One thing misguided satanists should be clear about is this.

First of all they believe in God. For it would be unreasonable to assume there was a devil and no god.

All most satanists are really, at least most of the satanists i have met or spoken to ,are people who need attention. I will tell you why.
And this makes me laugh somewhat.
God is satan. They are one entity.

If a satanist were to say he hated God , Its like someone were to hate their brother for being half of what he is and loving the other half, despite the fact the brother in question must be both halfs if he is to be himself. His real self.

Rather than hating him, he should be understood no?

Thats right , God is the one who has allowed satan to exist. And to be honest, even if some of you who are religious dont like to hear this, it is true that god and satan see eye to eye.

There is no war going on in heaven or on earth where the devil is fighting god. Thats absurd. Why would you follow a god who needed a bunch of religious weaklings on earth to defend him from the big bad devil? Honestly, its all quite ridiculous.

God and the devil work as one entity!

When someone behaves unreasonably, it is the dark spirits who descend on them to teach them a lesson. Indeed the spirits of the dark are gods workforce.

He says to them , sybolically of course, “look here, see this chap over there, he does,nt want to learn, go and shake him up a bit, teach him a good lesson”

And off they go, spirits of the night to carry out there divine mission. Prodding and poking, creating discord, until finally the recipient in question begs for mercy in his life.

And of course then god sends a different type of workforce. The angels, to help and encourage.

You will heard of good cop bad cop. Well it works, and god employs these same techniques to encourage people to rise to higher planes in the mind.

It is no coincidence that some of the finest people history has produced have been victims of this type of treatment.

Those who at first refused to see their own greatness.

Heaven stepped in and saw to it that they once again began to love themselves and life.

God wants us to know peace and harmony. But you see, many people themselves are the ones who dont want peace. Nothing to do with god. He just scratches his chin saying “oh dear, why dont they want to have a better life, why must they argue”

When will christians realize that there is no dichotomy? That god and the devil are one entity.

If you disagree then look for youself, I may be able to help guide you. But be prepared to either continue to lie to yourself, or feel very disorientated by what you may discover if you are the sort who clings onto outdated concepts for comfort.

Nevertheless, I dont do anything that is,nt worthwhile. And I always have scorned misinformation. Because it hinders people. It does not help them to become better.

I would be the last to talk about something that I could,nt prove.

But for now, where does what im telling you leave the christians and the satanist? Well i hesitate to ponder about it. People can be so difficult at times.

But with gods help, and more so the devils, they will change. If not, they can expect some quite severe and dire circumstances to arise in their life.

LOL, you have no idea.
Not goin’ over this again! … t=satanism
There is a search function, newbie. Use it.

So Inform us all then satanical, and give me a good laugh into the bargain. What is the devil?? … t=satanism
Do you possess even the slightest hint of reading comprehension?

No satanical.
I am aware that one can read the works of Alestair crowley and alike to get a good grasp of what a satanist is.

But I want you to give it to us in your own words. You take the tone of someone who knows. And you like to try and patronize people .Either you are a dummy who talks nonsense, or you can actually help enlighten us.

So Im asking you now,enlighten us all.
In your own words explain

1.who satan is
2.Why would we follow him
3.What are his intentions for the world
4.How does he get on with God
5.Does he like pineapple tart

And besides dr satanical, if you really thought I had no idea then why submit a reply to my post?

You sound as though you have had enough of people misunderstanding you and your buddy satan.

But if I was you I would,nt get involved in discussions with people who I thought were beyond reproach.

Quite obviously you take the tone of one who knows, and is something of a frustrated genius. But it seems this is just a pretense.

As I say, I have been a member of this forum since may, and i have,nt submitted any replies to anything I deem unworthy. I observe without comment.

I have no need to engage in discussion for arguments sake. You do. Therfore your mind is not steady it seems, not sound.

I have adressed all of your questions and misconceptions already, in that thread I pointed you to. (Which you have made it painfully obvious you haven’t read)
Why should I beat a dead horse to compensate for your laziness?

I think someone should sticky a satanist clarification thread. This has happened what feels like a billion times.

So why are you here Satanical? How come if you know so much you are part of a philosophy forum. Surely it is beneath you?

But If you are here to help, then tell me, how would you advise us all to behave? Whats your take on how we can all get along?

Iron Dog,

Shut up and hang out for a while. Then you’ll understand the people here better. Before I made my first post here, I knew most of the users as well as one could for an online forum. I was reading and thinking about all the main topics and ideas here for months before I even registered an account. Asking people questions they have answered elsewhere will only piss them off.

I agree.

Iron, your mainstream Satanist doesn’t worship the devil or believe “he” exists:

Many Satanists do not worship a deity called Satan or any other deity. Unlike many religions and philosophies, Satanism generally focuses upon the spiritual advancement of the self, rather than upon submission to a deity or a set of moral codes. However, some Satanists do have moral codes, e.g., the 9 Statements or 11 Laws of the LaVeyan Satanists.

I would like to stick up for Dr.Satanical by saying that a Satanist can do what he likes as he pursues his own pleasure. So, he can post he or on a needlepoint site and does not have to explain himself to anyone.

Pxc Im not asking Satanical questions he has answered before. Im asking him things he cant answer,thats why he has,nt replied for a while.

He seems to be just hot air.

And also I dont need you to tell me what to do, especially when you begin your post by telling me to shut up.

And your wrong, lots of satanists do believe in the devil, thats why I wrote those posts.

I am not called anything, I have no religion. I read from the book of nature and observe gods mind. You lot on the other hand are content on being labelled and shouting and advertising the fact you are satanists. Attention seeking!

Thats why I know the mind is not steady. Because of the attachments people have for themselves.

Plant apple seeds and you will get apples!

how do you know god must be good?

how do you know that god commands that one follows this particular set of “good” rules? (christian or otherwise)

why assume god is the way you imagine he is?

you have no proof, no evidence, no argument, just your assumption…


And alderian, remember something. I have no problem with satanists. It was dR satanical who first came to probe and attack one of the posts I had written . Not the other way around.

As far as I am concerned he can think as he pleases, write what he pleases. But it was he who first involved himself in my affairs, then backed out .

Impentinant are you asking a genuine question or just being smart?

If you are genuine I will answer your questions.

I certainly dont live by assumption . I move for or against people in a way i see fit, based on fact.

Not attack, just point out you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I still don’t think you’ve read that thread I pointed you to, because I adressed every single question you have posited here.
You are simply lazy.

Your actions tell a different story.

Come back when you have at least a passing knowledge of what Satanism is and I might just take you seriously.

Till then fuck off.

I’ve read enough about Satanism over the years to know that Dr. S knows what he’s talking about. Satanism isn’t about Jesus verus Satan in the way that your initial posts indicate.

There are also people that believe in Lucifer as a god that pre-dates the whole Hebrew thing and they are something else again.

What a clown you are dr satanical. What a clown. Is that the only way you can respond. Telling people to f**k off?

You came to my post and started your cheek not the other way around. So now I,m telling you to beat it son.

Dont involve yourself with me, you dont know nothing by the sounds of it. You cant keep your temper, or watch your tongue. Stupid young imbecile.