Singatures - length and content

I am tired of lengthy signature that also contain images. It clutters up the threads and makes for an unpleasant reading experience.


  1. Do not allow images within signatures (that is what avatars are for).
  2. Limit signature to 100 characters (I do not perceive a need for a signature with a 1000 character limit when some of the posts are 25 characters in length).

I agree Simms

Thanks for the supports Simms

Did you notice we have the same names

Yes, I did.



User Control Panel → Board preferences → Edit display options → Display Signatures → No

Somebody is trying to pretend in being contrary here.

Who, innocent ole me?

I am not trying or pretending…

What 3sum said.

… but I, and the rest of the world, are not always logged in. Signatures should not be disabled for those who are not logged in.
Those who are logged in can then choose to disable them or enable them… just thinking of the new peeps that might want to come in for a browse.

Nah man. You’re wrong. This is just one of those times. No biggie. Disable sigs, and set to log on automatically. Boom. If there’s a solution on your end in the settings, then you use that one. Can’t go asking people to change settings on the site and all that. Plus…people really need to see my sig. It’s super important.

Who said I can not ask… I just did… It was easy for me to do and I did not find it challenging.
If a person puts their mind to it… anything is possible… can’t just does not exist.

If you believe it you can achieve it.

I already achieved it… it is now forever preserved in the past (within the O.P.).