Scenario: A solar flare wipes out all electronics.

What would you do? How would you even find out that it was all over the earth - you couldn’t know.

So, what would happen the first 24 hours?

What time of the day does it happen at?

Lol I just noticed, cellphone would be out too. So I’d notice instantly.

Notice… something.

Hahahaha, It’d be fun. For 5 minutes. Then I’d realize oh fuck, gotta go watch out for the family.

Lets say 9 AM.

So what is the first thing out of the ordinary that you see when you step out.
Most cars will have stopped working. Only old, mechanical cars without computers in them still roll.

I was thinking about that. Old cars and motorcycles. More motorcycles than cars though, as many will have stalled on the street and prevent the old caddies from moving along.

I guess once I realize both wall power AND the phone are gone, I’m already bringing my own feelness of weird outside with me. I wouldn’t even go outside for well after a while of restructuring. 'S what windows are fer.

You wouldn’t notice much at 9:am. No cars and no street lights too, thadda give you an extra layer of eery. But the main change will be the feel from the people, way they walk.

That’s actually a good point. You would hear a loud bang that would last about 10-30 minutes from the massive automobile and aeroplane crash. Not to mention the metro.

Actually, 9:00? I would be in one of those metros. I would be dead.

Don’t be a baby. The trains would just come to a halt.

You’d be walking in a subway tunnel with a horde of confused persons. Then you get out of the tunnel into the street and notice hardly any cars running.

You’re right about the planes, they’d have a hard time not crashing. But few of them would happen to crash into cities.

The reason Im asking this question is that the scenario is getting more and more plausible, as the magnetic field of the earth is diminishing rapidly, has been for centuries but acceleratingly so, and eventually this is more likely to happen than not.

Ok, in seriousness. Get some manner of small weaponry, probably two or three small but heavy stones (if you ever need much more than that, you are already fucked), find my family members and look over them from there on out.

Thankfully my family is pretty intelligent, so after they got over the initial shock and fear we would be able to start tracing small short term goals with a long term consciousness.

You’re right, that is the only answer.

Beautiful how simple it gets.

From there on, it will be impossible to predict. Pure chaos theory.

Think of the power that will all have gone back to mere potential. Power can be made to resurface anywhere, there is no telling how things will unfold.
The simple law being that more non electrical equipment one has by that point, the more powerful one is, the more influence one will have on the proceeding fractal.

I actually hate it. In a perfect world, I would trust the men to be fully armed against the world and the women to be with men that are.

Because then, a total electrical wipeout would be possibly the most fun thing I could imagine.

But what will it be in this world?

People get to their families. Step 1.
Step 2, I reckon, these families get to the most powerful families they know.

In 72 hours, survival of the fittest and most prepared would begin.

What would that look like?

What would it look like in

New York City


Central France



Coastal Libya



— In Tibet it would be pretty great.

Major cities would be deathtraps in general. Mass communication would be a luxury of the past. Of course martial law and curfews would be issued to try and stem the chaos and looting but if this happened in the dead of winter, it’d be neighbors robbing neighbors once they ran out of supplies (food, water, and medicine) after 72 hrs. Whole sections of the cities would burn uncontrollably. Travel by foot would be rough in sub degree temperatures. Some would hunker down to wait out the chaos, but as the days ticked by and little to no relief came, they’d have to travel south to warmer climates in order to not freeze to death. Most apartments and homes today don’t have working wood fireplaces for heat, on top of that you have to have a huge supply of chopped wood to make it even 3 months (most winters last 5+ mo.) which would not be available in urban areas. People who reside in the suburbs would be overrun by the inner city desperate who’d be looking for anything to help them continue their survival.

That all seems legitimate.

If I may ask, what would you be doing in the first 72 hours?

Joker and I’d bug out and head to my Uncle’s. He has an arsenal and a wood burning fireplace only 15 miles from us.

Edit:Joker just reminded me that the nuclear reactors would start melting down if not immediately within a month, so we’d have to head north towards Canada where there are few reactors and less people.

Thanks, thats all pretty straightforward logical.
So you’d visit your uncle, tell him about the reactors, and form an armed caravan north?

Okay so, thats what a bunch of different peoples do. So you and a lot of like-minded caravans run into the population up north. What happens in the next… 14 days?