Sex and the City quotes foster (female) stupidity

Sex and the City quotes make men everywhere want to carve out their eyes with a rusty spoon. We would rather play leap frog porcupines than read another one of these faux lines of enlightenment. Worse than the quotes themselves are the impressionable flakes who post the quotes on their facebook, twitter, and email signatures. It’s as though they think the fictional character in this situational comedy, the content of which is largely manipulated by demographic appeasing sponsors, can provide something meaningful, inspirational even. Here are just a few of the many snippets of venom that happened to make it on screen:

This is easily the most oft quoted line from this God forsaken show. Let’s break it down in more realistic terms… The relationship you have with yourself is exciting because you can have multiple orgasms, end of story. The relationship you have with yourself is challenging because you’re a woman. Relationships with women are challenging by nature, and that’s putting it nicely. More accurately, they’re impossible. The relationship you have with yourself is significant because women are compulsive liars; if you think a relationship with yourself is significant, it’s because you’re lying to yourself. No thoughts you think or words you speak will ever be significant. Oh and you won’t find someone who loves you, just someone who will pretend to so he can get laid. Remember: women can fake orgasms, but men can fake whole relationships.

No, women were put in the world to feel bad out themselves exclusively. Men were put in the world to pretend like we care so we can procreate.

Oh goody, shoes!! Not. Will someone please explain to me women’s fascination with shoes? The following is an exercise in logic. Shoes: you walk on them, they get dirty, and they’re often uncomfortable for the sake of aesthetics. The aesthetics are only noticed by people who look down a lot. The only people who look down a lot are depressed. Women, as per the previous quote, always feel bad about themselves and are thus always depressed. Therefore, the only people who look at your shoes are women. Do you really care what another woman thinks? Me neither. Now that’s not to say that guys don’t look down too, it’s just that our eyes stop at what’s important: your tits.

Aaaaaand that’s why I’m fucking your sister. She’s the one who can wear white… all over her face. Now if I could only teach her not to speak before spoken to.

Haha, yeah, and MAYBE wild bears aren’t supposed to shit in the woods. Maybe they just need to hold it until they find a lavatory inside the golden palace. Or maybe they are supposed to shit in the woods, just like women are supposed to be quiet, obedient, and submissive. Just kidding. But really, when women use words like “free” and “adventurous,” it only leads to other silly notions like “equality” and “feminism.” Nobody wants that. I mean really… the whole reason women don’t ski is because it doesn’t snow between the kitchen and the bedroom, never mind this “running freely” and “being wild” business. At first glance I thought this quote was in the context of some larger joke, but I was wrong. She was being serious. How silly of me to underestimate the boundaries of the female imagination.

Maybe you’re bipolar, you flakey bitch.

Assuming the website I browsed to get these profound quotes was compiled by a woman, I braced myself for plentiful flaws in grammar. I also realize that these are quotes from fictitious characters, and people don’t naturally speak grammatically correct, yada yada yada, but my damned OCD just took control. I emphasized every time the word “and” was misused. There should be a comma after “moaning.” Let’s not overlook the fact that this “sentence” doesn’t have a predicate or complete thought, thereby making it a fragment. Now for the criticism of content: They call it a job because your grammatical ineptitude is preventing you from landing a job anywhere useful, thus sucking off your more successful male counterpart is the only skilled labor you can provide for your own well-being. I bet your father is beaming with pride because of all the hard work you put into perfecting that special “job.”

Maybe this is all a big joke. Maybe Jonathan Swift was reincarnated in the form of all television writers, and he just didn’t anticipate the public being too dumb to realize it’s all one big fucking satire.

I would continue annotating these nuggets of wisdom, but I don’t want to risk suffering from an aneurysm in the process, or more likely, suicide. And by “nuggets of wisdom” I mean “nuggets of crap.”

Choose one from the list below:

  1. Troll
  2. Butthead Asshole
  3. Juvenile Twerp
  4. Clueless Nerdboy
  5. Dude With Many Divorces In His Future

Jazz I think that 2 describes you the best.

Lol, possibly all of the above. But despite some cringe-worthy moments, I was generally entertained.

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Right on time, it’s been only 3 months :laughing:

Thanks, and… you’re welcome :wink:

I was never a fan of the series, though I did catch a few episodes here and there, but you cannot deny it’s popularity? albeit one that you dislike as aforementioned :smiley:

In an era where female whoredom is celebrated and supported rather than condemned or contained.

Men are generally bigger whores than women and male whoredom is also celebrated and supported.

Not true at all. Much more prevalent in women.

A man who sleeps with many women is a stallion, a player.

A woman who sleeps with many men is a slut, a whore.

Do you think that’s fair?

Yeah because it’s easier for women to get laid generally. I also agree with Tyler here because when a guy gets laid, he tells everyone, it’s a big event in many cases. Women fuck people all over town and keep it to themselves. I’m tellin ya man. Look at all the desperate dudes out there trying anything they can to get some ass, now think about what a woman can do when she’s in that same zone.

It’s more than that but you get the general idea.

That’s true.

Actually, he said that female whoredom is celebrated and supported, not that they try to keep it to themselves (which seems to imply that they’re ashamed of it).

Sex and the City was primarily written by men. Especially the dialogue.

If Futurama has taught us anything, it’s that Sex and the City is to women as The Three Stooges are to men. One could make a similar argument that the The Stooges teach something about masculinity that any women (and some sad men) would consider ‘fostering stupidity’. I’m not so sure that’s an indictment of humor. I’ve never seen Sex and the City, is it supposed to pass for wisdom?

Calling bullshit. Look at all those females that adore the show also otherwise it wouldn’t be on air.

We men can however look forward to women making excuses for their own sex constantly. Exhibit A.

For the record I find the show boring and stupid

But, Male entertainment is just as bad.
I find most of the team sports truly goofy and slightly to fully homosexually erotic. It is amusing that males enjoy these “manly” sports.

And you actually believe that? :laughing: . And Die Hard was written by women, right? :laughing-rofl:

No, male entertainment isn’t as bad. Mainstream male entertainment is simplistic and dull (football, soccer) but it doesn’t make me want to carve my eyes out, it isn’t as incredibly stupid and annoying.

LOL. Men will have sex with women they do not like, with women who are asleep, in filthy beds, on the floor after the bar has closed, wherever, whenever with nearly whomever. Women are clearly pickier about whom they have sex with, where, how bad it and the man smells, if she actually likes him and so on. Men are whotes who do not charge Money. In fact the reason there are more female actual whores, who take Money for sex, is because men are more whorelike. You don’t need to pay a man, he is a free whore. In fact the labeling women whores, like you did, is really fucked up in the head and so disconnected from reality it’s probably dangerous.