Liberation from the confines of mind, has been tried for at least two millennia, and proven to be a Sisyphean task, as the respective undertakings tend to add to the complexity of mind.
Since the beginning of the twentieth century, mind is apparently able to liberate itself through Self-realisation.



Pi Fu Han Shu.jpg

The Chinese text in the cartoon … 蚍蜉撼树 可笑不自量力

English translation of text … “Ants trying to shake the tree ridiculously overconfident”

It is an option that has first been made fully public in “Liber Al vel Legis” (1904)


One can never be truly liberated from the confines of mind during ones life but one can try and push it as far as it will go and gain new knowledge and experience
in the process. This can be a major push or minor ones but the goal is the same either way. Alternatively one can simply let mind be and allow it to take in every
thing and accept or reject as little of it as possible because one has become more isolated and detached over time. This latter approach works very well for me



Isolation and detachment is a necessary first step towards self-realization … self-actualization … individuation.

Sur … I applaud your efforts.

While you have oft repeated your mantra … isolated and detached … your frequent posts suggest the ‘road’ to isolation and detachment still stretches out in front of you.

I like engaging online but do not think this contradicts my sense of isolation or detachment since I am only engaging ideas
I am still just as much on my own as I am at any other time as all I see are words and images so there is no real difference

The words … “a necessary first step” … imply at a minimum … “a second step”.

The first step … isolation and detachment … culminates in our physical death … suggesting that individuals engaged in the “second step” also remain actively engaged in the first step while still breathing. It’s an “and/both” circumstance versus an “either/or” circumstance.

Your attitude towards death suggests you have indeed achieved significant progress on the road to isolation and detachment. The fear of death is largely the fear of detachment from worldly affairs.

ILP members are fortunate to to have someone who ‘sees’ life from an eagle’s perspective … metaphorically speaking.

Mind accumulates and transforms external/internal events - Self is the core of Mind

Mind should be at liberty to do as it will – will is the force of Self

Mind is not something strange; it might be treated strangely, and even be mistreated, but these are symptoms of self-estrangement - after all mind is one-self.

The coordinate, or Self, of mind informs what is beneficial for it.