Satan, Shaytan, Say'n, Satanael, Saah-Tahnn (-ism)

So. I put this in psychology, because of the Satanic Bible’s emphasis on the notion that Satanism is not a religion.

The points of Satanism are obviously that man is a beast, a natural creature, that there is no such thing as sin, that the weak must be downtrodden and that evil must be punished with cruelty, and that we should only give love to whom or what we actually love. All quite sensible principles in a time oversaturated with the inheritances of the fear of pleasure, which was created by the scorn of pleasure, which was created by the wretched who could not have it in normal ways. Eunuchs.

Christianity as an organized religion, is historically propagated and organized by eunuchs. Early Christian Rome was run by eunuchs, and obviously the broad scope of Christian sexual morality is eunuch like; balls are evil and need to be cut off - that pretty much sums up the religion. It may be a kind of over-developed homosexual fantasy, to own the balls of. In any case it is sick, and there is not much else to it than that.

But what does Shaytanism really offer?

Ok so honestly, I met Satan in a patio like garden of Maison Descartes, one dusty summer afternoon. I was really wasted, wandering there, waiting for the library to open. Then from the corner of my eye I saw a figure clad in red and black approaching at a confident stroll. His stroll was disconcertingly irreversibly and unavoidably headed to cross my path, I could see or feel that, wherever I would turn. So I lifted up my head and studied the face of the approaching dude.

He had a grin that was only visible if you looked into his eyes, which were black ish. glowing like coals that were somehow also deep green… and there was orange in them. It looked like his pupils were too hot to decide which color to radiate. In any case I extended my hand as he extended his, we shook, and I felt electrified by the same grip I would give a respected friend. He just grinned, being taller than me glancing down sort of sideways; there was nothing definitive in it. No promise.

I hung out with a eunuch once, at a club in SW London… he was a black North African, who was charged with the care of a family’s females who hired him.

I once met a very big Dutch guy at a hostel in Scicily who I got a bad reading off, and I saw fiery coal red eyes hovering out of the darkness the whole night. We all agreed that he was weird (in an esoteric kind of way) and proceeded to avoid him.

Said he had an electrified grip. Did he look like this?

Now how can a eunuch take care of any females if he doesn’t have a hard on. Did he look like this?

It was ‘take care’ in a nurturing way, and not in the way you’re inferring. :open_mouth:

Are you sure you’re a Trixie? or a trixter…

He was a cute little fellow of slim build and good Afro hair, in a dark suit and shirt… wanting to hang out.

God isn’t real and neither is the devil.

DId he like the D what made him become a eunuch.

I myself wanted to be a eunuch when I was younger but never did I want to be some kind of asexual nannysitter that has no interest in female sexuality.

Are you sure. Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?

I don’t think he had sex… or even a libido :open_mouth: he was there to be at the beck and call of the family he worked for and nothing more.

I think the status was inherited and passed down through the generations… if I remember correctly… one male chosen to do the job, and in his generation it was him. I asked him if he was happy about it, but I think it is more about accepting it and then doing the job that you’ve been tasked with.

I hear ya… we are more than just our gender, well… us clever folk our… I don’t know about the rest.

To be a eunuch you would have to give up sex, and have no genetalia whatsoever to ensure that you would have no feelings for your charges… they don’t leave nothing to chance, these people.

A heard a lot of people say the past years that they figured it out: Satan is a woman.
Or some said that woman is Satan.
No theyre not virgins. Just lovers of Satan.
Im just saying that in as far as intelligence goes, women are the trickiest by far.

Heres what I heard say around a corner.
Women understand men, but men do not understand women.
For more fleshy, silly women, a man only needs to not care what she understands about him and understand himself in a vastly different, naive way, this turns such women on like a stupidly obedient smile of a pretty girl turns on a simple man, and all sane men are simple, or want to be.
The game a woman plays with her attractions is a stupid game, a harmful one, dangerous, so the fragile Nietzsche (and all men are fragile) called her the most dangerous plaything.

What a woman is to herself in the sense of what a man is to himself, which is a directive, is likely to be an orb. But what this means, I must ask a woman. Ive asked, and the arched eyebrows are what reminded me of the orb.

I meant before he got the snip, sweetheart.

Eunuch-ism isn’t genetic, so they must have cut his balls off by force. Pretty sure that’s not ok

Tru, tru

Lot’s of eunuchs still have sex…this guy’s a weirdo. Girls don’t have balls either, they have sex still. Eunuch’s still have dicks

Satan is a herm. The male rage is not powerful though, female manipulation is more powerful. Even in physical combat. Satan is still slightly male and has male rage which is his weakness

Men don’t understand women in the sense that a man doesn’t understand the mechanisms of combat while he is fighting a Titan. Can’t tell if he is actually causing damage to the Titan during combat, it all feels like a blur.

But actually it is very simple to understand women, men simply are trying to hard. I plan on making a book about it

Do you take pre orders

No. Too much pressure

It may not be ok, but they accept their fate of full castration.

He didn’t have sex, or balls and a penis… he had nothing. That family were leaving nothing to chance :open_mouth:

Its an illegal for a family to do that to a child. Why didn’t you call the police?

Fixed… I do believe that this guy, the big Dutch guy, practised some sort of dark arts. Everything he said was designed to have an effect rather than just being sociable… it was a very tiring experience to say the least… nice looking, shame about the personality.

Those red hovering eyes… would cause anyone a sleepless night :open_mouth:

Doubt it was done over here, but where they were from… somewhere Arabic.

He left just before closing… I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.

Stuff like this doesn’t help the cause for peace to get US to stop bombing.

That is so sad. Did you ruminate about it for hours.

It was years ago, but I’m sure it still goes on in the higher echelons of Arabic society.

I’ve ruminated about it to this day… on and off, but not at the time. That is something time created.

No penis??? How the F did the dude urinate???