Singularity vs Evolution (Gain of Function)

What if you think you’ve created a new species, except that in this tweaking, it has lost the function to reproduce, and therefore remains just one anomaly of the species it came from?

You could say, “We can reproduce it in a factory”.

If the factory is 100% automated, would that be the same thing as genetic reproduction?

If you think you’ve created a new species, but you don’t think the automated processes making evolution possible created a new species in the same sense that you created a new species, you might be de-anthropomorphizing the situation (yours).

Things get even creepier when you try to go “back” to when the laws of physics were not yet automated. You know, … where they “break down”?


Information / naturing (toward the eternal—gain/discovery of function)
deformation / denaturing (loss of function)

does knowledge increase (is mathematization knowledge? - is all information accurately informative?) Or do we remember—extract—abduct—the essential?

Sublime angst until the proper resolution of Anfechtung — a kind of cognitive dissonance against a kind of cognitive distortion (the absurd) is a phantom hunger/thirst that can never be filled, so we must keep going further up and further in to the infinite whole/well (spiritual food/water) from which we get (communion, remembrance) our being/life (spiritual material) — this is my body & my blood (life). We are incomplete sojourners here—all we see (in part) and everything that is missing (negative space, privation) either points the way home, or is like a carrot dangled over quicksand. Our home (the source of being, the original) is where we are whole. “On earth as it is in heaven.”

Was Jesus riffing off Socrates, or were they both riffing off The Father? Was Husserl really the first? :wink:

Is invention really possible where conservation is the law? Perhaps the universe is a canvas created to allow for the possibility of co-creation toward the eternal no privation can nullify, but only foreshadow?

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