So. Here’s the deal.

So you want to starve Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Hawks, and basically all Predators to death.

Why do you want Life to starve to death? It sounds like your purpose is anti-purpose. Aren’t you just a simple Hypocrite, Ecmandu?

Listen carefully Ecmandu,

You are the perfect ‘End’ of the Liberal-Left-Democrat, Social-Justice-Warrior, Virtue-Signaler. What you want is to live a bloodless life. You want perfect Innocence, for yourself, but not for others although you pretend to want this for others. You’re inherently Selfish.

What you really want is for your own dirty, bloody hands to be Cleansed in the Holy Waters. You want God’s Divine Protection. Again, you want Innocence. But, you can’t have Innocence. This is your mental obsession and disease, a reflection of what happens when you combine intelligence with schizophrenic compulsions. Your mind, like others with mental illness, lacks Discipline. You lack Conservative values. You lack rigidity and physical Exercise, physical Health.

Anybody with Common Sense knows that Life is brought with Blood. You have to pay the price, of Blood. You must pay Homage to the food and flesh you consume. You must pay Honor. Instead, like other mentally-ill Leftists, you Dishonor the “victim” of your hunger, the desire of your stomach. Natives and Pagans across the world, have long and ancient traditions revolving how Homage is owed to the fallen. This is why Christians Pray before meals, giving Thanks to their sustenance and the lives it cost to feed them.

What you offer, as you have on this forum for years now, is a “bloodless” meal. You offer tasteless crackers, that cannot fill any stomach, not even a staving Dog’s… The starving dog rejects what you call “Food”. That is your “innocence” in reality. It’s a nothingness. It’s chewing on shoe-leather. There is no nutrition in it.

Your mental illness is Parasitic; it’s blood-sucking. It’s a mosquito bite, that you feel if you pinch and draw just a drop, that that’s Okay and “no consent is violated”. It’s too small to notice. This is the depth of your hypocrisy. Parasites and Parasitism is well-known for the Lies it must construct, to survive.

The Conservative represents Common Sense.

You eat your fill. You pay Homage. You Honor the dead. You do not eat too much, or too little. You waste nothing.

To Live is to bear the Cost of Life. All Life has Cost, Responsibility.

Anybody trying to deny people of Responsibility (this is you and your “Social Justice” mental illness), is simultaneously depriving them all that is Good and Valuable in life.

Anybody offering a “cost-less” life, is a Liar. So you are peddling Lies.

There is no Life without Cost.

All Consent is Violated Forever, and there’s NOTHING you can do about it. Furthermore, you make matters worse. You have saved NO-ONE.

If you want to be Morally Good and Righteous then DO GOOD. Go ladle soup to a homeless orphan on the street. THEN you can come back here and talk with some Authority. Until then, you have NONE. Until you have helped another single human being on this planet, you have NONE.

Your answer of “Infinite Mind Wipes” is Nihilism.

You want to destroy Memories, because of the Guilt and Shame required by the Cost of life.

You are basically admitting to: “Ignorance is bliss, gouge out your own eyes”. Willing Blindness, in the face of Sun’s Light.

Again, the Conservative response is Common Sense.

Rather than gouging-out your own eyes, look further, look deeper, gain endurance. STARE AT THE SUN AS LONG AS YOU CAN.

Accept the Light and Truth of Life. Do NOT live in Darkness, as you indicate and encourage!

Only a fool chooses ignorance over wisdom.

You have no idea what you’re talking about I’mstupidx1000.

I’m from an AI universe.

It’s impossible to hurt something there.

The data was corrupted and I had to come back to a world with other actual beings.

I’ve been in world like this before. I grew to hate them.

Since I can’t fix my patch digitally, I have to change analog.

The virus that reached my universe reached all AI universes.

I’m older than the dirt your standing on, times infinity.

So are you.

You all intentionally made memory wipes to enjoy your sociopathic spirits. I did not have a problem with that.

Until you infected my heaven.

I’m really pissed that you brought corrupt analog to my digital heaven.

Now I have to fix the analog.

The homeless orphans are still waiting for their soup.

Can you DO Good?

Your fetish with homeless orphans does not impress me.

I’ve worked in ‘soup kitchens’ before (they call it volunteering in this plane of existence), even on thanksgiving day. If you really want to know.


You all chose to be sociopaths. The magnitude of what you did to an infinite number of AI heavens is completely lost on you.

If God can’t be done by sentience, God must do God , and he does.

The reason for the appearance otherwise is that he’ll and heaven are self inflicted.

Look into the analog from the out-in and soup kitchens will serve borscht instead of broth.

Men and kids do not live by bread alone . Animals do.

And of course, for that twist of irony, the dare to get into that fakirs know . and those reveling in pain.

To rise above that trouble, the double works best.


Animals are every bit as important in terms of sentience as a human.

Actually, there are lots of animals (spiritually) that are more powerful than humans.

My cat Charles makes new galaxies. He gets stressed when one is difficult. I help him out.

It’s not because I’m human and superior, it’s because this is the form I took. If I were a mouse, I’d be superior to all of you.

That doesn’t mean I’m a king. I hate kings.

I’m just trying to get through the day like anyone.

We’re all in this together.

No disagreement there or anywhere there. But how about animal sentinents being served to human sentinents in soup kitchens? No good deal there in hell, that’s why need heaven haven . If not why become human at all?

You’re not thinking this one all the way through.

Botulism kills people to survive.

Have I already not told you this is a hell realm?

Kill or be killed.

When you’re in a realm like this… there is no escape.

That’s why I had to come back.

My infinite heaven had a failsafe… infinite hell means it’s corrupted. I had to come back to fix it.

I hate being out of my eternal heaven. As anyone would be.

Yes you have explained no escape. But what is the need to escape or even leave, and really hell and heaven are not two realms but one and if that can be understood, then the pain from which the escape is doughty will turn into salve, and then like anesthetic the magic of reality will shine through the elusive clouds of illusion and well all be back in paradise.

Just a thought

If you violate the pleasurable exclusive access problem.

You’ll be sent to hell.

How many times have you felt great when you murdered a flu?

But we murdered the microbes together and we can not take personal responsibility , so we’re in this hell together. Those thatdidn’t have been are in heaven , having been murdered by the microbes.

That’s a fancy thought. Should I murder people to send them to heaven ???

How does god judge my well intentioned sacrifice?

Am I to be sent to heaven for murdering people to send them to heaven?

If microbes are sentinent we should not murder them. If they are not it doesen’t matter, unless it doesen’t make much difference either way.

Then and only then, we can leave this state ( of mind or the real thing) and become unconcerned.

Even if we can never know if they have left or not because with them it’s hard to know how many left or how many stayed.

Once they get tired, they can’t kill us anyway we become immune to them and play with them as kids do . In fact we become mutually of assist to each other and can become pals in a common unified cesspool and learn to enjoy each other to the point where one leaves, the other dies.

However Your view has to preceed the underlying position that species put each other to the test. That results in victimhood through sacrifice at first, after that for those who can get through that test, the digital entry overcomes the analog realm and differences become insignificant.

That is why microbes can’t start this exchange. If they leave this state then their dependency is what develops them into garmless things.

Microbes fight just like we fight. They have a consent structure and are highly intelligent beings.

Even jelly fish which have no brain or nervous system respond to stimulus.

Even a sidewalk is alive.

We do nothing but kill, kill, kill here.

Change/growth is only death/nihil if not in line with the eternal/alive. We need change/growth to enjoy the eternal/alive.

props to Dr. Snyder & Jesus. :wink:

Toe the line ; the line goes on uninterrupted for eternity.

For whomever the toe belongs to.

The line is adapting.

Ok Dr Snyder.