Saddam is in custody!

What do you guys think of the video clip of Saddam getting his medical examination? He almost seems somewhat innebriated. I wonder what is going through his mind.

“Oh God, I really hope they don’t bring it up”

I was waiting for them to pull WMD’s from his pocket, and execute him on the spot…

I am afraid that we will try him in American courts, and not at international court. If we do, it will be the biggest folly of this war.

I don’t think that their is any chance that he will be tried in an American court. The plan as of yet is that he will be tried in an international court or an Iraqi court. I would prefer an Iraqi court. Hopefully, they won’t execute him, cuz I would really like to read his biography. :smiley:

Do you mean his autobiography? Doesn’t he already have one? I think so.

I’m sure the title is arabic for “My Struggle”.

Anywho, they sure as hell better try him in an Iraqi court. He hurt Iraqis a lot more than anyone else. Try him, execute him (humanely), burn his body, bury his ashes in secret, and move on with life.



Don’t forget we have in our capture a terribly deluded man. He thinks he is in the right here. I had that thought and then sure enough my father let me know how the first thing Saddam did was try and cut a deal for his release. He doesn’t see his murders as wrong doing. He is a fool, an arrogant fool, the worst type of fool. The people in Iraq will obviously want him executed being a riotous lot but that would be a terrible mistake. It would be much more of beneficial thing for would be tyrants and evil murderers of the future, to see Saddam get educated on what in fact he has done and the consequences of it, and then let him live in the mind of a genocidal maniac to the end of his days. His mind will set upon itself with a fury never seen, he will claw his eyes out and hang himself with his clothes. Putting his fate in the hands of the Iraqis is a mercy killing.

I stand corrected?

I would quite like to see Thatcher and Reagan on trial for assisting him. They are guilty of abetting at least, conspiracy at most.

yes, i’ll agree with this logic, so long as we can also convict all those anti-war activists who tried to keep sadaam in power by preventing the war :evilfun:

for the sake of the future, sadaam should be tried internationally. but he almost certainly would only be prosecuted by iraq, perhaps in the us.

No anti-war activists (save George Galloway) opposed the war because they supported Saddam. No antiwar activists, moreover, supplied Saddam with weapons that they knew were going to be used to destroy lives.

Humane execution? Have we been taking lessons from the Alan Dershowitz school of human rights?

Ever heard of the U.N. Sanctions?

ever heard of stupidity?
sorry to enter in on a slagging note but that is such bullshit.
Saddam was responsible for the sanctions. Saddam was responsible for Gulf War 2. These are the facts. Denying them doesn’t change them.

Yea… despite my disgust for the “war” Saddam still is a boob at best.

While the nation was distracted last month by images of Saddam Hussein’s spider hole and dental exam, President George W. Bush quietly signed into law a new bill that gives the FBI increased surveillance powers and dramatically expands the reach of the USA Patriot Act.

Now making Bush untouchable
Did anyone hear the State of Union speech

Yeah…makes me consider backing Kerry or someone. Anti-gay marriage amendment, drug testing in high schools; Bush realises he can move further to the right now he’s in the white house, with no strong opposition.