Science vs the Devil

Let me just state a thought following up a post about science as seeing beyond appearances, about the science of appearances and their behavior.
It is the Devil. Or whatever it was Darwin identified between the lines - natures self-selection.

Or the method most avidly used by women with a proclivity to prostitution, and the men cold blooded enough to use these methodesses.

Creating appearances and regulating these - if not as respectable, then still enviable enough.

This science of projection works with the use of the technology produced by hot blooded science, the passionate inquiry into the world of the not so obvious, the complete miracle of existence and the quest for a sensible question to ask it.

The science of causing life into paths. Psychology.

Psychology isnt science, science isnt adequate to psychology and psychology is not interested in any roots or grounds; only in futures.
Science and the Devil together; a philosopher.

“There’ll always be plenty of science, just tell me what you want.”

Knowledge and understanding often dont coincide. Knowledge tends to alienate.

What is wisdom?

What methods are those? Are you referring to particular sexual acts? I couldn’t figure out your meaning.

And which women have a “proclivity” to prostitution? The ones standing in the street? Or the ones marrying up? Inquiring students of sexual politics want to know.

Science could be just as much a religion as creationists are. Why are we to trust so called evidence and sketches in the rocks if in Egypt, we have wall carvings of aliens wearing hats to hide their big heads with big brains? So if we accept ape to man, we also accept alien generated men, which could be equally absurd.

A lot of that evidence is just taking a step backwards in discovering what put us here.

There could be combinations of factors, some alien visitors, and some Darwinian magic.

But with the whole telescope, why do guardian angels and spirit guided tell us that they come from a certain galaxy? And why did dreamers in medieval times claim to see fairies, whereas now, we see alien abductees?

Anything can be sold to fool us about he paradigm of anything. So I would say that all of science is limited by the faulty powers of observations, and the reasons that we construct to explain those so called observations.

Science we dont know where it comes from but we know that it works…
always goes to remind me…


yeah its not like we know who scienced the old Pyramid and even less how it was done though we know one thing… it was science.

Okay so thats the consensus.

Stuff that did its magic that we all are subjected to is called retroactively “science”.

Their whole existence is… sexual act.
So yes.
Science is what is always the case, they are about what is not always the case.

Well, start by reading the lead singers shirt.


Science can’t tell you what, if anything, lies beyond appearances, it can only tell you, what’ll likely appear next.

What lies beyond?

That is a philosophical question, or an intuition, or a leap of faith.

From a wordy perspective this is irrefutable.

But the scientist is what used to be called a seeer.

Ordinary folk dont see to that degree.

For most, appearances are the most eminent reality. For others, the consistency in appearances is even more eminent.
But this is lost, a priori, on the former group.

They just use appliances.

Some say that where there is much wisdom, there is much grief, and that he who increases his knowledge multiplies his suffering.

So there’s an argument that the Luciferian civilization is giving us fancy gadgets like Iphones and computers, bathing us in a technological paradise of beyond proportions advancement.

The exact influences of these undercover, hidden organizations, like the Illuminati and the New World Order are, I would say, exaggerated.

There may be a vague truth to those conspiracies, but they’re exploded out of proportion.

We just need to have someone give us the clarity to decipher these riddles.

Where you see a paradise I see a desert. Here and there a small oasis, like here, when I make a post, or you. You’re not my oasis but you are fresh.

Conspiracies are the normal way of doing business, it is what makes us human, what words are for. However it is impossible for a monadic organization to control everything since the monadic principle is one of valuing and not of crushing.