Satan/the deceiver, God/the deceiver?

Satan/the deceiver, God/the deceiver?

Is it not so that there is a deceit in our existence;

we do not know if we even existed before being born.
We do not know if there is anything to follow life incarnate.
If there is God/s or any given divinity, it surely knows this deceit - just as anyone in the third person could observe [especially an omniscient being].

Well I have two chairs for that!
You would think that a divine being such as God or a given deity at the summit of time, would be unfathomable. And yet with this chair I can sit in the market place, I got my ear to the ground and I got a good knowledge of my locality. On this other chair perched upon the hill, I can see the whole valley.
So its all a matter of positions [as marx I would think would agree]. who would want to be a God like That anyway?

You don’t get a beginning of infinity, ergo there can only be creation where the impossible is being performed. A bit like how somehow the universe was infinite, stateless and endless [without limit], and then it became the finite observable universe. I cannot imagine what could perform such a feat, but what I can imagine is very God like. Worse if I then ask what made God tho!

Either way, I am still left with the same question; with or without God, I mean is it that we’d all be spoiled brats, if souls didn’t get born here first? Does that require such extremes of pain and chaos?

Don’t want to sound ungrateful, but who said someone could make me unmanifest such to then make me manifest in this time, and without any knowledge of an former incarnation. If I didn’t exist prior to this life, then I can see why there is the necessity or choice [someone else has], either have nothing or have a world. God has a pot full of everything [assumedly previously blended [in the ‘cosmic blender’ sense] which he then pours out.

Mind you, it would be quite fun I think, if every time he did that you get a completely different thing. So next time when the universe has ended, the whole thing gets mixed up again.

This God personage sounds more like a wizard the more I think about it.

  • just some musings.

what about the times when you try to lie only to accidentally find that you tell the truth or vice versa, try to tell the truth only later on to find it being an unintentional lie. Perhaps truth and lies would be easier to sort if they couldnt be spoken in a given moment and still change as time flows.

for me the beauty in it all is in the essential ad-hoc nature, whereby objects and even laws/principles are all mutable.

if it were cut and dry we wouldn’t develop.

  • bit of a harsh teacher though, nature!

People often don’t realize that there’s not too much difference between the appearance of true evil and true good and in todays modern age, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference. I mean, there’s definitely an eternity of eternities difference between the two, but the casual observer would never notice. Or maybe the casual observer would notice it more often. That’s an argument that should be had out. I think it scares humans, though. Love to roll through anything and everything in the mind, don’t like to let go of their stranglehold on the society they’re killing.

Could I entertain you with the deception of truth that states that there is no deception other than perception and perspective because all lies are known and all truths as well, so the only deception that comes into play that’s strong enough to delude the senses is when you play it fair and out in the open no matter what side you roll for and with, because only then are things spurred to get your back or hinder you in any way as to absolutely fool the senses of both you and others. All attempts are noticeable, grinding gears of pain in our sensory awareness until you pull the labels off, pull the definitions out and force everything into do and die mode.

Am I good for telling you this, or evil? Am I exposing it or further clothing it?

These things don’t change the truth that we don’t know why we have been placed in the ignorant condition.

You sure? There’s a multitude of reasons for it. I could list them one by one if you want from the most depraved to the most paranoid to the most hopeful. I could list from the most insecure to the things that thought they were strongest while nursing insecurities known as ego pride vanity cockiness and arrogance to the things that legitly meant well with the best and worst of intents and still couldnt manage not to get dragged off track. I could even pinpoint for being in the necessity of actually have to learn, grow, develop, for all the corners we try to cut, legitly as possible evolve beyond ignorance with expanding awareness like so many pops as so many heads dislodge from asses in so many stages that returns shitheads to brown-nosers to being able to stand up straight again to even things that want to keep having a steady supply of people that never actually come to have self worth to continue a decadent version of the closest to perfection we can actually reach just to keep violence and crime common to keep people from expressing truth, to keeping them wanting to live lives all across the board contrary to their nature from power struggles to the sheer frustration of finding themselves to have no true power from temper tantrums to trying to prevent them from petty vindictiveness to trying to exercise their anger and thinking they’re doing it legitly, from trying to copy and mimic what they know to be right, the attitude, the swagger how they hold themselves to having it be pale mimicry and mockery when they dress themselves with it for not being able to actually have the ability to make it legit for themselves to wear.

It all still becomes things grown into, that even having things commonly known and understood, that it still wouldn’t change the fact for true understanding to be there for things to have to grow and age and gain physical experience. Otherwise it becomes so many things just pretending to know something they see no true value in. Even at the point of so many things seeing value in it and of it, it still doesnt change the fact that it all was still true and functioning and learning even in the depths of deception and functioning along the lines of that truth.

Any why bother trying to answer such a question as why we’re in an ignorant condition, anyway? I happen to answer questions at times even if there’s no point just because even when people ask them for the wrong reasons, the answers don’t benefit them at all or do them any good. Why would you legitly question why things are in an ignorant condition? Why is that a pertinent or needed to know question? If you actually ask questions like that of others around society, it’s no wonder why so many of you become twisted and think the worse of so many other things that just refuse to put up with bullshit like that. It’s annoying and not even a question bred from innocence or ignorance and yet definitely not espoused by a mind that actually matters to actually pushing society forward or doing anything other than just being another voice of stupidity beyond stupidity pretending to be smart. How smart could such a mind actually be that wastes time asking frivolous questions instead of questions that matter and if you then have to ask which questions matter, you spend even more time asking pointless questions.

And, not everything buys into the idea of ‘better the enemy we know than the one we don’t’. Not everything buys into the concept of needing to pretend that security actually prevents disaster or is able to provide safety. And if you and others only want to buy into what sounds good and try to play it safe in a world where you have actively been depraved, twisted, stubbornly ignorant, refusing to do anything other than exercise bad habits, you failed to make the world any worse for your being here. I at least succeeded in making it better and actually having a legitimate success even if not the original success I wanted. I did it without compromising my values or integrity, without breaking what I believed in and coinciding it with a much more believable version of good and morality and ethics. And I never once let anything actually convince me that what they were trying to teach me about surviving was actually worth listening when it teaches you how to survive by causing you to start fights and risk being killed and how to respect yourself by giving in to peer pressure and becoming something that you can’t possibly respect and teaching that respect is disrespect and that things have to fight others for no other reason than because they pummel insecurity and cause them to believe that it’s necessary for things that didn’t even happen half of the time.

Trying to convince so many things that that is the power in existence when it’s just so much what things try to make life and reality into and fail so much everytime for what actually holds power. Isn’t it just as simple as watching the blind lead the blind and claim to know what they’re doing and where they’re going and trying to convince so many others around them that nothing better is capable of existing. At the point of it being filled with so much bullshit and lies and seeing so many things be far more gullible for how cunning they think themselves to be… it’s like… what does it matter why things want so many things to be ignorant? Isn’t it a better question of why things would exist that would actually seek to properly educate and remove ignorance? That they aren’t just zealots for truth, just not as far depraved or departed from hope and love as some would have so many others believe the world to be for themselves having seen it for what it is and believed that the corrupt were actually in charge.

And it’s sad that those who see with negativity blinders on and fool themselves into thinking and believing the worst of so many things and that things are far worse than they actually are are more the crying little pussies and whiners than so many things they try to toughen up and refuse to admit their own weakness, to take their own medicine and then expect the world to owe them a living as if they’ve done some great thing for everything around them.

If you are stupid enough to have bought into that line of thinking and want to believe it to be the right way of things, I don’t even pity you, I have no sympathy. You had to willingly choose that path and keep choosing it against all better evidence to the contrary. To actually pretend that you’re worth anything at all or are anything worth respecting, remember that that way of thinking is also what tries to salespitch disrespect as the only true respect that anything deserves or earns or is owed. Why even take part in conversations like this where you ask questions you don’t really care about any actual truthful answers to? Doesn’t it become so much just lack of attention span, so much childish impatience and lack of ability to do more than ask a question or seemingly want to learn and actually see it through?

At a certain point, I don’t even care. it becomes so much a moot point in the very fact that you can do whatever you want. Or can you. Wait, that doesn’t matter either because it’s too complicated and varied and doesn’t change anything. -roll eyes-

It doesn’t need to be fixed, nothing needs to be done about it. I don’t have to even fight this fight through every life I live or every aspect of eternal existence. Do I talk too much? Is it annoying? too long, didn’t read? my bad for droning on so much. God I should have found a shorter, more ambiguous way of saying things, shouldn’t I have. I have drastically underestimated things. Oh well. At any point where the ignorance of you or any other bothers to get in my way or start getting too out of hand, I’m fairly sure that patience and tolerance won’t stop you from getting hit for it. And, nothing actually expects that to fix the problem, either. They just like hitting what sounds so stupid and ignorant and actually is. You stubborn little idiots, you. Good thing that life is always filled with fun and enjoyment, a constant laugh and always pleasurable. It would really be unbearable otherwise.

Caught me offguard, I reply in part

Matthew 17:20

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

I emotionalize the word summit.

I don’t have a good answer. I will confess I have felt time both slowly and quickly.

I am wanting to put a shape to this idea “a summit of time”… a “mountain of time”.