Shogun 2: Total War

Who is excited?

Apparently nobody but you. Is this like an age of empires game?

i’d rather play

samurai: white man who comes to japan and picks up a sword kills a bunch of lifetime-trained asian warriors even though he’s just been there for a couple of months, at the most


Or wait its Japanese :-$ damn :blush:

Shogun: Total War was superb. Get those Geisha girls and Kensei going and you’re in for a win.
I always liked the 3 Kyūshū island clans best - always ending up 1 to 1 with Hojo. Hojo seemed too easy to win with, but was possibly the only clan with which I successfully finished the hardest setting - though it’s been a long time, maybe I did it with others too. The first few moves are crucial, hanging on a knife edge. I like it when games are genuinely very hard but just about doable with cunning.

Good to see all those clans are in the sequel, there’s just no Imagawa and 4 new clans in his place. Doubt I’ll buy it though, I’ve not been keeping up with new games for maybe a decade or so. The industry has just been too saturated with crap, despite rare good releases - such as Shogun 2 no doubt.

I read the tactics for these games are based on Sun Tzu’s Art of War, which is interesting. Been released for 3 days now - any good anyone?