roughly two months to the election

As this is Labor Day and a good day to
take an overall look at the upcoming election…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that
the presidency is Clinton’s to lose…
It would take some sort of something out of the blue for
it to upset this election…
From the polls I have seen, Trump has no real way to win
especially if any two the three, Penn, Ohio or Fla go to Clinton…
In fact, look for that on election night, if Penn or Ohio or Fla get’s
called for Clinton, it pretty much lights out for Trump…
The real question now is the down ballots, the senate and the house…
The polling sites I have seen of which there are several, seem to have
the Dem’s winning the senate, giving the Dem’s roughly 70% or so to win the senate.
The question is the house and because of Gerrymandering, the GOP should
win the house… In the last presidential election, the total votes for the
Dem’s in the house was several million over the GOP, but the GOP has
to steal, cheat and lie their way to some sort of victory…
if it was a straight up election, the Dem’s would carry (and easily)
all three, the president, the senate and the house…
As it is, the GOP may not have another president in our lifetime…

In California, the GOP party is gone, nonexistent and the state is
far better off without it…We have made serious strides
in this state and made it one of the best run states in the union…
The credit goes to Gov. Brown who has done a great job being
the adult in the room and getting things done…

(there is not a single GOP state wide office holder, not one
along with two Dem’s running for the senate, there isn’t even a GOP candidate
for the senate)

The battle lines for 2016 is really for the Supreme court
and the Dem’s need to capture both houses to push through
liberal justices…So we can get back to moving America
forward again…

The next date to look forward to is Sept. 26 and that is debate night
between Trumpf and Clinton… I am taking that day off, just to get the
popcorn and beer and buffalo wings ready. I am making this my big game
day and with all the trimmings…

Speaking of debate, Herr Trumpf will be declared the winner
of the debate if he doesn’t take a dump on the stage,
that is how low the bar has been set for him…Hopefully
Clinton can beat the crap out of him so badly, he won’t want
to debate again…

So more updates as they come…


So, have you attended a Clinton rally yet? No? I’ve heard she only likes the presence of financial donors that on a minimum give her a $100,000.00 to the Clinton Foundation.

K: Why would I attend a Clinton rally? I have no desire or money to go to
a rally… come to think of it, I have never been to a rally in my life including
high school…Why would anyone in their right mind go to rally?


Do not celebrate just yet.

The more elections you have, the worse your situation is. :wink:

Nah if the president was kicked out every month it would make America great again.

Merely great in being more chaotic again.

Save your breath Arminius, the dumb downed American population never learns anything…

Couldn’t afford to get past the gates, I get it.

Maybe if you were a millionaire you might be able to afford in attending.

I am waiting for an assassination attempt so that one can claim the other did it.

Want to create a betting pool online Kriswest?

I can not bet, I tend to lose when gambling :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for Hilary to win so we can have a real war that actually stimulates the economy. I’m so tired of hearing poor people bitch.

Finally some real honesty from you Mr. Day Trader. Be careful what you wish for…

Um…I’m always honest. Like I wonder if it’s really moral indignation that prevents you from exploiting the economy for your own gain, or if it’s just a lack of discipline. You trying to tell me that your sense of right and wrong is more important to you than money?

Thanks, I needed some humor tonight. Keep the jokes coming…

The funniest jokes are the ones that are true.

Bullshit is getting deep in this thread…

Like on memorial day, I decided to go to this place where you can rent a tube and float down a river, and on holidays there’s usually a bunch of hos there from the nearby universities, drunk, half or more naked and floating down the same river. There could be like several hundred people in a day go down this thing. So I take my friend who’s basically a real life version of Quagmire from family guy, and then these 2 girls, naturally show themselves to be the attention seekers because they’re wearing makeup, screaming and giggling because as they claimed, they believed a turtle to be underneath them swimming and they were acting like they thought they might get bitten, so that they could keep squealing and getting people to look at them. So then, right when everyone looks, my friend yells out, “The turtles like the way it smells”. Let me tell you something man, everyone got quiet. Even the birds stopped chirping. It was a dead silence with like 20 or so people all right there in the spot where we were. So the girl’s friend, the other girl says, “who said that? eww!”. Then I just pointed directly at my friend and said it was him.

See how funny that is? Because it’s true. Motherfuckers on rivers telling girls that turtles like the smell of thier pussies. That shit really happens.

Being called a bullshitter is kind of a compliment if you think about it. So thanks.

You managed to turn a conversation into one of two bathing bitches. No surprise here.

Fascinating philosophical discourse you have here.