Should I vote for Boris?

The General Election is in less than a month and I really am unsure what to do. My constituency is a strong Labour one though there’s also the deselected previous Labour MP standing on a pro-Brexit, anti-homosexuality-in-schools ticket. So the Labour vote might split. The constituency was always Tory till they redrew the boundaries to include loads of inner city areas, but the Tories don’t really stand a chance, though I like Boris as a leader since he’s amusing and in fact the least right wing Tory PM we’ve ever had in his social policies. But I assume the Brexit Party will split the Tory vote anyway. What to do?

It’s a tough call in that situation… the polls are showing, because more and more people now want Brexit done, that Conservatives are polling at around 43 and Labour at around 27, so many Labour voters will be voting Conservative, and many for the first time… though the hard-Left crew will never vote Conservatives, not even in the name of Brexit, so you might want to look up at how your Constituency is polling.

Corbyn’s Islington North seat seems to be safe, but Thornberry’s Islington South seat looks like it could swing to the Lib Dem’s… which has happened before, but they didn’t do a good job at all, and were ousted out. Why is Corbyn’s seat safe, I hear you ask? well… because over the years he moved his Momentum buddies into all the Social Residencies as they became available, that were supposed to go to Residents on the waiting list, and whom now may never get a Council place/be re-housed.

I forgot to mention the Lib Dems, which is easy to do I suppose, and having just had a look there is also a Green Party candidate. The real fight will be between the official Labour candidate and the sitting Labour MP who was deselected because he supports the protests against promoting homosexuality in schools. Lest anyone think this makes him a right-wing reactionary, however, the protests are actually being led by the massive Muslim community in the constituancy. So it’s all a bit of a mess in fact. There is indeed a Brexit Party candidate, who I may well vote for, but if I lived in a constituency where the Tories actually stood a cat in hell’s chance I’d probably vote for them.

Lol at easy to forget to mention the Lib Dem’s, and the Greens are the go-to Party for those disillusioned with the main Parties, and politics in general.

Is that the protesters who have been in the news, and whom were lobbying outside the school all day every day? or maybe there are a few doing likewise around the country…? It would be interesting to see if an Independent gets elected, as not even Zac Goldsmith was successful in going it alone in a Constituency that only religiously votes Tory, until he again ran under the Conservative banner and regained his seat, but then your Independent’s success hinges on whether those constituents want what their lobbying against… do you know if they do?

So the Labour, Independent, Lib Dems, and Green Candidates will split the votes… probably in that order, so the Brexit Party will have to rely on your area being pro-Brexit if they want a cat in hell’s chance in winning that seat. Are they… pro-Brexit, in your area?

In 2016 the contituency was marginally anti-Brexit, sadly, though it was very close. The sitting Labour MP is himself pro-Brexit, which I’m guessing is another reason for his deselection. The protests organised by the Muslims against teaching about homosexuality in primary schools was all over the local news, and has been for some time, and I’m sure it made the national news too. I doubt if many other constituents, even the non-Muslim ones, want this in primary schools either.

If there’s even a slight possibility that the Labour vote will be split enough to let the Tories in I suppose I ought to vote for the latter, just in case. I did so in 2017 too, but all we ended up with was a wretched remainer government anyway.

Vote for yourself

I’m not standing.

So a close call… it sounds like, and the fact that some voters may not have made their minds up until the day of voting is another factor that can generate an unpredicted outcome, but that is a minority occurrence which is dependent on who campaigned the hardest to change hearts and minds to vote for them… but not always, as this doesn’t account for underlying/unknown factors, but again… that is a minority occurrence.

I’ll try and find voting intentions, by constituency, and post it here, but I would advise that you go to a local Hustings… usually held in the Town Hall, a church etc., to gain a more insightful view on how constituents intend to vote/who the majority support.

Apparently a Brexit deal has been struck, but (I think it was Barnier) who is urging the British public to keep fighting against it… but a deal has been struck, so not only is he being Undemocratic, is this also anti-Article 50 and therefore illegal?

Grow a backbone.

It was Tusk, I believe, who has recently told us to stay in the EU, yet again.

We’ve been talking a lot about this at work. Most of the people who use our facilities are elderly, so perhaps they are not representative, but I’m noticing a distinct hardening of attitude against the EU and all it stands for. I have even been considering getting involved in politics myself. The Brexit Party would be my first choice, though it seems to be tearing itself apart at the moment.

The nomination deadline has already gone.

Lol Urwrong, but there’s no better feeling than voting for your fellow Party buddies… we even discuss it at post-election drinks… I can’t remember if we can vote for ourselves… it’s been a while, so allow me not remembering. ; )

Ask yourself this: “What would Trump do?”

Send out some Tweets?


No, lie.

It’s never too late to rule your own destiny.

I don’t like the idea of giving-up self-control to bureaucrats.

I think Boris has proven that he is at least a wholehearted Englishman. He is doing his best to live up to his idol Winston Churchill whose 2014 or so biography he wrote in battling against totalitarian Germans. I am impressed with how far he has come as such a pure … hobbit of sorts.

Listening to him talk, I feel him to be far more honest and genuine than almost any other PM I can remember.