Yeah once I stopped abd thought about it out loud for a second, i felt pretty dumb for not figuring out before hehe

[tab]first I thought, there are only two possibilities. a single sentence being correcy, or none, because they are all mutually exclusive.
but then, if none are correct, dude 100 would be correct. but if dude 100 is correct, then there would be 99 wrong sentences. so he can’t be correct.
if 1 sentence is correct and 99 are wrong, dude saying that there are exactly 99 wrong sentences is correct. durrrface :slight_smile:[/tab]

Phoneutria, please answer my questions:


You are still not exactly saying who is right and who is wrong and especially: why. So my questions again:
Do you mean that the sentence of the 99th person is correct? And if so: Why is the sentence of the 99th person correct? And what about the other persons? Please give a rationale why the sentence of the 99th person is correct and what about the other persons and why.[/tab]

Phoneutria you just got smacked on the hand with a ruler. You better tighten up kiddo.

Now I haven’t looked at the problem but Im pretty fuckin sure Phoneutria would solve it faster than me.

So what kind of an asshole would have the nerve to walk right in here and insult a superior mathematician? This kind baby.

You are still not exactly saying who is right and who is wrong and especially: why.[/tab]

lol I broke ILP

[tab]Hypothesis: arminius is a robot.[/tab]

[tab]Oh, nevermind, he is German[/tab]

[tab]this tab was purposefully left blank[/tab]

[tab][throws spitball at zoot][/tab]

Rest of answers here, armie. I had to break it down to fix the tabs.


so my answer again

Because all sentences say different things, therefore the only two possible answers is only 1 sentence is correct, and all sentences are wrong.
2 or more sentences being correct is impossible because they would negate one another.
all sentences wrong is impossible because that would make “there are exactly 100 wrong sentences” correct, so this option is paradoxical.
this only leaves one possibility, that only one sentence is correct. therefore 99 are wrong.
thus dude who said there are exactly 99 wrong sentences is correct.

They’re… wrong.

I basically just rephrased what i had already said, so I hope this is enough for your highness.[/tab]

Yes. :sunglasses: and a bit :laughing: .

That is right. =D>

phew goddamn

[tab]If they are saying complementary things and one is lying, then both are lying. the girl is blonde[/tab]

Q: What has testicles, a penis, and can ejaculate in Modern, (D)Evolved, and Progressive Societies???

A: Women.

Thanks, Phoney!


Q: Which phoney meat is Phoney’s favorite meat?

A: [tab][/tab]

Someone remove this child from the thread, please.

Greetings from …

The following picture shows the island where I spend my holidays:

Which island is it?

Looks like a crystal under a microscope.

…but maybe that is merely my perspective … :sunglasses:


[tab]I guess you mean that as a wordplay. :slight_smile:[/tab]


Well, I didn’t want to give it away. :sunglasses:[/tab]

Perfect Logicians.

Players A and B both have got the number 12 written on her forehead. Everyone sees the number on the front of the other but does not know the own number. The game master tells them that the sum of their numbers is either 24 or 27 and that this numbers are positive integers (thus also no zero).

Then the game master asks repeatedly A and B alternately, if they can determine the number on her forehead.

 A: "No".
 B: "No".
 A: "No".
 B: "No".
 A: "No".

After how many "no"s does the game end, if at all?