sneeky horrible bastards

Are people with sneaky faces bound to be sneaky bastards or genetically, of do people with sneaky faces end up being sneaky bastards because people treat them as if they are sneaky bastards and tend to fulful their roles.

Or is this just Holly wood.

These three actors always play villains.

Danny Houston is often pciked to play bastards. Does he have an instict to be a bastard or is he just a good actor?

Here’s F Murrey Abrahams
fm abraham.JPG
I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play mr nice guy.

The next one is Jake Weber. His publicity pictures show him as a nice guy , yet his roles in Meet Joe Black, ST Disco, and Homeland are arseholes of the highest order.
jake weber.JPG

…a combination of good acting and having the right look.

I imagine a particular look gets associated with a sterotype - then actors with that look are used in movies and reality shows and false flag political “insurrections”. :smiley:

This is the type of post that will ascertain whether Sculptor has a sense of humour or not… lol

How so? The forum has little humour in it. You’d never know if anyone had any humour by the posts they make here.

So the idea that there is a stereotype, which is self defining is a chicken and egg argument.

Sorry Mags, that’s a “no.”

Nonsense! there’s plenty of humour to be had on these boards… some nights, I’m in stitches when reading exchanges between disparate types. I guess you didn’t find obsrvr’s reply funny then? :smiley:

No need to be sorry about it, doll… ; )

Here is a story straight from:

I was managed 27 units, of living space and there lived an actor on the first floor a loner, a bartender.

I found out he was an old time minor character actor. He was good as a type, in fact he was always cast as a bartender, guess someone thought he looked it exactly the part.

After his parts g or scarcer and scarcer, he thought he would mot know what to do with his life, so, he became what he knew best.

And so he works next door in a dive.

And what do you conclude about this? And is your one story worthy of a generalising statement?
I’ve know a few actors in my time, and there is no doubt that their roles tended towards type, but not always.
A good character actor like Olivier could do any role from hero to villain.On the other hand Clint Eastwood and John Wayne could only ever be themselves, or versions of themselves - the guys they would like to be.