Sometimes I look in the mirror and say…damn how did I get so evil? And I start to feel bad. But IT DAMN SURE is better than the feeling of looking in the mirror and saying “Wow I am so beautiful, why doesn’t anyone love me?” I’D RATHER BE A VILLIAN OF SOCIETY THAN A VICTIM OF SOCIETY. I DONT CARE WHAT THE HISTORY BOOKS SAY ABOUT ME, THE HISTORY BOOKS ARE WRITTEN BY THE SAME SHITTY SOCIETY WHO RIGS SOCIETY.

So here’s what I have to say about slavery. I believe in Slavery for both whites and blacks. My views of slavery and blacks is mixed. I believe that on paper, Stupid people should have stupid roles as slaves, they should be slaves to restaurants doing stupid things. And intellectuals should be slaves to intellectual pursuits. So on paper, Putting blacks in stupid jobs like McDonalds sounds good…but…in reality Blacks are too stupid or lazy to work at Taco Bell, so they actually shouldn’t be slaves. Whites should be slaves. If someone truly hates their job they shouldn’t be a slave to it. Whores should not be forced to be whores if they don’t like sex…who the fuck wants to sleep with someone disgusted by sex??? But otherwise…Whores should be slaves to sex, dumbs should be slaves to stupid jobs, and intellectuals should be slaves to intellectual tasks. Each should be a Slave to their own genetic code, like suggested in My Little Pony cutie marks. Second, each Genius will be provided up to six slaves, This is how progress is made, all a Genius needs are some loyal slaves and great things will happen. To determine a Genius the genius must make a persistant and obsessive claim that they are a genius, and provide some evidence of how they are special. A genius is defined as a remarkably intelligent or talented person, but my personal definition is, a visionary.

If we Dont keep the slaves down they will rise and breed like they are doing. An example of Slave music is Pop music and songs like “My Sweet Home” by Lumiqueers. These are Lower Caste citizens merging into the elite status of the music industry. And even Lower Caste are these Soundcloud faggots uploading shitty music to Soundcloud. It is even worse than Newgrounds, comparably worse. The music industry is ran by Slaves catering to Slaves, inferior genetic tastes. People who prefer Burger King over Whole Foods are genetically inferior. They are the slave caste. The mentally ill get a montly check, therefore are burgoiues. This is because they are semi-elite status. They are mentally ill because they are surrounded by slaves and are forced to integrate with inferior breeds. Second of all they are forbidden to use violence against a peasant caste who transgresses them. This would cause insanity to anyone of a higher breed. Then the slave caste, the inferior caste, has the nerve to believe that [i]they[i], the inferior breed, which has to work as slaves, is somehow superior to the elite. And these inferior breed have the audacity to proclaim that them working at burger king is some how a “vital contribution to society”. I have spoken with some of thse mentally ill types and many of them are cultured and of a higher breed and intelligence.

In analyzing China thousands of people died to innovate technology and build the great Holy City. This is why slavery is good, Humans will die and are finite, but Archetecture lasts for the ages.

have you ever been a slave?

Hello UP 1001
As I read your post I got the sense that you really didn’t know about slavery. What you were talking about is certainly not slavery, so, in my opinion, what you are for is an original idea that lacks the idea of a person being the property of another person and the element of force labor. Just doing what we are best suited to do…that’s actually very Christian.

If for nothing else, slavery, as it was here in the United States South is bad because it was a waste of life, of potential. Man, as a species, has a creative element that is stifled by chains and narrow ends. Slavery is bad because it takes away the beauty of expressed creativity, what is hard and fine, for the sake of food for the already well-fed, clothes for the already dressed. For the basest of needs you sacrifice what is highest in the world.

Now you might say: “Well, what about those who are uncreative?”
The problem is that we cannot perceive essence, and so past performance is not evidence of future returns and therefore it is the space where creativity might happen that has to be preserved rather than consumed for the sake of free labor in the jobs the parasites of humanity will not perform themselves.

In my plan of slavery this would not happen.
If there was a negro down south who had a Genius IQ, HE WOULD OWN SLAVES.

In fact In Real Life in the South some blacks did own slaves.

Now what happens when you let those with slave genetics rise up, is you get shitty MTV and modern music like Lumiqueers. Lumiqueers is an example of hobos (hobos, not homos) inflitrating the music industry.
lumiqueers= lumineers My Sweet Home, just awful.