Rob Bowman On Satanism

Pretty straightfowardly, Rob Bowman identifies three kinds of Satanists…

Now, getting it clear on our local Satanists in the crowd, it is my understanding that our much appreciated Doc S. and the lively Lasko are both Materialistic Satanists. I keep finding a good laugh everytime these two fellows have to tell some damn fool they don’t believe in the Satan that exists in the Christian Bible.

I have yet to meet a Mad Satanist, but I’m sure it would be interesting - very interesting too… (…imagines Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate.)

Although there is a little (lot) more too it, I certainly agree that of the three I would fall into the first category.

I have met plenty of the latter two at various times and places online. I have found them to be no different than any other form of theist. However. in my experience the great majority of these ‘theistic satanists’ are just rebelling against the belief they REALLY hold, and inevitably fall back into. (invariably some form of christianity)

Hah-hah-hah! :laughing: I’d laugh my ass off even more if it turned out that “form” of Christianity were Mormonism…

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of everyone else having the same right, of having their little fun 2 ??

Satanists of all stripes follow, to a greater or lesser degree, the path laid out by Prometheus. Of course the most devoted followers of Prometheus do not worship him, in his true DIY spirit, they seek to become him. Yet they are beset by the anger of the Immortals for their daring on one side and the ignorance of the mortals on the other. Prometheus (forethought) aids them with long-endurance (stuborness) and quick wits.