slippery slope in legal gay marriage?

If they make gay marriage legal, will the next step be to make marrying animals legal? What about plants or inanimate objects?

Who’s to tell me that I can’t love a tire? Why shouldn’t I get a tax break for it!

Get out of my bedroom government!

You should be asking about corporations, not animals. 'Cause corporations are people.

The gay marriage issue coming to a head is one of those conclusions that follow from conflicting premises - libertarian values, combined with the contrary notion that the state should encourage things that bolster the health and security of the group. Often a false dichotomy though, as it is with gay marriage.

I assume, then, you are against heterosexual marriage, since this is also government in your bedroom.

I think all things should be able to marry, animals included the little buggers have a tough enough time without us telling them who and what and when and where and what and why and which and such to love. Love it is is inviolate, if I chose to love a tree I should marry it, fuck those who tell me not to get wood.

Get out of my mind you.

The gay marriage issue is a non entity, the only people who care are living in the past and the past wants them back. :wink:

Moreno I am against all marriage.

Well, if you listen to Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson, God is punishing us with Hurricanes and Tornados and floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc for our wicked ways. What I don’t understand is why Oklahoma with 51 dead at the moment. Oklahoma is one of the states that has done everything legally possible to prevent same sex marraige. God’s GPS must not be working. Why punish the faithful?

Whilst i am against marriage, i am all for equal right for humans. One problem is that marriage includes the rights to adopt or foster children, problem being that children then don’t have the choice! They don’t get choice with heterosexuals but that is a different question; one of life or not life. If no life, then there won’t be any people and hence no homosexuals.

What happens if all humans have choice? Would children want gay parents, how can they choose that if the decision is made for them?

OK, but then hetero marriage was already a slippery slope then.

Is there any reason why having gay parents would make any difference to your upbringing than having straight parents? We can’t chose out parents but if a stable loving unit we call a family works as well regardless of the sex of the parents then who cares? What you want is a stable family, what seems detrimental is not the sex or sexuality of the parents but having only one income provider trying to raise children, this it seems tends to be a less favourable situation, and hence any situation that has two stable incomes coming in over 1 seems a better solution, and should be encouraged. Unless as said you can show me any research that shows same sex parenting causes any harm to any child? Pragmatism is always a winner over bigotry I think, one has to ask if the only reason you don’t like two same sex parents over the more conventional parenting is because you don’t like the idea, then what is it that is your real contention?

Well said. If we start agreeing too often, we need to check into rehab… :wink:

I’m going to marry my tea jug. I use it all the time. Tea. Only a crazy person wouldn’t allow that.

No but incest and polygamous mariages will probably be the ones pushed to be legalized next.

Polygamy I personaly don’t have a strong opinion on but incest is just terrible.

But it’ll happend because in modernists circles the only factor is “muh consent”.

Banning incest is government trying to interfere with people’s family values. The right wing needs to stand up against this regulation and it’s negative effect on freedom! Big government telling me I can’t knock my sister up is just like communism.

Is this like the story? A young couple get married in Alabama. They move to California and get divorced. She moves to Texas, he moves to New Hampshire. The question is: Are they still brother and sister?

You got it backwards smears.

It’s the liberals and Leftists that are saying that there’s nothing wrong with it and should be perfectly socially acceptable and legal.

“Cuz Consent”

These people have no ethics other than hedonism, maximizing the most base pleasures and minimizing resistance by means of destroying tradition and human culture.

These idiots keep asking me why it’s wrong and why it shouldn’t be allowed and no matter what I say they go back to “but muh consenting adultz”.

They haven’t ever given me one good reason why it should be allowed.

I dunno, marrying cousins seems to have been part of the Culture of the conservative poor and the conservative often noble rich. If you get closer than cousins, then there are portions of the left and liberals that are at least as against incest as conservatives.

Thats usually in smaller towns, and it’s usually not first cousins.

or the countryside. But in any case I don’t Think the issue divides neatly between left and right. A lot of sex related issues are fairly complicated around left right opinions.

Personal experiance just says differantly i’ve constantly seen liberals and leftist saying they’d support it and be fine with it.

The ones that seem most vehemiantly opposed to it are moralist who are socially conservative (right wing), which makes sense because the allowence of something so taboo as incest is based in modern moral relativists.

The whole “who cares it doesn’t effect me what two consenting adults do in their bedrooms” mantra.

This comes from a society where people no longer beleive in anything so tolerance is their only “virtue” and by freeing up these taboos they can pretend like their making social “progress” when really it’s degeneration.

This is the type of BS that completely shifted me from liberal an leftist politics.

How to we determine that things are degrading and not progressing?