server problems

Carleas, you have server problems. The site is up or down and even when it is up, it is glacially slow. This is the third time I’ve tried to post this. Maybe this time… I’m on IE, but all other sites are functioning properly, so I know it is ILP issues. Several others have commented to me they too are having problems…

Yep, we had a little trouble today, and it took me a minute to get it under control. But we’ve been clear for a couple hours now, so it looks like she’s going to hold.

Thanks for the heads up, although for the reasons you mention I couldn’t read your post until after everything was working again :slight_smile:

Yeah, when the shit hits the fan, it’s catch 22. Is there any possibility of having an email account set up that is OUTSIDE the site? It’s frustrating when you can’t get there from here…

I’ve had other sites who offer the sage wisdom that if your having problems, go to our website and… How dumb is that? If their site is down how in the hell do they expect… nevermind. But some sort of a heads up address outside the site would be useful… Technology is wonderful - when it works… :-"

There’s a Facebook page, and I posted there that we were down but working on it. That’s not a whole lot of help if you aren’t on Facebook, and I’d bet the percentage of ILP members not on Facebook is greater than the percentage of the general population not on Facebook. We have 28 ‘likes’, and I think one of them is my mom.

But if you’re on there, check us out. It’s a public page, so even if you don’t use FB you can see the page: … 9964196887

Uhhhh… I’d have to sign up on facebook to leave a heads up comment. Got any other ideas for a contact place? We of the Illuminati have no desire to expose ourselves to in-your-face or twittering. It’s either that, or we’re old fuddie duddies. Your choice.

The DNS servers aren’t recognizing the site server… again.
Meaning that people who try to get here using Google (for example) will get a “page not found” type of error and assume ILP is closed or down.

It works in mobile mode, but not desk top for me, so yay! …posting withdrawals were already beginning to set in.

I think the problem is not with us this time. It looks a lot like our registrar bollixed up renewing the domain name. The registration appears to have been renewed, but the name does not seem to be pointing to the server.

If you’re in contact with anyone who’s trying to get here, let them know that they can access the site by its IP address,

More updates to follow.