So it was Clinton who colluded with the Russians … nst-trump/

Goes a long way to explain Putins long face when he congratulated Trump.

John Nolte is a writer at Breitbart…

that is pretty much all we need to know about this
ummmm, charge…


Haha, Peter, you really don’t like to read, do you?
Always trying to get to prejudice as fast as you can.
Always staying on the literary level of the cash-register.


Jeraz Christ man. Grow up. Or if thats a bit late, just try and read the presented facts for a change.



And reading.


too funny.



Anyway, it is just as childish as Knillary, who evidently just blamed Trump for what she was afraid was going to be found out about her.

Liberals and brains… like oil and water.

Anyone surprised?

Liberals will be flabbergasted, like, totally, uhh liike, so like like uh uh like uhhhh like.

I’m sure they will just eternally deny it. Liberals are unconcerned about their own guilt.
Here we all see how that works.

Well here its different. Here we have an actual logic. Its not about guilt, its just about everyone adapting to that logic.
Out there, there is no logic.

I mean, Brietbart is kind of famous for it’s right-leaning spin on literally everything. So I mean, maybe the article has some facts, but their own history should give one pause when you’re reading something they’re putting out that’s clearly aligned with the political ideology that they’re so famous for espousing.

It’s like if I said, “Check out this MSNBC clip where they tell you why republicans are wrong”.

If your bullshit meter doesn’t blip at least a little, then you should probably get out more.

Yup yup, I’m sure that the Clinton campaign went out of their way to collude with the Russians. Hillary wanted all those DNC emails released, all the Podesta embarrassing crap spilled all over the media so she could sabotage her own run for the presidency. Brietbart red herring? ANYTHING to muddy the waters. I’m not sure if this thread is ironic sarcasm or if people are just pretending to be brain dead, but WTF?

It’s about time, Hillary belongs behind prison bars. It’s fascinating how the Jewish owned media rushes to defend Clinton, to minimize her culpability at every turn…very entertaining.

Fuck all you Jewish hating crazies.


Yea, some people are. Look at.the Kennedy Dossier. It first will released, now some parts withheld for NATIONAL Security reasons. The Mueller investigation has issued indictments, yet look what effect the Warren Commission had on finding the truth. Well let’s see how things may differ now that international and.national nexii are coming terribly at odds. Let’s see how the Liberal-Conservative lobbies can prove some kind of possible grand detant to salvage this garbage, unheard of in modern times.
The air smells like a need for a Douglas-Clay type debate to resolve the muck.

I’ve talked to a lot of democrats who voted for the Shill. Almost all of them admitted to knowing she is corrupt.

Trump tweeting today about Clinton pays for fake dossier, deletes 33,000 emails, corrupt influence over Comey, and the corrupt uranium deal to Russia, then calls for investigations.


The fake news cycle has a lot of ass covering to do. Should be funny to see, as always.

This is how her more human voters should gradually get to thinking of her/it/that shit.


In any case we Trumpers will be wise to be merciful to those that wish to come in from the cold.

Manafort and Gates indicted.

Next comes Podesta and Shillery.

K: your ignorance is rather astonishing…
the so called “corrupt uranium deal to Russia”
for example, you do know that she was one of eight people
who signed off on this project including Obama among others…

the fake dossier was started by a GOP rival of IQ45 and later picked up by
the DNC…

I don’t know in what world you can get her being a “corrupt influence
over Comey” when it was his very actions a week before the elections that sank her…

and the infamous 33,000 emails… of course it is never said out loud that
less then 100 were even close to being classified…

I mean, why let the truth interfere with your Clinton fantasies…
if those fantasies are sexually as I suspect they are,
you need professional help…

so continue on with your delusions…


Only one classified email on a personal server is a federal offense, a line Clinton was well aware of NOT to cross. So she should be charged for 90 illegal uses of an unsecured server…sounds good to me. She only jeopardized national security 90 times, probably everything the Russians have came from her server. Generals who have done far less, far less illegal behavior with far less reaching implications, have been treated far worse than Hillary.