Sedition and Moving Far Right

The Loony Liberal Left have pushed too far.

When you are a Racist-Sexist-Homophobe-Nazi for not wanting to teach your 5-year-old son that “his gender is fluid” and that it’s morally good and righteous, a “Choice” to self-castrate, then the Moral, Ethical, and Political paradigm must move, at least ten football fields in length. Because the Left cannot argue rationally, they must infuse their convictions and political gains with emotion, feeling, and domestic violence. Yelling “Nazi” at your enemies, when they are moderate, reasonable, average people, is an insult to ‘Real Nazis’ and Fascists of history. So, instead, the Loony Liberal Left are beginning to create what they fear and hate the most. If you are to be branded a Nazi, then you may as well accept the branding. You may as well, stand and fight, for Moderate values. Traditional Gender roles. “It’s okay to be white.” And it is more valid than ever before, to segregate, you and your own, away from mainstream “culture”, which is no culture at all. It is Anti-Culture. It is Hatred. And it is becoming violent and warfare.

If Normalcy must be fought for, then so be it. The Loony Liberal Left will create the “Fascists” that they hate, by routinely and commonly bullying the Center of society.

President Trump was fairly, duly, and democratically elected.

The LLL don’t understand why or how, and they don’t understand why and how they will continue to lose popularity, for decades to come. All they can do, is shout, shriek, and shrill “Nazi!” at their enemies, which is Normalcy. Trump was elected because he is Anti-Establishment, and “The Middle” of US Society, America, is sick and tired of Washington DC corruption and bullshit. Middle America is sick of self-entitled East Coast Liberal Elitists who think they “know what’s best” for everybody else, when they never even travel outside New Hampshire. Middle America is sick of Hedonistic Pervert West Coast Liberal Elitists who are consumed by sex, pedophilia, and Hollywood propaganda. These extremities do not represent, and do not show, and now they are censoring more and more, Middle America.

Because the LLL has pushed further Left, boundaries are going to break. This means, that more Anti-Establishment Presidents and hopefully Congressmen, are on the horizon. The demand is increasing, to combat internal (and external) corruption. Love or Hate him, you cannot deny Trump’s effectiveness and efficiency. He follows-through on promises, which politicians despise (from both parties). State Workers, Officials, and Elitists are used to their fat, comfortable paychecks, without being held accountable, and without threat of being removed and fired.

So, again, why was Trump elected? Because he’s the guy who can Fire everybody: YOU’RE FIRED!

And this has threatened the political establishment. These false, fake, corrupt, sham impeachment proceedings are proof of the fact. Washington DC is upset. This is good. West Coast and East Coast liberals are upset. This is also good. But as long as the LLL screams and shouts, continuing to push and divide the country, the battles are not finished. If they want to move the boundaries and break the limits, then Middle America will react accordingly, until everything is ‘reset’ to the center, to normalcy, back to the core-values.

The LLL are a serious threat to Freedom, especially with these new waves of Censorship, De-platforming, Silencing and Stifling opposition online, on the internet, through Media monopoly, doxxing, and other corrupt forms of Sedition. It is because they have no more recourse through civil, rational, logical debate, argument, and discourse. This is their form of “force”, which is underhanded, and a threat to the First Amendment of the US Constitution. This must be fought against, most strongly of all.

The problem with that is that Pandora’s box can never bury the values which is all the devalued consumer has left of his soul.
Conservatism has an affordability
complex, and when society is flush with values that the affluent can throw to those underneath, even in symbolic terms, the intersocial strata can still glean off goodwill, fellowship and brotherhood off each other.
At that point their portraits can be framed in still scaled of legitimate preceptions.
But when the still weary life is accelerated to the point where they can’t sit still, but have to keep moving,
spinning wheels to get nowhere fast, life becomes a burn out, a chore .
The only security they ever can hope for is a constant churning, yearning desire to keep up with the Jones’ next door, if they manage to stick around to get to know them.
They constantly get torn, cut up, and reassembled, their souls withering away bit by bit.
To keep it, the middle has to be able to go against the feeling, that the apprehension, that life is a machine. In and out of garbage cans, the only viable agency t is, those, whomhe can sell his soul to, to those who can profit by them.
It takes a veritable genius to be able to acquire the transcendence without the usual Buddhic and other religious constructive self improvements, but.cutting up and resllicing the torn parts into a hypnotic self deal, is the only way . Tao, the way, is but a tiny splice into the infinite cut away views of every body melts into one, and that again into the multitude, without moving from the spot.
When that is achieved, all one has to loose is what has not been given, and if it has not been given, it has to be lost.
The right is the right of possession , and what can be possessed is what can be rightly given.
All concentration , leSs that eternal focus, which has always existed, still and unmoved by that what the Temptation promised, and could not deliver.
This is why the right has to hang on religious conviction, by which it duly fails.
The right is the last stage of the will to fall the power with which it becomes a dream maker a heart breaker.
Every bodies’right must be centered within, otherwise all falls by the wayside.
Religious opium can not bind a bind sm reality as the highest value of all.
It must regain it’s being-for itself, by understanding it in it’s self.

This is the make and break of all that the left has in it’s arsenal.
This IS the last hurrah!

That’s correct; you can only cut yourself or the body-politic to pieces before so long that only the core remains and is then compromised. Because this has been happening for so long, wearing and wearing away the defenses, there will be a retaliation. Trump is the start. The next forms of retaliation will be as-radical as the LLL.



I’d rather be Left than Liberal, as I’ve never held Liberal values or admired their policies. Most UK ex-pat Americans and Canadians are right-leaning here, and I’ve met many Canadians who are standing at the upcoming GEs as Conservative Parliamentary Candidates.

The want for Brexit, is nudging most voters in the direction of voting Conservative… even if they have never voted Conservative before, as immigration numbers are at an all-time low, and the Left and Liberal parties are advocating the opposite, and that’s not what the majority of the UK want, and deeming that majority racist and ignorant has not gone down well with the population at large, whom made it very clear that that was not the case, and the unfounded and downright-wrong slurs stopped. Those from all backgrounds and ethnicities pooled and campaigned together to make this happen, as it wasn’t going to just happen by itself… change takes effort, but it doesn’t have to be exerting, just a smart and well-directed one.

Last I checked news on the UK, ghettos were expanding and the Moslem community was raping young English girls.

I think the problems will continue to grow until it can no longer be solved diplomatically or politically, as is the case in the US.


Pleasure Versus Principle:

This sums up the Modern-Post-Modern battle between the US political parties today. The Left had the momentum for awhile now. I believe the Left secured their power during the Bill Clinton presidency and with the Bush Jr. fiasco that followed after 9-11. The Neo-Cons severely hurt the credibility of US foreign policy, by using 9-11 as a false-flag to justify and attack Saddam Hussein. Thus the Liberal-Left (Democratic party) gained power which followed through all the way through Clinton and then Obama. Now here is where things get interesting. Trump used to be (and kind of still is) a Liberal. Trump has never been a hardline Republican or Conservative. He is quintessentially a businessman and non-political. Trump bragged about the routine of paying-off politicians, throughout his career. So the larger significance of Trump’s election to presidency, is really a follow-through of this monumental shift to the apex of “Leftism”. However, at the time of the start of Trump’s run for presidency, I would consider him “Centrist” due to the larger societal shift to the Left. At least, Trump was ‘Center’ enough to earn trust within the Republican party. The Republican party, to their credit, felt the ‘win’ coming, and preferred to win, despite any implications of what that meant for the Republican party.

The win of Trump represents a shift in American centralization and power, a win of “New York Capitalism” over “Washington DC Establishment”. Trump was elected by the people, because the people in general, have grown upset with US internal-corruption, which I’m quite certain, extended from 9-11 and then the unjustified war with Saddam Hussein. Thus the American people are at least wise enough to understand the internal ‘feeling’ and problem. The growth of distrust between common person and Washington DC meant that, eventually, America would vote for any person “Anti-Establishment” they could, who had clout. That Trump came from “completely outside” the political paradigm, was absolutely necessary.

My personal hypothesis is not confirmed, from 10 years ago, or longer, back in 2009. Liberals hate their own, more than they hate their opposition or outsiders. The reason for accepting Obama and rejecting Trump, should be clear to most Americans, based on the last two decades of “Progressive” propaganda shoved down everybody’s throats. White man Bad, Black man Good. (But don’t be racist!) This has caused an inversion in the Liberal-Left, who now push the boundary too far, and I believe, cracks and fragments are already spread throughout greater American “culture”.

So what is Anti-Establishment? Well, also, what is “The Deep State”? Not too many intellectuals, thinkers, political philosophers, are even up-to-date or up-to-speed yet. I can answer these questions though. “Deep State”, referring to un-elected officials representing the US Government or Power Structure. This includes the following: 1) Lobbyists, 2) The Military-Industrial Complex, 3) Corporate boards and CEOs, 4) Mass Media, and 5) State Departments, DHS, FBI, CIA, Foreign Embassies.

As depicted in the video above, for a whole generation (30+ years), the US government spends-spends-spends, irresponsibly, because nobody had the means, intention, or awareness to simply ask “can you cut a billion dollars?” There is no government oversight. I believe the reasoning for this is twofold, outside of Corruption which is most obvious. The first reason spawns from the excesses of national gains post WWII and post Cold War. Upon winning such wars, the US has gained massive growths in economy and wealth, and so, does not need to “worry” about spending. This is beginning to falter, because the previous capital of “wins” has run its course. There is no new income, except, industrial and social ingenuity (the rise of Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and other institutions of Post-Modern “American Culture”). Again it is mentioned in the video, the largest outsourcing of America (for the past 10 years) has been “The American Dream”. Thus I need to include Hollywood and the movie industry (other half of Media). The second aspect of Government spending, and corruption, stems from the Democratic platform of offering Welfare to the people in general, as a bribe/trade for votes. In other words, the Liberal-Left-Democrat, generally, wants to increase spending and increase taxes. While the Conservative-Right-Republican wants to decrease spending and decrease taxes. But, since Bush Sr. the debates ended about Budgeting, and instead, both parties started drinking deeply from the well. Greed, corruption, and bribery have run rampant, with both Democrats and Republicans taking part in the corruption (but Democrats more so).

Trump, as an outsider, and as a self-made Billionaire, avoids all the corruption, and can easily expose the corruption of Washington DC. Also, Trump’s personality and legacy is the guy who “Fires!” everybody. Thus Washington DC has never encountered somebody who “Fires!” government employees, branches of government, officials, or threatens the financial welfare of State Departments. This is what has Washington DC completely shook. So while the Republicans defend Trump, the pact is tenuous, for as long as Trump keeps producing ‘Wins’ and votes for Republican bureaucrats. This is the trade between the Conservative-Right and Trump. Furthermore, to protect Trump from impeachment, Senate Majority Republicans have already hinted toward a “You are going to owe us for this”, a price to be paid will be expected from Trump.

With all this in mind, the shift from Left to Right is becoming obvious. Average Americans are sick and tired of Media lies, and so alternative sources (the internet, google, youtube, twitter, etc) are being used to de-platform the classical media sources: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN. Democrats recently threatened Facebook to enforce Censorship “or else face punishment and illegality” from Congress.

The biggest problem of all, which everybody on this forum should have been talking about a year ago, is the new attacks and threats against Free Speech. Why can’t people name “The Whistleblower”, who has no legitimacy and no legal recourse, when the center of an Impeachment process of the President of the United States?!? Am I the only one seeing this? Or am I the only one with the intelligence and balls to say it outright?!

This is the beginning of the end, of Democracy, and Free Speech, unless the threats are checked strongly, by a majority and consensus of Americans today. It should have been yesterday.

But, as discussed in this thread, led by the wise and holy “Zero_sum_Joker”, there are bigger issues at work. And that is, the social and cultural division, perhaps a complete and messy Divorce, between Left and Right. If the hate is so strong, that the US Constitution is ignored, and the sides are willing to “go further”, with speech censorship, sedition, and greater threats, while ignoring Washington DC corruption, then I already know the outcome today. And it will be the fall of Democracy. Because what’s the point of voting for President, when the President can be impeached for literally no crime. And so you are truly not allowed to vote, unless it is Pro-Establishment.

And this is the real “Deep State”, which is heavily entrenched in The Establishment, meaning billions and trillions of US tax dollars at work, lining the pockets of a million people who may not deserve it, may not be accountable, and believe they are “above the law”.

…and all because the Authorities in Rotherham, and other areas, didn’t want to be seen as racist, so it’s not a case of the Government at large’s fault, but of certain Councils not acting on the reports and therefore not reporting them.

Those case-workers who neglected to act, should be imprisoned… along with the accused, or never work in that field again. Simply being ostracised is far too easy an option, for the negligence they showed.


K: I am sure if you tried, you could throw in some more clichés or be more superficial in
your “analysis”… come on, is that all you have? all you have done is create some
sort of strawman argument… a strawman argument which has no basis in reality…

instead of these strawman attacks, show us clear examples of where we did
what you said we did…

show us exactly when we used the examples you cite… names, dates, places…
you know, real life examples that can be researched and examined…

I am guessing that you don’t actually have any real life examples of liberals
doing what you claim… come on… show us the examples of
liberals doing what you claim… who, what, when, where, how and why…

betcha you can’t show us a single example…


Go back to sticking your head in the sand, you would sound less foolish. … 421776001/ … up-sports/ … ens-sport/ … te-fairly/ … _in_sports … iolations/ … rts-2019-4 … 1573602744 … stroom-faq … ms-schools … ted_States … -restroom/ … … t-65160200 … omfortable … 51130.aspx … government … sexuality/ … sexuality/ … gbt-issues … 4cfc8f0303 … story.html … bt-history … hild-about

How many examples did you want?

100 more or 1000? … 03466.html

Not looking good for you and yours, PK.

Ready to throw in the towel? Or want to keep pushing?

The Liberal-Loony-Left, prepared for a backlash yet???

K: I looked at each and every single link you listed and I have been laughing
ever since… did you even read any of these? 4 or 5 of them is directly
refuted your talking points, the 13 and 15 link for example…

the first dozen or so link talk about women and sports… and I fail
to see from these links the connection between your “points”
and the links… gotta ask, is there even a vague connection between
your talking points and women in sports?

because I can’t see it…… somehow by allowing transgenders to play
in sports, we are causing fascism…and in some fashion as yet not
pointed out……

you haven’t made a point, you have simply listed random articles
about things that seem to irk you and as yet, you haven’t made
a connection between those things that irk you and these random links…

how does a bathroom bill create fascism? how does transgender people
engaging in sports make the “liberals looney” ?

for the love of god, make some connections between your private opinions
which seem to be very conservative and how does a transgender bill or a
bathroom bill make for fascism?

as of right now, you have many random links, of which at least 4 don’t even support
your position and some very random opinions against transgender people
and somehow connected with “looney liberals”… make some connections
between your random links and your post…


The fact that you “don’t see anything wrong” with Transgender, mentally ill males, engaging in sports against women, admits to your insanity.

The fact that you “don’t see anything wrong” with teaching children about sexual deviancy, or teaching them of its “normalcy”, admits to your insanity.

K: and once again, make a linkage… what is “Insane” about being ok with Transgenders or
being open about sexual orientation… you have to make some linkage to what you
claim is insane and the facts you report… why does being ok with transgenders make
one “insane”?

I would argue that your fixation on sexuality and transgender suggest that
you are personally hung up on the issue because you have some personal
issues with being transgender or other sexual issues that you are unable to resolve…

it is your personal issues that are driving this discussion, not being transgender itself
or having a sexual identity…those who show a great deal of fear about an issue
have some serious issues about that issue… so what is your issue with sexual identity?

do you think you are some other gender then the one you were born with?

are you transgender yourself and are afraid someone will find out?

to be honest, I really don’t give a shit about your sexual identity or your
sexual problems…I live in California where every other person has some
gender or sexual issues… it doesn’t really matter to me…

so tells us? why are so you so gender phobic?


Ah yes, “Transphobic”, this is your defense of your insanity.

There’s no more reasoning or logic against your kind.

Take your perversions and shove em.

An appeal to anybody who doesn’t want to expose their children, the sons in USA, to these sexual perversions that it’s “normal” or “okay” to dress boys as girls, or that their “gender is fluid”, that self-castration is “a choice”, and that PK, his handlers, the LLL establishment, want to push this onto society as a whole. Then, they like PK, have the audacity to try to turn it around and call you “Transphobic”. These fucking loonies are out-of-line. The time for “reasoning” with them, or logic, is finished. It’s a waste of time. They have no rationality, otherwise things never would have degenerated so far.

It’s time for the People’s Veto.