Russia is an enemy of the United States as it is predominantly white Russian and whiteness deserves no nation to which it has sanctuary. Any nation that is an existential sanctuary or a harbinger of whiteness needs to be destroyed and obliterated. There can never be any compromise on this whatsoever. The world will become a giant melting pot and you will like it where you will not be allowed anything else. If you want anything else beyond that you’re probably a racist and I’m betting a majority of Russians are racist also. They need to be enriched with multi racial multiculturalism because that’s what free progressively globalised people do.

This is the future of the entire planet and you can’t fight against the progressive inevitable future.

Vladimir Putin is archetypal equivalent of the demonic white male patriarch and therefore is the devil incarnate. When you look at a photo of Vladimir Putin do you not see a Russian devil in disguise? I know that when I see his photo I do.

Russia doesn’t have a capitalist neo liberal democracy and therefore is inferior if not a fascist police state where we must free the Russian people bringing capitalistic neo liberal democracy to them, militarily if we have to. Preferably they need a new leader in Russia and one that is more willing to give into western demands.

What is this Russian Christian Orthodoxy? That sounds like a religiously exclusive faith.

The only true Christianity is Judeo-Christianity where Christians are Zionists that will defend Israel to the death. The way Russia has been defending Syria or making friends with Iranians you would think Russians hate Jews. Are Russians anti semitic? Is Vladimir Putin another Hitler?

Yes, he is a Russian Hitler.

Russians aren’t white. How could they be? They still are capable to think, unlike Americans and European drones. The split between Europe and Russia is manifested by that gaping maw between intentional Euclidean Petersburg and organic Moscow (cf. Dostoevsky). The Slavophile and the Europeanized French speaking czarist “White Russian”. Ergo, the whole point is that the Russian refuses to become “white”. Rights of Russians is different from U.N.'s artificially laid down anglo-Europhile ‘universal’ rights doctrine which leads to slaughterer of all enemies of American European values by, e.g., Obama and his Walkuren under the principle: kill the enemies of humanity (where humanity reads: America and European whites).

However, this does not mean, necessarily, that Americans and Europeans should not, in order to fulfill their own inmost truth, obliterate the Russians from the face of the earth.

Just did a fact check on US senators with dual citizenships and none were Russian, several British, Cuban, German, Israel, etc. That imgur article was posted as a gag, right?

So far as I can see the whole list is this:

Michael Bennet India Birth Democratic 2009 Superintendent of Denver Public Schools, and U.S. Senator from Colorado
Ted Cruz Canada Birth Republican 2013 U.S. Senator from Texas, and 2016 Republican candidate for president
Tammy Duckworth Thailand Birth Democratic 2017 U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from Illinois
Mazie Hirono Japan Naturalization Democratic 2013 Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii, U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from Hawaii
John McCain Panama Canal Zone[a] Birth Republican 1987 long-time U.S. Senator from Arizona, 2000 Republican presidential candidate and 2008 Republican nominee for President of the United States
Chris Van Hollen Pakistan Birth Democratic 2017 U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from Maryland