Russia paranoia on the Left

Styx makes a good point here that the parties have somewhat switched; with the DFL now the party pushing anti-Russia strong arm scare tactics and toward world war three.

Where did all the good liberals go? They used to be against war, let’s play fair and nice with everyone, let’s understand our differences and repudiate war mongering and paranoia… oh wait, except when it comes to Russia. Lol.


And yeah, fuck John McLame, it’s funny how the DFL now considers him a friend. Haha. Dementia at its finest.


An ugly man, standing in front of an Ancient Roman "SPQR“ flag and an Ancient Egyptian "ouroboros“ symbol, is trying to tell us something about the current US politics. :laughing:

Sometimes it is not necessary to hear what a person says, because that person and the surroundings as symbols are much more informative than the speech of that person.

Glad you admit, tacitly, that you have no actual critiques of anything he said.

You probably didn’t even watch the video, did you? Is that why you cannot comment on what he is actually saying?

Why don’t you try watching something before you critique it? Oh, you’re just a lazy lying piece of shit, is that it? Ok then.

Fuck off.

Void, if there was as much a case against a young black person, for any charge at all as there is for the Trump campaign acting inappropriately, then that young black dude would already be in prison.

Name one “inappropriate” thing the “Trump campaign” did. Because I haven’t seen anything inappropriate, but I’ve seen a lot of spin and lies and paranoia from the media and DFL and SJWs.

What have you been reading? Wtf is a dfl and an sjw?

So nothing, then? That’s what I thought.

Well, the attorney general lied about meetings with Russians and recused himself, and then the President said if he’d known that recusal was coming he would have not appointed him. The President fired the fbi director while he was being investigated. His son in law and jack of all trades in his inner political circle “accidentally” ommited more information in his applicati9n for security clearance than he included. The guy has had to add 100s of items after the fact. Courting Chinese bailouts for thier private businesses by trying t9 sell visas to investors, I mean…don’t you have any idea of the facts that are all out there in the public sphere?

Do you believe that where there’s smoke, there’s fire? What about when its the most smoke ever? Does that mean a bigger chance of maybe a bigger fire?

Sessions didn’t lie about those meetings, that is more fake news spin. You are really drinking the koolaid aren’t you?

The question in the hearing was about in his capacity as a member of the transition team, not in any other role. Go back and watch, its on CSPAN. Senators from both GOP and DFL met with the Russian ambassador, it is their job to meet with ambassadors. They all do it. So what? DFL senators also met with the Russian ambassador and I don’t see you crying over that.

And Trump fired Comey because Comey is a hack, who defended Shillery by agreeing to Loretta Lynch’s request to downplay the investigation as a “matter” and by recommending not to prosecute her despite admitting she broke the law. Lol.

They’re encircling both Russia and China militarily, it’s called Full Spectrum Dominance asymmetrical warfare. The United States wants to be the top dog militarily, economically, and politically when they decide to pull the plug on the global economy. If this means a first nuclear strike on China and Russia so that United States global hegemony can be achieved indefinitely they’ll go for it even amid the threat of worldwide total annihilation. This is where this bullshit world is currently as it is run by extreme dangerous idiots with nuclear capabilities. This is where we’re at and the majority of idiots can’t see the psyop for what it is as they have the memory of fleas. The majority of the world is gibbering clueless chimps.

The morons (chimps) of course like the leftists in the United States can’t see this because they’re fucking morons that can’t see anything beyond the motherfucking cable newsz.

Push the fucking button and get it over with, I no longer care anymore. Fuck this whole global humanity bullshit! Pull the plug already!


Pretty much, yes.

1.) You are saying that I "have no actual critiques of anything he said“.

2.) You are saying that I "critique it“.

So again: You do not know what you are talking about. As usual.

Additionally, you are a very humorless guy.

But I agree when it comes to the paranoia on the left, adding that there is also paranoia on the right. There is almost no difference between the left and the right. Both are working for the same real rulers.

Translations by captain obvious:

“You have no actual critiques”: you’re a fucking idiot who can’t be bothered to think or form arguments.

"Why don’t you try watching something before you critique it?: your attempts at critique are fucking retarded because you’re unable to think or form arguments. Also you’re lazy.

Despite how much I love thinking for you assholes, next time exercise two or three neurons in your brain before trying to play “gotcha” with emptying the semantics from sentences. Fucking idiot.

Void, Sessions lied about the meetings. No spin to it. He said he didn’t have them. Then when he got found out, he claimed that he didn’t understand the question. The man is a lifelong politician. Pretty sure he understood the question. No spin to that man. I think you’re a little brainwashed.

You’re just part of the neoliberal side pushing for world war three. It’s crazy, man. Stop doing that. Russia is not our enemy.

And Sessions was asked about meeting in the context of being part of the Trump transition team. Do you know how many ambassadors senators meet with? They meet them all the time. Everyone knows that, especially Al Franken, who is a senator too. So not only was the context of the question not about “have you ever ever and any time or capacity” because the hearing was specifically about his role in the transition team, but everyone on both sides knew that it wouldn’t make sense to ask if a senator had ever met with an ambassador in any capacity at all, because they do it all the time, they all do.

Now, I can tell you for certain that the neoliberals have been plotting war with Russia and have been plotting to link Trump to Russia as a “Russian agent” at least since winter of 2015. I’m not going to tell you how I know, but I do know. Also it’s obvious if you just pay attention.

So ask yourself if you really want that war.

You have written no single argument. But you have written a lot of nonsense and a lot of ad hominems !

All kidding aside, in order to achieve a piece in the world , one would have to listen to Jesus in an eschatological sense: love Your enemies.

Jesus may make little sense in today’s seminology ,
however in the sense meaning is progressively and ever subtly refines, one must place some meaning in a pre-conceptualized version of meaning.

Reversals in meaning are due to some internal struggles, revisions, disappointments, which do develop an eventual model of structural cohesion. and need to be looked at irrespective whether it comes out of the mouths of children, idiots, or savants, or occultists. There is, really meaning to even non-sense.

At least allow the current posdibility for an eminent domain of a grey area.

Some paranoia is caused by admitted nexus of wealth with the worthiness to possess it, however, these are subsets of which zspengler has dealt with on a primary level. Society has passed that stage, and some like Rand have presumed such in her unclear assessment and vindication to objectivity.

The point is exactly that, there is a very grave and grey area, which causes paranoia and distrust on both sides of the isle. It is subsumed in a lesser set, of justification, based on a passed identifiable set of presumptive sets, which don’t make as much sense as previously.

So does that sound like a justification of a paranoia? Not at all, instead, it is merely a description of a kind of diagnostic criteria by which the tools of inquiery can gain some measure of validity.

Worthless. In the words of Fixed, your brain would be put to better use if you sold it for food. That’s not an exaggeration.


Equally disturbing is Russia’s paranoia OF the left.