Should Women be Protect from their Own Stupidity? Female MMA

Should females be protected from their own stupidity?

Women already are protected in many ways, from their own stupidity. Feminism and 20th Century liberal “Progress” has already convinced most of the newer generations that women are “equal” with men. Thus women want to be soldiers in the military. Women want to divorce and have promiscuous sex lives. Women want to drink beer, party, smoke, like men do. Women want to “be alike” men as much as possible to prove to themselves and the world that “we are equal”. Even though, we still are not, and never will be. Because despite doing all the things men did, and do, all of that does not change biology. It does not change science or facts. Women still have the wombs. Women still supply the sex. Men still comprise the demand. Gender and sex have not changed one bit, not one iota, despite all the “Progress”, propaganda, ideology, and movements.

Nothing has really changed.

But with female-women’s MMA, women are “progressing” one step other. Women punch each-other in the face, and knock each-other out, again, to “prove” that women are “equal” with men. Obviously this is false, and a lie. Because the top MMA fighters, men are not competing against women. There are no “women versus men” bouts. Nor should there be. The mental acrobatic, the lie, is exposed because men and women do not compete directly. Rather women fight against other women. And then this gives the allusion that “women are equal with men” because women fight other women. “Women can be MMA figthers too!!!” feminists scream. No, you’re not MMA fighters. Just like women’s NBA players are not actual NBA players. They’re just a lesser version of the real thing. A copy of the real thing.

Creating an NFL woman-only team would not mean that women are, or can be, real NFL players.

In one of my other recent threads, I’ve talked about the “Western notion of freedom”. Western civilization has degenerated, devolved, and decayed so far, that mass-delusions are reinforced and money poured into them, in the name of “Equality”. There is “gender fluidity”, a 1000 different genders, for example. All simple lies, conjured to convince the western population that “we can be equal”, when we cannot, in reality. All farces and lies, composed to distract the average person and population, away from the most obvious truths.

So my point is this. Why are we pretending so much? Why is western civilization lying so much? Is it really worth the price? Women MMA fighters are bashing each-other’s faces in. Why? To prove a point? Does “feminism” or “feminists” even approve of this? Shouldn’t feminism, which is about “female empowerment”, be against female MMA, and women fist-fighting each other? Aren’t women valuable enough, that the result should be prevented, of harming women, for the sake of what? To prove some lie and farce?

Aren’t women worth protecting, from themselves? Should the modern world pour more money into the farce, that a woman beats another woman unconscious, as-if anybody wants to see it in the first place? Is it entertaining to watch women be beaten?

Here’s the bottom-line. Would you watch MMA if it promoted a fight of a man, physically beating the shit out of a woman? Or wouldn’t you draw the line? You would. And so, you ultimately agree with me. … 66&bih=851

Beating the shit out of another person is only morally acceptable when the victim, and receiver of violence, is male.

It should be common sense. But common sense has disappeared.

A woman can choose to engage in a sport. She evaluates the risk/benefit to herself. She’s an adult.

It seems no different than women playing tennis, swimming or snowboarding against other women.

What’s the problem?

Sports are not equivalent to martial arts, as with MMA, where women can be seriously injured. The topic revolves around females, being privileged, ought not pursue such ends, especially “just to impress men” or prove an ideology point, “to be equal with men”.

The goal of MMA, to win, is to physically maim and damage your opponent. Arguing that women should do this, is akin to arguing that women should be in the military. No, they shouldn’t. Especially when the reasons and causes are flawed.

Men and women are often killed or seriously injured in skiing and snowboarding sports.

“Equal with men” means having the same opportunity to make personal choices as men.

Yeah. So?

Why should you be deciding this for women when you don’t decide this for men?

Women are perfectly capable of deciding if they want to beat someone up and/or get beat up in an MMA competition.

As I said, these are adults making choices.

The goal of snowboarding is not to knock your opponent unconscious.

But women cannot make the same “personal choice” to become an NFL player. Or if she does, then she is delusional. Why does she not just be a cheerleader instead, as all the other girls?

So you missed the point completely.

And so, some women should be protected from their own stupidity.

Being careless with young boys, and males, is one thing. Being careless with the privileged gender, is another. A tribe with 5 boys and 5 girls, can easily survive if most of the boys die. But it cannot easily survive if most the girls die. So females have more inherent, innate value. Women should be prevented from engaging in self-destructive behavior, and generally, are anyway.


The goal is irrelevant. The activity is dangerous.

They are not making that choice, they are choosing to play against other women.

Apparently you think that they should not even be able to do that.

Something about women beating each other up bothers you for some reason?

It’s exactly the same thing.

The US population is about 126 million adult women. Most women won’t take up MMA. You can rest easy. :-"

Why can’t women decide on their behavior? Why do you have to decide for them?

Whose life is it anyways?

The goal is not irrelevant!!! It’s one thing to participate in dangerous behavior. It’s another thing to participate in a martial art contest where knocking your opponent out is the goal!!!

Because people make retarded, self-destructive, misguided decisions. With males, most of this can be forgiven. But since females are the privileged gender, it must be more carefully scrutinized and micro-managed.

The participants understand the nature of the competition.


If you forgive it for men then you ought to forgive it for women. That’s only fair.

It doesn’t need to be scrutinized or managed any differently than for men. There is nothing inherent in a female which requires it.


It seems that for some men, it all really just comes down to “muh cock and pride” issue, where all else is simply used as means to satisfy/pacify it.

No one should be protected from their own stupidity.

If you are a leader of a social group and if you want it to survive and if its survival depends more on the survival of its female members than it does on the survival of its male members then you ought, quite logically, protect women from their stupidity more than men.

Not even 4-year-olds?

Children and women are, quite often, protected from their own stupidity.

It’s even written into the Legal system. For example, if a woman “accidentally” chooses an abusive boyfriend, who beats her from time to time, then she can simply call the police and get him locked up. Her choice, for a mate, is protected by the system. She can screw up many more times as well, as a woman. For example, if women have sex with minors, “accidentally” get pregnant, “accidentally” commit crimes, etc. then the system slaps them on the wrist. While men making the same mistakes, would have the book thrown at them.

Double-standards? Only for the privileged-gender.