Many I have spoken with do not at all understand there there can be great honour and nobility in service. For example, one who devotes his or her life to defence of a people, making a commitment to put his/her life between the guns and his/her people. Or a valet who makes it his duty to to improve and protect the life of his employer.

Such people make the decision: “I do not fear life to the extent that I consider my own wellbeing more important than what I think is right, and I think it is right to serve and protect.”

Comments? Ideas?

As someone who’s spent years in Air Cadets’ (military) I have the perspective of a follower (perhaps a type of servant) and a leader. In my opinion there is great honour in both. As a low-ranking cadet I did work that seemed meanial at the time but which I know see was as important as the work I do now, as an officer.
Now as for someone who dedicates their entire life to the service of another person or a society; I think that is one of -if not the- most respectable sacrifice one can make. Especially if it involves risking your own life; as in a Police Officer, Fireman, etc.
I think most of the world’s greatness is from the “servants” out there. It’s their hard work that made… the Pyramids of Egypt, Great Wall of China, Statute Of Liberty etc. The leaders are the ones who get the credit for such things though.
Well, at the risk of babbling, I shall now end this post. :slight_smile: [/b]

I always wanted to join the military, when I’m of age. But now I wonder, is it really worth dying for? Don’t get me wrong, I would die for what I believe in an instant. It just seems like the whole military system is getting abused these days, at least here in the good 'ol USA. So perhaps the service is the wrong way to go. After all, the service is all about fighting for politics, but who’s politics? Certainly not mine.

i feel that there’s great honour in such a cause. duty, devotion and commitment for the good of others and society is realy admirable. but that’s because im so egocentric and utilitarian. shameful look

but there is a danger of “other centered” living when you devote your whole being and meaning to the service of others… when you’re overwhelmed by an outside presence you’re unable to live a life for yourself from the ‘inside’ (something nietzschean)

but i guess it to each his own…

The military is about more then just sacrificing (sp.) your life when your country goes to war. People who join the army, air force, or navy of any country usually do so for the sense of adventure involved. The constant neseccity to improve yourself, and the excitement in living a life that could be dangerous. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can be a member of the military without actually having a morcel of patriotism at all. Personally I join because it’s an oppertunity to have yourself on a constant basis. That, to me, is pricless.
On a side note, the military of Canada and The Untied States of America mean different things, they represent different things, in my opinion. Canadian Military are peace keepers, supposedly, and we rarely even fight. We help during times of emergency and what not. American military is… something else. No offense or anything.

Respectable in the sense that they have decided to give up their time and life to serve the master but there are holes. I don’t know if I’d respect someone if they became dependant on me or something. To a point I don’t respect it for the possible things it may bring up. Also for their choice of throwing away their freedom. Yes it’s valuable but I couldn’t help but question their character if they are willing to give up something so precious. So not to go against the grain or anything just bringing up an opposing point that could be followed through to a certain degree but I don’t think it’s worth all that much. I suppose what I’m saying to be rash is if someones dumb enough to give themselves up like that then they probably aren’t worth much. But that’s being unnecessarily extreme which was not my intention but an alternative way of explaining my point.

pardon my obsession with thus spoke zarathustra but i shall quote afew lines regarding service:
your nobility should be obedience. your very commanding should be an obeying. to a good warrior “thou shalt” sounds more agreeable than “i will”.