Searching for fictional characters

Hi to All,

My wife and I are in California this week, and we have decided to search for fictional characters and places from the TV show “The Big Bang Theory”

We had previously found the building where Sheldon, Lenard, and Raj work. (This was the real life building where Feynman and his office successor John Schwarz worked).

Our next task will be to find the Cheesecake Factory where Penney works. Maybe we will even be able to find where Sheldon and Lenard live.

Hope this isn’t too creepy. I’m having a blast.


Vacations are the shit. I went to Enrique Iglesias’s, and Shakira’s houses in the Dominican Republic once. Nice shit.

I’ve never gone out particularly looking for places from TV, but I have noticed that when I go to New York, pretty much everything seems familiar because I believe the entire city has been filmed about a trillion times.

The best vacation ever was when my husband and I hopped on his bike and traveled through Arizona playing tourists, Arizona was our home but, as natives we never bothered with the touristy sites. Go for it Ed Have a blast!!!

Hi Ed :slight_smile: Wow! What a cool idea. This sounds like great fun, such a nice thing to do, like a mission or sort of treasure hunt.
Wish I had a wife to go on travels and do this sort of thing with. And to be in California, one day, one day…
I’m now gonna watch some “Big Bang Theory” online. Only heard about it but never seen a show before. Thanks for the pointer.
Enjoy your break, catcha later.

Hi Smears,

I have only been to the Dominican Republic once. The thing I remember most was the street vendors selling sugar cane. I have tried it in other places, but nothing even remotely compares.

I’m not sure if you are into baseball, but wouldn’t it be fun to watch a game there? How many Dominicans have turned into great pro players!

You’re right about NYC. But the smells definitely do not come across on film or TV. I still like it though, possibly because I have family there and a little bit because of the nostalgia of having gone to grad school on Long Island.

Hi Kriswest,

Arizona is an amazing place. I lived there for a year, and got to discover many of its’ geological zones. Sedona, the Mogoian Rim, Bisbee, Mount Humphrey, and I almost forgot the Grand Canyon.

I don’t know why, but I thought you lived somewhere in the deep South. Alabama or maybe Mississpi? Maybe I am just screwed up.

Hi peterpan,

I think that a treasure hunt really captures the spirit.

If you do watch the show I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Thanks Ed

Hi Ed!

It’s a coincidence but I grew up in minneapolis during my early teen years, lived in dinky town while attending U of M. Before I moved there, I lived near lake of the Isles, well not too far from there.

Traveling is a passion with me, and my favorite place is seattle, and marble mount. I am a kerouac enthusiast, and been hiking up to Desolation nearly every 5 years or so.

I live near Los Angeles. And although I have lived here nearly 30 years, and seen a lot of fictional characters, the star idolatry has worn off.

We are going to europe this summer, if it pans out. Take care. Are you still into philosophy? Later

Ed, I do live in Southern Miss. now. I am a born and bred desert rat first and now a swamp rat. :slight_smile: If you get the chance while in Cali go to the mountains. Alot of history out there in the little towns. Not as beautiful as Arizona but very nice. :slight_smile:

Hi Kris,

Thanks for the update.

I like the mountains and will try to work them in.


Hi obe,

What a small world.

Lake of the Isles. I probably drive around the chain of lakes 3 out of 4 weekends per year. When I was younger, I road my bicycle around the chain of lakes at least twice per week, except in the winter. It is my favorite place in the twin cities.

Seattle is very beautiful. Even though Arizona has a lot to offer I prefer green to brown. I have been to Seattle twice, but I am not as familiar as I should be. However, just to let you know how attractive I think the general area including Vancouver and Victoria are, I did propose to my wife at Butchart gardens. Maybe as good as it gets.

More small world stuff: This June I am taking my daughter on a father daughter trip to Spain.

The hardest question is:
Are you still into philosophy?

The answer is yes. But I am disenchanted with classical philosophy, and in particular the philosophy of science. In addition I think that the order pair (theory, structure) in science should be reexamined on a fundamental basis.

In particular I have been thinking about structure and trying to reform it, but sometimes I have significant doubts about my mental capacity.

This is not to mention that my reading list includes Principia Mathematica, Category Theory, and Algebraic Geometry. I also want to know more about Alfred Tarski’s work in logic.

It was very nice getting to know more about you.

Thanks Ed