Ring the Insanity Bell.

Hi all,


So, assess your sanity on a scale of 1 to 10 -10 being as insane as the guy in the picture, and 1 being I dunno, erm, not insane at all if that’s possible.

You can give yourself another rating for functionality if you like.

Tab: insanity 2, functionality 7.

rationally insane 5 / practically functional 7 [ these answers are provisional ]

insanity 5, functionality 7, lockpicking 3, charisma 6, luck 2 (can I re-roll that?), perception 10…

we need a dm now and we’re set. what’s the map?

Insanity 1: it’s a matter of never losing sight of perspective / functionality 9: I’m working on making it a 10 ; )

I know who inspired you to create this thread :laughing: …I find that to keep my insanity level minimal and sanity level optimal, I have to stay away from and not engage with certain minds, as I prefer a mind untarnished by others’ negative mental state, so give such minds a very wide berth… of avoidance. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that current society is suffering from a global mental health crisis due to system overload, caused by quite a few factors… so much has changed over the decades, and not entirely for the better.

The great thing about the intellectually insane is that they take you to place you would not normally go
For that reason it is always good to listen to those that think completely or significantly different to me
Insanity is not contagious so I have no problem in listening to the insane even if I never agree with them

I just can’t do it Surrep… I can’t deal with the repetitive and circular viewpoint and stance that such minds are prone to taking, due to not taking into account the small matter and notion of reason… you’ve obviously got the stomach for it, whereas I definitely do not, so being mentally selfish.

Ecmandu has said that he is insanely wise so presumably that would be I0 on the insanity scale

The guy in the photo is an actor. He’s playing weird or crazy. Am I as crazy as him? Well, that actor does seem, in what I’ve seen of him sort of out of character to be fairly weird, but then, if I’ve seen it, he knows there’s a camera there. And he’s a rich sucessful guy so by that measure he’s functional as it gets.

I don’t think he’s acting… his TV interviews are a real car crash, and he’s properly whacked out, but… like I said, mental health is steadily declining and no-one seems to be immune from that.

Words barely scratch the surface when it comes to describing the insanity of Gary Busey. A single look is all one really needs to determine that he’s out of this world. But there are things even crazier to the man than imaginable once he opens that creepy wide mouth of his. At any given moment he can spout metaphysical nonsense, quantum theory, spiritual musings, or… anecdotes about how he used to rail lines of coke off of his dog.

Is Gary Busey a misunderstood savant? The victim of a tragic loss of inhibition thanks to head injuries sustained from his infamous 1988 motorcycle crash? Or is he simply yet another cautionary tale of the dangers of substance abuse? With the kind of shit Gary talks, it’s probably all three and then some.

Lol. Call of Cthulhu it is. Gimme that shotgun, you can have a few elder-signs, and the lockpicks.

Felix: insanity 10, functionality 10. (insane math)

Insanity uncertain , the less I think about it : 2-3, the more I look INTO it 7-8

Functionality : 7, or may be 6?

Lol, I think a 10 in functionality will mean you rule the world. Yeah, I saw this gif. and fell in love with it. I didn’t want to go break the guy’s heart by just posting it in a reply, an act I respect myself for lol, 10 years ago I’d have just stormed in. Age, sometimes a good thing. Or raising children maybe. Forbearance, me…? Who’d a thunk it.

But still, wow. Anyway, I agree on avoiding people with negative mind-sets, something I’ve only recently learned to do. Before I was always driven to try and help them. Took a long time to realise they really don’t want help, just to suck you dry. Just the way they are wired, don’t even think it’s a conscious choice on their part half the time.

Maybe ruling the world is my secret goal, in aiming to be a 10. 8-[

Well-done you, in being tactful… something the receiver of your tact does not himself exhibit, or even the smallest ounce of thoughtfulness towards others, and still he doesn’t learn off others when shown a better way. Too far gone, perhaps? never to return to centre.

Self-preservation of mind, and subsequently body, Baby!

I don’t think you can help those that are unable to help themselves… I’ve had a few friends who have ended up in a negative circular existence, and had to let them go, for my own sanity’s sake… acquaintances are now much more preferable to friends, as there’s no expectation of you.

I usually keep most people at arm’s length, at work anyway. I always have a few drinking buddies, and ofc. my family. I don’t believe you can do without at least a couple of good friends though.

You’d be surprised at what necessity can do. :slight_smile: I’ve been doing just fine without any friends these last few years, as I don’t have any inclination to deal with others’ relationship baggage with them, dat ain’t what friends are for people… friends are for creating good times and fun moments, not chewing your ear off over the phone for hours about their bad life choices. Nah man, nah!

Gloominary: insanity 2, functionality 5.