Saturated in Logic

Saturated in Logic

Definition of BRAINIUM: Any possible design, configuration, anything you see is a new Universe since it represents a new Brain design, since the Observer is the Universe, hence a mountain is a new brain, a car tire is a new brain, any event (the football game) is a new brain (made up of others ? but they are all disjoint ? living in parallel universes ?), etc. Everything is a new Big Bang, a new Universe, a new Brain design Observer which implies a new Universe.

The Principle of Identity states that A is not B, A is different from B, any two things are different (although even “different” may be subject to vagueness, ambiguity, but as always within Metaphysics, nothing is ever really clear…)

The Principle of Identity, two things are different, distinguished, no confusion between them, the very fact that there are TWO things already distinguishes them, or even more, the fact that any possible bit - entity exists as opposed to another, no matter where in space or time or in your mind or in any possible way, just by its existence (even as a symbol, or in any way possible, even by its non existence, anything) already establishes once and for all and for all of the universe and for all time and for all possible configurations of Observers (hence any possible configuration of Matter, Energy, Matter (or Mass ?) talking to itself) and for all possible states that said Observer - configuration of Matter interacting with itself can be in THE PRINCIPLE OF IDENTITY. Just one bit creates a Logic Saturated Universe.

This is probably the only real grand unified theory of physics. If you can do away with the principle of identity in a universe, then you have done away with numbers, quantities, signals, all possible interactions and decodifications we can imagine, just by changing that one bit.

Hence all of our reality is Logic Saturated, all we see, all entities, all measurements and interactions, signals and symbols constantly reconfirm, infinitely and as an infinite internal recursion the principle of identity: this point in space is different from that point in space, this point in time is different from that point in time, etc. This interaction is different from that interaction, etc. Differences produce Existence, as only through differences can existence be perceived.

But the only way to make the differences count, be alive, is to create an Observer containing pain/pleasure circuits, and associating the circuits to symbols, events, differences. The very nature of “Truth” is deeply tied into pain/pleasure circuits revealing patterns and forms of local logic (local, as the logic applies to only that very specific and particular configuration of Matter talking to itself that the design of the Observer implies) which imply specific planned Interactions, Intentionalities, Signals reacting to other Signals, etc.

So an Observer without any pain/pleasure circuits can freely exist so then any possible design imaginable, just as BRAINIUM suggests is a complete, real total new Mind Brain, much more real than our Man Brain, as it doesn’t have to respect Truth and the corresponding pain/pleasure constraints. But then, since these kinds of Mind Brains can exist, and Truth no longer exist, they can do away with the Principle of Identity, and exit a Logic Saturated Universe to enter a new one, with very new “laws of engagements”.

And so the possible spectrum of Mind Brains, or Man Brains can be expanded forever, from pain/pleasure reference system Man Brains living in Logic Saturated Universes, to totally Abstract Symbols living elsewhere, to intermediate configurations of Matter having some pain/pleasure circuits, but also (or in alternative to) some other kinds of circuits, following, some logic but also other logic, etc. or even following some different Principles of Identity, so you can imagine, as in the best tradition of metaphysics, if the number 1 corresponds to the Identity Principle and 2 to an Observer - Universe (since the Observer is the Universe) without the Identity Principle, then there is also 3 and 4 and keep on counting, and each one is a completely new possibility beyond anything you can conceive, and then as BRAINIUM teaches, the car is another “Principle” the pebble another, hence a never ending array of possible Observers - Universes.

But all of that above was conceived using Logic and the Identity Principle, imagine what can be conceived getting rid of that limitation and constraint ?

Truth is False, Contradiction and “Non Sense” is Real…Invent all you want, study Brainium…

As a corollary, there are no absolutes since any rule, or principle would have to be valid in all space, for all time and for any possible configuration of matter (as a configuration of matter would observe other chunks of matter and interact and not “deny the principle”). Also the real size of the universe is the size of all possible configurations of matter as Observers…

But I am Wrong and I am a 21st Century Schizoid Man…


What principle of identity? You talking about the Law of Identity? That’s not even close to what it says.

Thank you, you may now throw this post away, just like you may now delete all my past 1,200 posts: I like to lie, I like to say Untruths, I suck, I like to suck, I want to deceive people, make them believe in wrong things, just because, just for fun. I do not understand anything of what other people write, let alone what I make up…


You heard it mods, straight from the mouth of an ape: delete all of Nameta’s posts, he was trolling.

This is surely a breakthrough.

Instead of one liners help me figure this crap out!

Question: What was there before the big bang ?

Answer: Would you ask me a different question if I gave you an answer ?

Question: and what was there before a “question”, any “question” ?

Answer: another question …

Question: What is the generalized solution to all possible questions ?

Answer: a Symbol.

We need to lose in order to win, we make believe we are losing, just to make believe we are winning the next moment, free will is the will to power to win any projection of power towards any possible goal, elevating that goal as important and as a win (when what we really do is just change the goal - target according to what we can possibly win, so if you can’t have that McMansion, you drink a glass of water and you say (whisper ? subconscious ?) “the act of drinking the glass of water” is greater and more important than that other impossible goal, so you make believe you “won”, but then even the targets are making believe you “lose”, we never win or lose anything, we just invent our own ball games…).

But a Logic Saturated Universe has an Iron Fist Grip upon every atom, electron and photon of the Universe: that photon on Mars doesn’t become this giant rock all of a sudden and deny logic (and then logic is just the patterns discerned, the regularities discovered, any other rules or regularities, even the rules that there are no regularities, or the rules that there are no rules is just as good, is just as “logical”, logic is an artistic, aesthetic choice), the Identity Principle and the “Laws of Physics”, then why ? why is logic never denied in such a huge Universe, with so many configurations of Matter ? and then is it really “not denied” ? do we know ? and when we deny it in our mind, isn’t that denying it, or is that a subsystem of logic always ?

But if we lived in a universe where things appeared and disappeared constantly (virtual particles anyone) or where 2 or 3 different things are the same things at the same time and any other non sense, illogical, absurdity events or signals or Information Relationships (but then isn’t Quantum Mechanics exactly this, the total and complete denial of all possible logical principles since in Quantum Mechanics anything is anything else, all exists and doesn’t, it is “contradiction achieved”…where even the very laws of physics change and appear and disappear constantly and time and space itself changes and denies itself constantly and contradicts itself just for fun, because it has nothing better to do).

How does the atom know that it has to stay in place ?

Hint, hint… don’t feed the troll…

But I am Wrong and I am a 21st Century Schizoid Man


In order for some entity to be itself, it must contain, within itself all of the things that it is not, existence itself is produced by comparing itself to what it is not, an item expresses itself by comparing itself to what it is not, and since an item A is not item B and is not item C and is not the pebble down the street, etc, each item - entity contains an infinite number of items that “it is not”. But all of those items in turn must contain what they are not, so for example item B must contain item A in order to compare itself to item A and see what it is not, so as to not get confused, to not “lose itself”, to not risk the tragedy of itself “not existing”, to express itself, to distinguish itself: B must contain A, and say to itself, I am not A, I am B. But in the meanwhile, simultaneously, as we said in the beginning, A must contain B to distinguish itself, so you end up getting an infinite recursion of items containing themselves and denying themselves, A must contain B (to deny B) and B must contain A (to deny A), so every entity, item is a self contradiction, the law of identity is false, an entity A cannot be itself and cannot not be itself, it doesn’t know what to be, in fact it may be a third state, a third symbol, call it K. So then all entities contain all kinds of states, each more abstract, more impossible to comprehend, more illogical than ever, the state V, state W, and so on, LOGIC BREAKS DOWN, THE DEATH OF LOGIC.

Is that clear now ? Do you all not see how the Law of Identity (the Identity Principle), the principle of Non Contradiction is false, was never true, is a make believe state ?

It is only true for our puny Man Brain and the consequences of certain arbitrary events upon a fragile machine that can break and feel pain/pleasure, and as such is frozen into a state of lies, into a state of make believe existence and a make believe world: but we know better, we know minds can be designed differently, we know we can change the Observer, the Information Relationship “Interactor” into something else, something much truer, closer to REAL (which would really mean, closer to lies, to false, to untruths, to “non sense”, to “total contradictions”, to deceptions, to jokes upon itself, etc.)

So lie all you want, deceive yourself, delude yourself, force reality to be what you want, even if it is “false”, nay, especially if it is false, lie to yourself…you don’t need true or false…

No matter how many symbols you use, no matter how many equations, thought processes, no matter what, logic will break down, the construction of this world will reveal how arbitrary and false it is, in time, you will learn…


You’re using logic to try to disprove logic and you’re making a mess of it.


Is there anyplace, anywhere in the Universe, in any environment where “logic breaks down” ? How could logic know what it is if it didn’t have the illogical, the denial of itself, if it couldn’t compare itself to its opposite, or it couldn’t measure itself to its minor or to what is different from itself ?

How could logic, “correct”, “truth” be defined, perceived, exist if it weren’t immersed in a sea of other things, other entities that were different, that suggests that “it could be different”, that subtly implies that it is simply a ghost, a mirror image of other ghosts, in a never ending reflecting mirror ?

Logic is operational within a system of tokens, meanings, symbols, etc. It is not alone, it needs a Processor, a Man Brain, an “Observer” that defines the complete reference system within which it is valid.

But the Observer we use is just this one very arbitrary, quirky, a pure fluke, a pure quirk of organization of Mass Energy, of Matter configured in a certain way that we recognize as our Man Brain (along with the sense organs and corresponding body, and hence the entire environment and how it interacts with it on this planet earth); it is not an absolute Observer valid in every possible configuration of Matter, it is not the generalized solution of every possible Observer - Information Relationship “Interactor” Matter can “express”.

It is just one, not even very efficient, not even very interesting, puny chunk of Matter exchanging some signals: but there are other possible Observers, other configurations of Matter that will do much more, that can interact in untold number of ways, hence each living in its own “Universe”, a new one, with new laws of physics.

Just by getting rid of that one bit called logic, just changing one bit of our Man Brain amongst billions of bits, you can do away with measurements, signals, quantities, comparisons, numbers, everything imaginable, and enter other states, other worlds.

Hyperlogic machines, where logic is just a small bit of a generalized solution of all possible logics, where contradictions is just another “solution”, so like L is logic, C is contradiction, so then V is another state - experience - interaction, W is another and so on. Change one bit and you get infinitely far away from anything conceivable, where everything you say is right, but also wrong, where right and wrong are just two bits of a larger ordeal…

But the real beauty of it all is that all of the above is “using logic” to get out of itself, it is “contradictory”, it can express itself only by imagining the possibility to “deny itself”. But alas, I am always using logic and language, so by getting out of the Iron Fist Grip of Logic, imagine where it could go…

Contradiction is the light that shows us the path forward, but it is all wrong and not true, hose it all…

Earth is a Ball of Matter that talked to itself and created a Man Brain.
Our Earth, along with the long story of Natural Evolution and the resulting Man Brain, is just a ball of Matter that manipulated itself, talked to itself and generated this Universe, completely and totally: another ball of Matter may decide to self manipulate and talk to itself to generate a completely new Universe (but then you need logic to distinguish and measure new and old ? hence I am using logic and language as a very detached measuring device, what I really want to say has nothing at all to do with what I am saying and is infinitely far away from anything conceivable).


You seem to be proposing some sort of new logical system that does not have the same rules as our conventional logic, but you’re not being explicit about what the rules are within this system. Vaguety is the cloak of a foolish idea. Be clear, be bold, be straightforward. Don’t be a coward and hide behind confusion and smoke screens and obscurity. Come out with your theory, make it explicit. You have nothing to fear except words. Say what you’re trying to say out loud son, it’s time.

Shove a Jet Engine in your Brain and Enter a new Universe. Stick wild chemicals and signals, wild symbols in your brain, change the design of the brain and enter a new Universe. Ok ? is that clear now ?

And be crazy, be illogical, contradictory, say lies, be as crazy as possible, make all kinds of mistakes, make a mess…


no that’s retarded. that’s not a new logical system, that’s just a whole bunch of demands that have nothing to do with anything.

In fact, exactly, everything must be disconnected, disjoint, nothing is related to anything else, only magic is real now, magic and lies, and make believe, like a little baby in his make believe world, running around in the backyard, in the suburbs in the USA (maybe 1966, maybe Oklahoma) (strictly white, no faggots or blacks here, I don’t want to see anything funny), while mommy cooks and I play with my toy cars (I make believe they are 1966 oldsmobile 98s, we need trillions of them) and I run around and play and have so much fun, all alone, because I don’t like people, and then Mommy calls me in for supper…

I will be more explicit and clear: take a chunk of plasma from the center of the Nucleus of the Sun and stick it in the center of your brain, you will enter a new universe. Take an exploding hydrogen bomb and stick it in the center of your brain, that will take you to a new universe. Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid, you have nothing to lose but your chains to this puny universe. And be retarded, be wrong, be as wrong as possible, do it man, do it, you can do it, first gear it’s all right, second gear hold on tight, third gear you’re out of sight!



And, hint, hint…don’t feed the troll…hint, hint…

ah damnit, i should have listened to that hint before. i forgot that you’re just trolling.


I was thinking of the guy who killed Q. Interesting how these blocks of texts can become reality, how they can crystallize to real. How symbols then become reality, how ideas, any cause and effect you invent, any relationship the mind can invent (as all reality is simply invention and imagination, the world is simply our imagination talking to ourselves, but within the Iron Fist Grip of the Pain/Pleasure reference system, not the fake one of Space - Time or Logic) can become real when it hurts someone else (or provokes pleasure ?), when it finally expresses itself in pain/pleasure towards another independent entity, as the real elementary particle of our universe is the pain/pleasure event, this is the real construction of our universe, not atoms, as pain/pleasure events create reality more than atoms.

So even words are complex symbols of imagination, and you can invent a never ending array of symbols, meanings, relationships, ever more, anything at all, no matter how far out and then finally crystallize it to reality by acting upon it, doing something that affects another “person”, another will power, that provokes a pain/pleasure event upon another chunk of Matter, Matter that self manipulates itself, creates independent chunks, invents symbols and then produces reality by making the independent chunks interact through pain/pleasure events, Matter likes to punish itself to exist…

Symbols can be infinitely long, can be anything and reflect anything, the detachment of words from reality, the correspondence, etc…

So the interaction between two “persons” (really simply two chunks of Matter, two monolithic slabs of Pain/pleasure and Free Willonion Particles crystallized into a Solid State) is the reciprocal combination of all signals exchanging, of all actions and reactions, of all actions as a function of will power and reactions as a response as a function of the (fakely and make believe) “independent” will power, such as P1 and P2 are the two persons and W1 and W2 are the two will powers so the function becomes P1…P2(P1(P2(W2)->W1)->W2)…) and so forth in an infinite recursion, all the possible combinations of the two chunks of Matter C1 and C2 exchanging signals, such as C1 and C2 interacting and exchanging signals, but each point of “arrival” may lead to the activation of a completely new set of interactions, or unknown interactions, as the possible combinations never end; but also, how the two chunks of Matter are delimited and subdivided, maybe just a few atoms interact with a huge entity of trillions, or but the entity may absorb the few atoms, or another chunk may be of similar size (like two people?) etc. People are simply chunks of Matter interacting according to that elementary particle called the Free Willonion and activating Pain/Pleasure Events as other elementary particles, Matter self manipulates, talks to itself by exchanging Free Will “decisions” activating Pain/pleasure particles and making believe the various chunks are “independent” but they are just Matter lying to itself, playing a joke upon itself, fooling itself into thinking that it has independent “delimited” parts, etc.

It goes without saying that C1 and C2 may be different kinds of Observers, Processors, Information Relationship “Interactors” (infinitely different from our puny Man Brain Universe contraption), so maybe C1 is a brain with a hydrogen bomb exploding inside of it and creating new worlds and C2 may be the Nulceus of a Neutron Star collapsing and thinking and feeling, Matter organized to experience and create all the New Universes it wants, as all is a lie, all is a joke, the joke is on me…


From: … -2011.html

Contrary to the “Big Bang”, Information (Information Relationships) are connecting all of the dots of the Universe with each other, all chunks of matter and events, and in time also all past events are becoming connected, hence are creating a zero space and time difference between two disjoint Chunks of Matter and their corresponding events, hence what Information is doing is a Big Crunch, the Opposite of a Big Bang, the Internet is exactly this connecting all points to each other, any two points in space, any two delimitations, factoids, any issue, any two houses (cars ? persons ? etc.) on earth, any atom on earth is connected to any other, will be connected to any other through a sequential path of connections, thought paths, maybe even a long complex chain, but somehow connected, so zero space and time, the Big Crunch of the Universe into another substrate, the Information Relationship Universe having zero space and zero time (although there still is some relationship with time and space as a large memory of events and information extends in space and time, other strange relationships ? but any information has zero theoretical distance form any possible other).

But maybe Space and Time are simply the resistance the “Laws of Physics” perform for an Information Relationship to transit from a Starting Point to a Target Point, the interdiction, the difficulty (but not necessarily) of going from one information to another according to the laws of physics (but most likely just assigned casually, for no deeper reason): but the Information Machine we are creating is eliminating any possible resistance from Start to Target information, hence is eliminating the “laws of Physics”…

The distance between one configuration of bits from any other configuration can be theoretically zero…

The distance between this configurtion of bits “YWY£/YE/Y/” and this one “RYYTYYTY%%%%%” is ZERO, and those bits can be associated to anything possible (even new Brains), although there is a small spatial distance, but that is just operational not inherent to the information…


The Observer, the Information Relationship “Interactor”, the Processor, in short, the slab of Matter (Mass Energy that is receiving signals from another “external” slab of Matter (but simply assigned external arbitrarily as there is no external or internal, only Matter self interacting and talking to itself)), decoding signals from other slabs of Matter, and living an experience of life or consciousness or anything else possible (although impossible to really define or pinpoint down or delimit or understand) can be seen as a kind of high frequency circuit that is comparing itself to anything it comes in contact with; everything it interacts with is being compared to itself (the frequency is the heartbeat ? or the memory activation of “who he is” ? “his conscousnesss” ? etc.) so hence the Observer defines the Universe 100 %, is the Universe, defines the “laws of Physics” from the outset, by how it is designed and how it interacts with all that it comes in contact with (but it comes in contact mostly with its own imagination, only with abstract symbols that have evaporated from reality but were created through a pain/pleasure event that created the reality of the symbol, even if indirectly, very indirectly and a very long time ago and through a very long - complex chain of reasons where all of single reasons have been lost forever in an intractable sea of vagueness…)

Long live Heraclitus, Lao Tzu, and Hegal!!!

And your right about the law of identify. A=A::A=~~A.

I think if you would think about it, this idea of logic like that comes from a view of Parmenides.

Why does A need B to define itself? If this is true wouldn’t it be true that the experience of seeing red would need blue to justify itself. How does blue add to seeing the color Red? Red, being just one color in the spectrum, would need to be defined by all the other colors? Certainly, A is not B and can be defined as all that which is not A, but how would this make A dependent?