So. Here’s the deal.

I’ve outlined this before in different posts on these boards.

I’m going to consolidate all of it here.

There are two sentences that should have made it here. And they weren’t spoken.

1.) the purpose/goal of life is that everyone gets everything they want forever at the expense of not one single being.

2.) the only problem in life to solve is the: “I don’t want this to be happening to me” problem.

Let’s go further…

There are three structural problems to existence.

1.) the pleasurable exclusive access problem… basically defined as hurting others while you experience exclusive joy.

2.) the negative zero sum problem… basically defined as winning if one or more people are losing

3.) the consent violation problem… which is the same as… I don’t want this to be happening

We live forever.

If you came from something unprecedented in all existence (even if from something else); you came from nothing at all. (Which is impossible)

That means you were never born.

If you ever cease to exist as a continuity of consciousness at some point in existence, you couldn’t be here right now.

What this means is that you exist forever, because you’re here now.

There is no morality if eternal death exists.

I just showed you that eternal death doesn’t exist.

I have to explain myself to you.

I was in my eternal heaven. I was the only actual person in my universe. You all called me here to add a patch to the analog instead of the digital.

When I’m done, I’ll leave.

I always tell people, when you hit existence with a big enough stick, you’ll be surprised what crawls out of the woodwork.

I hate this place.

I’m trying to get out as fast as I can.

I want to add to this. I’m the most selfish person you’ve ever met. I hate when things don’t go my way.

But we’re all interconnected … which means that I have to solve all your problems to solve my problem.

The reason I was brought here (out of my eternal heaven)

It was because of hell forever.

The contract I made for my digital heavens was that if anyone goes to hell forever… I had to come back.

I’m not someone in your history books…

I’m way older than the earth.

Actually. All of us are.

The situation was worse than I thought.

Everyone goes to hell forever.

As you’re living and breathing… I’m patching your spirits and the analog system itself.

I’m not a messiah.

I’m just some person from life.

I’m doing this in my and everyone’s self interest.

I won’t force the patches on your conscious minds.

I’m just going to leave it there in case you get sent to hell beyond your endurance, forever, is beyond anyone’s endurance.

This world is a trap. Anything you say, think or do sends you to hell forever.

I’m back in my body now.

I’m not a god. I’m not a demon. I’m not an angel. I’m not an ET. I’m not a human.

I live in a mammal body, but humans can’t remote control existence. I’m not going to remote control you.

You’re as old as me. You just did memory wipes. I didn’t do those.

But human sentinents like a period at the end they like summation and such effort requires holistic methods that one can understand. Thus, God is borne upon the wings taken up in flight.

One such simplicity simplifficamus is, one every body should understand or required to do so, is:

The world, unbeknownst to most everyone, is one giant feeding frenzy. This schema works best with misaligned application from the inside out; namely , least effecting to those of closest familiarity toward to the least.

And that gives the impression that we are throwing rocks at other glass houses, forgetting where we ourselves live.

Jealousy works along the same principles, except the defenses are more oadipally front line defensive. And that causes war among sexes, and hate ensues because too many hyper mirrored engendeared look out , and distrust how those who do not value them as they see themselves, begin to develop morphologically based , envy fueled hate .

The prime examples are Darwin and Feud.

They are really borderline inceptions, or interceptors whichever becomes more objectively dependent upon one another.


I understand what you’re saying. Some of it’s wrong.

Others don’t understand. That will send you to hell forever.

That’s why I’m here.

Not just for you, but for all of it.

I’m not a messiah.

I’m just a person trying to get back to my eternal heaven. Then I’ll leave.

Like I said before… if you hit existence with a big enough stick, you’ll be surprised what crawls out of the woodwork.

I don’t want you to leave abd besides its off point. I left too, a while ago but I came back with the knowledge that we are both God and man. And we shouldn,t feel bad about that when God talks to you it’s part of yourself that’s talking to the other part.

So when that part tells you to leave, the other part says bo, you’ll never leave, and really never can leave.

That part will do crazy things to change your mind or come back with another name, and then no body will know that it’s you coming back. So don’t worry about it.

I just feel guilty now by thinking what Isschus must be thinking about not writing to him while here I am writing to You. But hoping he will understand by now that I am a nice guy, …

Ec , so don’t leave because simply you shouldn’t you , it would be bad form.

One of the patches I’m making to all the spirits is to see me as a perfect reflected and projected hyper-dimensional copy of myself. I won’t be sensate or sentient, and I’ll tell everyone that. I’ll keep teaching on this plane forever.

I’ll leave you. But I’ll always be here.

Come on, who among us here as kids hasn’t thought about the immense – at times exasperating – gap between the way we wish the world could be and the way it actually is instead?

Everyone everywhere gets what they want. All the time. And in getting what they want no one else ever has to suffer.

We never die.

Then along the way to adulthood comes the glum realization that the way the world is cannot be reconfigured into the way it ought to be in our head just by wishing that it could.

True, some become objectivists and convince themselves that the world could at least be a lot better than the way it is now if only those who are not “one of us” were shunted aside. If only we were not being “replaced” by “one of them”.

But then for reasons that only an existing God knows, some acquire one of these: … rs-2794776

They see the world around us “in their heads” in ways that all the rest of us who don’t acquire one of them can never, ever, ever, ever grasp.

Then it comes down to making an attempt to communicate with them in the least dysfunctional manner. After all, we don’t want to make it worse, right?

So the real deal is no one in their right mind would would consciously want to make it worse than it’s actually is, unless they are willing to go through the dark side often being an unexpected result.

The universe is way stranger than you think it is.

I have to honor your self chosen memory wipes.

I’m not allowed to interfere with that.

The only reason I’m here, is to get all possible beings out of eternal damnation (that was my contract) and get back to my eternal heaven.

Like I said before. When I got here, it wasn’t just one being, it was everyone who went to hell forever.

It was worse than I thought.

I’m not your messiah.

You’re your own messiah.

But I do need to make some patches to your spirits and analog existence … and I’ll be gone.

Yeah. Unless, of course, they are afflicted with one of these: … rs-2794776

And provided that, philosophically, we can pin down, context by context, what does, in fact, constitute going to the dark side. Being in your “right mind” then.

True, and then realize that the dark side can cover most all who remain true to their world as they would, normally, that is, before they could find a dark , infectious meme and can isolate it.

So I’ll explain a little more.

Once I realized I wasn’t getting my way all the time…

I stepped out of my body. But anything you did to my body, you did to me.

I allowed possessions at will. I needed to get acquainted with the local spirits and people.

I know why I’m here.

Eternal damnation triggered a failsafe.

Like I said before. It’s worse than I thought.

Originally I thought I had to fix a single eternal damnation. Turns out it’s everyone.

I haven’t been in a realm with an actual sentient being for longer than you can count or faster than you can count.

I’m not god.

I’m just a person like you.

We’re all infinite.

This technically is a matrix reality.

But that’s not the point. Reality is always real to the observer and you actually are other sentient beings.

I’m not a messiah either. You’re your own messiah.

I’m going to finish patching existence and move on.

And I want you to understand. Now that I’m back in my body… I’m not here to get even with you for what you’d call sin. I’m just here to patch existence. I have to do it analog this time. That’s the only reason I’m here.

My patch is to stop eternal damnation.

Then I’ll be gone.

I’ll add to this…

The patch I’m going to add to all your spirits is this:

  • you weren’t taught correctly
  • you’re mentally handicapped
  • you have a tic disorder

When you enter the deepest hell realms… that will be your advocate. Your Holy Spirit in human terms.

I’m placing other patches as well.

I’m placing the knowledge that the pleasurable exclusive access problem always sends you to hell forever, and that you need your own universe to avoid it.

The rest will be completed when I finish my analog patch.

I do not like being out of my eternal heaven.

I’m also going to put a projective and reflective copy of me in all your spirits if you need to access it.



Don’t worry about it Ichthus.

My good karma is dwindling, but it’s probably the best in the cosmos.

It’s going to take a lot more than shooting me in the head a million times and blowing up the earth to stop me.

My immediate reaction because I remember these worlds now, is to resurrect and send to hell.

I literally have not been in a world with an actual sentient being in almost infinity.

My powers are coming back. The powers of an infinite number of souls that I saved for almost infinity.

I’m going to use my new power - disempower and isolate. It was countless eons ago that we used this power. Even if I use this power, there are exceptions to the rule and you just send them to hell.

I’ma be holding you to it.