Sigmund Freud and Critical Theory

I don’t know much about psychology or psychiatry but I can read.

Recently in the US an interesting phenomenon has been taking place involving Critical Theory - using racism as a Trojan horse - “Critical Race Theory”.

  • using psychology to subvert a population into destroying its culture and rebelling against its established government.

I understand that Sigmund Freud revealed that feelings of self-guilt are largely responsible for depression and suicide. So by that theory we could theorize that by casting a feeling of self-guilt into someone - we could cause them to become depressed and perhaps commit suicide - malicious but effective at getting rid of declared political enemies. And it appears that is exactly what has been going on during the Marxist takeover of the US.

At first glance that seems innocent - but -

Something you have to understand is that to a political manipulator the word “racism” means - “anything that doesn’t favor my race is racist” - so of course anything that whites happen to be better at is “racist” - such as maths and other intellectual pursuits while at the same time the sports, dominated by blacks, is not at all racist - only whites can be racists.

In politics truth is something to avoid, not something to be bound by.

  • Thousands of whites (in Northeastern US) - literally on their knees - hands held high in praise and devotion begging for forgiveness for the sins of their whiteness from the black Marxist standing at the podium.
  • US schools and universities requiring “Critical Race Theory” classes where whites are required to express their guilt and show their shame.
  • In Seattle Washington (now a Marxist controlled city) white government employees required to attend shaming meetings and agree to step out of any authority positions, yield to blacks in every way, and in shame disassociate themselves from other whites.
  • The Marxist segregated region in Seattle Washington - CHAD - the black man with the only gun announcing to the crowd - “All you white people - I want you to turn and give $10 to the black person next to you. And remember that I see every single one of you and I WILL remember your face!” - and that from the “anti-fascist” :laughing:

That isn’t exactly committing suicide but it IS people giving away their rights out of shame for what they have been taught is genetically produced guilt of whiteness - an incurable disorder causing inherent abuse of others - encouragement toward depression and suicide. Statistics show that whites genetically better at some things so it is a genetic disorder.

I am sure that the cult like members on their knees have no idea how any of that came about - they are the aware victims of “wokeness” and Marxist subterfuge enhanced by Dr Freud’s revelations.

This seems to be what we get when political manipulators and “Godwannabes” learn psychology and have social media and a Marxist mainstream media helping them out (that and a smoking epidemic).

did you just hear about this last week on bitchute?

Did you just ask me - “did you just hear about this last week on bitchute?”?


Thought so