You may post your riddles in this thread.

Here is one: A bridge between Germany and Switzerland has two parts: a German and a Swiss part - duh. There is a difference between them in height, namely: 54 cm. Why?

Is that riddle too difficult to solve?

This hint may help:

Germany and Switzerland have a different height reference. Germany’s height system is referred to the water level of the North Sea, whereas the Switzerland’s height system is referred to the water level of the Mediterranean Sea. Of course: the responsible planners of the said bridge knew this fact and took it into account: a height difference of 27 cm… But then the Swiss made a msitake. Which mistake did the Swiss make?

They helped build the bridge.

[tab]silly swiss compensated for the difference in the wrong direction, I guess.

I hope you make fun of them for that.[/tab]

That is a good joke. :laughing:


No. I did not make fun of them for that. It is a true story.

The name of the city where this happened (2003-2004) is Laufenburg, and this city has two parts: a German and a Swiss part.

I did not find any English text about that said bridge with the Swiss construction fault. Those who can understand German may use the following link: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hochrheinbr%C3%BCcke .

The following photos were taken before the Swiss construction fault of 2003-2004 (see above), namely in 1864 (the first one) and in 2000 (the second one):

This photo was taken in 1864. You can also see a part of the oldest existing bridge of Laufenburg. This bridge was build in the Middle Ages.

This photo was taken in 2000.

The next riddle:

There are three persons hidden.

Well … the first three look a bit like Hillary Clinton. :-k


Do you think so? :laughing:

The three persons are famous philosophers. You know them, and I think you have something in common with them. :wink:

stone dude, monk dude, and scarf dude

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Oh, you mean Aristotle, St Thomas Aquinas, and ole what.his.face … James S Saint. :smiley:

… all being as ugly as sin. :confused:

Really? … Please name them (in tabs and with the solution process :slight_smile: ).


Well, who is the third one, James?

Are you “ugly as sin”, James? … I have some objections … :wink:

Please name the third one (in tabs and with the solution process :slight_smile: ).


Dude in scarf seems rather handsome. Piercing eyes and whatnot.
I have a bit of a thing for gentleman wear.


Okay. … And … : Who is it?

[tab]Who are the three persons? Please give the answer in a tab (because of Carleas [?]). Thanks.[/tab]

[tab]I’m going to go with schopenhauer.[/tab]

No. … I am sorry.

there’s sideburns there

I Kant remember his name, but he looks sort of like this:

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