Ron Paul, Libertarians, And Global Gold Standard Hegemony

The inevitability of a major global currency crisis is inescapable. There seems to be a global push towards a return to the gold standard worldwide by leaders such as Ron Paul of the United States libertarian movement.

I’ve been asking Ron Paul fans for some time – and it always falls on deaf ears…
“How does a gold standard benefit the people when the elite have hoarded most of the gold?”.

In effect a gold standard would leave the elite as the only ones holding any significant amount of “real money”. Its just handing them the world on a platter. This would perhaps explain why Ron Paul is allowed to live by the global elites as he is just another government shill. He is just another part of their plan for global hegemony.

If RP was an enemy of the elite the media would not be promoting him so heavily. I know that its a popular idea that they suppress Ron Paul but that is based on viewing things from a child-like simple perspective. The irony is almost too much for me when I see people talking about having “woken up” and speaking with disdain about the common sheeple then realizing that not only are the “woken up” people being used as tools still dreaming but that more so than anyone else they are being used as the point men in helping bring about this world agenda.

For the vast majority of his supporters there is no convincing them. Ron Paul has become a household political religion for many.Its a fallacy that facts carry any weight when dealing with human beings. Feelings are king and always have been. The elite are indeed experts at human psychology and have outsmarted the truthers.

Oh really…

RT’s coverage has given a disproportionately large amount of airtime to Ron Paul. The ‘alternative’ media only talks about Paul, they ignore Bill Still (for example)…

Who is this Bill you speak of?

Bill Still, he is running as a Libertarian party presidential candidate. He is best known for the documentaries The Money Masters and The Secret of Oz, both of which are absolutely must-see.

His answer to the problem of the Fed is socialistic in many respects, but it is a damn sight better than the goldbugs like Ron Paul. Certainly worth your time.

I will have to look into those documentaries.

The American Fascist Movement supports Ron Paul.

Pretty Ironic…

Also RT is a Kremlin backed propaganda network…not that theres anything wrong with that.

Most news sources are biased in some way, I just hate when they lie about it.

Does not surprise me. I am starting to think Ron Paul and son pretend to be against the federal reserve but at the same time secretly work for it upon this new realization of mine. It is really quite ingenius. Before Nixon killed the gold standard the federal reserve controlled the national stockpile of gold for quite awhile.

Not really, Ron Paul is a nationalist, a corporatist, and a militarist. 1+2+3=fascism…

Ron Paul is a Constitutionalist… end of story.

Borderline Neo-confederate…

I’m a militarist myself, I like coporatism but whats a coporatist?

Someone who believes in corporatism, obviously. Ron Paul is martial law waiting to happen. Why do you think RT are so in favour of him? His policies would DESTROY the US.

That is about as moronic as one could get.
Obama’s next term IS Marshal law. He is merely awaiting his next term. He has already stated it even before that last cavalier term of office. He has committed a half a dozen acts of treason and is merely waiting to get the chance to finalize his Islamic devotion to the new world order.

Under Constitutional law, there has to be at least a reason for it. Ron Paul MIGHT do something to cause trouble. Obama couldn’t care less about the entire American continent. He IS trouble already happening.

It does not matter if either Goldman Paul, Obomber, or Mittens wins in 2012 because any way you look at it martial law is a inevitable choice of the elites soon within the United States.

Islamic devotion to the new world order?

You talk a lot of shit.

This isn’t about Paul vs Obama. It’s about Paul. His economic policies would destroy the world’s largest economy, taking the rest of the world economy with it. His ‘bring the troops home’ is actually a ‘station the troops here’ policy. Whether he realises these things or not, he is absolutely a Trojan horse. That is to say, a Greek horse that has somehow gone down in history as a Trojan, i.e. belonging to the other side.

When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross. - This aphorism could not have been more appropriately written about Paul if it had actually been written about him. It dismays me that people buy into Ron Paul.

The USA is ALREADY Fascist, it isn’t “going to be”. You obviously have missed the entire take over. Now your just babbling nonsense, not knowing your friends from foes {{Hitler, help! Please save us from the Germans!!} (typical, and assuming your not merely another socialist globalist spinning more yarns).


How is the U.S. Fascist?

It is pretty horrible when a Russian news source is more honest and open than the news media of your own homeland.