So... I met this guy..

I started explaining the 3 abuses that men must have in order for females to consent to sex, minus the objectification three… money, tall, big dick

He had a major problem with approach escalation being abuse.

He started you say to me, “you’re dividing not bringing together, we’re all equal, it’s about love man”

And I turned to him and said, “females only fuck 2% of the male population before they settle with some other male.”

He said “you need to feel the vibe, it’s all about love”

I started explaining how male approach escalation is the number one cause of no means yes for the world, and it was, “we’re all equal, it’s about love, it’s about the vibe”

Basically, he was incapable of realizing that he’s an asshole destroying the species and the environment…

Just another one of those I suppose…

I spent my Halloween talking to a douchbag who will never want to see that about himself, he said several times that he is a good person.


I think I know that guy I met him later and he still had the love for the three objects and their significant counterpart and hardly recognized him he was so be taken.

He became invisible because he found his shadow - the bright light hid all recognizable features . But that was much later.

And then we became friends, again

the only truth is fitness.

Not true.

If everyone walks off a cliff because they don’t believe in cliffs, anti truth, they all die and there is no fitness. Truth is truth. If someone never has offspring, but lives forever, again, they are most fit.

And you can’t live forever without being truth.

Ecmandu, what if you’re minding your own business and a girl just grabs your penis? Is it ok to bang her?

The problem is approach escalation, not approach reciprocation. (You can grab her pussy)

Of course, if a woman grabs your penis, you already escalated your approach.

The three abuses (what women will only consent to), mean that all consensual relationships in all of human history have been no means yes relationships.

And all of this is true for every single man and every single woman in every single situation.

Objectively for all practical purposes. :wink: :laughing: :wink:

How can I escalate my approach when I’m not even approaching anyone?

What type of perverted mind do you need to have in order to come up with some sort of nonsense as stupid as this?

So then the girl is doing the no means yes? What if I’m cool with girls grabbing my penis? What if it’s a yes for me? Then a girl grabs my penis…that doesn’t make it a no means yes situation does it?

I mean…girls touching my penis is one of my 3 favorite things.

Men have different rules because of sex dimorphism.

A woman walking up to you and grabbing your penis with little evidence that you don’t approach women is fine.

Always better if she asks first though.

But technically, it’s still consensual

You do have to explain the 5,5,3 rule and abide by it in order for anything further to be consensual.

Although, if a woman is grabbing your dick… out of “nowhere” you are a douchbag player. Women don’t do that to good men.

Ecmandu, why don’t you just come out of the closet already?

Umm… sure, as if homosexuals know anything about forced consent of females in heterosexual bondings…

You have to actually be heterosexual to notice this.

Funny though, I’d expect a woman to say that.

Are you serious that only 2 percent of dudes are getting laid? That doesn’t seem right man.

We can see why you don’t have any pics on the site.

I’ve stated the long part many times, I’ll state it again:

2% of men have 80% of the female sexual selection BEFORE women settle down with someone else.

The is called the stratification of number of partners.

Men are not hornier than women, it’s that most of the male population doesn’t get the chance to “sow their wild oats”. Where almost every woman does (with only 2% of the male population).

Men in the 80 percentile range have an average of 5 partners in a lifetime. Men in the 2% range are 100 partners or more.

This causes men to become hypersexualized.

Since all men think about is sex because of being sexually neglected and bullied by women in this way, men develop higher cognitive ages compared to women about human sexuality.

This effectively “whooshes” all the women, who effectively have mental retardation where men have exacting science, making all men statutory rapists, or manufactured consent rapists.

That’s crazy man.

Actually, I think that is one of the sanest posts Ecmandu has ever said. Although, I don’t know what he means by “whooshes” and I don’t consider manipulations the same as rape. Women don’t play fair so why should men. Women will manipulate men either way, if a man manipulates a woman its usually in self-defense.

Here’s an example: Feminist slut walking down the road in slutty clothes, trying to visually seduce everyone around her. The man is a victim of manipulation from the start, so he counter-manipulates by thinking of ways to seduce her.

Also if a man wears fake gold watches to pretend he’s high status, he is still the victim, even if he is a manipulator, since he has to waste money on fake watches and rental cars to get laid. Also I wouldn’t say getting golddiggers to have sex with you is the same as rape, its more the other way around, golddiggers are predators who have sex with men for money. I don’t think tricking a predator is the same as rape, most women are predators who act like victims, most men are victims who act like predators.

Manipulations, in retrospect, always solve as rapes (consent violations). Appeal to ignorance is one of the logical fallacies. Trixie, all of your plans violate consent, mine don’t. The only evil in existence is having your consent violated against your consent.

You still very much believe in rulers, people who have minions who do no matter what they ask out of faith.

I am not a man of faith, but a man of reason