuals. I rather think America has produced… Americans. Indviduation in terms of a national ideology, which is an ideology of individuation, granted, but still an ideology.

In my experience, Montreal produces more true individuals than New York or LA. People don’t read newspapers there, they do not care about ideology. They care about life, love, depth, truth, integrity, and love. Did I say love? My point: a powerful political ideology does not help in producing individuals.

Depth and truth and integrity are fundamental components of any truly credible ideology
But when that ideology becomes dogmatic then those components become compromised

But what ideology is truly credible?

Christianity has done a good job of being credible. Freemasonry as well. The US was built as a symbiosis between the two, as was France.

The US has been losing both Masonic and Christian credibility very rapidly and has only faced one major challenge in its existence so far.
France has overcome much more and has acquired much greater depth and beauty.

This is not meant as insult to the US - much like saying to a kid that he’s just a kid isn’t an insult. Its just realism.
I am counting on the US to live up to this current challenge and emerge from it in greater splendour. But we shouldnt sell the hide before the bear has been shot.