Retards of the ILP

Kropotkin: a dreamer living in a fantasy land, easily annoyed, flinches at everything disturbing his sleep

Trixie: a sex-obsessed transsexual and a narcissist who is spamming this board with non-sense thinking he’s a genuis saying something important; extremely asocial, no respect for authority whatsoever

Turd: a psychologically deformed savage who does not know how to control himself, can’t post less than three paragraphs of bullshit, hates Nietzscheans for no reason

Fixed: an overly optimistic narcissist and a megalomaniac who also happens to be overly sensitive, thinks he’s “the most powerful person in the room” yet he runs away from ILP each time the word Jewsus is mentioned; drama llama, brags about having powerful Internet friends, thinks that philosophy is friendship and drugs are manly

Mongoose: cockhunter, lost on the Internet, forever stuck on ILP, does not know how to leave

Joker/HaHaHa: cocksucker addicted to cocksucking who does not like the cock he is sucking, loser who blames the world for all his problems, attention whore, never posts his own thoughts mostly reposts, superficial as fuck, drama llama

Lev: an agitated communist loser

Biguous: an insecure old fart, probably ugly, using philosophy to numb his painful emotional reaction to his sad reality, pretends to be humble, thinks he’s not arrogant, lives in a fantasy land, thinks it is Earth

Mr. R: a lazybum who is too lazy to leave ILP, posts lazy crap; a braggart who thinks he has done it all merely because he has successfully numbed his feelings of inferiority

Gib: a meek, insecure drug-addicted fag who is into “adult cartoons” and who is happy to befriend anyone

Zinnat: a New Age fag who loves everyone, me including

But that leaves you. In a few words, how would you describe yourself and your role on this list?

You think I have feelings of inferiority?

I don’t think, I know.

Tell me how you know so that I can understand. Because right now, apparently I’m of the delusion that I’m better than you.

I’ll weigh in on this, since technically I’m now a “legend”

You came after me once Magnus …

My impression of that was narcissism and xenophobia …

It’s just a cursory analysis

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, is my advice

You definitely have shit too

Yes, that would be a delusion.

I know because I know that you think that you have achieved everything there is to achieve in life. You said it yourself once. You said there is no longer anything that can challenge you in life.

That gave it away. You may wonder how.

There is no such a thing as “final state” in life, no point beyond which there is no longer anything that can challenge you in life.

Struggle is endless.

Now, if you think there is such a state, then this merely means that you are longing for such a state – for rest.

This means you do not want to keep struggling but to put an end to struggle.

And indeed, you can do so, but only inside your head.

This is the modern definition of “success” which means nothing oter than putting an end to pain.

Really, this means nothing other than shutting yourself from reality. Living inside a firmly shut bubble.

You are pretty good at it.

Now, the question is: what kind of people posit such goals? what kind of people want to put an end to struggle?

And the answer is: those who suffer from some sort of unbearable pain.

Usually, these are people who have accumulated too many mistakes, no doubt over many generations, requiring a lot of adaptation/flexibility on their part.

So it’s easier for them to simply strive towards happiness or “maximum integral joy over time” as JSS call it.

Real man are DOERS. They don’t want happiness. They want to do wha their instincts command them to do.

You are not a doer. You are a lazybum who is seeking comfort because your instincts – that which motivates doing – have become too painful.

Consider, for example, that you see no point in raising family.

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Nailed it.

I do not actually think that Jesus on steroids is a psychologically
deformed savage but it is a funny caricature of him nonetheless

Trixie needs to stop bitching, and just pretend he is Magnus, and draw a cartoon based on each description as close to reasonably possible to Magnus’ supposed outlook. Don’t try to fix them Trixie, just do it as you would expect Magnus to if he had any artistic talent at all (you can’t learn to draw if you can’t take your hands off your dick, so Magnus never became a artist).


Hey everyone, look, “I Swallows” is mocking someone who fucks girls in person and doesn’t just gave internet relationships with them.

Of all the fucking people Sauwelios…

Right back at you little bitch who can’t form a coherent thought of their own beyond a Nietzsche book.

“I Swallows”, excellent label for him.

Magnus Anderson forgot himself so I’ll just have to intervene on his behalf.

Magnus Anderson: Closet homosexual Romanian gypsy that lives in his single mother’s basement. Posts on ILP talking about other people’s alleged inferiority as a distraction from dealing with his own.

Try not take everything she says so seriously as a lot of it is plain silly. Just accept and love her for her wackiness

His wackiness. His.

Why so serious turd?

Why. So. serious.

Meaning of life isn’t so silly, I want a break from this train ride.